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Historical Sightseeing in Beijing (1)

As we all know, Beijing, as a dazzling city of China, has its highlight features and traditional culture. If you are on your Beijing vacation, top places you should not miss will be the light point on your holiday vacation.

Appreciate Tiananmen Square
Beijing Tiananmen Square

As one of the largest squares in the world, Beijing Tiananmen Square has become the must-palce to visit in Beijing. Located in the center of Beijing, you not only could appreciate this large scale square but also Tiananmen Tower, The Monument to the People’s Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and see the national flag raising ceremony. In Chinese history, here are many and many events happened in this holy land. It not only predicted a glorious history but a new future of success.

Enjoy Shopping and Sightseeing at Nanluoguxiang
Nanluoguxiang, Ancient Beijing Hutong

Nanluoguxiang boasts as one of the oldest blocks in Beijing with a long history and a high prestige. Located downtown Beijing, it’s one of the most popular destinations among the tourists coming to Beijing. It is also the only residential area in China which has fully reserved the chess-board layout from Yuan Dynasty. Nowadays, with time-honored shops and stores as well as shopping malls and centers lined up on both sides, Nanluoguxiang is the best spot in Beijing where to enjoy shopping and sightseeing at the same time. Take a walk on this street and experience its unique flavors etched into the heart and mind of its visitors. It is also the ultimate place to discover the essence of old Beijing.

Visit Lama Temple
Lama Temple, Tibetan Temple in Beijing

As the largest and most perfectly preserved lamasery in present day China, Beijing Lama Temple will resent you its own feature with unique location and highlight decoration. Most attractive spot is the Hall of Harmony and Peace, as the main palace and inside three bronze Buddhas displayed, Sakyamuni in the middle, Kasyapa-matanga on the right and Maitreya on the left. There are 18 Arhats positioned on both sides of the Hall. The picture on the west wall is of Avalokitesvara with its thousands of hands and eyes. Last visit in this complex is the Wanfuge which is the highest palace, being about three stories high. In side this pavilion, tens of thousands of Buddhas were displayed along every level. Whole building construction presented a grave and dainty appearance sowing off.

Beijing tour is the new chance of seeing a new China.

Top 3 Must-visit Places in Beijing

As we all know, Beijing, as the capital of China has profound history and deep culture connotation. Most of all, Beijing has great deal of landscapes to offer. If you are exploring this holy city, then things to do in Beijing will fulfill your holiday.

Hiking on Mutianyu Great Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking

As one of most famous Great Wall parts, Mutianyu Great Wall is the essence of Ming Great Wall with less crowded and thick forests. This section winds 1.4 miles through lofty mountains and high ridges, many sections of which are made of granite. The unique structure makes the wall almost indestructible. It measures 23 to 26 feet high and four to five yards wide. Both of the wall’s inner and outer sides have parapets to defend against enemies coming from the two sides. Some parapets are saw-tooth shaped instead of the regular rectangular form. Below the parapets, there are square embrasures the top of which are designed in an arc structure, different from the traditional round embrasures.

Visit Forbidden City, Symbol of Ancient China
Forbidden City, Symbol of Beijing

Different than any other building of China, the Forbidden City is inspiring respect and marvel to its visitors who have the opportunity to feel the impressive historical events that occurred there hundreds of years ago. Some particularities of the City are the typical yellow roofs that symbolizes in China the Royal Family hence its predominance all over the site except for one building that displays a black colored roof. By visiting the Forbidden City, no one can deny the considerable skills that artisans and workers had already during ancient times in building outstanding and large-scale places. Indeed, as grandiose as it stands, the Forbidden City is today listed as one of the five most important palaces in the world.

Explore Beijing Hutong by Bike
Explore Traditional Beijing Lifestyle

Hop on a bike and explore Beijing like a local. Discover the history and charm of Beijing's ancient alleys and laneways known as Hutongs. You'll cycle around the winding hutongs behind the Forbidden City and through a local market before stopping for traditional Chinese lunch and a game of mahjong, a favorite Chinese pass time. Cycle your way through the winding streets of Beijing for a glimpse into the ancient heart of the city and a simpler way of life. You'll bike through the Hutongs, unchanged over time, but rapidly being squeezed out of the city through development, Experience centuries of daily life as you bike through ancient laneways.

Feel the Charm of Old Beijing Hutong in Yandaixiejie

Where is the best place to kill the time in Beijing? May be you could say the Sanlitun, but the Houhai area will be a better place. Different from Sanlitun, Houhai area has some traditional style and atmosphere, here, you can find some characteristics of old Beijing and fresh architecture of Qing Dynasty.


In this area, Yandai Xiejie is one the most worthy place to visit and kill time. Yandai Xiejie, located at northeast of Qianhai in Shi Cha Hai area, is one of the most old business street in Beijing. Yandai Xiejie, a business pedestrian with traditional cultural characteristic, starts from Dianmenwai Dajie in east in 232 meters. Out from the exit of southwest, you can see the famous view of Yingding Guanshan. Yandai Xiejie seems like a real pouch itself. The narrow and long street likes the pole of pouch, and east entry just like the mouth of pouch. It is worth the name of Yandai Xiejie.


Constructions in both sides of Yandai Xiejie are all simple and graceful, and the obvious style of Ming and Qing Dynasties attracts the sights of tourists. The form of shops standing at front of resident shows the heavy amorous feelings of downtown and full characteristic of old Beijing. Seems like a time tunnel, you will see the fashion tourists in different skins and languages when you enter it. Travelers always find the toys and accessories with profound trace of time. Suddenly, you do not know the time and place. Yandai Xiejie always gathers many courtyards, not only the old business street, but also old cultural street.

Shop in Yandaixiejie

According to records, there were many shop selling pouches in Ming Dynasty at Yandai Xiejie. Among them, a shop named as Shuang Sheng Tai set a huge wooden big pipe as the shop sign. For long time, it was famous in all over the city. As time passes, Gulou Street changed to be the Yandai Xiejie.

Now, Yandai Xiejie still gathers various characteristic shops, many of which have strong feelings of traditional culture. Walking in it, you can find what you have lost in modern rhythm.

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