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Why Real Art Laid in 798 Art Zone

To appreciate the real art, widen vision, Beijing 798 Art Zone will be an ideal choice. For the travelers who are on Beijing tour, 798 Art Zone is a must-explore place. Why?

798 Arit Zone

Incomparable Background
Earlier named as 798 Factory, 798 Art Zone was built in the year of 1950. With the coverage area of 0.6 square kilometers, this art zone has been highly praised by the modern art. It has been rented as the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art. Also it is the world famous cultural and creative industries centralized area. About its history, it is mysterious. In the earlier time, this art zone was ever the North China Wireless Joint Equipment factory. After that, the corporation moved out of the Dashanzi District and leased those plants. The typical architectural style, simple and varied composition all followed the Bauhaus way. Attracted by the delicate design, convenient traffic, unique style of Bauhaus architecture, many art organizations and artists came to rent the vacant plants and transformed theme. Gradually, it formed a district gathering various galleries, art studios, cultural companies and fashionable shops, etc.

Amazing Modern Appearance
After experiencing the redecoration and new ideas, 798 Art Zone has attracted loads of attention from the media of the world. It has been regarded as the fashionable mark building of modern Beijing. Various modern shops, restaurants, studios and galleries all established here adding many atmosphere to this place. Until the end of 2008, there are more than 400 cultural organizations, from Japan, France, Italy and the Hong Kong, many countries and regions have established here. What the most attractive is that it always held important international art exhibitions and art activities as well as the fashion shows. In order to expand the reputation of 798 Art Zone, there are certain festivals always held here attracting more and more art fans.

Interesting Places
Apart from the real art, the art zone also opened many interesting places to entertaining tourists. The most famous is the 798 Photo to Gallery. Most of the pictures or photos developed by the owner Chen Guanjun himself. They are all rare in other places. There are high-class cafe shops where the tourists said that the coffee here is much better than the Starbucks. For the families, there is the ideal family-style restaurant. Typical sweet and savory pancakes could be tasted here.

There are many shocking wonders established in 798 Art Zone. Maybe you love here!

Why You Should Stop by Liulichang

Beijing has long been hailed as a culture Mecca of China, full of ancient sights, great shopping destinations and gourmet Chinese food. For those who want to enjoy shopping in Beijing, Liulichang is not to be missed! Here are a few reasons why you should pay a visit to Liulichang.

Beijing Liulichang Street

Reason 1: Profound History of Liulichang
Time-honored Liulichang dates back to Liao Dynasty (907-1125) and used to be a village. Back in Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368), Liulichang was famous for making glazed tiles, once hailed as one of the official Five Kilns in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The tiles fired in Liulichang were once used to build the palaces. During the Jiajing reign of Ming Dynasty, the kiln factory was relocated outside the city yet the name Liulichang was preserved to this day. In Qing Dynasty (1636-1911), most of Han people lived in the west part of the city surrounding the area near Liulichang. Later, guilds of provinces were built nearby and candidates from the whole country came to Beijing for the final imperial exam. By and by, Liulichang became a gathering place for famous book shops of Beijing and ever since then, new bookstores and stationery shops have opened here one after another. Now Liulichang has become the largest book fair in Beijing and a favorite haunt for scholars, painters and calligraphers.

Reason 2: Countless Delights to Explore in Liulichang
Most of the shops were well restored in Liulichang, making it a great pedestrian street as well as an antique and book market looking like a Chinese village. Liulichang is home to a great variety of Chinese folk arts and cultural products, such as tri-colored glazed pottery of Tang Dynasty (618-907), carpets, vases, scrolls, chopsticks, silks, ancient shoes, Chinese kites, swords, walking sticks, door knockers, Buddhist statuaries, classical paintings, calligraphy, books, brushes, inks, etc. In this cultural street, there are a bunch of famous time-honored shops, one of the most famous is the Rongbaozhai, enjoying a history of over 200 years. It is well known for selling Chinese paintings that are made using the traditional technique of woodblock color printing. It is also a favorite haunt for famous modern writers in China. With a visit to Liulichang you can also find other interesting Chinese products, like paper, scroll-mounting, book binding, carving of stone tablets and name seals, and the like. There are also teahouses, wine shops, and many restaurants located in the Liulichang.

Overall, Liulichang is a great place to be for shopping in Beijing!

Why Beijing Cooking Tour More and More Popular

In modern days, more and more travelers in Beijing choose Beijing cooking tour. Beijing cooking tour has become the most important part to experience Chinese culture and history as well as the life style in the foreigners staying in Beijing. Why it becomes so popular?

Making Dumplings

Gain the Fresh Experience
As we all know, China is a delicate country experiencing profound history and deep traditional cultural. There are many discovered customs attracted loads of attention. They all hold the mysterious feeling or curious ideas to everything. So, learning tour could help them resolve their curious feeling. For example, Chinese representative food - Dumpling, everyone from other countries all feel curious to this kind of food, its shape, stuffing and flavor etc. They want to grasp deep knowledge about the cooking process.

Interests in Chinese Culture and History
Coming to Beijing, book a cooking tour for learning, tourists will not only gain the single dish but also roam into Chinese deep culture and history. Through the cooking class, they could learn more about the traditional history and the evolution of Chinese food. Such as Chinese noodles, it related to the flour history and the making process. In addition, noodle could be divided into various kinds, noodles with soybean paste, oil spilt noodle surfaces and so on. Old Beijing Noodles with Soybean Paste is the representative food in Beijing. For this kind of food, there are too many ideas and histories.

Successfully Getting Favorite Food
For the cooking learning tour, most of tourists are for their favorites. If they like eat dumping, they would learn to make dumpling. If they want to eat the dishes, they could learn them. After successfully get these, they could make for their friends or families. For them, on one hand, they gain the skill; on the other hand, they have grasped Chinese culture. It will be extremely enjoyment.

Creating Harmonious Holiday
For the last reason, why the cooking tour is so popular, it is that during the learning journey, tourists could enjoy a very harmonious atmosphere getting fully relaxed! Lively atmosphere could relieve the strong pressure of each tourist. They could find the real happiness. Besides, tourists could make new friends. Just roaming in the happy atmosphere without boring and any trouble, it will be great chance to inspire passion!

Beijing cooking tour is not happy and knowledgeable. If you hold enough interests, please join us!

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