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Happy Bus Tour in Beijing

Last week, with my boyfriend, we enjoyed a terrific bus tour exploring Beijing highlights Forbidden City and Badaling Great Wall. They influenced my mind and the thought to Chinese history and ancient people.

Forbidden City

I clearly remembered the weather on that day is extremely sunny and charming with higher blue sky and masses white cloud. After eating the breakfast, tour guide telephoned us that they have waited at the gate of our hotel. We soon prepared a lot and flied to the bus. We felt very sorry for them but every one of them threw mild smile to us. We sited in the behind. First, we drive to Tiananmen Square. It is vast and spacious than I imagined. Cars and buses drive away adding typical busy atmosphere. Forbidden City is just near side. It is a large scale golden structure with many palaces. What impressed me are the roof decorations on each palace. They are different. Tour guide told us that they represented the position of emperors and the empresses.

Badaling Great Wall

After enjoying delicious lunch, we were transfer back to Badaling Great Wall, my favorite section! It is located in the suburb area of Beijing city, getting rid of the naughty and boring downtown life. Tranquil environment, fresh air and terrific surroundings left us first. Once arriving at the Badaling Great Wall, the magnificent layout of this wonder and the elegant mountain behind influenced my vision. We got off the bus and walked to the world wonder. Wow, the sceneries here are very beautiful with luxuriant wild trees. To be honest, tourists coming here are crowded. This is a disappoint phenomenon. The stone steps are larger and easy to climb. Every step I climbed, I will have a carefully appreciation about the surroundings. I always thought each step can bring me much surprises. My boy friend takes a lot of pictures. Soon, we came to the legendary watchtowers. The windows designed typical. What make me boring are the masses of carvings. Some are names and some are feeling sentences. This destroy makes the bricks white sending out sophisticated colors. Not far distance, there is a cannon model which is designed same as the ancient cannon. From it, we see the deep Chinese culture and the long history.

Gradually, under the help of the handrails, we came to the top of Badaling Great Wall. Only you come to the peak, you can know the beauty of the birds view!

Highlights of My Trip to Beijing

Really enjoyed visiting the historic city of Beijing for the last few days. The 4 day trips I did in the city are so much fun and really opened my eyes. Definitely an essential Chinese experience and memorable trip to China. There are so many fun things to fill every day in the city. My favorite sights are no doubt the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The whole trip to Beijing went very well - got picked up from the airport right on time and taken to the hotel on a safe ride. Met the tour guide the next day and headed out for the whole day trip. The highlight of the trip is the Great Wall. It is my favorite Chinese sight and I really had a great time while hiking all the way up the wall. Saw the wall for the first time and got really excited to hike up and down the path up there. The snaking stretch of the wall goes as far as the eye can see and I really got overwhelmed by what I saw that day. There are so many great opportunities for pictures while hiking along the wall. There are some parts of the wall very steep but the experience made it all worth the climbs. Not many people out there and I felt like I had the whole wall all to myself. The experience is just incredible and I really enjoyed hiking the wall that day.

Forbidden City

Another highlight of my trip to Beijing is the Forbidden City. The Imperial Palace is now a public museum and there are plenty of treasure exhibits on offer in the museum. The architecture inside the palace is as marvelous as it can be. The palaces and halls are exquisitely decorated and full of Chinese style. The whole palace complex felt like a huge maze of enclosed wall, courtyard and houses. It is really amazing to traverse through the huge palace and it is a lot of fun. There are many visitors in the palace and the historic sight is too touristy nowadays. But my visit to the palace still allowed me to immerse in the imperial atmosphere and get a glimpse of the past glory of Chinese palace. It is so much fun and really memorable.

Overall, the 4-day trip to Beijing is quite interesting as it could be! Amazing!

Truly Worthy Tour

Last time in Beijing, I have visited Beijing Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall. I like these magnificent buildings very much. Last Thursday, under the suggestion of my girl friend, we booked Jinshanling Great Wall day tour. We all felt exciting and this tour is finished so perfect!

Jinshanling Great Wall

The English of the tour guide is very perfect that everyone can know what she said. Even though more than 15 tourists share the bus, we cultivated very harmonious atmosphere. The traffic in Beijing downtown area is heavy but the driver is very skillful. He successfully got rid of the mass. About three hours driving, we came to the foot of Jinshanling Great Wall. What impressed me deeply is the tranquil environment, less tourists, fresh environment and magnificent Great Wall building. We wandered and appreciated leisurely deeply tasting the local culture.

After sharing some tips of hiking, we departure. Almost all the bricks have been destroyed. The sophisticated ancient wall is just in front of us. It is really the wild section with original feature without any decoration. I was very interested in this kind of atmosphere. The journey is very easy to climb. We climbed while appreciating the sceneries passing by. Walking on the ruined ground, I felt I have gone into the past years. About twenty minutes walking, we came to the legendary watchtower. This watchtower has lost its roof with destroyed walls. We choose one corner to sit down to enjoy the sophisticated section and quiet environment. My girl friend likes drawing very much. She carefully described this world wonder with her hand. I wandered around and took many pictures. To be different from other watchtowers, this watchtower is full of wild grasses in the gaps. After relaxing, we went on our journey. There was no vender on the hiking way. We communicated with each other and talked about the background of this section. We came to the famous Wangjing Tower, General Tower and the Taochun Tower. They are all the must-see scenic spot in the Jinshanling Great Wall. On the whole journey, tour guide gave us the legend why it is called Jinshan, sounds very interesting.

Turning back to see the journey we have passed through, I felt very proud. The scene cannot be described by words. There was no shopping on the whole journey. We really adventured a nice holiday!

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