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Impressive 4 Days Tour in Beijing

Just 4 days, my family and I visited most attractions of Beijing such as the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, etc. Among these, I was addicted into the Ming Tombs, and it was my first time to visit the real Chinese tomb and coffin. No matter what you think of me, I was the lover of books about robbing tomb. Of course, I always want to enter the real tomb to enjoy their inner structure before this Beijing tour package.

Sacred Road in Ming Tombs

It was the third travel day and after we visited the Badaling Great Wall, we went to the Ming Tombs. It is said that it is the group of tombs for 13 emperors in Ming Dynasty, and their wives. Maybe a little brutal, their wives must be buried with the dead emperors. Before entering the Ming Tombs, we passed a long road – Sacred Road, which is the direct way to Changling, and it is the first spot in Ming Tombs. Other Sacred Road to tombs are all the branches of this Sacred Road. The constructions at the sides of Sacred Road symbolize the contributions of emperors when they alive. The stone statues are seemed like the protectors of these tombs.

Underground Palace in Ming Tombs

There was only one tomb allow tourists to visit the underground palace, it is the Dingling. It is a long stairs to get into this mysterious underground palace, and it is the most important attraction in my life. Such a hot day, but the palace was very cool, full of gloomy, let me feel every pore was opened by the cool air. As emperors, they built their tombs as glory as possible. The construction structure was imitated the real palace including tunnel, front chamber, middle chamber, left chamber, right chamber and rear chamber. Everyone here all visit it with strong curiosities. In fact, when the tomb was discovered by people, their damage covered every corner. What we enjoyed the small part, and the most parts was destroyed when it was opened to people.

I still have a wonderful tour in Beijing. Thank you who offers us best service and unbeatable price.