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Beihai Park Leisure

In order to get some different feelings during our third Beijing tour, we decided to join the group of Beijing Night Bike Tour. That really worth, it is wonderful beyond our imagination.

Outside looking the Forbidden, we still felt the strong imperial power spread through it. It is hard to sum up the Forbidden City. The scenery around Shichahai Lake is much more attractive. During the bike tour, our tour guide told us that Beihai Park enjoys very beautiful scenery which is the place really worth visiting especially in summer. So our final park to visit in Beijing was Beihai Park. The night scenery in Beijing is charming, with all the lights shining along Changan Street, we got a wonderful feeling.

Beihai Park Scenery

Sunshine welcomed us this morning as we awoke with our early bird children. Start our tour to Beihai! It is across from Jingshan Park and the Forbidden City, but much larger. A huge lake is situated in the middle of it and it is much more expensive to get in that Jingshan. There is a massive lake in the middle, where there are boats taking people to an island in the centre and you can take boats out yourselves (we didn't since our legs are a bit sore from yesterday and didn't think we could stand the peddling). The centre piece of the park is the White Dagoda, which was built as a symbol for the belief of Buddhism. The children and I climbed up to more spectacular views of the city. After this, we wandered around the lake and then found a bench to rest on. The Bonsai trees are huge, when I think of the tiny one we used to have and killed, it is amazing how they maintain them.

There were also people chanting, dancing and playing instruments throughout the park. Especially elderly people are out in the parks every morning enjoying all different sorts of activities.

Thanks to the sunny fine weather, we took a lot of beautiful pictures and enjoyed a lot of fun during Beijing trip. Anyway thank you very much to our tour guide Lily. Her flexible advices did help us a lot.