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Why Drop by Ancient Cavern Dwellings

If you feel you have seen enough of Beijing, probably you are wrong, because Beijing never stops surprising you. There are many off the beaten path destinations overlooked by visitors to Beijing. The Ancient cavern Dwelling is one of them.


Reason 1: Profound History of Cavern Dwellings
Guyaju in Beijing

Guyaju ruins have been found in Beijing area as the largest ancient cave settlement sites, a canyon located in the northwest of Yanqing County, with a total of 117 caves, carved on the cliff of the gravel granite. Here is where the ancient people made their dwellings in the steep cliffs. In the canyon, in a less than 10 meters wide ravine on both sides, the space of nearly 100000 square meters of steep granite walls is crammed with a large number of cavern rooms in different sizes. Guyaju, according to the position of the dwellings inhabited by primitive people, can be divided into two regions. There are many arguments revolving around the people who lived in the caverns, which makes it even more mystic and worth exploring. The cavern dwellings are exquisitely designed by the residences and feature a complex layout, making the whole cavern look like crisscrossed maze filled with stone carved rooms. A spelunking experience in the cavern will be fun and totally worth it.

Reason 2: Hailed as Top Chinese Maze
Guyaju in Beijing

Yanqing Guyaju is the largest cliff dwelling ruins in northern China, known as the top Chinese maze, built by the ancient people with stone rooms carved in the steep cliff, with a total of 117 caves. It is now the largest, highest ancient cave settlement site ever found in Beijing. The cavern dwellings provide the basis for the history, customs, attracting more and more experts, as well as the youth and visitors to find ancient discovery. In the canyon three erect rooms are carved out the steep rock wall, covered with artificial stone chambers, rectangular or square shaped, the largest more than 20 square meters, smallest only 3 - 4 square meters. Among them, there is a cave on the second floor, which is equipped with the win room, supported by the pillars, for the master to hold meeting or worship God of the land, commonly known as Guan Tangzi. All the caves, door, window, Kang, stove, Ma Cao, the wall of the kitchen can be found in all varieties., round and square, both in line with the aesthetic rules.

Overall, the Guyaju is well worth a stop-by while visiting Beijing!

Why Prince Gong Mansion is Worth Exploring

There is truly no better way to learn more about Chinese architectural art than a visit to Prince Gong Mansion. Hailed as the essence of Qing prince mansion, Prince Gong Mansion offers a glimpse of the glorious past of the Qing Dynasty. Here are some reasons why you should put the prince mansion on your list of place to go while visiting Beijing.

Prince Gong's Mansion

Reason 1: Profound history of the Mansion
The mansion was built in the Qing Dynasty, as the private mansion of Heshen. In the early years of Tongzhi Reign, the third generation master Prince Gong Yi Xin was a very powerful politic figure in Qing Dynasty, serving a bunch of political duties, and he also carried out a series of repairs and alterations to the mansion. The construction scale and pattern we see today was formed at that time. Prince Gong Mansion is located in the south-west corner of Shichahai in Beijing, hidden in a quiet and long lane, and is the most complete preservation of the prince mansion from Qing dynasty. The mansion was formerly owned by Heshen and Yong Lin as prince mansion. Also it has been rated as the national key cultural relics protection unit. In 1851, prince Yixin became host of the mansion, hence the name of the mansion. Prince Gong Mansion came to decline after the Qing Dynasty came to an end, bearing witness to the historical and cultural information of Qing Dynasty.

Reason 2: Classic Architectural Art of the Mansion
Prince Gong Mansion consists of two parts, about 330 meters long from north to south, 180 meters wide from east to west, covering an area of about 61120 square meters, and the garden covering an area of 28860 square meters. The mansion is not only very huge, its construction was also the highest regulation at the time. The most recognizable features include its façade and number of houses. The prince mansion has five facades, seven main halls, five back halls, seven living quarters, side halls on both sides. Also houses three courtyards, serving as main tourist area for people to visit. The architecture of the mansion is strictly arranged along the axis of the mansion. The main buildings include Yinan Hall and Jiale Hall, featuring green glazed tile roof, to show the majesty of the majestic mansion, but also reflect the identity of the prince. West courtyard is small and exquisite, the main building including Baoguang Hall and Xijin Hall.

Overall, Prince Gong Mansion is well worth a visit while traveling to Beijing!

Why Car Rental Service is Important for Travelers

We exploring Beijing attractions to fulfill our experience and entertain our holiday life, it is extremely an exciting enjoyment. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and many other top attractions lured the tourists' interests. For such a large tourism circle, what tourists should do will booking the car rental service. Why it stands so high position in the Beijing travelers? Now, let us have a detail analysis!

Bus Stop in Beijing

Saving Much Time on Traffic
For the tourists visiting Beijing Great Wall, they are always facing the result of being late. Great Wall buildings are all distributed in the Beijing suburb area and far away from Beijing Center. No matter wherever you start your journey, they all need your time. As a large scale metropolis city, the traffic is the first bid problem, especially during the holidays and the weekends. Being late to Great Wall, you will face the chill for entertaining. But if the Great Wall culture and history lost from your holiday, it will be regret. During this period, time is very important. The car rental service will help you resolve all the problems. Picked you up from your downtown hotel or the airport and transfer you to the destination your ordered. Experienced driver will offer you the most efficient journey and smart getting rid of the heavy traffic. Your Great Wall tour will be finished more perfect.

Reducing Heavy Burden without Any Cares
If you started your journey from your downtown hotel, it would be more convenient. But, if you get off from the airport and train station, all the luggage and burden will be a problem. On the whole journey, you have to take your baggage to transfer and pass the custom, especially during the hot summer. So, car rental service will help you carry your heavy burden and create a cozy environment for you. On the whole journey, you do not need to worry about anything. Even during the custom, driver will help you. During summer, the air-conditioner in the car will cultivate a very cool environment for your laborious body. You could easily get a fluent journey from your airport to your downtown hotel or your destination. Efficient transfer will save your time. Getting rid of the crowded and bad weather, Car Rental Service deserved your attention.

After the detail explanation, Car Rental Service will become the must-choice for Beijing traveling!

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