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My 3 Days Beijing Trip with Wonderful Tour Agency

The trip you should take when first time comes to Beijing! Beijing as the capital of China is the best and worth destination to pick for everyone. Once you come to the city, there are Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and other famous attractive historic sites that famous around the world. So, because it was my first time come to China, Beijing is surely become our major destination.

We got the trip from one of the reliable local tour agency, beijinglandscapes. Find the website and directly sent them email about the trip. We asked some questions and told them our conditions by email. The trip advisor was so friendly sent the email back for us. Felt comfortable about the agency services we finally decided used this agency for arranging the trip for us.

Forbidden City - Symbol of Imperial Power

Our first day traveled Beijing going smoothly. We did visit many historical sites around the city includes Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. Lucky we came on the weekdays, so some spots of those sites were rather quiet, few visitors. Tour guide guided us explore the major buildings around Forbidden City. The palace is located in the huge complex. For just entered the front gate, it should took several minutes. We walked trough lots of high buildings and walls with ancient architectures. We could felt a deep ancient atmosphere by only walked through those areas. Tour guide was also always told us the important spots descriptions and its history behind along the way, not only in Forbidden City.

Stone Lion on the Bridge in Summer Palace

For the next two day, we did visit Great Wall in the outside of the city. We took a short journey to reach it by the comfortable van. We also enjoyed the beautiful imperial garden views in Summer Palace and learned about culture and life style of Chinese local people in Hutong, an old courtyard complex filled with large number of old buildings. All the 3 days of our trip in Beijing was memorable and impressive. We enjoyed it so much. I could not be thankful enough for all the arrangements that the tour agency did for us. From the itineraries, tour guides, driver, lunch etc, all arranged well. Well recommended tour line and for sure best services that you will get. Will get back to China again in the near future!