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Why Enjoy Foot Massage in Beijing

While visiting Beijing, your busy day trips will involve lots of walk around, so it is an excellent choice to enjoy a foot massage after whole day of walking. Beijing has plenty of massage centers worth visiting. Here are some reasons as to why you need a foot massage while visiting Beijing!

Foot Massage in Beijing

Reason 1: Diverse options to explore in the massage center
The Foot Massage is a relaxing way of traveling, which focuses on foot massage but also offers diverse options. It is a rather large space which has an entry at street level and its well decorated inside seem to go perfectly with your need for relaxation. The foot massage makes for a great way of relaxation after a long day of shopping or sight-seeing. You can book a private room so the best way to enjoy this treatment is to go with your family, partner or friends. Snacks and drinks are included in the price of your treatment so you can take your time to enjoy tea, juice and weird snacks ordered by simply pushing the little buzzer next to your chair. Each private room is usually equipped with a flat-screen TV and DVD so it will be a good idea to bring your own or ask for their DVD menu to see a movie while you get your feet massaged (most massages last for 90 minutes long). You can also try the therapies including a pedicure, so your toenails will be expertly cut with a straight razor.

Reason 2: A great way to recharge for your next travel destination
Diverse Chinese style massages are great choice to recharge your your travel in Beijing. You can choose to experience Full Body Massage or opt for Using Major Acu Points for Wellness. If you want to it to be more challenging, go try the Guasha (Scraping) treatment. With a visit to those Beijing Massage facilities you can also observe doctors with patients or ask for their advice for your wellness to learn some basic theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, Yin Yang theory and how it applies to the human body, as well as five element theory and how it applies to the human body. There are plenty of massage principles of Chinese Massage involving Indications and Contraindications. Getting a massage treatment will do good for your Fourteen Meridian Channels and with the massage of acupuncture/acupressure points you will be recharged.

Overall, a foot massage in Beijing is a great Chinese experience!

Why Better Visit Hutong by Bike or Rickshaw

Going out to relax has become a common enjoyment in the modern society, especially under the strong pressure. No matter when and where to relax, the car will be the main tools. However, in Beijing hutong tours, the bike and rickshaw have become the most popular tools, why?

Hutong Rickshaw

Common advanced Feature
No matter the bike or the rickshaw, they have one point in common is that they have the function of environment protection. Today, we lived together. Creating a harmonious family, the environment conducted a very important role. As the metropolis city, Beijing has many delicate spot to hunt by the small tools. On one aspect, they could have flexible feature to control and stop. Especially when meeting the bad traffic, tourists could pass through without any time delaying. It does not need any worry and care. Just finding a small corner, the tools could be arranged wonderfully.

By Bike
Beijing visiting by bike, you could not only witness the faster developing appearance within close distance but also appreciated the fresh sceneries fully enjoy the typical features. There are many ideal places for enjoying by bike, Beijing Hutong, Beijing Modern area and Beijing suburb area, etc. Just drive around wherever you want, relieving your inner heart, it will be extremely fantastic enjoyment. Driving by bike, you could start your journey from Beijing downtown area to suburb area, passing through Beijing landmark buildings to the suburb breathtaking pictures. You are just the leader, everything followed you. Mixed into the bike, your body will be flexible with this tour model.

By Rickshaw
For the pained golden and red color, it will be the common feature of Beijing Rickshaws. For the rickshaw, it history could be expressed long and short. In ancient Chinese history, rickshaw has become the most popular transportation tool. For the modern days, this kind of tools appeared frequently will be in Beijing Hutong area. It is said that if you visit the Beijing Hutong, Rickshaw will be the important part. Leisurely sited in the rickshaw, enjoying the ancient feeling it brought to appreciate the old Beijing culture in Beijing Hutong. Getting closer to the old Beijing people, lifestyle and culture, you could arouse the mixing feeling. Your visit to Beijing will be deserved! Besides, the rickshaws are often appeared in some communication centers.

No matter by bike or by the rickshaw, it will be the best choice for closer getting Beijing!

Why Beijing Cuisine Become Indispensible for Visitors

With Beijing tourism becomes more and more popular, Beijing restaurants also become more and more busy every day. It seems that Beijing cuisine has become the most important part in Beijing tourism. Why appears such phenomenon?

Peking Roast Duck

For Deep Tasting Old Beijing
For such a popular phenomenon, Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing Snacks and Beijing folk food are listed in Beijing tour. They have been one of the important parts for visitors in Beijing. The influence reason is that they could taste Beijing culture from Beijing Roast Duck or Beijing Snacks. It is just as the Great Wall, the wonderful buildings could take them to the ancient times to feel the current history, construction and culture. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Roast Duck could not only offer you the delicious flavor, interesting eating methods but also deep background. Most of the important is that, tourists could get the old Beijing from Roast Duck enjoying.

For the Fresh Diversity
As the capital of China, all the delicious cuisine from everywhere all gathered in this dazzling metropolis city, including the Hui Cuisine, Yue Cuisine, Xiang Cuisine, etc. Apart from the domestic, visitors could also get the food of foreign countries. During the fully pleasant Beijing tour, tourists are always surrounded by the various cuisines and foods. Tourists from other countries are very curious for their freshness and diversity. They want to taste the fresh food to fulfill their sentiment and holiday. Different shapes, colors and different cooking method mix with different tastes, there will be always one kind of food could satisfy your stomach.

For the Truly Good Flavor
The upper two reasons could not conduct the key reason. The most important point is that the food, snacks and the cuisines are cooked truly with best flavor. No matter where you come from, you could find your favorite. With professional cook mixing with the authentic tastes, they have got the top praise among the tourists from home or the domestic. Imperial Cuisine, excellent western Cuisine or the Farmhouse Cuisine, etc. will conquer your stomach.

Seize the great chance exploring Beijing, giving the best treatment to your stomach, change your mind!

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