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My 4 Days Splendid Beijing Tour Package with Hotel-(3)

It was the last day we stayed in Beijing, still arranged some scenic spots, including the Summer Palace and Olympic Green.

Long Gallery in Summer Palace

After so many scenic spots had visited in Beijing, the Summer Palace is one of the rare peaceful places, avoiding the hustle and bustle city life and pressure. During before days in Beijing, my husband and I are both interested in the history and culture of China, and it is said that the Summer Palace is also an ideal place to know more about Chinese history, besides the Forbidden City. I would like to say that this is one of the must-see attractions in Beijing and we really enjoyed our time there and felt like we could have stayed there forever. The lake is beautiful, the forest tranquil and lovely to stroll through, and the architecture fascinating. The most interesting thing is the local people take exercises there, and regarded the garden as their park to enjoy the peaceful time in it. Some people do some handwork there and communicated with each other happily. Variety of palaces, gardens, and other classical style architectural structures... It's a real wonder that it is so well-preserved! I strongly recommend visiting the Tower of Buddhist Incense and getting out on the lake either on the dragon boat trip or by hiring a pedalo. It is the most relaxing way to enjoy the beautiful views in this best preserved imperial garden in Beijing.

Before we took the airplane, we also visited the Olympic Green which has the main stadiums of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, I thought it is the must-see place when you visiting one of the cities which had held the Olympic Games. Ended with the airport transfer service, it is really an interesting tour package in Beijing with complete service and cheap price.

My 4 Days Splendid Beijing Tour Package with Hotel-(2)

Had been looking forward the Great Wall tour for long time, we finally enjoyed the Great Wall during this 4 days Beijing tour package. It is said that the Great Wall is the symbol of China, is one of the world wonder in the world, and is also the must-see in Beijing.

Steep Steps on Mutianyu Great Wall

Pick up on time, we met the tour guide and driver in hotel and transferred to the most beautiful section of the Great Wall – Mutianyu Great Wall. It drives in long time compared with other attractions in Beijing downtown, but really worth it. We climbed the beautiful section personally to appreciate the beautiful views which never let us disappointed. According to the trip advisor, the Mutianyu Great Wall is the most popular choice for foreign tourists, and the best section to enjoy the majestic and grand views of the Great Wall. As she said, we really met many tourists here coming from foreign country, and still some local people. The best place to enjoy the grandest scenery on the Mutianyu Great Wall is the watch tower 20 which is a higher platform for viewing the beautiful views surrounding the Mutianyu Great Wall.

Climbed down, we were transferred back to Beijing downtown to enjoy the local Hutong around Houhai area. Compared with the majestic Great Wall, the Hutong shows more original and ordinary. It is said that the Hutong is the ideal place to understand the local ordinary life and experience the special life style in Beijing. It is really different in our country, the narrow and zigzag lanes the place where people need to live by. Simple door closes the flourishing lives between several families in a big Chinese quadrangle. People living there seems like in a big family, help each other and take care of each other. It is really a kind relationship between persons. Admire it very much!

My 4 Days Splendid Beijing Tour Package with Hotel-(1)

Since I retired, my husband always want to visit the world with me. During the tourist to the countries, China is the most impressive one, especially in Beijing. Owing to the strange surroundings and language barrier, we booked a tour package arranged for retirees online, this way helped us solve many troubles and save much time. It is explained by the trip advisor, this trip for retirees is designed for retirees professionally, without the spots need to spend much strength. And we started this tour then.

Forbidden City-best preserved imperial palace

Complete transfer service send us to hotel and pick us up from hotel to scenic spots. First day, we visited the Forbidden City, Beijing capital Museum and Temple of Heaven in the day time. It is said that the Forbidden City is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest palatial structure in the world. According to the tour guide, during the long history of China, many cities were regarded as the capital in different dynasties, but since the third emperor in Ming Dynasty moved capital from Nanjing to Beijing, the Forbidden City is the home to 24 emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties, until the last emperor left from Forbidden City. Can you image the palatial structure existing now from 1420? It must spent lots of money! Then we continued to visit the Beijing Capital Museum which is full of the exhibitions of Beijing folks and customs, very interesting. Refer to the Temple of Heaven, it is the largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial building in China, but now it is a park fits for exercising, and it is said that many local people take exercises here in early morning.

At night, we enjoyed the Peking Opera show which is the most favorite program for local aged after the Peking Roast Duck dinner. It is the interesting day as the beginning of this tour package in Beijing.