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My Great Tour Explore Beijing!

4 days Beijing bus tour I got from my online reservation in the local tour agency. From the start, I was so satisfied with the service, the tour advisor always help and told us a lot about Beijing and which attractions that we should visit within our limited time. From the pick up from the airport that was on time till the hotel where we stay during the whole tour that clean and comfortable. We got everything same as our expectations before. I felt the tour was worth of money that I spent.

The Great Wall stretch along the green mountain

Not only the service, the capital city Beijing is a nice city where has amount of famous historical sites known till around the world. There have Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace etc. All of that were so incredibly amazing. I felt very grateful to finally reach the Great Wall. We did climb the Wall and took so many pictures on the top of it. The surroundings were so stunning and beautiful. Not only the other section of the Wall but we did also see stunning sceneries surround it. The Wall built strongly and charming round between the slopes of the mountains.

17 Arch Bridge in Summer Palace

The other highlight in this tour was Summer Palace. The garden was surrounded by many historical relics and fascinating garden landscapes. Inside, there also located a huge manmade lake where visitors could sit down on the shore of the lake and enjoy the view. Hope we got more time to spend inside the garden to refreshing and exploring around. But, because its limited time, we did not make it.

Besides Great Wall and Summer Palace, other attractions were also so great and worth to see! Everything reflected rich history and culture of China. During the trip, tour guide was also shared a lot of informative tips when we were in Beijing. When we were exploring the sites, she was also told us the story behind each impressive spots so we could know what we saw along the way.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the tour and everything was taken care of. We did great experience and knew better about Chinese history, culture, art and life style. Memorable experience travel Beijing with great tour service! Worth it trip with beijinglandscapes.