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Temple of Heaven - must see in Beijing

Sadly, it was time to leave China. The Beijing airport is huge, clean, modern. Yeaterday I was picked up from the airport by the tour guide for my tour, today I will leave Beijing. Time is flying!

But we had a very good stay in Beijing. We went to see the Temple of heaven which is an old temple that the people of Beijing used to pray for good harvests. It is in a large walled park garden area just south of the center of Beijing. The main worshipping area consists of Three structures each is more impressive than the last with the second two having temple built on top.

We were witness to hundreds of Beijing locals, mostly in there 50's and 60's practicing all manor of exercise regimes from Tai Chi, Kung Fu, jogging, bat and ball, dancing - traditional Chinese (I presume) to ball room. I kid you not. I felt very unfit in there presence. The whole ambiance of the park and the people in it was fantastic and very calming and peaceful.

After lunch, we went to the summer palace, the tour driver was so skillful and we felt very comfortable on the car. The tour guide accompanied us all the way and explained the sightseeing to us. She told us history and legends about the summer palace. We all felt very pleased about this tour.

Today we went to the great wall, it was so splendid. We walked to the top and we did not use the cable car, as you know we are 53 years old. Hah, we are heros, our tour guide said!

I will come back to have another fresh look in the future!