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Great tour of 3 famous historical places in Beijing

I had a great experience visit many historical sites in Beijing such as, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. All was more than my expectation. We got the reservation online from my country, it was very easy and reliable. Got the reply email very quickly that make us felt relieved to travel Beijing famous spots. On the decided time, we met our guide right in front of our hotel. My family and I, we choose the private tour which means we got a private tour guide, car and driver for one whole day tour. First, we had visited the largest square in the world, Tiananmen Square. The square was really huge and clean. Many visitors are also visited the square at that time. A nice feeling I could stand in such a huge historical site of China.

Beijing Forbidden City

After that, tour guide send us to the imperial palace, Forbidden City, which located close to the Square. The palace was just more than like a city with incredible architecture and ancient design. A huge palace is hidden lots of history behind. It was a very interesting chance to visit the palace when come to Beijing.

Beijing Temple of Heaven

Along the way, tour guide was also kept telling us about many history and the description about the palace. A fresh experience to know about them all! After that, tour guide send us to the next destination, Temple of Heaven. Its architecture is almost similar with Forbidden City. Temple of Heaven was used as the sacrificial altars for emperors pray for good harvest for the country along the year. We explore the area guided by our private tour guide. This private tour was worth it. We could ask many questions about the sightseeing to the guide during the tour, since it is a private tour.

Beijing Summer Palace

After lunch, we had visited Summer Palace, a stunning and beautiful royal garden. Honestly, the place was incredibly fascinating. It was a perfect garden for the ancient emperor of China. With a huge lake in the center of area, it makes the complex cooler than the area outside garden. Based on tour guide description, it was used as the emperor palace when summer comes. After explore most important areas around the garden, tour guide send me back to the hotel. Overall, it was a great tour with organized tour. Thank you for your travel service.