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Why Drop by Hanshiqiao Wetland while Visiting Beijing

For most of visitors to Beijing, it is all about culture, art and history. But there are some off the beaten path destinations in Beijing which have been overlooked by travelers. Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve is one of them. Here are some reasons for you to pay a visit here:

Reason 1: One-of-a-kind Bird Watching
Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve

Located in the southeast of Beijing City, Shunyi Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve covers a total area of 1900 hectares, the core area of about 3000 acres, the only large reed marsh wetland in Beijing plain area. Within the reserve, there are 153 species of birds, including the first grade state protection animal - 2 kinds, second grade state protection animal - 17 kinds, 292 kinds of wild plants, serving as migratory bird habitat and transfer station for many rare and endangered birds. Every year from March to May and September to November are the bird migration seasons, a large number of birds perch in the Hanshiqiao wetland for foraging. At this period of time visitors could see some rare birds such as gulls, whooper swan, Tringa ochropus etc. Visitors can also get on the island for bird-watching, where the birds are flying and enjoying the comfortable return to nature. To take the roadside rest and recreation at leisure while taking in colorful water lily and lotus or enjoy the beautiful scenery by the lake, is a good choice for weekend planners.

Reason 2: Incredible and Fun Activities
Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve

Hanshiqiao Wetland offers beautiful environment, pleasant scenery as a famous resort. The scenic area houses Ludangyuan Restaurant and Suangzihu Restaurant, offering 2 on-water bamboo house, 14 rooms and a hall, can accommodate 200 people dining at the same time, providing visitors an essential dining experience on the wetland. The scenic spot also has more than ten kinds of entertainment projects on offer, including: large-scale sightseeing cruise, battery boats, pedal boats, water bicycles, bicycle, car battery, fun camping tents, live CS, suitable for the young, elderly and children of different ages. The bicycle is very unique, and favored by the vast numbers of tourists. You can also go fishing in the scenic area, scenic area also offers fishing tackle rental. Visitors can cruise, to fully take in the beauty of the wetland. Tent camping project is located in the terminal on the eastern side, the geographical position is superior, you can take in the beauty of nature, breathe the fresh air in the country at the same time, forget the noisy city, just enjoy the nature!

Overall, it will be fun to spend an entire day in the wetland.

Why Forbidden City is Landmark of Beijing

Every time when related to Beijing and China, what appeared to mind will be the Forbidden City. For first time visitors in Beijing no matter from which country, they must have a long linger in this imperial palace. Undergoing so many years, it has been regarded as the representative of Beijing, China. Why?

Forbidden City

Deep Cultural Connotation
In the ancient times, the common people regarded Forbidden City as a golden yellow castle located in Beijing center. It is a non-realized dream to enter into or it is just a tale existing in the common life. With best advantage of lying in the Beijing City center, it is also called Gugong in Chinese. It is a large scale dazzling imperial palace for twenty-four emperors during Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are many policy affairs happened inside. So, it educed many fairy historical stories. It is just illustrated as Purple City because ancient Chinese Astronomers believed the Purple Star was in the center of heaven and the Heavenly Emperor lived in the Purple Palace. So the emperor lived the palace should call Purple City. It is forbidden to enter without special permission of emperor.

Enormous Palaces in Forbidden City
Once entered into Forbidden City, your vision would be lured by numerous delicate palaces. Built rectangular in shape, it enjoyed high fame as the largest palace complex in the world covering 74 hectares. Being surrounded by a 52-meter-wide moat and a10-meter-high wall, it housed over 8,700 rooms. The wall has a gate on each side. On the roof of each palace, there are certain decorations. Each of them has certain representative. Luxurious decorations and traditional building style would be the most precious treasures. Various palaces housed certain function in the ancient times. Unique arrangement showed unique imperial atmosphere. Wandering in this large city, you would arouse typical feeling to Chinese history!

Great Construction of Forbidden City
Construction of Forbidden City started in the Yongle Reign of the third emperor of Ming Dynasty. It was completed fourteen years later in 1420. It is said building the great castle, there are a million workers driven into the long-term hard labor. The stones needed are carried from Fangshan District. It is said that a well was dug every fifty meters along the road in order to pour water onto the road in winter to slide huge stones on ice into the city. In addition to this, there are many precious freighted materials are carried from other provinces.

To the human beings, Forbidden City is truly an eternal wonder!

Why You Should Venture Further while Visiting Beijing

If you want to get away from the fast-pace life scenes, city noises and constant crowds while visiting Beijing, you really should venture out of the city proper to see dozens of off-the-beaten-path destinations Beijing has to offer. With less crowds, less bustle and hustle of the city, you will enjoy a lifetime break in Beijing!

Suburb in Beijing

Photogenic Spots Everywhere
There is a popular saying in Beijing - the further you head out of the city, the more photogenic the spots get. Whilst traveling overseas, photos are a great way to memorize your trips. At the end of every trip and back at home, these photos are reason enough for bragging before your friends or family. So if you want to capture some of the most amazing photos while visiting Beijing, venturing a little off the beaten path is a must-do. Not only will you find a couple of splendid sights along the way but also enjoy quiet and have all the sights to yourself. You will get a chance to explore the sights as long as you want and take your time to take in everything coming your way! For those who are crazy about out of the way pictures and adventures, venturing further is a good idea. Though the journey over those destinations may take longer than you expect, it is all worth the wait, the ride and the money. Everyone who is in Beijing should venture out to see some lovely countryside once in a lifetime.

Top Off-the-beaten-path Destinations in Beijing
There are as many offbeat destinations in Beijing as you could imagine, like the unrestored Great Wall at Simatai, Jiankou and Jinshanling, the mountain area outside Beijing as well as tourist resorts –the list goes on forever. With an adventurous excursion out the city, you will experience some once-in-a-lifetime moments while visiting Beijing. Venturing out the city will be fun and full of surprises. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and have a good time. With no guide and other travelers around, you can enjoy some time alone and take in the amazing countryside while hiking through the remote destinations in Beijing. There are so many options available for you, all you got to do is figure out what is the stuff you want to do the most and than just do it for yourself. With a sense of adventure and fool-proof plans, just hit the road to your favorite destinations and explore!

Overall, heading off-the-beaten-path will be once-in-a-lifetime experience for you while visiting Beijing!

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