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Great Short Day Trip in Beijing

Finally I got a short break from my business in Beijing, so I thought to myself, I might as well do some sightseeing while I was in Beijing, cause sometimes you just got to give yourself a break from it all, right? That was what I did anyway!

Badaling Great Wall

I joined a private tour to see Badaling Great Wall as well as the lovely Beijing Hutong. My tour guide picked me up at my hotel and we headed out in a van for Badaling – our first stop of that day trip. It took us about an hour to get there. The crowds on the wall that day were not as large as I imagined it would be though, which I was really glad! Hopped on a cable car up the wall with my guide. The stone path was quite solid and it was really amazing to trek up and down along the snaking wall with watch towers at every turn on the wall to mark our hiking distance. It was really cool to walk the wall up-close and personal! The wall itself was definitely the highlight of my trip there, but the surrounding views as well as the fresh outdoor air and landscape made it more fun and worthwhile! It seemed I just could not stop snapping photos whenever I got my chance and I just got to capture some valuable moments on the wall! It was really amazing how much you could do while trekking on the wall! I really enjoyed a wonderful time and had lots of fun too on the wall. Those Chinese guys were very friendly and all seemed to either want to talk with me or snap some photos with me! I kind of felt like a super star myself on the wall – I guess it was all because of my good-looks and all! Haha!

Beijing Hutong

After we got off the wall, we headed back to the city. We completed our day trip with a fun Hutong tour on rickshaw. It was fun and amaizngf that I got to see the lovely Beijing-style residence myself! The daily life scenes were all over the lanes and alleyways. It was no doubt a great opportunity to get a good taste of old-time Beijing! I got to say this tour is hard to beat! Great day trip! Great memories! Just loved every minute of it!

World Heritage Site Seeking in Beijing

It was a fine day last Saturday, so my friend Jeff and I packed some stuff in our backpacks and set out with our tour guide Lee on a trip to see the Great Wall at Mutianyu section as well as the Temple of Heaven – two amazing world heritage sites in Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall

We met at our hotel and jumped on a car heading for Mutianyu. It took us about half and an hour to get there as Chinese guys were very active on weekends. On our ride over there, Lee had some small talk with us just to get acquainted. It was kind of fun to chat with Lee who was very funny and knowledgeable the whole time. We arrived at Mutianyu before we knew it while we were all engaged in talking with each other, so time must have slipped through our minds. Lee helped us to get the entrance ticket and pay for the cable car, so we all hopped on the cable car up the hill. On our ride up the hill, I got an amazing sight of the Great Wall snaking along the green-covered mountains, totally took my breath away! Once we landed on the stone path, we started trekking along right away. Mutianyu section was not as packed as the Badaling section, so we got to explore the wall at our own leisurely pace and just have fun! Great pics all over the wall, we kept snapping our cameras here and there and no doubt Lee was the busiest one in charge of taking group photos for us! It was a fantastic time we had on the wall with Lee and lots of fun too!

Temple of Heaven

After getting off the wall on a toboggan tide, Lee took us to a nearby restaurant for lunch, the food we had there was amazing! Afterwards, we headed back to town and completed our day trip with a visit to the famous Temple of Heaven. The park was pretty massive and packed with crowds, but we managed to enjoy some sightseeing at our own pace, no rush at all! The lovely and weird architecture was no doubt the highlight of the park and every detail of the hall was eye-catching. Our quick stroll through the park is certainly an essential Chinese experience! We both loved this heritage-site seeking and we surely wanted to see more of Beijing during the rest of our days in Beijing!

Excellent View especially in the Early Spring

In order to give my mother a surprising gift, I booked this day tour. I spared my study time in China and lead my mother explored the highlights of Beijing. Although the time is not planed in the holiday and the weekends, every spots still filled with crowded tourists. Tour guide was a handsome boy. He housed full knowledge about Chinese history and the background of each spot we will explored. First section is the Mutianyu Great Wall. Yes, it is the right theme gift I want to give my mother.

Mutianyu Great Wall

We three talked about Chinese Great Wall buildings on the whole journey cultivating harmonious atmosphere. In the season, I saw the sprout trees, flowers and the plants both side. After getting off the car, what appeared in my vision are the trees distributing in the foot of the great wall. They seemed to have been washed by the rain, fresh, clear and dazzling. Tourists here is less making us feel more leisure and free. Perhaps it is in the free season, vendors here are no so many as I expected. While communicating, we stepped on the Mutianyu Great Wall. In the beginning the stages are made mood easy to step and gently. After some stages, we got to a long gently wall journey. Watch towers and the beacon towers appreciated here. How wonderful! My mother praised and thumbed up. We were truly getting the right section. Its best preserved appearance was the theme point we want to highly recommend. Standing inside the watch tower, appreciate the far distance, all the scenery seemed to be little and delicate. Weather is warm warming the whole journey.

Mutianyu Great Wall

We went on hiking and talking. The tourists visiting here are almost the foreigners. Sometime, little birds singing on the head bring special new life to this sophisticated building. The whole journey was very helpful for taking pictures. Conon model established on the wall attracted loads of attention. Even some people getting tired sitting on it, I think it is very interesting and funny! About 1 hour, we climbed on the top section. Exciting and happy feeling surrounded us all the way.  In the afternoon, we came to Forbidden City. Some corners have been reconstructed. Especially the outer walls, holy and magnificent! Yellow colors showed more vigorous and gaily-colored!

This tour experience satisfied my dream of making my mother happy. I will store it in my inner heart!

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