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Great Organize Tour in Beijing

As the travel enthusiast, I cannot miss this capital of China – Beijing which is one of the classic trip destinations in the world. Among so many countries in the world, China has longer history. So it gathered various culture features and history deposits during the development history. Just from its sites from history, you will know about it deeply. Catching the opportunity, I booked the 5 days Beijing tour package with hotel online. Just packed my luggage, I started my journey in Beijing.

The airplane arrived at Beijing on time, I was droved to my hotel by the driver who was the same driver in next days. I must say the BeijingLandscapes.com has high efficient and quality. The hotel they suggested to me was very good, no matter in living environment, service or conditions. Serviced as the god, I have same feelings at home. At same time, I have chance to taste the famous Chinese cuisines, although the hotel offers western cuisines. Besides the tour package, this hotel was the most satisfied in my Beijing tour.

Hutong in Beijing

During the 5 days, I was lucky to visit the imperial palaces when the emperors were living or dead. Before they dead, they have well-conditioned palaces for working and living. And after dead, they also have the best places to sleep with their wives. They protected their imperial power in their whole life, from the Sacred Road, you would find it easily. Each side stands various stone statues, every statue is seemed like the protector of their imperial power. From the displays of Forbidden City, I found no matter what they ate or used all were the best.
Besides theme imperial constructions, the Hutong in Beijing is the most attractive place. It is said that these hutongs are the residences for people. Now, some famous hutongs gathered various characteristic shops and bars for leisure. Walking among these hutongs, you have good chance to know about the history of them. Of course, I heard many stories about these hutong according to the tour guide. Compared with the imperial constructions, I like these ordinary places much better, because they are the real gathered places of culture and history.
All these famous attractions in Beijing are worth to visit, just according to your mentality. In one word, thanks to the service and help of BLS, I had wonderful tour in Beijing.

My 3 Days Beijing Trip, Interesting!

After 3 day Beijing tour, I have deep impression about this world famous city. From TV and books, Beijing is a worthy city to visit, it will open your sight and open up to others. I am a little lonely person and just like to observe life by cinema. So I booked the Beijing 3 days tour package to relax. This tour package leads me to visit most attractions of Beijing such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, etc. These constructions are very different from buildings in my hometown, with strong style of China and ancient China.

Forbidden City

The first day, I visited the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace in Beijing downtown. It is said that these all are the imperial constructions in ancient China, used for emperors. Especially the Forbidden City, it was the living place and office for 24 emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The magnificent halls and delicate rooms all were attracted me lots. Even the displays and decorations in rooms are very different the ideas of mine. How luxury they lived! With the treasures, their life built on the base of money. The authority of emperor has strong power to officials and ordinary people. Summer Palace is the imperial garden for emperors and their families to relaxing and avoiding summer heat. Every corner disclosed the power of emperor and high techniques of architecture.

Great Wall of Mutianyu

Second day to Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs, was the most excited day because of the world wonder. It is said that the Great Wall at Mutianyu section is the first choice of foreign travelers as the less crowded. It is so magnificent and grand that I cannot stop taking pictures. I want to record my Beijing tour by my cinema, especially the Great Wall at Mutianyu, it is beautiful very much, so that I cannot described it in my limited words. A little disappointed about the Ming Tombs, because it is just only one tomb is allowed to enter - the underground palace.

Third day, I was led to visit the local life of Beijing, which was a leisurely tour for me. Also, I recorded the most ordinary life in Beijing. Ended of this Beijing tour package, I have huge harvest among the 3 days. I talked with the tour guide and shared my ideas with her. Not only kept my ideas in my mind. I was so happy about it, as it was the new twist in my life. Thanks to this Beijing tour and the local Beijing tour operator.

Great 4 Days Beijing Tour Package with Hotel

I am a fan of tourist, but I always tired of booking hotel and spots personally. Before this Beijing tour, I found this Beijing China tour operator and booked the 4 days bus tour package with hotel. It saved my time and energy under the patient help of the real trip advisor. They gave me the sincere and considerate suggestions and services.

Imperial Garden in Forbidden City

I had to say, the hotel and transfer service were all very good. The hotel is located in center of Beijing, convenient to visit some characteristic places myself. The room was comfortable and easy to look some beautiful scenery through the window. The comfortable living environment offered me great conditions to my Beijing tour. The staffs of hotel were all well-reputed for every guest, and try their best to satisfy our demands and needs. The most important is it is very quiet, not as some city center hotel, kept my sleeping quality.

During the tour, the tour guide and driver also offered our considerate service. The clever tour guide always could find the less people places for us to enjoy the beautiful scenery, among so many tourists. She was knowledgeable and well English speaker, always told us many stories about the spots. From history to culture, every side she knew very well. As tour guide, she was very responsible and patient in many tour guides I have experienced. She gave clear direction in how to visit a scenic spot.
First day arrived in Beijing and last day left Beijing, I was picked up to hotel and airport on time. On the way, the driver could tell me some information about Beijing and Beijing tour. He was a kind person, like to share his experiences among many tourists he had picked and transferred. He told me Beijing is a good city, covers various abundant culture and history.

In the plane back to home, I missed this famous city actually after the 4 day tour package. It has left deep impression in my mind. If I have chance, I would visit it without any doubt.

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