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How I Explored the Great Wall at Mutianyu

Compared to the Badaling Great Wall the Mutianyu Great Wall is a bit far, so visitors are relatively less. I had a lot of fun exploring the Great Wall in there. The sightseeing was amazing and the hiking on the wall was quite easy, even for an old man like me.

Mutianyu Great Wall

There are several ways to climb the Mutianyu Great Wall. Without climbing tools, you can climb all the way up if you are young and strong, so here are some popular climbing tools widely praised by foreigners: the first one is walk directly from the parking lot to get on the cableway to get up the Great Wall, with a cable car located at the viewing platform. After a short rest, then you can take a cable car back to the slide. Then you can use the ropeway to return to the Great Wall on the re-use slip to return to the starting place. The second is to take the cable car climbing up the Great Wall to get to the viewing platform and use a slide getting back. The third is hike up the Great Wall entrance with 1000 stone steps to climb up, until you get to the viewing platform, but the cable car down until the parking lot and then walk from the parking lot and take the cable car to climb the Great Wall and get back on slide.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The first method after comparing several methods make a little sense of achievement, but it costs a lot more. The second method is the most interesting among the most of young foreign visitors who prefer to walk on foot, but not without a sense of achievement, and for the third method, the stairs are steep, very easily to get hurt for old man like me, this method is not recommended.

The most popular is the third way, you will make the most sense of achievement, satisfaction is the highest too while hiking up the wall. If your body is very healthy, it is not too much even for a 70 year old. Near the parking lot there are a number of restaurants, although the price a little expensive but can once tasted many delicious dishes. Mutianyu Great Wall make a perfect reason for a stop while drinking cold beer. I believe you will have a lot of fun exploring the Great Wall, just like me!

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