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Short Visit to 4 Famous Attractions in Beijing!

The best trip that I ever had! With low budget price, friendly tour guide and professional tour agency, we did visit many historical places around the capital in one day. That day, we did explore Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. A short trip but I gave us deep feeling and knowledge about Beijing and China. We got the tour online from the website beijinglandscapes.com. The website provides a lot of tour lines, bus or private tour that will bring you explore many famous attractions in Beijing. That time, we decided to join this one day bus tour which is cheaper than the private tour.

Chairman Mao Memory Hall on Tiananmen Square

That day, tour guide picked us up at the hotel, right in front of our hotel on time. Since it is a bus tour, so after get on to the van, we gathered with other travelers and together we visited Beijing famous attractions. So, our first destination was Tiananmen Square. Arrived at Tiananmen Square, we did saw huge square that filled with lot of visitors. Lot of security officers spread over the square. Tour guide told us everything she knew about the square very clearly. Tiananmen Square is the world biggest public square that surround by many historical places. After that, we headed to the next destination, Forbidden City that located near Tiananmen Square.

Gate in Forbidden City

Enter to the imperial palace called Forbidden City, I could see large scale of royal palace right in front of our sight. Tour guide said, there have hundreds rooms inside this huge palace. And I was just thought, the palace was just more like a city than palace. Everything are available inside the palace at past. Design with ancient royal architecture and layout, Forbidden City make us amazed by its beauty and charm.

Temple of Heaven

After enjoyed the spectacular palace of China then we moved to the famous sacrificial buildings in China, Temple of Heaven. After a short visit to the main building of Temple of Heaven, we did have lunch in Chinese restaurant and rest for a little bit.

Beautiful Garden - Summer Palace

Next, at last but not least, we enjoyed relaxing trip to the famous royal garden called Summer Palace. As the living area for emperor when summer, Summer Palace has a cool garden atmosphere with unbeatable garden landscapes. The tour was impressed us, more than our expectation. All was going smoothly and we had fun trip with all of you!

Great Day Travel of Beijing Historical Sites!

My family and I, we only had limited time in Beijing, so we did decide for take this tour with us. Besides this tour, we also took another Beijing tour to visit Great Wall but I thought this tour was more impressive and I love all the attractions. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace, all of those sites make our vacation becomes more colorful. We are really happy to join this tour and very impressed with the tour service itself.

Main Palace of Forbidden City

At morning, about 8 o clock, our guide picked us up on time at the hotel. Because of this is a private tour so there was no other traveler in the van. In total 5 people of us moved to visit Forbidden City, the first destination in this one day tour. Forbidden City was used as the living area for emperor and his family during the ancient times of China, China dynasty era. Not only for home, the palace also used as the administrative area where emperor handled the court. Based on tour guide story, no one could enter the palace complex without emperor permissions.

Inner Decorations of the Palace

The buildings and halls spread all over the palace looked so ancient and have its own characteristic architecture. There is no other architecture same like the Forbidden City. Explore the palace for the whole morning, we headed to the Temple of Heaven before have lunch, and at last, we did visit Summer Palace. From visited those places, I could feel that all of those historical sites had deep history and important aspect for the history and culture of China. Different from historical sites on my country, in Beijing, the important tourist destinations are really well cared and maintained well.

Beijing is a nice city with lots of historical sites spread all over the city. Great Wall is also located near from the capital. That is why I did choose Beijing to become the destination for our last vacation. I would like to say thank you for the service to the local travel agency that brought us to discover the beauty and long history of China. We understand more about China and did see a lot of new things during my time in Beijing. Recommended tour if you only have limited time in Beijing! Do not hesitate to take this tour line.

Impressive Short Day Trip in Beijing

As capital of China, Beijing is the first stop in my China trips. Arrived at hotel in Beijing, I searched the local Beijing China travel agency to plan my Beijing one day tour. Ever stay in Beijing, always for business, and also had visited some famous attractions of Beijing. This tour, I just chosen the spots I no visited. This time, I would be a true man, so I chosen the Great Wall as the destination. By the way, Summer Palace was the other spot in my Beijing trip.

Beautiful View from the Watchtower

Arrived at the Great Wall at Badaling, I gave up the idea to take cable car and climbed to the Badaling section. It is not very steep, so climbed it is easy for me. The most interesting thing was I got a medal carved my named, which said I have got succeed at this section. Most of Chinese tourists, I should have preferred the Mutianyu section, it just achieve in next time. Come across a Chinese girl, she was very enthusiasm and seemed very like to talk with me. Oh, I was so happy for this incident. Crowded people, I could not take picture at any famous place at Badaling. But it is a worthy spot for tourists in Beijing. As one of the seven wonders in the world, Badaling always become the first choice for travelers first time to Beijing. However, if second time, you may be choose the Mutianyu section, because of less people.

Large Artificial Lake in Summer Palace

After Chinese lunch, we drove to Summer Palace, the most famous and well-preserved imperial garden. On the way to Summer Palace, the tour guide also told me another three gardens as well as Summer Palace in China, even the built history of the Summer Palace. It is said that it is the perfect combination of northern and southern architecture arts and skills. Also crowded with many people, but most of them take exercise there such as Tiaji, card, dancing, singing, etc. As a garden, it was the largest I have seen before this Beijing trip, including Kunming Lake, Wanshou Mountain, Tower of Fragrant Buddha, Seventeen-arch Bridge and Garden of Harmonious Interest. Walked everyone, I surprised the elaborate skills and abundant imagination. These named of the spots were very appropriate and vivid.

Thanks for suggesting me such good Beijing tour. I would regard it as the best memory kept in my mind.

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