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Magnificent and Beautiful Landscape of Chinese Garden

The trip is really recommended for you who want visit both famous attractions in Beijing. If you love and want to see Chinese classical garden structures then Summer Palace is the best. And if you only have limited time in Beijing but want come to Great Wall then Badaling is the ideal. We only spent less than an hour time to reach the Wall. In such a hot weather, we took the cable car for save energy and time. Cable car in Great Wall is also the best way to reach the top of it without spent too much time. Very worth ride to take!

The Palace for Empress Dowager Cixi

After a short visit to the Wall, continued our way to Summer Palace. The royal garden was a place the emperor visited during the summer. When we were there, we could feel that it was cooler compared to the city. The atmosphere was also very ideal for a summer escape from the heat of Beijing.

Inside, there was a large lake in the middle of the Palace and a summer breeze from time to time made the walk refreshing. The bridge over the lake and the nicely decorated corridors were my favorite parts of the Palace. There were many parts of the Palace which reminded us of the Forbidden City, for example the buildings. Our guide brought us to explore many important cultural sites around the garden and at the same time told us some stories behind it. There were bronze ox, marble boat, Kunming lake, Longevity Hill and many more.

Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill in Summer Palace

Time goes so fast, did not feel we already spent about 2 hours at the Summer Palace. Poorly, we could not explore the whole area of the garden because the area was too big. But from this tour, we could know Summer Palace was not only a place used for the administrative area and the imperial residential area of Qing Dynasty but also become a beautiful scenic area where emperor can live and have rest when summer comes. And the history about why Summer palace was built. It was built for the birthday gift for Emperor Qianlong mother. At the end of the tour, we also had a chance to visit Olympic Stadium, new landmark of modern Beijing. A short trip in Beijing especially for the garden which gave me memorable moments!