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Peking Opera Night Show Tour

My daughter married a Chinese man and living in Beijing. This time I visited them for half a month. The son-in-law is a good man. During these days, he drove me to various famous attractions of Beijing, and showed me the most beautiful and interesting places. But I only have strong feelings about the Peking Opera Show.

Peking Opera Show in Liyuan Theater

It is said that the Peking Opera show is also the favorite show for the local Beijing aged. As the essence of Chinese culture, I was also interested in it as a foreigner. My son-in-law booked a related tour for me to enjoy the Peking Opera show in a situated environment. Luckily, the tour guide is very kind to me. Before the show, she introduced me the origin of Peking Opera show firstly, and explained the story about the show would be performed.

In fact, I have little understand about what they were singing, but I liked their facial makeup and costumes very much. It is said that the facial makeup represents different roles as well as the costumes. Most facials reflect the characteristics and temperament of these roles they played. Especially the costumes are all very beautiful with vivid pictures such as dragon, phoenix, etc. And they are cultured in fact. According to the tour guide, the player in ordinary costumes without any pictures plays the ordinary being; in well-quality costumes with animals plays officials and in gorgeous costumes with dragon or phoenix plays ruler or princess. Even the headwear has different distinctions. From above, I found the details of Peking Opera show also have origins. It is really cultural deposits of a big country with long time history.

At the end of this time in Beijing, my daughter sent me some CDs about Peking Opera for me to watch them at home.