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Cooking Learning in Beijing

I am good at western cuisines, but I have deep impression about Chinese cuisines in a Beijing tour. Occasionally, I surfed tour packages to Beijing on this local Beijing tour operator, I surprised to find an interesting route about Chinese cooking and it attracts me deeply. Without any hesitation I book this one day cooking learning tour with a 4-days classic Beijing tour package.

Sour and Sweet Pork Steak

With the tour guide, I arrived at the local cooking school where I would learn Chinese cooking. Different from western cuisines, Chinese cuisines are made through frying, steaming and boiling with various accessories. First, the expert told me some basic skills about how to prepare the Chinese cooking. It is a complex process to recognize these various accessories for ordinary people but me, because I am a cook actually. The expert was amazed about my skill of cooking and praised that I would learn Chinese cuisines very well. After taste my fruit of cooking, the expert said I can be a good Chinese cook if I like stay in China to learn Chinese cooking sequentially.

After lunch, the tour guide leaded me to a vegetable market which is familiar with the market in my country, and I am very excited in it, because it is the place I always go to. Enjoy these fresh vegetables, seafood and meat is my happiest thing in my life. As a cook, I like to communicate with these kind original materials of cuisine. Last, we visited local famous snack shop and I brought many kinds of them and want my family would taste these delicious Chinese foods and snacks.

In one word, I was addicted into the Chinese cuisines including the cooking process and delicious fruits. I am still learning Chinese foods in my home if I have free time, and my aim in future is open my own Chinese restaurant in my country.