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Last Friday, I booked this Beijing private day tour for my family. Several years ago, they have decided to come to Beijing for fully appreciation but failed because of the busy work. Now, I was working in China. By the chance, I booked this tour to make a family vacation. My parents are very happy after getting the news. They did enough preparation for waiting this tour.

Forbidden City

Our tour guide Anne left us a deep impression with considerate service and informative knowledge about Chinese history and culture. On the whole journey, we cultivated harmonious communication. First destination, we were led to Tiananmen Square. It is truly a large scale square and what made me surprised is that there are many luxurious buildings located on it, just like the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the Great Hall of the People. In the center of Tiananmen Tower, it is hanging the picture of great man Chairman Mao. It is bigger than I saw in the TV. I clearly remembered we entered into the luxurious Forbidden City from the Meridian Gate. There are many people gathering here for appreciating the elegant layout, chatting and talking. Wow, we all surprised by its unique elegance. Their structures and decoration are all designed with traditional style, noble and graceful. Even some delicate wooden carvings are all designed in the roof of each palace. Tour guide is very smart giving us much information about them. I liked the atmosphere very much. Going on visiting, we visited many famous palaces and getting their function in the ancient times.

Badaling Great Wall

What make us more exciting is climbing the Badaling Great Wall. It is truly a wonder dropping in Beijing suburb area with tranquil environment and charming scenery. I felt very proud getting closer to this world wonder. Its best preserved appearance, dragon-style shape and ancient atmosphere surrounded us the whole hiking journey. Big grey bricks become the main base of the wall building. My parents did their best to climb. I helped them on the last section. I liked the watch tower from which I could taste the ancient history. I saw many tourists taking the cable car arriving at the top, very high. But I think climbing is truly an enjoyment to enjoy its history and culture. After stepping at the top, we took the happiest moment!

Much thanks to this tour, my families are very happy. We got a lot!

Memorable Outdoor Walks in Beijing

Last week, I was bound indoor for a couple of days, which almost ruined my trip to Beijing. Luckily, an outdoor walk saved my day. I was taken to visit the Great Wall at Badaling section and Longqing Gorge. The whole time my tour guide was by my side, entertaining me with some history and stories about the Great Wall, which made my excursion to Badaling and Longqing Gorge more fun and memorable. I just could not have done it without him.

Badaling Great Wall

I woke up to a sunny day that day. After my tour guide showed up at my hotel, we hit the road to Badaling on a van. It was a fun and short ride over there. Upon arriving at the foothill of the wall, we hopped on a chair lift up the wall. We started walking along the solid path the minute we landed on the wall. By the time we got on the wall, travelers started to increase by minute, and because we got there earlier than others, it was not as terrible as I thought. I still got to enjoy my walk on the wall at my own pace, and from time to time, I could snap some of my favorite photos without anyone in them. The wall itself was just incredible and very majestic. It was just great and amazing to breath in the fresh outdoor air, take in the lovely countryside landscape and more importantly, I did enjoy my walk on the wall. Days of being bound indoor, I really needed that walk to stretch my legs for a while. After an hour of trekking along the wall, I got tired and had to take some rest by a watch tower. My tour guide and I had some small talk over there. Soon we continued with our walk on the wall. I really had a good time walking on the wall.

After walking the wall, we hit a nearby restaurant for lunch. The food was great and I had a good rest in the restaurant too. After our lunch break, we hit the road again and this time we headed for Longqing Gorge. The scenery over there was even more amazing than I saw at Badaling. Lovely river, green-covered hills, walkable trails were all over the place. Overall, I just would not have that spent any other way!

Excellent Full Day Trip in Beijing

I had a full day in Beijing yesterday, crammed with iconic sights Beijing has to offer, like the pompous Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City as well as the Great Wall at Badaling section. I really had fun and leaned so much about China on that day trip.

Forbidden City

I was picked up by my tour guide at the hotel in the morning, and then we headed straight for the Tiananmen Square - first stop of our day trip. The square became alive with sea of cars and crowds the minute we got there. Everything on the square felt just like China, pompous and opulent. After lingering on the square for a while, we moved on to see the Forbidden City - once the imperial palace of China. The complex was a whole lot bigger than I expected, filled with pompous palaces and halls, as well as lofty towers and gates. I got to say, a visit to the Forbidden City is all about details. The iconic dragon patterns, legendary Chinese beast statues as well as splendid Chinese paintings were all over the complex. I really got a good sense of how the Chinese emperors used to enjoy their superiority and luxury while hopping between halls and palaces. There were also some exhibits of treasure showcased in some halls, which were amazing too. It was worthwhile hanging out in the palace with a morning. I felt great to stretch my legs and see myriad Chinese architecture.

Badaling Great Wall

Exciting the imperial palace, I was taken to a restaurant for lunch. The food was great and very Chinese style and I loved it. After the lunch break, we hit the road again, and this time we headed out the city to visit the Great Wall at Badaling section. It took us about half an hour to get there. The ride over there was great, with no traffic jam along the way. Upon arriving at the entrance of the Great Wall, we jumped on a cable car to reach the paths on the wall. We started trekking along the minute we landed on the wall. To be honest, it was my first time to visit the wall, so I was very excited the whole time walking along the stone paved paths. It was not until an hour later that I felt relaxed and took my time on the wall, to take in everything coming my way. The views, the wall structure as well as the lovely countryside landscape - all made my walk on the wall fun and blood-pumping.
Overall, great day trip! Really enjoyed every minute of it!

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