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Take in Sights in Beijing

We woke up to a sunny day and had a buffet breakfast in the hotel before heading out on our day trip. We were going to hike the Great Wall and see the Summer Palace with our guide Chris Wang.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The ride up to the Great Wall at Mutianyu took over an hour. On the ride over there we spent most of the time talking with Chris about the wall. Our excitement built up on our ride. Finally we made it to the Great Wall! We were dropped off at the bottom of the wall and we opted to hop on a chair lift up to the top of the wall. The ride was fun and I got a great view and panoramic photography of the snaking wall up above. Though we paid extra for that experience, it was totally worth it! Soon we were landed on the wall and started to hike along. Luckily we went to this less touristy section of the wall, so we were actually able to enjoy walking around and taking pictures at our own pace. We spent about two hours hiking the wall before it was time to make it back down the mountain! After hours of walking around on the wall, we both got really tired and our ankles hurt! So when we got back to the toboggan site to get down, we just took the slide without hesitation. The toboggan is simply a metal slide that was part of the fun too for our wall hiking experience.

Summer Palace

Getting the wall, safe and sound, we headed to a restaurant for lunch. The food was not anything special, just typical Beijing food. After the lunch break, we hit the road back in town to visit the Summer Palace! The garden houses a number of temples and covers a vast area of land. We walked up to the top of the Longevity Hill to get some panoramic view of the whole park. We took some pictures of the lake and surrounding areas while standing on the hill. Later we went to walk through part of the Long Corridor by the lake.

Overall, it was an incredible day we had and we both had lots of fun!

Hiking in Suburb of Beijing

This summer, my son and I visited China. We launched our travel from Beijing and did some sightseeing in the city proper. One day we decided to see the Great Wall at Badaling and a gorge nearby. We made an early start with our guide from our hotel and hit the road for Badaling first.

Badaling Great Wall

It took us about an hour to get to the foothill of the wall. We decided to take the cable car up so we could have more time explore the wall. Once we got up there the size of the wall completely blew us away. We were both overwhelmed while standing on the engineering feat of China. Our guide Lee filled us some stories about the wall. So many people died to build such a massive structure. We took our time exploring the wall, walking around, taking in the views, feeling the stones underneath our feet. It seemed the wall went as far as our eyes could see. Everywhere we walked there was great photo opportunity. After hiking for two hours on the wall we headed back down.

Longqing Gorge

By the time we got back down we headed to a restaurant for lunch. With the steep climbs and hot weather on the wall, we were both very tired and had to take some rest. After our lunch break, we headed out to the second stop, Long Qing Gorge. After entering the entrance, we walked into a plaza filled with sculptures, rocks and waterfalls. We saw lots of pigeons on the open plaza and fed a few of them. Next, we took a ride on Soaring Dragon Elevator to get up the steep mountain. We entered through a doorway that looked like the open mouth of Chinese dragon. The outside was more exciting than the elevator ride. We also took a boat ride cruising the beautiful river and afterwards we did a bit of hiking back on land. The views over there were just incredible, with lovely hills, steep cliffs and river all over the place. The off the beaten path gorge is really a great place to relax and take in rural China sights. When it was time to head back, we found our way back to the entrance and got back to the city center with our guide.

Overall, it was a great day trip we had outside Beijing and we both enjoyed every minute of it!

Interesting Boating and Hiking

I browsed the pictures took in Beijing and still feel exciting. It is truly a meaningful holiday. Last month, my sister and I, we booked the excellent tour on the website. The service offered is very considerate. My favorite Badaling Great Wall and my sister's Summer Palace all contained.

Summer Palace

I clearly remembered the scene that my tour guide picked us up in the hotel. She is a very beautiful Chinese girl with fluent English. We are same years old. After getting on the bus, harmonious atmosphere poured into my nerves. All the passengers gave us the warm greetings. First destination is Summer Palace. My sister got very exciting and asked many questions. Tour guide explained carefully with knowledgeable information. We entered into this palace from the newly built palace gate. Once entry into this palace, we got impressed by a large scale water area, tranquil and excellent. We walked closer, fresh air and blossoming charming smiled to us, typical unforgettable. My sister insisted having a boating. I followed her. So interesting! The buildings and sceneries, closer and far away distance all could be seen on the boat. Suddenly, I tasted the imperial feeing and my mind has been traced back to the ancient times. We passed through the bridges appreciating the marble boat accompanied by the green surroundings. Weather is a little hotter but not influenced my mind.

Badaling Great Wall

Compared to the boating, Great Wall hiking is another kind of fresh experience. Badaling Great Wall is the most famous building among all the Great Wall buildings. Its best preserved appearance and long-distance shape offered a wonderful stage for my hiking experience. I liked it very much. On the whole hiking journey, I took the excellent moment, children jumping, young people playing and my sister eating and laughing. Happiness and exciting make this building not so sophisticated. Touching the wall, it is cold and hard. The trees showed out of their mind under the strong sunlight. Entered into the watchtower, through the windows, I saw the green land far distance and the mountains. There are some gaps have been appeared in the wall. After about one hours hiking, I arouse the feeling of stepping on the highest position. Everything showed so tininess and fuzzy.

After covered the picture album, my mind still lingered in the Badaling Great Wall. It is truly a miracle wonder housing many unexpected surprises!

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