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Great Memory of Mine Exploring Beijing!

This is my first time for visit Beijing all my life. Since, I had family business in Beijing that I should handle that matters then decided to explore famous Great Wall in one day tour. All of my friends recommended Mutianyu as the best section that I should go. Then, because of that, I got this one day private tour reservation which I could visit Mutianyu and Summer Palace that day. My family and I had stayed in one of the luxury hotel in Beijing. As the tour started, tour guide picked us in front of the hotel and she was friendly greeting all of us. She spoke English very well and looks good.

Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking

After get on to the van, tour guide sent us to visit Mutianyu Great Wall as our first destination. On the way, tour guide was told us about history and everything about this whole day tour. She was patiently answered all of our questions, very informative. Arrived at the Wall, tour guide had given us explanation about the Wall first and after that, let us explore the Wall for about 2 hours.

Mutianyu is a good choice, less visitors and stunning views. We had climbed as high as we could and capture as many photos as we want. With few visitors that come to the section, Mutianyu is a perfect section to visit. We were very excited climbed it and never stop admired the landscapes around. As time goes by, we should meet up with guide and head on to the next destination.

Tour in Summer Palace

Before we had visited Summer Palace, we had Chinese lunch first. The food was good and clean, we were very grateful about that. After having lunch and take rest for little bit, head to the next fascinating historical relics in Beijing called Summer Palace. It said, it was used as the royal garden for many dynasties in China. It had become a palace, emperor living place when summer comes.

Arrived at our last destination, Summer Palace, tour guide had started to begin our tour and shared with us many histories about the place. It was a beautiful garden and palace, a very perfect place that used to be emperor living place. There had a huge lake in the center of the garden where we saw many visitors boating there. After exploring the area, head back to the hotel and our tour end!

Great tour of 3 famous historical places in Beijing

I had a great experience visit many historical sites in Beijing such as, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. All was more than my expectation. We got the reservation online from my country, it was very easy and reliable. Got the reply email very quickly that make us felt relieved to travel Beijing famous spots. On the decided time, we met our guide right in front of our hotel. My family and I, we choose the private tour which means we got a private tour guide, car and driver for one whole day tour. First, we had visited the largest square in the world, Tiananmen Square. The square was really huge and clean. Many visitors are also visited the square at that time. A nice feeling I could stand in such a huge historical site of China.

Beijing Forbidden City

After that, tour guide send us to the imperial palace, Forbidden City, which located close to the Square. The palace was just more than like a city with incredible architecture and ancient design. A huge palace is hidden lots of history behind. It was a very interesting chance to visit the palace when come to Beijing.

Beijing Temple of Heaven

Along the way, tour guide was also kept telling us about many history and the description about the palace. A fresh experience to know about them all! After that, tour guide send us to the next destination, Temple of Heaven. Its architecture is almost similar with Forbidden City. Temple of Heaven was used as the sacrificial altars for emperors pray for good harvest for the country along the year. We explore the area guided by our private tour guide. This private tour was worth it. We could ask many questions about the sightseeing to the guide during the tour, since it is a private tour.

Beijing Summer Palace

After lunch, we had visited Summer Palace, a stunning and beautiful royal garden. Honestly, the place was incredibly fascinating. It was a perfect garden for the ancient emperor of China. With a huge lake in the center of area, it makes the complex cooler than the area outside garden. Based on tour guide description, it was used as the emperor palace when summer comes. After explore most important areas around the garden, tour guide send me back to the hotel. Overall, it was a great tour with organized tour. Thank you for your travel service.

Private Tour Feeling Ancient Times of China

The tour was more than our expected. We got this private day tour since I thought I will be perfect for our family. We started the day visit largest Tiananmen Square. The guide said that is the largest square in the world along the way to the Square. Arrived at Tiananmen Square, I could see such a huge square with many security guards in each important spots around. Tour guide told us around the square, there located many important historical sites such as, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Great Hall of the People, Monument to the People Heroes, etc. After had a short visit the Square, we head to the palace which called Forbidden City.

Forbidden City

It is located close to the Square and in front of the gate, its hanging a huge Mao Zedong picture. Many visitors take some photos right in front of the figure, includes me. Entering to the palace, I could see a huge complex of the palace with high walls around. We could imagine how the ancient Chinese people live inside the palace at past. It will be better if there only had less visitors come. We could take many photos as many as we want without people surround us. Yes, it will be better.

During the trip, travel guide told us about many interesting history behind and the description about the palace. From that, we could know more about culture, life style and interesting story of China. After that, tour guide send us to the Chinese restaurant and have lunch.

Badaling Great Wall

After lunch, we could visit the famous Badaling Great Wall. Tour guide given us the time to explore the Wall and met up on the decided time and place. From the foot of the Wall, we could see a long way that we should climb. The Wall itself was huge and strong. This Badaling section was crowded with locals and tourists. Because of that, we could not capture many photos along the way. So many visitors, a little bit crowded and noisy. However, we still climbed explored the Wall with all of the strength that we had. Could not imagine how the people built such a huge and strong Wall with less equipment. Tired of climbed the Wall, we going back to the decided place met up with the guide.

After that, tour guide sent us to the Olympic Stadium and give us some time explore the area. At the end, we were transferred back to the hotel.

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