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Why Consider Launching your China Travel in Beijing

China is one of the most worthwhile countries to explore on the planet, with diverse culture, amazing historical sites and one-of-a-kind natural beauty all over the land. However, to pick the perfect spot to launch your travel in China is very important, and Beijing definitely tops the list for launching China travel. Here are some reasons for you:

One-of-a-kind tour-friendly city
Beijing Travel

As the capital city of China, Beijing not only enjoys an advantageous location in China but also has a well-developed transport system including many international airline routes, ensuring you will get to anywhere you want in China and it costs way less than you could imagine. In addition, Beijing is home to a large number of international tour agencies and travel companies available for you if you want to save more trouble and enjoy a pleasant trip to China. They offer well selected tour itineraries which will take you to see your favorite tourist sites or have your itinerary tailored according to your own interest and preference. Most importantly, there are a large number of accommodation options available in Beijing, including international chain hotels, star hotels as well as courtyard accommodations – all will give you a pleasant stay in Beijing! Lastly, Beijing is the safest city in the world, making it perfect to launch your travel plan in China!

One-of-a-kind treasure trove
Forbidden City

All things considered, Beijing itself is worth a place on the travel list of your China travel, hailed as a treasure trove of China, with a wide variety of historical sites, relics, natural beauties as well as lovely folk customs and diverse culture all over the city! Beijing is home to a couple of signature tourist sites which enjoy a far and wide reputation in the world, like the Great Wall and Forbidden City and many more! For those history buffs, there is truly no other place in China which can take you to get a full-on fill of Chinese history. As an international metropolis in the world, Beijing is very open-minded and hospital to its visitors. Anyway, Beijing definitely will give you a first taste of what China looks like and it will be an essential Chinese experience while touring around the historical city yourself!

To sum it up, you just cannot find another place more suitable for you to launch your China travel!

Why List Peking Roast Duck as Stomach Enjoyment

Besides the world treasures, during Beijing tour, Beijing Roast Duck has become a must-enjoy cuisine. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Beijing Roast Duck has been rented as the representative of Beijing.

Glorious History of Beijing Roast Duck

It is said that if you came to Beijing without tasting the Beijing Roast Duck, it is equal that you have not came to Beijing. To be same as Beijing Great Wall and Beijing Hutong, Beijing Roast Duck is has created a heavy influence in the tourists. As a famous and delicious food with profound history, Beijing Roast Duck is an excellent choice if you want to capture more about Chinese traditional cuisine, culture and customs. Earlier in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, this kind of food has appeared. Originally roasted in a traditional way until Qing Dynasty, it was added into the menu of imperial cuisine and received high praise. In order to entertain the imperial families, the chef did their best to search new methods to cook best. Gradually, cooking process was divided into two species.

Leisurely Enjoy Beijing Roast Duck

Different cooking result leads to different eating. After the duck was prepared, it will show a shining date-red color and unique in flavor. Apart from the traditional cooking, many restaurants offered all duck banquet. Some are juiced and some are offal. It will truly give you satisfaction and enjoyment when enjoying. Apart from these, there are many points you should pay attention while enjoying Roast Duck. Some people would ask what the best season to enjoy Beijing Roast Duck is. Then Spring, Autumn and Winter will be ideal choices. The hot roast duck will be brought to the dining table by the chef and he would put various ingredients to each piece ensure the flavor. How to enjoy is also an important point. First, you should take one of the small and thin pancakes. Adding the onion and some pieces of duck meat, finally roll up and take a bit. This time, you would surprise by the wonderful taste! With most famous high fame and profound history, Quanjude Roast Duck Store will be the best choice to enjoy! With considerable service and professional chef, it will fully entertain your holiday!

Coming to Beijing, do not miss Roast Duck!

Why Peking Opera is Worth Seeing while Visiting Beijing

Love it or not, as a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of Beijing, Peking Opera show is worth seeing while visiting Beijing. To enjoy a night out with a Peking opera show will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience for every traveler. Here are some reasons why the Peking Opera is worth putting on your bucket list while planning on a trip to Beijing.

Profound History of Peking Opera
Peking Opera

The art of Peking Opera, also called Beijing Opera, can be dated back to as early as the late 18th century, when it was one of the most popular art forms and recreation for the royal court of the Qing Dynasty. Peking Opera involves four forms of expression which can be seen during a performance: singing, dancing, martial arts and the spoken word. There are dozens of iconic roles played by the performers in a single performance, and for the Chinese audience they can easily tell between the different roles — the villain, the comedian, etc — merely through the color and style of their face paints aka the facial masks.

Where to See Such an Amazing Show in Beijing
Peking Opera

There are dozens of performing venues available in Beijing where you can drop by for an opera show or other shows, but if those foreigner-friendly theaters are highly recommended where some certain English subtitles are available. The Liyuan Theater, located inside the Qianmen Jianguo Hotel, is no doubt the most sought-after theater for an ultimate Peking Opera show, where English subtitles will be included in the 90- to 120-minute performance. While the Liyuan Theater may seem a little old-timer, so if you want to find a theater more modern, then the Changan Grand Theater is a good bet, where the English subtitles are also available to give you a clue of what is going on onstage. If you only got a limited time in Beijing and you just do not want to miss out on both Peking Opera and Chinese acrobatics show while you are in Beijing, you can have a chance to see them both at the Chaoyang Theater.

It is not difficult to find these theaters as they are all located downtown, but if you want to combine your opera experience with an authentic Peking duck dinner an organized tour is highly recommended. In this way, with both pickup and drop-off at your hotel you will enjoy a worry-free evening.

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