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Leisurely Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

Jinshanling Great Wall is truly a marvelous section. I really enjoyed a lot last week. My mother and I, we really enjoyed a typical China Great Wall climbing holiday.

Jinshanling Great Wall
Originally we plan to book the Mutianyu Great Wall. However, my friends told us that Jinshanling Great Wall is more wild and original than Mutianyu and always with less tourists. So, we chose this tour. First time meeting our tour guide, she impressed us the warm-hearted. She helped us carry the baggage and asking us the relative preparation. On the whole journey, she introduced the detail information of Jinshanling Great Wall. Although the Great Wall is far from Beijing city center, we enjoyed the fluent journey and chatting with the tour guide.

Jinshanling Great Wall
Wow, I saw the Great Wall, almost flat with ruined bricks! We got off the car and stood to appreciate the layout. The mountain is very magnificent like the guard screen very mysterious and impressive. After getting the useful tips, we started our hiking journey. Weather on the day is very cozy with little coolness. Tourists are less. My mother took out the camera starting her interesting photos. We stepped on the foot is the Great Wall ground. Faintly, I can see the ruined bricks and some destroyed corners. What changed my feeling totally are the luxuriant green grasses. They showed green, vigorous and delicate. Under the light wind blowing, everything here seemed to be dancing. We talked about the history and the culture of Jinshanling Great Wall and walking forward. About twenty minutes, I saw the original watchtower but had been destroyed and ruined down. The bricks sent our grey colors with powders. Just from them, you can guess the age and history it experienced.

On the whole journey, what appeared in my mind is the traditional history, culture and the tranquil environment. I admired the environment very much. Sitting under the ruined wall, we drank the water and ate the snacks appreciating the sceneries far distance. I really can't imagine Beijing housed such a terrific area very suitable for enjoying and relaxed. There was no forced shopping on the whole journey. My mother and I we two really entertained a lot!

Cloudy Weather but Totally Happy Holiday

Last week, under the suggestion of my friends, we had a happy holiday in Beijing. Studying in Beijing for three years, this is my first time having such a terrific tour. We all liked the tour guide - Lily very much.

Mutianyu Great Wall
First, we climbed the Mutianyu Great Wall. If you say Badaling Great Wall is the most famous and best preserved, Mutianyu Great Wall is more charming in my opinion. It is very suitable for climbing. Upon arrived at the foot of the Great Wall, I was impressed by the tranquil environment nearside. Weather on the day is cloudy which make this environment more mysterious. Standing for a while, all my nerves are inspired by the luxuriant green trees. After doing everything preparation, we started to climb to the top point.

Perhaps because of the cloudy weather, the ground seemed to be watered by rain. Tourists are less and we just enjoyed the leisure hiking journey. After passing through the beginning steps, we come to the watchtower buildings. Standing here, the mysterious ancient building seized all our minds from modern days to the ancient times. The bricks, building designs, watchtowers and the gates all are matched to Chinese ancient war times. It is very easy to understand the windows built on the wall. I really did not know how the ancient labors carry the large scale brick on such high altitude under the poor condition. I imagined even though the weather is rainy, I like it very much, because it is natural without any decoration. Sitting on the ground, leaning on the wall, fully relaxed. We drank up the water and ate all the snacks we brought. There are many rubbish boxes in the wall in case of the littering anywhere. About one hour climbing, we arrived at the top. This time, we shouted, echoing sent and back. It seemed to be that only we three existed in the mountain but nothing. This kind of feeling is really unforgettable in my lifetime.

Summer Palace
After the Great Wall climbing, we came to the Summer Palace. The beauty and charming view have been mixed into the cloudy weather. It is just like a fairy summer resort housing breathtaking sceneries, delicate pavilions and large sale water areas. We stepped on the Tower of Buddhist Incense and have a pray. The design is really my favorite point. Ancient people are very smarter with each corner designed perfect.

Although it is cloudy, it has typical advantage to make everything more charming!

Memorable Day-trip in Beijing

This time, together with my son we have visited a bunch of historic sites in Beijing for the last few days. The most memorable day-trip we did is our visits to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Definitely the highlight of our trip to Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall
That day-trip started with a trip to the wall at Mutianyu. The ride over there took a bit longer but the traffic was not as busy though. We did a great trek on the wall and enjoy fantastic sightseeing too. The wall snaked all the way up the mountains and disappeared into the horizon. The sight was truly overwhelming and we both loved the wall. The section was well restored and the path was really great for trek. The whole area was covered by greenery and standing on the wall, I was filled with awe and respect toward the wall itself. I saw the wall but I just could not believe how it was built on the steep mountains back in the day. There were fewer visitors out there and plenty of great photo opportunities on the wall. Really enjoyed the morning trek to its fullest that day. Later we headed back to the city and had lunch.

Forbidden City
Our afternoon-trip started with a visit to the Tiananmen Square and we did some sightseeing and took dozens of photos over there. Then we headed to our first favorite sight - the Imperial Palace, now a palace museum. We first got inside the wall with our guide through a magnificent gate. By the time we made it through the gate, there was already a large crowd out there. We went ahead and finally got in the palace. The palace itself is really huge and we both felt kind of dizzy walking through the gates and walls with our guide. We were really glad that our guide was with us all the time or else we would have lost our way inside the palace. There seemed to be so many awe-inspiring buildings inside the palace and all very impressive. Some of the halls display reassure exhibits and others were exquisitely decorated. No wonder the palace was once home to the Chinese emperors and royal family. The palace was as luxury as it could be. We both got a better understanding of the imperial palace. The experience was really fantastic and we both enjoyed exploring the palace.

Overall, it is the best day-trip we did in Beijing. Loved it!

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