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Why Must Visit Tiananmen Square

Beijing is a fun place to explore and there are diverse options for making the most out of your trip to the trip. For those first time visitors to Beijing, the Tiananmen Square is a must-go destination. No trip would be complete without a trip to the square while in Beijing.

Profound History of Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Tower

Tiananmen Square boasts the largest city square in the world. In history, it had witnessed a series of historic events and hosted a great number of ceremonies, assemblies and diplomatic receptions. After the foundation of People's Republic of China, Tiananmen Square have been renovated and enlarged for a few times. Nowadays, it has been pulsing with new blood. It has long been viewed as the emblem of China. The renovated Tiananmen Square has undergone a series of dramatic changes. 500 meters wide, 880 meters long, it covers an area of 440,000 square meters. And about 20 hectares of cement boards were used, with the road coverage of 300,000 square meters. The major road of Tiananmen Square was designed into a fork-like shape path which took 31,200 square meters of marbles. The major road can pass 120 lines of parades and accommodate assembly of 1,000,000 people.

Diverse Option for Sightseeing
The Great Hall of the People

Standing on Tiananmen Square, looking around, you may easily see the front gates Zhengyang Tower and Tiananmen Tower are still standing but are used for different functions. These two buildings have been viewed as the boarders of Tiananmen Square. The Great Hall of the People and National Museum of China stand on both sides of Tiananmen Square, which combines the old and new structures and offers a harmonious landscape to the people. In the middle of the square stand the Monument of Peoples Heroes and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. In the south are two old towers, Zhengyangmen Tower and QianmenJian Tower. The whole square units as one and all the buildings complement with each other. Moreover, the Working Peoples Palace and Zhongshan Park stand on both sides of Tiananmen Square, which combines with Tiananmen Tower to offer the tourists a unique landscape. These buildings were divided into underground parts and aboveground parts, which includes a large number of modern facilities. Through these modern and ancient building groups, we may easily trail the history and culture of this old city.

Overall, the trip to Tiananmen will be fun and an essential Chinese experience!

Why Sanlitun Bar Street Gets so Popular

In modern days, for entertaining and fully relaxed, Sanlitun Bar Street has become a very popular attraction among the young tourists in Beijing. Why it is so popular?

Beijing Sanlitun

Nightlife Center
Yes, Sanlitun Bar Street has been regarded as the symbol of Beijing nightlife and the city's first bar community. It leads the bar culture and fashion of Beijing. It is truly an amazing land for the nightlife. Once the night falls, this area will be full of young people. For getting rid of the noisy life enjoying fully relaxed, they all come to Sanlitun Bar Street. Measuring 260 meters long, the bar street covers a large scale area about 1648 square meters. More than 60 percent of Beijing's bars are located here. After the week's busy working, tourists always come here to speak out their inner heats. What is more, during the period, tourists can make new friends enriching life experience.

Shopping in Sanlitun Bar Street
Attracting so many tourists, in addition to the marvelous bar street, Sanlitun is also a dazzling shopping street. Shopping here is quite different and enjoyable. The stores are distributed along inter-connected paths in the southern area. The layout, without fixed route, makes shopping a discovery tour. Tourists will be amazed by the world famous brand flagship stores, such as Adidas, Uniqlo and Puma, etc. With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more luxury stores ranging from creative luxury shops to forefront designer brands opened here. Just roaming in this live world, there is always one kind suitable for you.

Food and Art
Last reason will be the food and art in Sanlitun Bar Street. There are many restaurants with different cuisines ranging from innovative Chinese to American and from traditional Vietnamese to authentic Spanish Tapas. The food is consistent with the high-end brand surroundings. Art here is integrated into the detail of life. These arts are not just hanging on the wall but also appearing in the streets. What the most impressive there are many sculptures of the famous artists located in the street. Wandering in this street, tourists can enjoy the performances such as magic and comedy. No matter which entertaining part, they can satisfy your desire of seeking happiness and fully relaxed!

If you want to find a world belonging you in Beijing, come to Sanlitun Bar Street!

Why Jinshanling Great Wall is So Popular

Nowadays, most of tourists swam into Jinshanling Great Wall for hiking and sightseeing. Even though Jinshanling Great Wall is very far from Beijing City, it still becomes more and more popular among the tourists. Why it becomes so popular?

Jinshanling Great Wall

Unique Tranquil Environment
Driving about three hours from Beijing city center, the long distance journey endows the Jinshanling Great Wall tranquil environment and peaceful tastes. For getting rid of the modern bustle city life and noisy city lifestyle, Jinshanling Great Wall is a wonderful place to create a peaceful holiday. At the same time, tourists coming to Jinshanling Great Wall also can enjoy the local deep culture and tasting the local farm life. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, it is equal that you have succeeded conquering your holiday. Get your mind purified, Jinshanling Great Wall is a wonderful place.

Complete Original Features and Wild Appearances
Compared to the most famous Badaling Great Wall and charming Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall has the complete wild appearances. It still kept the most original features recording Chinese profound history and deep traditional cultures. It is truly an ideal choice for enjoying ancient buildings and tasting traditional culture. With most of the bricks ruined down, tourists can be easily stuck into profound history. The feeling of tasting the ancient culture can be much clearer. In addition, the delicate building designs and architectures are also deserved deep exploration. Watchtowers, Beacon Towers and the Wall Bricks are all the treasures here. Even though most of them are not well preserved, they can still convey many ancient stories and war scenes.

Treasure Neighbor
Last reason is that Jinshanling Great Wall is near to Simatai Great Wall. After finishing the Jinshanling Great Wall visit, tourists have chance to enjoy the sticky section. Very different from the Jinshanling, The steps at Simatai Great Wall are sticky very hard to climb. This section can be divided into two parts by a lake. It is named as Mandarin Duck Lake which is fed by two springs. One spring is warm and another is cold. Even in the winter, the surface of this lake will never ice up. Not far away, the Gubei Water Town is built underneath the wall. Tourists can experience the beauty of water town closely.

If you are planning your Beijing tour, Jinshanling Great Wall is an important attraction added into your trip!

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