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Why Head to Xiaotangshan for Hot Spring

Aside from the fascinating historic sites Beijing has to offer, visitors to Beijing can also enjoy an ultimate bath after an entire day of walking around the city. Here is one of the top destinations in Beijing for an essential bath - Xiaotangshan Hot Spring.

Beijing Xiaotangshan

Reason 1: Profound History of Xiaotangshan Hot Spring
In the Liao Dynasty there was a village built here called Xiaotangshan and Xiaotangshan hot springs was famous for medical bath. Famous for its hot springs, in the Ming Dynasty it had turned into a royal garden. In the 54th year of Kangxi reign of Qing Dynasty, Tangquan Palace was built, and Lotus Pond at the fountain for the emperor to bath. During Qianlong reign, the original palace was expanded to the north to build a beautiful garden. The palace is filled with temples and pavilions, all very magnificent. The garden offers picturesque scenery. The North cliff engraved with "Jiu Hua Xi Xiu" four words, written by Qianlong Emperor. The Empress Dowager Ci Xi bath ruins are still well preserved. After the foundation of Republic of China, Xiaotangshan was opened as Tangshan Park, which was once destroyed during the Anti Japanese war. After the foundation of new China, the Xiaotangshan sanatorium was built here. Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai and other and state leaders had repeatedly come to visit.

Reason 2: Rich Hot Spring Resources
According to the analysis of geological exploration and geological structure in the Xiaotangshan area, it is extremely rich in geothermal resources. With Xiaotangshan as the center, the hot water is all over the area with a radius of 30km. The water depth in each region ranges from 150 to 1400 meters with the shallowest is less than 100 meters. Because of different water area and depth, the water temperature is also different, mostly in 40-50 ℃ and in the center of Xiaotangshan area up to 55 - 64 ℃. Because the hot spring water contains a variety of mineral elements and a small amount of radioactive gases, the hot spring has very high medical value. Xiaotangshan rehabilitation hospital clinical treatments have special curative effect to the skin disease, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases, as well as for sports injury. According to the influence of Beijing geothermal water on human health research group study, residences in Xiaotangshan have higher content of globulin, serum calcium, P-selectin than those people in other places. Visible hot water also has the function of physical fitness, skin care and more.

Overall, Xiaotangshan is an excellent choice for a hot bath experience while visiting Beijing!

Why Stop by Silk Market

Beijing is an interesting city to do some sightseeing. But there is more to it than just a city filled with a bunch of historic sites. There are many interesting streets worth exploring. Silk Market is one of the most popular destinations in Beijing famous as a favorite haunt of the foreign visitors to China.

Beijing Silk Market

Reason 1: Long history and key role in Beijing
Silk Market is located in the extension line of Changan Avenue, adjacent to the international CBD District. With prominent location and convenient traffic, it is the international tourism shopping market enjoying a high prestige in the world together with the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Silk Market is the earliest free market and the most famous commercial brand which has a history of nearly thirty years. Until March 19th, 2005, the new Silk Market made its debut and opened a new chapter in the history. Since opening, Silk Market has won the favor of guests from all countries. It offers a wide variety of goods such as: fine clothing, silk, porcelain, tea, pearl, crafts and includes Quanjude Roast Duck, praised by consumers around the world. Over the years, plenty of political figures from across the world and their wives and international sports stars frequently patronize Silk Market, giving it unique status as the Chinese first foreign market.

Reason 2: New outlook of Silk Market
Silk Market hardware facilities are perfect for shopping. The subway entrance is close to the building, peripheral bus lines lead to all directions and the square can house dozens of travel coaches, three-floor underground provides ample parking. There are many highly intelligent commercial facilities - fire control center to nip the fire in the bud; security monitoring center 24 hours to monitor the whole building. Broadcast background music system ensures immediate communication between managers, consumers and businessmen; the signal system of mobile phone ensures the unlimited information transmission. Digital network system ensures the business operate at any time to smooth the management of the market. Central air conditioning, warm in winter and cool in summer; indoor lighting has been scientifically tested and can guarantee that the commodity gives the best display effect. 14 escalators, from underground to the very top, 2 straight ladders, 2 goods ladders, 5 car ladders ensure smooth flow of people and vehicles.

Overall, Silk Market is well worth exploring just like the Great Wall and Forbidden City while visiting Beijing.

Why Hunt Treasure in Beijing Antique City

Hailed as one of the most prestigious shopping spaces in Beijing, the Antique City makes for an ideal destination for treasure hunt. To hunt treasure or do some shopping in the Antique City is fun and an essential Chinese experience!

Beijing Antique City

Overview of the Antique City
Beijing Antique City is currently the highest grade exchange center of Chinese antique works of art, and the core enterprise of Beijing cultural and creative industry park. Founded in 1995, with the total construction area of 26200 square meters, Beijing Antique City rental area is nearly 10380 square meters, more than 600 cultural relics and antiques dealers doing business here. The Antique City offers miscellaneous antiques such as classical furniture, antique clocks, old carpet, antique ceramics, celebrity calligraphy and painting, jade carving and other major categories of thousands of varieties. It is the leader in white jade, crystal ornaments, Shoushan stone carvings, snuff bottles, old carpet, bronze statues, old clocks and watches, ancient pottery and porcelain, Tibetan cultural relics, folk embroidery clothing and other ten major commodities. It has a strong influence in the international art market, as the important window to show Chinese traditional culture. Beijing Antique City boasts quality service, standardized management, law-abiding business, integrity-based management, for four consecutive years it has won the civilized market in Beijing, enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

Feature of the Renovated Antique City
Beijing Antique City was listed as part of the commercial street makeover plans of Beijing. Using new technology and new material to make Beijing Antique City into a cultural landscape with the project designed by the Tongji University in Shanghai. The makeover combines elements of classical China and modern fashion decoration style, the overall architectural style features an open box, meaning the trove-house of China antique art. The whole building is filled with Chinese styles, like Chinese printing, pane, screens and other Chinese classical cultural elements. The glass curtain decorative form is not only rich in oriental cultural background but also reflects the modern architectural technology, with solemn atmosphere. The whole building adopts LED night lighting, very dazzling at night, making it a bright symbol of region. At the same time, the three-dimensional garage can accommodate 120 parking spaces, with the intelligent parking guidance system introduced to solve the shortage of parking spaces to alleviate traffic congestion of the surrounding road. The design of the building is also in accordance with international standards to improve no-obstacle and bilingual signs.

Overall, the Antique City is well worth a visit while traveling in Beijing!

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