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Precious Time in Beijing with Family

The itinerary of the whole tour is very ideal for us. The four of us include my kids. We did visit a lot of significant historical sites in Beijing include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and also able to visit Beijing Zoo. My kids did not feel boring at all. The tour guide is a very friendly person and she accompanied our kids patiently.

Cute Pandas in Beijing Zoo

My kids for sure, they prefer Beijing Zoo more than explore the must see - Chinese ancient palace, Forbidden City. In Beijing Zoo, they could see how cute and adorable panda it is. Panda as a treasure animal of China could be found in Beijing. My kids and I, we were never seen the panda before. So when we come to Beijing, which was our time to directly see the panda. Excellent experience and my kids were so excited and happy for that.

Of course, besides Beijing zoo, we also visit others China historical sites, all of them were incredible with their architecture and its background history. Among all of them, my favorite is Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall I thought it was the best section of Wall with less crowded visitors. It also offers stunning vegetation landscapes around the Wall. The weather at that time was great and supporting.

Impressive Mutianyu Great Wall

In Mutianyu, we did also take the cable car because my kids seems little bit tired after climb the Wall. The tour did not include the cable car tickets, so we asked our guide to help us buy the cable car tickets. I am very recommended take the cable car with you if you are travelling to Beijing with your kids. It is very saving money and your time. The cable car takes us to the middle part of the Wall so we can enjoy the view of the surroundings more from higher place.

I was so happy that we could make it to the Wall. It is the most important historical sites that I should not miss in Beijing. Overall, the tour was very accommodating and well organized. I did not feel uncomfortable at all for take this tour with my kids. Gladly, cause I got a great time in Beijing with all of my family members. Thank you for the service.

Great Tour of 4 Days in Beijing!

My family and I, we were visited Beijing on our last vacation for a week. Because of its limited time, then we decided to take this 4 days tour. This 4 days tour covers everything we need on the tour, from the hotel, driver, tour guide, entrance tickets, lunch etc. All of that was very well organized and worth it for the money that I spend.

Impressive Great Wall Tour

During the 4 days, we did visit amount of representative attractions in Beijing include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Hutong Beijing etc. All the sightseeings were impressive and characteristic. In Great Wall, we did experience nice climb time as well as enjoys scenic views around the Wall.

AFun Hutong Rickshaw

fter that, in Hutong we did take a fun rickshaw ride for explore the old courtyard residence in Beijing. All of that was very memorable, the experience that I never get in my home country. We did learn local Beijing people life style and culture as well as discover how the old Beijing it was like. We did see countless remarkable old buildings in the area around Hutong Beijing.

Temple of Heaven

Others attractions were fascinating and wonderful. Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City were the important old buildings during dynasty era of China. Both places have their own history, function and layout. The architecture was also so ancient and impressive.

Talk about the service, I was satisfied with that. The tour guide is a very nice, informative and very helpful. She is always helped us during this private tour and also answering amount of questions. Not only the tour guide, driver is also very good and friendly, hotel is meet our need, very hygiene and comfortable, etc.

From the start till the end, all were well coordinated and going smoothly. Our family were enjoyed the trip thoroughly and very satisfied. Beijing was a big city that filled with a lot of old historical and cultural tourist attractions. The city was very clean and not too crowded. We did visit each sightseeing in Beijing conveniently and comfortable with our van. Amazing trip overall. We did learn a lot about Beijing, history of China and its historical sites as well as see a lot countless historical places around the capital. This tour was definitely worth experiencing to see some historical spots in Beijing.

Great Trip for 3 Days in Beijing

We stayed Beijing for 3 days, and we spent the 3 days on visiting Beijing. I must say it was really a worthy tour. Beijing is one of the most popular tourist destinations all over the world. There are lots of tourist attractions and landmarks offered in the city, with amounts of people visiting all over the year. The custom and richness cuisines are the next attractions which make people keep on coming even if they have ever visited it.

We are first time visitors, the travel book told we should join a local travel agency to avoid being lost and troubles during the vacation. We searched this beijinglandscapes.com, it offered us patient service and unbeatable price. Starting with the busiest airport in Beijing, the Beijing Capital International Airport is our starting point. Without any determination, the tour guide and driver sent us to the hotel, which is booked included in this tour, we just chosen one among various hotels and pay for it. This Beijing tour operator has reasonable arrangement, and we visited most famous attractions of Beijing during 3 days.

Peking Opera Show in Liyuan Theater

First day, we had good rest in hotel after long distance airplane journey. At night, we enjoyed a Peking Opera show, and it is very difficult to understand for us. But the facial makeup and costumes attracted me deeply. Various colors and paintings make the costumes have different meanings, which are the representations of hierarchy. According to the tour guide, I understand what they were sing, it was just a story happened in ancient China. This opera is very different from our operas, not only singing, but also has many special actions. For example, one actor can twirl his accessories on head without any help of hand. It needs many experiences in fact. Like this, there are still various skills showed in performance, and they are really mysterious.

The next 2 days, we visited the most famous Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Badalibng Great Wall, etc. They have their own characteristics, but they have a common feature: they were used as the royal constructions in ancient China from Ming or Qing Dynasty. Ended of this tour package, we know about the China more and love it more

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