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My Personal 4 days Beijing Trip Experience

I got the reservation online from beijinglandscapes.com, it is a local tour agency in China which I know from my friend. Not long ago, I visited Beijing with my family and booked this 4 days private tour. Beijing surely is a clean and safe city. I did ask about Beijing condition to my trip advisor and worried too much about the city safety and hygiene. But arrived at Beijing, I was really forgot what I should worried about. Everything was so fine and under control. Arrived at the airport, we met the driver who did transfer us to the hotel that I booked before.

The second day, tour guide picked us up right on time in front of our hotel and all the whole day trip was very well organized. We visited Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. All of the attractions were impressive and excellent. We did not even see it before and because of that, it becomes interesting and new experience of the whole family of mine.

Grand View in Forbidden City

Forbidden City is a huge imperial palace which designed by ancient imperial architecture with amazing design style. Everything looks so old and sacred. It was a forbidden area at past, but now everyone could enter the area, could not imagine it. The palace was looks more than like a city, it is very big and has thousands rooms inside. And of course, all of them have its own function at past. The palace used to be the living place for emperor and his family as well as the administrative complex where emperor handles his own country business.

Besides Forbidden City, during the trip we were also visit Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Temple of Heaven, etc. All of them were very impressive and has own architecture style and function. With its rich history and fascinating structure, each of them surely becomes worth places to visit in Beijing.

Overall, I love the whole trip itineraries. I did see everything important sites in Beijing which was also famous in my home country as well as learn a lot about China include history, culture, and art. Not only that, we were also very grateful about the service of this tour. Tour guide is a very informative and friendly person, lunch was hygiene and the schedule was just right for us.