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Short Visit to 4 Famous Attractions in Beijing!

The best trip that I ever had! With low budget price, friendly tour guide and professional tour agency, we did visit many historical places around the capital in one day. That day, we did explore Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. A short trip but I gave us deep feeling and knowledge about Beijing and China. We got the tour online from the website beijinglandscapes.com. The website provides a lot of tour lines, bus or private tour that will bring you explore many famous attractions in Beijing. That time, we decided to join this one day bus tour which is cheaper than the private tour.

Chairman Mao Memory Hall on Tiananmen Square

That day, tour guide picked us up at the hotel, right in front of our hotel on time. Since it is a bus tour, so after get on to the van, we gathered with other travelers and together we visited Beijing famous attractions. So, our first destination was Tiananmen Square. Arrived at Tiananmen Square, we did saw huge square that filled with lot of visitors. Lot of security officers spread over the square. Tour guide told us everything she knew about the square very clearly. Tiananmen Square is the world biggest public square that surround by many historical places. After that, we headed to the next destination, Forbidden City that located near Tiananmen Square.

Gate in Forbidden City

Enter to the imperial palace called Forbidden City, I could see large scale of royal palace right in front of our sight. Tour guide said, there have hundreds rooms inside this huge palace. And I was just thought, the palace was just more like a city than palace. Everything are available inside the palace at past. Design with ancient royal architecture and layout, Forbidden City make us amazed by its beauty and charm.

Temple of Heaven

After enjoyed the spectacular palace of China then we moved to the famous sacrificial buildings in China, Temple of Heaven. After a short visit to the main building of Temple of Heaven, we did have lunch in Chinese restaurant and rest for a little bit.

Beautiful Garden - Summer Palace

Next, at last but not least, we enjoyed relaxing trip to the famous royal garden called Summer Palace. As the living area for emperor when summer, Summer Palace has a cool garden atmosphere with unbeatable garden landscapes. The tour was impressed us, more than our expectation. All was going smoothly and we had fun trip with all of you!

5 Days Travel to Beijing Famous Attractions

We got this tour from our booking online reservation from our home. Because we got this tour form our country so I was little bit worried so I asked some questions clearly to the trip advisor. She helped us much, returned the email very quick and I personally satisfied with the answer and description. So we did choose this tour as well as the travel agency to help us arranged our vacation to Beijing.

Arrived at Beijing, driver picked us and transferred us to the hotel for rest. At the second day, we met our guide. She picked us up in front of the hotel and directly transferred us to the first destination, Forbidden City. A short trip to the ancient royal palace of Ming and Qing Dynasty was so memorable. Yes, Forbidden City is a famous attraction till the world, a heritage of history China. Our travel guide guided us to the most important sites around the palace and at the same time told us the history behind those sites.

Beijing Forbidden City

We had 3 days full explored Beijing accompanied with professional and reliable tour guides. Not only informative and knowledgeable guides, we did also learn a lot the culture, history and life style of China. Besides Forbidden City, the others attractions such as, the magnificent Great Wall, amazingly stunning Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, interesting Hutong and others were surely fascinating and has its own different characteristic.

Summer Palace was also gave me different atmosphere. Besides the deep history behind, the royal garden of Summer Palace was also offers stunning sceneries around as well as cultural relics in the surroundings. In the center of the lake, we even could enjoy the beautiful environment as well as breathe fresh air. For some information, there was no other attraction we did visit with this 5 days trip Beijing tour have the lake on it. So when we walked through the garden, it gave me relaxing feeling for sure.

The other impressive experience I had when we were in Hutong Beijing. We did see lots of old residences of the local Beijing people. Took the rickshaw ride in Beijing, a very interesting ride which brought us explore the old courtyard complex on the last day. We just arrived home two days ago and our trip still memorized well in my mind. Thank you so much for the organized trip!

Outstanding Itinerary to Destinations in Beijing!

We got this 4 days tour to Beijing before arrived in China. The online reservation was easy and reliable. Moreover, the trip advisor was so friendly, informative and gave us enough information about the trip and China. So, we begin our trip since arrived at the Capital Airport. The staff picked us up then transferred to the hotel. At night, because we had a free time, personally with my family, we did visit Wangfujing Snack Street. It was easy to find the street from our hotel. It was an interesting street with lots of shopping malls and night market too.

Imperial Garden in Forbidden City

Then in the next day, we truly began our trip with visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City in the morning then admire the old courtyard of Beijing in the afternoon. At night, we could enjoy the Acrobatics Show, breathtaking show. Besides all of those attractions, we also did visit Mutianyu Great Wall, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. All of those attractions were so impressive and authentic.

The Building Roof in Summer Palace

My highlight of the tour was Summer Palace. This big royal garden offers really relaxing atmosphere and cooler environment with lots of trees, clear water on the lake, pavilions etc. Everything was so perfect, a perfect garden for emperor have rest in summer. The guide nicely guided us to visit many important historical and cultural sites around the garden. There was a marble boat, beautiful long hall (seems nice if have a sit there), living area, administrative areas etc. The design of each building was so Chinese and ancient.

Furthermore, why I like Summer Palace most might because the landscapes. Different from other historical places around Beijing, this royal garden also gives a beautiful view to each visitor who comes. Everyone loves Summer Palace. Even my friends who had visit Beijing before also loved it most. I really wish we can spend more time in the garden more than 2 hours. It seems like there still lots of interesting and beautiful spots we did not explored.

At the end of the tour, I was really grateful about the fact that we finally did it. It was a nice choice to pick Beijing as our destination. Thank you for everything, the services, arrangements, great hotel, and many more. We could not make it without this tour!

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