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Cheap and Excellent Day Trip in Beijing

This is my first time visit to Beijing. It was a business trip - much of a bore to me. Lucky me, I got a day off work and decided to make the most of that day. So I hopped on a bus with a tour guide and other travelers.

Forbidden City

First, we headed for the Tiananmen Square - the center of the sprawling city of Beijing. We wandered around the square for a while and took some pictures. Everything I saw on the square was quite Chinese-style, just like what I saw on TV or magazines - the buildings were all designed to be in line with the socialism, pompous and dignified! Then we headed for the Forbidden City across the square. The imperial palace was even more magnificent, filled with majestic palaces and halls as well as pavilions and statues. According to our tour guide, everything in the imperial palace was designed to enhance the superior power of the Chinese emperors. Most recognizable would be the dragon statues - regarded as the personification of the emperors - which can be seen at every turn of the city. Our tour around the city was fun and quite eye-opening to me. I really learned a lot about Chinese imperial culture and history. I had never expected to walk in the Forbidden City before and this time I really did it!

After getting out the city, we were taken to a restaurant for our lunch. The short break was fun too, with the Chinese food and dining atmosphere.

Badaling Great Wall

After the lunch break, we hit the road to Badaling Great Wall. It took us about an hour to get there. Looking afar, the Great Wall was really an eye-catcher as it snaked along the rugged mountains into the horizon. I got to say, to see the Great Wall up-close and personal for the first time totally stunned me! It took me quite a while to snap out of it. With a cable car ride up the wall, we all landed on the solid wall, safe and ready to hike along with our tour guide. The paths we trekked were well restored and it was kind of easy to hike along. With the ups and downs, twists and turns on the wall, great picture spots were at every turn. The fresh outdoors, the lovely countryside and the magnificent wall all made my excursion out there a lifetime experience!

Overall, I really enjoyed every minute of my day trip in Beijing! Totally worth it!

Best Outdoor Hiking Ever

Last week, I have done some sightseeing in the city of Beijing for a couple of days. I visited a bunch of iconic sights in the city, like the Forbidden City and Summer Palace and the like. It was really amazing days filled with fun and eye-opening experiences. However, this week, I decided to head out the city to enjoy some outdoors for a change. And the Great Wall at Mutianyu section and Ming Tombs popped up in my head.

Mutianyu Great Wall

My tour guide picked me up at my hotel and we hopped on a bus heading for Ming Tombs first. It took us about an hour to get there. After jumping off the bus, we were taken for a walk down the sacred road leading to the tomb groups. The lovely path was as amazing as it could be, lined with splendid statues and willows. After the walk, we were taken to an underground tomb – now turned into a museum. To be honest, I did not like it there because the space was kind of dim-lighted and kind of creepy to walk around, though there were many amazing exhibits displayed. However, I had to go through the tour with other guys. After we got out of the tomb zone, we were taken to a jade carving factory to do some sightseeing. The factory was very lovely and I saw up-close how the amazing Chinese jade carving was produced. It was fun and amazing! Afterwards, we headed for a restaurant for our lunch and enjoyed a short break before we continued on our journey to Mutianyu.

We made it to Mutianyu in the afternoon and the minute we arrived at the foot of the hill, we marched toward the wall. Looking from afar, the wall was much of an eye-catcher as it snaked its way upon rugged mountains. We took a cable car up to the top of the hill, and after we landed on the wall, our trekking started right away. It was really fun and exciting to be out there, to take in the views and the outdoors and more importantly, to shoot great pictures! Hiking along the stone-paved paths made me realize how lucky I was to be able to see, touch and explore the Great Wall. I really enjoyed a fabulous time hiking on the wall and had my share of fun as well! Definitely the best hiking experience ever!

Highlights of My 2-day Travel in Beijing

Last week on my business trip to Beijing, I got a break from my work and decided to do some sightseeing in the city. To make the most out of those 2 days, I joined a group tour to explore some of the iconic sights in the city. It was really fun and I did have a good time traveling around the city with the other travelers! It was a journey full of highlights!

Mutianyu Great Wall

The highlight of my first day trip was no doubt the Great Wall at Mutianyu section. We set out for the Great Wall in the morning after all the travelers were on the bus. It did not take long for us to get there. Once we landed on the wall after a fun ride on the cable car, we started to hiking along with the tour guide who kept filling us in with history and legends about the Great Wall. It was quite interesting to learn more about the Great Wall while enjoying the fresh outdoor air and taking in the breathtaking views out there! It was really amazing and we all had lots of fun on the wall. It was totally worth it and I got plenty of lifetime experiences and memories too! And of course I did not miss any opportunities to capture some lovely moments. We also got lots of group photos taken by our lovely tour guide. It was really a great day I had to haunt out with those travelers who were as exciting to hike the Great Wall as I was!

Summer Palace

The highlight of my second day trip was a relaxing walk in the Summer Palace. I got to say, after the long hiking the day before, it was really comfortable to relax and enjoy some lovely garden views at the same time. The time we had in the garden definitely blew my mind. I felt like I fell in love with the lovely garden the minute I walked inside! We visited dozens of amazing sights in there – just loved them all! It was really fun and relaxing to enjoy a walk around the garden and take in the breathtaking garden scenery! Everything was perfect while I was wandering in there! It seemed like I was traveling back in time!

Overall, it was a lifetime experience for me! I just loved it there!

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