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Prince Gong's Mansion and Hutongs around Houhai Area

Today, we visit the Beijing center hutongs and Prince Gong's Mansion. Hutong means a lane or alley, in fact the passage formed by lines of Siheyuan. Hutong and Siheyuan are the outstanding representatives of traditional residence style in north China. If I were alone in hutongs, I must be lost in it.

Yandaixiejie - famous Hutong in Beijing

Got off Subway Line 2, the Guloudajie Station, we walked to Prince Gong's Mansion along with the various hutongs. It is said that hutong came into in Yuan Dynasty when Kublai Khan found Beijing as the capital. Most hutongs run from north to south or east to west, formed the neat layout of Beijing city. Along the way to Prince Gong's Mansion, we enjoyed some modern hutongs and some ancient hutongs, even, some hutongs has become dilapidated. The most interesting hutong is the Yandai Xiejie. As one of the Beijing old hutongs, Yandai Xiejie takes its advantage in location and was made to be a popular street for tourists. Walking along this street, we found small quantities of strange stuff like art, Mao kitsch, traditional Chinese clothing, jewellery, silk items, tea and teapots and a small selection of funkier designer clothes. It gathers the characteristics of Chinese traditional culture. It is not very long, but close to Houhai Lake.

Out of Yandai Xiejie, we saw the Yingding Bridge, located between Houhai and Qianhai. Seemed like the silver ingot, it was named as Yingding Bridge. There are various rickshaws with foreigners near Houhai area. The drivers tell guests the history and culture of hutongs nearby and drive them to enjoy them.

Prince Gong's Mansion

Passed the hutongs, we arrived at Prince Gong's Mansion, which was the residence of He Shen who is a favorite minister of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, was built in 1777. In the northwest of Forbidden City, this residence was bestowed to Prince Gong by Emperor Xianfeng, changed as this name. It is the only one prince's mansion open to the public, and it is the most well preserved mansion in Beijing. Besides the rooms, I like its garden very much. Especially the Hunxin Pavilion, it is located in the center of a lake in garden. Surrounded by water and lotus, Huxin Pavilion is best place to fish and enjoy view. In Qing Dynasty, drawing running water into residence must be approved by the emperor, and it is the one of the rare princely mansions have the privilege. Compared with the Imperial Garden in Forbidden City, this garden has more design conceptions. Every corner shows the details of designers and owner.

Ended this tour, I recommend it to every traveler in Beijing, to enjoy the different styles in architecture.

1 Day Tour to Badaling Great Wall & Forbidden City

Booked this one day private tour to Badaling Great Wall and Forbidden City is my best decision during my tours in Beijing. Just one day, I appreciated the strong history atmosphere and cultural deposits. I was so excited at the night before the tour day. Just from magazine, the Great Wall is only one man-made project visible from moon. Stretching more than 6,400 kilometers, the Great Wall is one of the world wonders.

Forbidden City

Woke up early because of the happy mood. The tour guide and driver picked me up on time, first to the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. The tour guide said that these also the famous attractions as famous as the Badaling Great Wall. I was so lucky to enjoy the entirely different group of buildings from modern buildings. The emperors in China were so rich that they could spend so much money on the constructions. This Forbidden City is really large, I doubted that how they live in it with this large area? Did they find the places clearly? I really respected to these imperial people living in this huge construction. During this visiting in Forbidden City, I heard of many interesting stories about the imperial life in ancient China. They were the big harvest in this tour.

Badaling Great Wall Tour

After lunch, we transferred to the Great Wall at Badaling eventually. If you are not first in Beijing personally, you could not have the feeling as me. I was athrill on the way. Arrived at the destination, wow, really good in long distance. I must experience this huge project personally. This was a fabulous highlight of our trip to China. We all see pictures of the wall but to actually climb it and stand on it has so much meaning. Can you imagine 300,000 men built this - how on earth was it achieved and amazing site? The only one pity was the crowded people, if less people, I prefer to stay on it for ling time.

In addition, you would do well to be relatively fit for this and good footwear and layers are must. Taking cable car is good idea to enjoy the grand view of the Badaling Great Wall, at same time, you can avoid the crowded people. Highly recommend!

My 4 Days Private Tour Package in Beijing

I must say Beijing is the cosmopolitan city, with a real Chinese feel and busy night life. There are a huge amount of sights to visit Beijing, as it has strong cultural atmosphere and long historical deposits. This 4 days tour package left me deep impression about this vintage but modern city, even its night life. And it is a huge improvement on transportation to convenient the trip, including buses, metros, taxi, etc. However, the traffic jam should be solved in short time. In totally, it was a happy time in Beijing.

Wangfujing Snack Street

On our first day, we had free time to taste the local Beijing snacks. Just because we heard the famous name of Beijing snacks in Wangfujing Snack Street, we booked a hotel in Wangfujing Street. Arrived at the snacks street, we were shocked by the various strange and fearful snacks. They roast the scorpion, locust and some animals. Except these, we taste some very delicious foods, belong to the Chinese cuisines. Of course, we did not miss the Beijing night life. In Houhai area, we found various characteristic bars, crowded with young people. From outlooks, they are fashion and open. At same time, we smell some taste of culture, not only the modern culture. These bars have unique styles and more traditional decorations. This is not only a place for entertainment, but also for memory.

Tiananmen Square

Second day in Beijing is the formal tour day. We were transferred to visit the Tiananmen Square and move to Forbidden City. Being able to take pictures in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, we spent much time and crowded in stream of people. It is worthy the place for emperors, with various halls and rooms in different sizes and functions. They had clear division for work and life of emperors. It is the witness of the Chinese history from Ming Dynasty, and it watched the rise and decline of China.

Third day to Badaling Great Wall, which we were expecting to be main focused on scenery and view, but it turned out that there were many travelers so that we moved slowly, and no mood to enjoy its beauty. Down to the base of Badaling section, we had a chance to overlook the whole view of this magnificent construction finally. It is really the one of world wonders. Recommend the Great Wall, not at Badaling, at Mutianyu.

Among 4 days, we visited the most famous attractions and features of Beijing. It is the worthy city to visit, at least, you would not disappointed about it.

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