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Incredible Tour in Beijing

I cannot tell you how happy we were during the 2 days package tour in Beijing. The first day was impressive. It is a full day busy traveling to many top attractions in Beijing.

Forbidden City

In the early morning the tour guide picked us up at our hotel and then transferred to the first destination of the trip – the heart of Beijing – Tiananmen Square. I have seen it on TV many times but standing on it I still felt very excited. As the largest city square in the world there are standing many other top attractions in Beijing. But due to the limit time, we didn't visit them. Forget to say, there are some local citizens peddling: taking photos! The next destination: Forbidden City. Forbidden City is the largest ancient imperial palaces where 24 emperors, 14 of the Ming and 10 of the Qing, ruled the country from here over a span of nearly 500 years. It takes pride in its precious collections of more than 900, 000 cultural and art objects. The most impressive thing to me is that it is a dragon world. Almost everywhere in the Forbidden City you will see the patterns of the dragons with different shapes.

Summer Scenery of Mutianyu Great Wall

After lunch we visited the famous Great Wall in Beijing – Mutianyu Great Wall. The Great Wall was incredible! I am still in awe over it. The steps are all different sizes. Some were tiny baby steps, whereas others were giant steps that went most of the way up to my knee. The big steps were tough to climb, and there were not always handrails. I was glad at one point that there was a wall to my right, so I could grip that for balance.

On the way back to the hotel we had 45 minutes to take pictures at the Bird's Nest and Water Cube. The environment there is really comfortable. With the high rate of afforestation, the air is much fresher.

We will recommend this tour agency to family and friends and would take another tour the next time we are fortunate enough to visit Beijing.