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Happy Bus Tour in Beijing

Last week, with my boyfriend, we enjoyed a terrific bus tour exploring Beijing highlights Forbidden City and Badaling Great Wall. They influenced my mind and the thought to Chinese history and ancient people.

Forbidden City

I clearly remembered the weather on that day is extremely sunny and charming with higher blue sky and masses white cloud. After eating the breakfast, tour guide telephoned us that they have waited at the gate of our hotel. We soon prepared a lot and flied to the bus. We felt very sorry for them but every one of them threw mild smile to us. We sited in the behind. First, we drive to Tiananmen Square. It is vast and spacious than I imagined. Cars and buses drive away adding typical busy atmosphere. Forbidden City is just near side. It is a large scale golden structure with many palaces. What impressed me are the roof decorations on each palace. They are different. Tour guide told us that they represented the position of emperors and the empresses.

Badaling Great Wall

After enjoying delicious lunch, we were transfer back to Badaling Great Wall, my favorite section! It is located in the suburb area of Beijing city, getting rid of the naughty and boring downtown life. Tranquil environment, fresh air and terrific surroundings left us first. Once arriving at the Badaling Great Wall, the magnificent layout of this wonder and the elegant mountain behind influenced my vision. We got off the bus and walked to the world wonder. Wow, the sceneries here are very beautiful with luxuriant wild trees. To be honest, tourists coming here are crowded. This is a disappoint phenomenon. The stone steps are larger and easy to climb. Every step I climbed, I will have a carefully appreciation about the surroundings. I always thought each step can bring me much surprises. My boy friend takes a lot of pictures. Soon, we came to the legendary watchtowers. The windows designed typical. What make me boring are the masses of carvings. Some are names and some are feeling sentences. This destroy makes the bricks white sending out sophisticated colors. Not far distance, there is a cannon model which is designed same as the ancient cannon. From it, we see the deep Chinese culture and the long history.

Gradually, under the help of the handrails, we came to the top of Badaling Great Wall. Only you come to the peak, you can know the beauty of the birds view!

Wonderful Trip in Beijing

Mutianyu Great Wall is truly an amazing section bringing me too many surprises! Booking this tour is the suggestion of my father. We were picked up from the hotel and transfer to Mutianyu Great Wall. On the whole journey to Mutianyu Great Wall, we listened to the explanation told by tour guide and imagined. First time getting close to this world wonder, I really felt exciting and nervous. Beijing suburb area is very charming full of fresh air, extremely tranquil and nice.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Once arriving at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall, the large scale luxuriant trees impressed me deeply. Tourists here are less than I expected. The tranquil environment created a very nice environment for us. After bringing out the luggage and preparation, we started our climbing journey. My father climbed faster, but I wanted to carefully enjoy the charming sceneries. Tourists here praised and communicated about the background, history and culture. After climbing on the ground, we saw the magnificent watchtower established on. All the wall and ground are almost best preserved with vigorous spirit.

We came to the legendary watchtower, touching and appreciating around. It is typically different from the watchtower we saw in the book. I thought it belongs to the 'underground watchtower' with unique steps. Tourists getting here are crowded all lured by the typical design. Tour guide is very considerate giving us detail information about this creation. We are all satisfactory about this military design. In Chinese ancient times, it plays a very important role in the war period. In addition, we saw the cannon model located beside which attracted many children. I am very interested in it. It is not too long but is lifelike. Sitting alongside, we enjoyed a relaxed while appreciating the early autumn sceneries. Under the mild sunlight, everything here is just in the picture.

Summer Palace

Second attraction - Summer Palace left me a deep impression. It is a large scale crystal royal garden housing many delicate palaces, halls and small gardens, etc. Walking inside, different kind of royal atmosphere influenced my spirits and body. I liked the environment very much, unique tranquil and charming. In addition, the Kunming Lake is my favorite section with dazzling water and breathtaking sceneries surrounded.

There is no hidden charge and forced shopping on the whole journey!

Incredible Day Trip in Beijing

I was so excited about the trip to Mutianyu that day and as it turned out, the whole trip is just as incredible as it could be! Definitely the highlight of my stay in Beijing!

Mutianyu Great Wall

The dense forest can be seen all over the place out there, and it was kind of pretty cool to see the first signs of autumn, something I longed to see long time ago. It was a sunny day and the breeze made my trek on the wall even more enjoyable. The wall itself, was quite impressive, and it was difficult to tell which parts had been restored as the guys really did a great job. It is really fun to puff up and down the path and the trek is just incredible. The experience is just amazing to walk the wall. Along the way, I bumped into many Chinese children crying and complaining, and many parents encouraging and bribing them. No reason to blame the kids for being like that because I felt just the same – tired and running out of breath all the time!

The wall snaked its way up the ridge of the mountain and seemed to just be a little addition to it. There were watchtowers every few hundred yards or so, very impressive. I also climbed on top of a few towers to get a better view of the surroundings. The most impressive is there are three watchtowers standing right next to each other - it is rare for the great wall according to my guide. It is called Zhengguantai, a group of three buildings. The three towers are each two stories high with their own observation pavilions well preserved to this day. The tower is a nice place to catch some breath and take a good rest. After rest at Zhengguantai, I continued on the journey, heading a little further and it was all steps. After two hours of hiking, it was time to get down the wall. I found my way down with my guide and headed to the toboggan station to catch a slide ride down. The toboggan weaved its way down the side of the mountain, through the forest - it is really a fun ride. Later I got back to the city, safe and sound.

The trip to the wall is best Chinese experience to me!

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