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Excellent View especially in the Early Spring

In order to give my mother a surprising gift, I booked this day tour. I spared my study time in China and lead my mother explored the highlights of Beijing. Although the time is not planed in the holiday and the weekends, every spots still filled with crowded tourists. Tour guide was a handsome boy. He housed full knowledge about Chinese history and the background of each spot we will explored. First section is the Mutianyu Great Wall. Yes, it is the right theme gift I want to give my mother.

Mutianyu Great Wall

We three talked about Chinese Great Wall buildings on the whole journey cultivating harmonious atmosphere. In the season, I saw the sprout trees, flowers and the plants both side. After getting off the car, what appeared in my vision are the trees distributing in the foot of the great wall. They seemed to have been washed by the rain, fresh, clear and dazzling. Tourists here is less making us feel more leisure and free. Perhaps it is in the free season, vendors here are no so many as I expected. While communicating, we stepped on the Mutianyu Great Wall. In the beginning the stages are made mood easy to step and gently. After some stages, we got to a long gently wall journey. Watch towers and the beacon towers appreciated here. How wonderful! My mother praised and thumbed up. We were truly getting the right section. Its best preserved appearance was the theme point we want to highly recommend. Standing inside the watch tower, appreciate the far distance, all the scenery seemed to be little and delicate. Weather is warm warming the whole journey.

Mutianyu Great Wall

We went on hiking and talking. The tourists visiting here are almost the foreigners. Sometime, little birds singing on the head bring special new life to this sophisticated building. The whole journey was very helpful for taking pictures. Conon model established on the wall attracted loads of attention. Even some people getting tired sitting on it, I think it is very interesting and funny! About 1 hour, we climbed on the top section. Exciting and happy feeling surrounded us all the way.  In the afternoon, we came to Forbidden City. Some corners have been reconstructed. Especially the outer walls, holy and magnificent! Yellow colors showed more vigorous and gaily-colored!

This tour experience satisfied my dream of making my mother happy. I will store it in my inner heart!

Spring Excursion in Beijing

Last week I had an amazing outdoor excursion to Badaling and enjoyed some walking and sightseeing in the Summer Palace when I got back in town! I was fun and as amazing as it could get! I just loved every minute of it! Definitely the best combination – Badaling hiking with relaxing garden walking – I ever had while visiting Beijing!

Badaling Great Wall

I had a decent Chinese breakfast in the morning before my tour guide showed up. It is hard not to fall in love with the Chinese food when you are in Beijing, so over the few days when I was in there I really had sampled a great deal of delicious Chinese gourmet food! As Steve Lin turned up, I jumped on a car with him, heading to our first stop of our day trip – the Badaling Great Wall. On our way over there, we talked a lot about the Great Wall. He spoke English well, so we had a great conversation and I could tell from his face that he was really proud of the Great Wall. It was fun on our ride to Badaling and before we knew it, we were already at the foot of the hill where the Great Wall was built. Upon getting off the car, we headed for the entrance. Lin took care of the entrance and we grabbed a cable car up the wall. On our way up the wall, I had a sweeping view of the snaking engineering feat from above. I got to say, it totally vowed me with its spectacular sight! After we got down on the stone path, we started to trek along on the wall with the crowd. I really had a fantastic time and a lot of fun hiking all the way up the wall and taking in the views!

Summer Palace

After we had a decent lunch in a restaurant, we started to head back to town to visit the Summer Palace. The trekking for hours on the wall was pretty exhaustive, to be honest, so I was really glad we could relax with a walking in the imperial garden – wandering at my own pace, sitting down on a bench or snapping some fine photos – just loved it there!  Summer Palace is really an amazing garden, full of temples, pavilions and other sights! Time flied! We had to call it a day after touring the garden for a while! Definitely once-in-a-lifetime experience!

My Short Private Trip to Beijing with Friends

Last vacation, I had a chance to explore Beijing in one day. So for that time, my friends and I, we had booked the tour on the website. For that, we could explore Great Wall and Temple of Heaven in one day. First, the tour guide had picked us right in front of our hotel and directly sent us to Mutianyu Great Wall. Actually, I had visited Mutianyu before, about two years ago. But because of my friends never come to Beijing before and more than that, they did not ever explore the Wall yet, then I should accompany them. It was okay for me, in additionally, I want to visit it once again with my friends.

Nice View on Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu is my favorite section, few visitors that come, stunning views around and magnificent Great Wall. Tour guide give us 2 hours to explore it. So me and my friends, we started our journey with joy full. We climbed up to the Wall, high enough to capture beautiful views then take some photos. We really had fun, it has become a memorable memory of mine. Mutianyu is really a nice section, after tired enough to explore it, head back to the foot of the hill and meet our guide. She waiting us back and let us get on to the van. After that we had some lunch in the Chinese restaurant.

Altar in Temple of Heaven

After take some rest and lunch, we had visited Temple of Heaven. Temple of Heaven is a huge sacrificial altars that used by the emperors to pray for the good harvest at past. Entered the complex, tour guide shared lot of history about the place. It had long and lots history behind it. Tour guide was so kind, she waiting for us while we were busy to capture photos along the way. So, we were also gladly hear her description during the tour.

Temple of Heaven itself is so big and it is an amazing place same as another Beijing historical site I think. Deep cultural and architecture atmosphere still could be felt everywhere. After explore Temple of Heaven, we had also visited Olympic Stadium which shaped like a bird nest. After a short visit to that huge stadium, back to the hotel. Overall, my friends and I, we were very grateful about the tour. I am very satisfied with the service and it was a fun vacation!

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