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Impressive 5 Day Package Tour in Beijing

It was really a worthy tour to know about this mysterious city systemically. I have stayed in Shanghai, China for a long times, but no time to wander in Beijing which is the capital of China and explore its history and culture. Under the opportunity of long holiday, I made the decision to have an in-depth tour in this world famous city extremely. I booked the 5 days Beijing tour package online. No matter which day among the 5 days, it was impressive and workable. Fortunately, I got the well-service so that I have very satisfied Beijing tour except the little crowded.

Beijing Capital Airport

First day and last day were the most free for me, just the airport transfers. So I had enough free time to enjoy some heard attractive places and spots, excluded in the tour package. The most interesting was I tried some terrible snacks in Wangfujing Street, and I believed rare Chinese people would like to taste them. Also, I tasted some featured Beijing local snacks, they are very big different with our foods, a few of which were so hard to accept for me.

Badaling Great Wall

During the 5 days, I visited most of the imperial places in Beijing built in Ming and Qing Dynasties such as Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, etc. It is said that each performs its own functions. They had one same feature that they are all so large and magnificent, and they demonstrated the glory of the ancient Beijing and the luxurious life of Chinese emperors. Which let me shocked during the tour was the Badaling Great Wall. Although it was crowded, the Badaling Great Wall attracted large number of tourists to enjoy its magnificent scenery and grand project. It is said that the Great Wall at Badaling is the first opened section to public. In order to protect it, the government spent much money to maintain it every year. I always have a doubt about the Great Wall that how they built this fantastic project without any modern machinery in that time. May be it is the reason why it was listed into the World Wonders.

Ended this tour package, I found Mutianyu Great Wall is less crowded than Badaling portion, so if I have time, I would visited Mutianyu portion in the future time. In general, it was the satisfied experience as my first tour in China. Thanks you very much.