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Impressive Section of Mutianyu Great Wall!

Thank you to arrange the trip for us! It was my first time visit Beijing and also was our first time to climb the Great Wall. Because we came to Beijing with my family then I booked this private tour, prepared the tour well far before the day of our vacation. Private tour was very worth it and ideal for us who travelled with large numbers of family or friends. The time of the trip could organize by us and only for us. The tour becomes comfortable too of course.

Mutianyu Great Wall in Sunshine

The trip with my family began at the time when our guide picked us up right in front of our hotel. First we had visited Mutianyu Great Wall which located in the suburbs out of Beijing. For about one and half hour drove to the Wall, we could continue our sleep on the way. Tour guide was very informative but she was also talked only when she need to talk. She also answered all the questions that we asked to her on the way to the destinations or when we were explored the attractions.

Of course, besides Mutianyu Great Wall, other attractions such as, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square were so impressive and must visit! But the highlight is Mutianyu. Because located little bit far from the downtown, Mutianyu Great Wall relatively less crowded and offers peaceful environment. On that day, it was hot in Beijing, very suitable for hiking activities and the sky was also clear when were in Mutianyu Great Wall. We did see stunning scenery of mountainous area covered by large number of wild trees as well as discover others part of Great Wall in the far distance. Magnificent views that would be so pity if we did not take the chance memorized the moments.

Cable Car on Mutianyu Great Wall

Oh, the most important tips for you. Take the cable car! If you have only limited time and want to explore the Wall more, then cable car is the ideal option! Pay extra to the ticket because it is not included. My experience on the Wall was more than our expectation. Wished we had more time to explore more. I will back to the Wall again in the near future once I get the chance.

Amazing Time Explore Representative Historical Sites

The tour which I got from beijinglandscapes was well organized and nice. All the itinerary detail was met our requirements and need. I felt comfortable all the time, same with other family members who joined the tour. My family and I, in total of 6 people were quite enjoyed all the whole schedules. Our first destination was Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City.

Tiananmen Tower in light fog

Before took off from the vehicle, we already could see the square from a far distance. Huge square which hold so many local people or visitors who came to the area that day. After a short visit to Tiananmen Square, we headed to Forbidden City. From our guide description, the ancient palace of this Ming and Qing Dynasty was constructed from 1406 and was completed in 1420. For about 2 hours, we explored several major historic spots inside include the Inner Court and Outer Court.

Main Palace in Forbidden City

Outer Court which also known as the Front Palace was used as the administrative area handled court business over a span of nearly 500 years. There, tour guide was also guided us to have a short look to Hall of Supreme Harmony, the most important and largest structure in Forbidden City. In the ancient times, the hall was used for several palace ceremonial occasions. Besides Hall of Supreme Harmony, there are other impressive spots we did explore include the Inner Court or also called Back Palace. Back Palace was used as the living area for emperor and his family. We did visit the imperial garden as our last destinations.

Badaling Great Wall Hiking

Before headed to our next destination, Badaling Great wall, we had lunch first. The tour is included the lunch so we did not worry about our lunch thing during the trip. After a short hiking on Badaling Great Wall, for about 2 hours, our guide brought us back to the downtown for the last visit to Olympic Stadium. Poorly, we only could see the stadium from the outside. The entrance ticket is not included and our guide was also only gave us 45 minutes for enjoyed the stadium. Because of the limited time, so we decided not to go inside. Pleased enough for visit Great Wall and Forbidden City with this one day private tour. We got very extensive and professional service from our guide, driver and the tour itself. Thank you for everything that makes our trip more convenient and well scheduled.

Great Memory of Mine Exploring Beijing!

This is my first time for visit Beijing all my life. Since, I had family business in Beijing that I should handle that matters then decided to explore famous Great Wall in one day tour. All of my friends recommended Mutianyu as the best section that I should go. Then, because of that, I got this one day private tour reservation which I could visit Mutianyu and Summer Palace that day. My family and I had stayed in one of the luxury hotel in Beijing. As the tour started, tour guide picked us in front of the hotel and she was friendly greeting all of us. She spoke English very well and looks good.

Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking

After get on to the van, tour guide sent us to visit Mutianyu Great Wall as our first destination. On the way, tour guide was told us about history and everything about this whole day tour. She was patiently answered all of our questions, very informative. Arrived at the Wall, tour guide had given us explanation about the Wall first and after that, let us explore the Wall for about 2 hours.

Mutianyu is a good choice, less visitors and stunning views. We had climbed as high as we could and capture as many photos as we want. With few visitors that come to the section, Mutianyu is a perfect section to visit. We were very excited climbed it and never stop admired the landscapes around. As time goes by, we should meet up with guide and head on to the next destination.

Tour in Summer Palace

Before we had visited Summer Palace, we had Chinese lunch first. The food was good and clean, we were very grateful about that. After having lunch and take rest for little bit, head to the next fascinating historical relics in Beijing called Summer Palace. It said, it was used as the royal garden for many dynasties in China. It had become a palace, emperor living place when summer comes.

Arrived at our last destination, Summer Palace, tour guide had started to begin our tour and shared with us many histories about the place. It was a beautiful garden and palace, a very perfect place that used to be emperor living place. There had a huge lake in the center of the garden where we saw many visitors boating there. After exploring the area, head back to the hotel and our tour end!

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