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Incredible and Great Experience in Beijing

My last vacation to China was incredibly great! I did visit China for more than 3 times with my family, the first destination was Shanghai. My son studied Chinese in Shanghai for about two years, so I was like come to see and accompanied him eventually. My family also used this time for travelling around. Yes, my last vacation was nice with a short trip to Beijing, the capital of China.

Mutianyu Great Wall all covers with green

Beijing overall is a clean, well organized and such a modern city. Of course come to Beijing, we should visit Great Wall right, the world famous destination. So we did success come to the Wall and got the adventure with hike a section called Mutianyu. That section was relatively quiet and peaceful. It might because we came to the section on the weekdays so there were not so many visitors, not too crowded. It make our experience became wonderful. We had enough time explored the Wall by ourselves and took so many pictures during the trip.

Huge and Magnificent Forbidden City

Besides Great Wall, of course we did also visit others attractions include Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven etc. We even did have the chance visit the ancient imperial palace of China. A famous destination besides Great Wall in Beijing! Forbidden City was absolutely breathtaking. The old royal architecture buildings we could see along the way. More crowded than Mutianyu even on the weekdays, but overall we enjoyed its atmosphere and the layout. Really proud to come and able to enter the forbidden palace!

On the other way, we also got nice and satisfied services. The itinerary was organize, nice Chinese lunch, comfortable van, amazing destination choices, and the private tour guide. Our tour guide was really cooperative and responsible. She helped us arrange a lot of itinerary and always thought about our safety and comfort. Along the trip, she also told us a lot of China history and culture that she knew. With this private tour, we also could learnt and understand more. A private tour with family that really worth to take.

The tour was even better than we expected. We recommend the local Beijing agency for arranging the trip for you too. Really impressive experience and surely we will book other tour lines on your website. Could not wait for another trip to China and explore more!

Great Experience in Beijing with My Family

Could not express my feeling about the last tour that I had in Beijing, so nice and memorable! We got this 4 days private tour since I did come to Beijing together with my family, so private tour I thought would be better than the group tour. We got much more time in each historical site in Beijing to explore more, and more than that, we got a private vacation and that was great! Worth for the money that I spend!

From the first time, the service let us feel glad and satisfied. The tour guide was very proud about her job and explained each historical site very well. Not only that, from the beginning, driver was on time picked us up at the airport as well as on time picked up us every day in front of our hotel before visited the destinations.

Forbidden City in Summer

In the second day, we did visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Hutong, three famous historical sites in Beijing. We did know the history about China in the old times (dynasty era) as well as enjoy the traditional old courtyard in Hutong Beijing and see traditional local residences, some old buildings of old Beijing.

Hutong Rickshaw Tour
Hutong Rickshaw Tour

When we were in Hutong, we did take the rickshaw ride, an interesting and fun ride to explore the whole area of old Beijing. The atmosphere was very nice and authentic. My family and I, we did take some pictures together there and we are very happy about that. The other sites on that day, include Forbidden City was very impressive. It offers a rich historical environment and had showed us amazing royal palace of Ming and Qing Dynasty era of China. The palace is so huge and has unique ancient architecture. Inside some main buildings, there still have some ancient historical heritage on it. During the tour, tour guide also explained to us a lot about history and culture of China that she knew. Every time we had stop in each important place, she was also told us about the story behind it. She is a very friendly person, very informative as well as professional for organized the whole tour.

Overall, this 4 days Beijing trip was a highlight! We did visit a lot of famous tourist destinations and we got new experience and understandings about China. Everything was well organized and met our expectation.

Empressive Hutong Night Tour - Nanluoguxiang & Yandaixiejie

I had enjoyed the feeling and flourish of Nanluoguxiang and Yandaixiejie individually in day time, and I hope to have a night tour in them. After surfed many tour operators online, I found a Nanluoguxiang and Yandaixiejie night tour on beijinglandscapes, and I booked it at once. Cheap price includes a dinner and considerate service.

Beijing Night Tour at Nanluoguxiang

Picked up at 6:00pm, I was sent to Chinese restaurant (I forgot its name) to have dinner, and its cuisines are hot mostly, but they are very delicious though I cannot endure peppery food better. After dinner, we visited Nanluoguxiang firstly, a street has 700 years history can be dated back to Yuan Dynasty explained by tour guide. As well as day time, the night Nanluoguxiang is also flourishing. The difference between day and night is the light, and every shop has its own color in light, and various colorful lights compose the beautiful night scenery. Shops here are all very delicate and cultured with their unique characteristics, show their featured styles to tourists in lively night. Although it was very cold in night, it cannot stop the enthusiasm of tourists. Here I found the trace of time from old Beijing, and many shops sold the goods and souvenirs with heavy feelings of time, same with its age. Here is really the Beijing life!

Night Tour Shopping in Yandaixiejie

Then we moved to Yandaixiejie, a business street with more than 800 years history. Here there are many tea houses, and they are all very lively at night. The tour guide said that the most flourishing time of Yandaixiejie just at night, and we have good time in Yandaixiejie. Most shops are opened at night, especially some characteristic souvenir shops. They show the traditional Chinese crafts and skills, that I have never seen them in my country. Named as Yandaixiejie, also known as Slanted Tobacco Pipe Street, just because its history and shape.

On the way, we also passed Drum Tower and Yingding Bridge, and they are the famous spots in Beijing. I found it is easy to find various historical sites of Beijing, and it is worthy a capital city in long times.

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