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1 Day Tour: Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Olympic Stadium

Have a trip in Beijing, the Great Wall is the must-see spot. Booked a private one day tour to the Mutianyu Great Wall, I was excited about it. Why I chosen this section of the Great Wall? The Great Wall at Mutianyu has beautiful scenery and less people. Of course, the tourism magazine said.

Firstly, I visited the Ming Tombs with kind tour guide. It buried 13 emperors and their wives. The layout of the mausoleum is closely combined with natural environment factors such as mountains and rivers, with each of the tomb built against the mountain and facing the river. We entered the Changling, which is the most magnificent and imposing, also the largest among these tombs. It was so gloomy that I was afraid of this atmosphere. But with the tour guide, I felt little better and the tour guide also told my many stories about these emperors of Ming Dynasty.

Green Mountains View on Mutianyu Great Wall

Then we moved on to Mutianyu Great Wall that was the important part in this one day tour. On the way to Mutianyu, the tour guide introduced me many information about the Great Wall. It stems from Shanhaiguan Pass in the east and stretches to Jia Yu Guan in the west with a total length of 6700 kilometers. It has been included in the List of World Heritages and rated as one of the "Seven Wonders of the World". It was me first time visited the world wonder. The Great Wall in ancient China was an ancient defensive project with the largest workload and longest duration of construction. The Mutianyu Great Wall was built in Ming Dynasty, was opened to public after Badaling Great Wall. As the magazine said, this portion was really less people. The air and sky was so clear than that in my hometown. Only 2 hours on the Mutianyu section, but it left me deep impression about the magnificent construction and the talent of ancient Chinese people.

On the way back to hotel, I visited the Olympic Stadium by the way, including Bird Nest and Water Cube. They are so lovely that I took amounts of pictures of them. Due to the business, I had to back to hotel at once, or I must visit them carefully.

Ended of this one day tour in Beijing, I have a good impression of the comparison between the ancient and modern constructions. Appreciated it!

1 Day Tour: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace

The capital of China, Beijing, is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and motorways passing through the city. Also, it is the destination of many international flights arriving in China. So we decided to stay at Beijing for one day rest tour. In ancient China, the feudal hierarchy controlled this country. So Beijing has strong feudal atmosphere on these historical sites. Arrived at Beijing, these famous imperial constructions cannot e missed.

Forbidden City

Booked the one day private tour to Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace on BeijingLandscapes.com, we prepared ready for this tour with the suggestion of the advisor. The tour guide and driver met us in departure time, and drove us to Tiananmen Square. I made clearly the location of the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. They stand the two sides of Changan Avenue individually. On this largest city center square, there are several constructions important for Chinese people. Just took a few pictures, we entered the Forbidden City. Forbidden City, according to its name, I understood this group of buildings was forbidden to ordinary people, and it was the imperial palace only for emperor and his family. We visited the main tour route in Forbidden City, along with the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony, we entered the Imperial Garden. I had to plaint the magnificence and significance of this architecture.

Drove 20 minutes to Temple of Heaven, is the sacrifice place for emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasty.  It is not only the biggest construction group around the world presently, but also is the most representative one among all China's sacrifice constructions. Also, it was built for emperor as imperial architecture. Walking around it, I could image the magnificent scene of the emperor sacrificing the god and praying for foison in ancient times. Looked at it in long distance, it seemed as the birthday cake.

After lunch, drove to Summer Palace. Besides the Imperial Garden in Forbidden City, the Summer Palace is the real imperial garden for emperors. We saw many local people playing here such as cards, Taiji, singing, dancing, etc. They have changed this imperial garden to be their active place. With this people, this ancient imperial garden has become more social activity.

Not very long time in Beijing, we still have good impression about this world famous city!

Beautiful Scenery in Summer Palace

Since on business I didn't have much time for traveling, only a half day free time. And I really enjoyed a great Half Day Summer Palace Tour this afternoon.

The tour guide picked me up at my hotel at 1:00 pm and drove me to the destination. On the way, he told me a lot of information about the Summer Palace. It is the largest and best preserved imperial garden of the Qing Dynasty extant in Beijing, as well as a famous classical imperial garden. Based on Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, modeled on the scenic West Lake in Hangzhou and the Southern Gardens, it is a large landscape park, which is also the well protected Royal Palace Regency.

Suzhou Street in Summer Palace

The Longevity Hill is the main attraction and the majority of the scenic spots are on that hill. From the foot of the "Yunhui Palace" arch, by the row of Cloud Gate, the Second Palace, Paiyun Palace, Dehui Temple, Buddhist Pavilion, until the top of the wisdom of the sea form a layer increasing axis. In the back of the mountain there stand the Tibetan Buddhist buildings and the colorful glass pagoda with green trees. Here the lake, mountains, islands, the embankment and the constructions, with a garden outside by "Borrow Scene" to form an embroidered landscape picture.

While entered the entrance, I was indulged in the charming garden landscape. The main lake-Kunming Lake almost account for three-quarters of park area. Have a view to the west from Kunming Lake, I saw the scenery outside seamless with the inner hills and lake and this is an outstanding example of Chinese garden practice of "Borrow Scene".

In my opinion, Suzhoujie is the place should not miss during the trip to Summer Palace. It is the market with traditional atmosphere and many of them are in low prices. I also bought a small one as the souvenirs.

I really enjoy a happy time this afternoon. And thank you very much to my professional English speaking tour guide.

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