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My Proud Holiday Exploring Beijing

After hearing the news, I really did not know how to express my exciting feeling. Yes, my mother booked the Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace tour for me. They are all my favorite attractions. In order to enjoy a typical holiday, my mother and I, we got good reparations the day before the departure day.

Summer Palace

On the departure day, we are late for the breakfast. Tour guide smiled and wait for us. She is a beautiful girl and same years old with me. On the whole journey, we communicated happily just like familiar friends or sisters. The first attraction is the Summer Palace. Although the traffic here is heavy, driver got rid of them skillfully. Once entered into the imperial garden, what marked us first is the large scale area, tranquil sending golden colors. Under the strong sunlight, it showed more vigorous and dazzling. To be lucky, tourists coming here are not so many as I expected. We lingered here, taking pictures with the surroundings. In fact, my goal is climbing the Pavilion of Fragrance Buddha. From the far distance, it is high and tininess. On the whole journey of climbing, I saw many foreigners packed their babies climbing and enjoying. But, I felt tired. Under the encouragement of my mother, we stepped on the summit, so cool and elegant!

Badaling Great Wall

Compared to Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall showed more tranquil and sophisticated. I liked it very much. Located in Beijing suburb area, it is just like the history-winner guarding the surroundings. Oh, my god, so many tourists ranking along the wall buildings forming a very grand atmosphere. We choose climbing by foot. Perhaps, because we have lost much labor in Summer Palace, I will have relaxed every ten minutes. I entered into the watchtower to carefully appreciate. Windows are very large from which, I could see the scenery far distance. The roof of the watchtower is very high with hard bricks built. Suddenly, admirable ideas aroused from my mind. So high and long journey, these bricks were carried up and build so terrific wall for fighting against the enemies. How did they do like this? With long years passed, these bricks have become grey colors. Most f the bricks have been separated and destroyed! W just sited on the hard ground, enjoying, appreciating and recording…

Much thanks to the tour and I really widened my vision getting the world wonder!

My Sightseeing in Beijing

I had a short layover in Beijing last week. Then I did some sightseeing over there. I really had a great time that day with visit to a couple of sights.

Changling in Ming Tombs

My tour guide picked me up from the hotel and we hopped on the bus out the city proper. Our first stop was the Ming Tombs, which was an enormous tomb group located outside Beijing. It only took half an hour to get there. The minute the bus stopped at the destination, we jumped off the bus and headed for the entrance of the site. Our tour guide took care of the entrance tickets for us and then we all went with him inside the site. Upon entering the scenic area, everything was very Chinese style, with the archway and other structures before us. We took dozens of pictures over there including a group photo. Later we were led into the largest tomb Changling. There were plenty of exhibits displayed on site, which did not make it less creepier. I bet the guys buried there were really pissed off an awful lot. Anyway, our visit to the tomb was short and soon we hit the road again, and this time we headed for Badaling.

Badaling Great Wall

Upon arrival at the foothill, we jumped off the bus and walked toward the entrance. And then we all grabbed cable car up the wall. Once we were landed on the wall, safe and stunned, we started to walk ahead. The scenery on the wall was just breathtaking, but the crowds were too much for us to get some alone time on the wall. From time to time, we had to make way for other guys. It seemed kind of hard to get some photos without anyone in them. Moreover, the long walk got us all tired and dead beat and rest by the tower did not make it any better. Anyway, by the time we had to call it a day, we were treated to quite a sight on the wall, as the sun slowly made its way down the mountain. It was just as amazing as it could be! Overall, it was an incredible walk I did that day!

My Highlight Tour in Beijing

I really did not know how to express my exciting feeling that I gained so much from the tour I booked last week. My friends all liked the attractions arranged. Much thanks to the tour guide Jack, he gave us the detail information about all the attractions, Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Although weather is hot, we enjoyed a lot.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Booking process is very easy. We got enough preparation starting our trip. First attraction is just the Mutianyu Great Wall. First time come to this section, the first impression is extremely charming and tranquil. Tourists here are less than we expected. There are many vendors selling all kinds of souvenirs and food, as well as water along this wall. We packed our preparations and climbed. We all hold exciting feeling waiting for a series of surprises this wall brought to us. In the beginning, there are some wooden steps, very delicate. What impressed us is that the area is not the Great Wall but tranquil garden, really! After hiked 20 minutes, we came to the ground, hard and even, very long! Appreciating the grand bricks built under foot, I was stuck in the imagination. How they were carried to the building, so large shape and far journey! The second surprise is the canon putted here. It is a large scale iron canon model but designed with ancient appearance. Not far away from it, we saw the watchtower. Each watchtower is marked by the number.

One of my friends told us, there are many famous films put on here. It is truly an amazing place for tracing back to ancient times. When we were near away from the top, I felt very hard for climbing. Adding the sunlight become stronger, I really could not keep moving. I choose one corner, sitting down for a rest and enjoy the view around. Under the light breeze, coolness poured me. I seemed to smell the flavor of soil. In the suburb area, typical tranquility is the wonderful decoration. Arrived at the top, we shouted and laughed. I felt very proud I was the winner conquering the building. After lunch, we explored the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Chinese ancient fabulous architectures are all exhibited in the Forbidden City. I widened my vision getting close to the imperial atmosphere. Starting from the Meridian Gate to the Gate of the Devine Might, we fully got the essence of Chinese imperial tastes, very elegant and solemn.

All the lively pictures and video are stored in my camera. When I recorded the holiday, I will open them for long-time appreciation!

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