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Best Day I Had In Beijing

This summer I had a business trip to Beijing and got a day-break from work one day. So I decided to stretch my legs for a bit. The Great Wall popped up in my head and under the recommendation of my tour escort, I decided to see the wall at Mutianyu section.

Mutianyu Great Wall

We started the tour at about 8:00am on a car ride for our first stop - Mutinayu. The car ride was fun and took us less than two hours to get there. We took a chair lift up the wall and from up above I got a great sight of the snaking wall surrounded by lush forest and stretching as far as the eye can see. And it was also incredible to see the green colors all over the place. The wall itself was quite impressive and it was well restored as far as I could tell. Once I landed on the wall, I started walking along with my tour guide. I hardly run into anyone out there and it felt like I got the whole wall all to myself and I did take my time on the wall, taking in views and enjoying the blood-pumping climbs at some point. There seemed to be a watch tower every few hundred meters or so, and there were some that I could climb up, which was really awesome. It was a sunny day and the air was kind of crispy on top of the mountain - all made it perfect for a hike on the wall!

When it was time to get down I grabbed the toboggan slide which was definitely highlight of my visit to the wall. I weaved my way down the side of the mountain on the slide, through the forest, which was really exciting and fun.

After our lunch break, we headed for our next stop - Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort. I had an amazing spa treatment down there and really relaxed myself with a foot massage! I got to say, the treatments I had over there were just what I really needed after hours of hiking on the Great Wall. It seemed all my tiredness got sucked away after the treatments! I really enjoyed every minute of it! Overall, I really had a full day and it was the best I spent in Beijing!

Happy Short Journey in Beijing

Last trip to Beijing on business I had a day break and I decided to take in some sights over there. I opted to see the Forbidden City and Great Wall so I booked a private guide in my hotel. Tour guide picked me up at my hotel and then headed for our first stop of that day trip - the Tiananmen Square where the Forbidden City sits nearby.

Forbidden City

We did not hang around on the square for long, except taking some pictures and taking in some landmarks in there. Then we headed across the square to visit the Forbidden City. We waited at the entrance before my guide got the tickets to get inside the wall. Upon entering the palace complex, I was overwhelmed by the sight - imposing palaces, halls, gates and courtyards were all over the compound. The lanes and alleys crisscross between courtyards, making the complex quite a maze made of enclosed walls. Never expected it was so crowded so it was kind of difficult to take some pictures without anyone in them. Other than that, I really liked it there and had a great time! After exiting the palace, we had lunch before we made our way to our next destination - Badaling Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall

Not to my surprise, as with the Forbidden City, the wall was also packed with crowds, mostly Chinese tourists. My guide and I got up the wall on a chair lift ride and started to walk along with other travelers once we landed. The sight was quite impressive with the snaking wall undulating all over the rugged hills. There were plenty of watch towers to mark our walk from the starting point. There would have been plenty of great picture opportunities, if the crowd was thinner. Luckily, when we walked further than others, it was not crowded so I took my time and had dozens of pictures taken. It was really a great way to take in fresh outdoors, the imposing wall as well as rural sights over there. After hours of walking on the wall, we were both tired and sweaty and it was time to call it a day. We got down the wall on a toboggan slide which was really fun and added bonus to my wall experience!

Overall, it was a great day trip that I was looking for to while away a day break from work and business! Loved it!

Well Worth Tour in Beijing

Staying in Beijing for so long time and I did not have a better chance to enjoy Beijing highlights. Last month, my mother and father visited me and I took them visit Mutianyu Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. We all enjoyed a lot! Tour guide is very responsible offering us detail information about each attraction.

Mutianyu Great Wall

I thought the climbing journey is full of exciting. It is a very charming and long-distance building. Standing on the top, it is truly like an elegant dragon zigzagging, falling and down hover around the mountain. On that day, although temperature is high, the environment gave us cool feeling. Large scale of trees formed a very shaded umbrella. Tourists here are less than I expected. We enjoyed leisurely hiking journey, chatting and smiling. The beginning journey for us is very easy. We held the certain pace finished the thirty percent journey. When we met the watchtower far distance, exciting feeling suddenly poured to us. Getting closer, what left me deep impression are the cannon model and the best preserved watchtower. They brought us the ancient atmosphere making us feel very ease.

However, to my regret is that I saw many children sitting on the cannon model taking pictures and playing with each other. The atmosphere showed very noisy. Once entry into this watchtower, I saw many carvings on the inner wall and some corners also could be seen. I felt regret about that. For the world wonder building, it needs our special attention. Together with my father, we took a lot of pictures with the cannon model. Through the window of the watchtower, blue sky and the white cloud showed so clear and fresh purifying my mind and soul. We took a lot of pictures with this watchtower. Touching the wall, I saw many gaps have been appeared in the bricks. Most inspired that there are little wild grasses growing in them, strong life full of vitality. On the whole climbing journey, we just shared twenty minutes for relaxing, very fluent. Even though, there are many steep sections, we did our best helping each other conquered them. On the way back, we took the cable car. This time, through the window, all the sceneries are very tininess. Forbidden City is also attractive. This golden castle brought us the serious atmosphere, grave and luxurious!

Much thanks to the tour company offering us such a terrific holiday!

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