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Why Butterfly World is Worth a Visit

Wondering where to spend some quality time with kids while visiting beijing? Then you really should put the Butterfly World on your travel list.

Overview of Butterfly World
Butterfly World

The butterfly has been hailed as the flying flowers ever since the ancient times in china. But with the city development, the butterfly has gradually become the memory of childhood. The Butterfly World is a big Asian Living butterfly garden, located in Beijing Shunyi, covers an area of 1000 mu, home to famous butterfly 30 kinds, with an annual output of about 5000000 butterflies. Butterfly World is the 2009 Beijing city cultural and creative industries project, it combines butterfly farming, sightseeing with popular science education and other cultural activities, hailed as the only butterfly themed parent-child education base in Beijing. Colorful butterfly garden is a beautiful butterfly world, divided into multiple tourist areas, butterfly science world, Cultural District, butterfly flying square, DIY experience zone. The Butterfly Valley and ecological park, visitors can get close contact with the butterfly. In winter, visitors can also see the beautiful butterflies here.

What to Expect of this Garden
Butterfly World

Million square meters of flying butterflies inhabiting on the square, with green grass, the breeze – all will be great for you and kids to have fun; butterfly science popularization world displays a lot of butterfly science popularization knowledge, such as processes and habits of butterfly; cultural galleries, visitors can learn about the history of cultural understanding butterfly, butterfly bring to people's life inspired, also can see butterfly kites, butterfly, butterfly, butterfly wings spark stamps painting. Today is my birthday special birthday flying butterfly is a special birthday tailored activity, letting the children get a fresh outlook birthday in passion, romance, fantasy, in thanksgiving atmosphere; students will learn some good qualities from the butterfly, letting the child have dreams, know how to love, understand perseverance and patience in the process of participation; Butterfly Painting Handmade teaches kids about natural beauty and artistic beauty, using natural ecological butterfly wings as raw material, through careful design art master works, like nature itself -- highest quality, lifelike, the butterfly painting handicrafts give the children a chance to experience butterfly-painting fun by themselves. In addition, the colorful butterfly garden offers for the children plenty of parent-child interactive games, to allow participants to experience life in the experience, to promote family in interaction.

Overall, it will be a great chance to have fun in beijing with kids with a visit to the butterfly world!

Why Choose 798 Art District for Modern Tasting

Beijing is regarded as the representative of Chinese profound history and deep traditional culture. Housing loads of traditional palaces and buildings, it is become a land where the modern tourists searching the fast tastes. However, among tourists, 798 Art District has become a must-enjoy place in the tourists for modern visiting. Why?

798 Art District

Dazzling Layout of 798 Art District
Located in the northeast corner of this city, 798 Art District covered an area of about 0.6 square kilometers. It is very famous in the tourists with the modern designing idea and the terrific art works. Featured by the fashionable tastes, it has become the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art and also the world-famous cultural and creative industries centralized area. In fact, its original appearance is a factory. However, after experiencing many years changing and restoration, it is designed as the modern appearance full of vigorous atmosphere and typical features. With the western style and convenient traffic, it also housed loads of vacant places and many other decorations. For the youth, it is a paradise land for widening vision and extending idea.

Vigorous Modern Function
Modern days, it has attracted a great deal of attention from media of all over the world. At the same time, it has been regarded as the new regional mark of Beijing city distributing galleries, designing studios, art exhibition spaces and fashionable shops. Until now, wandering here, you could appreciate over 400 cultural organizations from other countries settle down in this area. Apart from these dazzling spots, it also becomes an important international art exhibitions and art activities as well as fashionable shows. In order to make it more typical and expend its influence, this art zone always holds the famous art festivals. On the festivals all the arts and artists could have a harmonious communication creating a more vigorous art world.

Interesting Places in 798 Art District
If you say the dazzling art is the main reason you come here for appreciating modern tastes, then the interesting places will another season. Wandering here, you could appreciate various photos which are hard to see in other places. After getting tired, you could choose the terrific VINCENT CAFÉ for enjoying a cup of coffee to search the exotic tastes of French.

All in all, only appreciating 798 Art District, you have the right to witness the modern Beijing!

Why Zen Tea Culture Festival Worth Exploring

While you may have seen a thousand live music performances, but you will never watch the spectacular Zen Tea Culture Festive like you do in Beijing! With a visit to the Tanzhe Temple, you will get an in-depth insight into the rich tea culture of China.

Where to See Tea Culture Festival
Beijing Tanzhe Temple

As one of the oldest and well known temples in Beijing, the Tanzhesi (or Tanzhe Temple) hosts the Zen Tea Culture Festival every year, lasting from July until early September. Geared at promoting traditional tea culture of China, the Zen Tea Culture Festival allows you to be able to savor the one and only Tanzhesi Zen Tea and Tanzhesi prime cake – it will be an essential experience for you. The Tanzhe Temple is a Buddhist compound located in the Mentougou District in western Beijing (near the China National Highway 108). Once one of the most prestigious temples across China, the temple compound was constructed in the Jin Dynasty (265–420) and has a history of over 1,700 years old. The layout of the temple halls reflects the architectural styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the compound also houses many pagodas that can be dated back to the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

What to Explore during the Festival
Beijing Tanzhe Temple Tea Culture Festival

The Art Treasures Cultural Festival is held in Tanzhe Temple every year, displaying an impressive selection of the greatest cultural treasures in China. The festival focuses on spreading the artistry and historical significance of the rare artistic heritage. It is well worth a visit while visiting Beijing, lasting from late August to early September. Last year the festival offered seven exhibitions that contained various themes like Art Treasures of Tibetan Buddhism and Cross–Straits Hongshan Jade. The festival displayed over 1300 ancient jade pieces in total. While the exhibition is reason enough for you to pay a visit to the temple, let alone the profound history, rich tea culture as well as mysterious Zen Buddhism. With a visit to the temple, you will get a chance to be immerse in the evoking atmosphere of the Zen Buddhism. It will be an essential Chinese experience for you!

To sum it up, the Zen Tea Culture Festival is not to be missed while visiting Beijing!

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