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Temple of Heaven - Grand Building

Since arrived in Beijing in the early morning, after a short rest in our hotel, we began our half day tour to the famous historical site in Beijing – the Temple of Heaven.

After lunch we went to the magnificent and colorful Temple of Heaven which is where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would make offerings to heaven and pray for good harvests. Here was our first real look at one of these garden and building and showed us how good these guys were at building along compass lines. It was kind of overcast but still pretty cool and exciting. We walked around the whole park which had some awesome trails through rows of trees. When worshipping Heaven there were many different phases throughout the ritual with ceremonial sacrifices.

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven was originally built long times ago. Much of it has been reconstructed since the 1800's due to fire or some other type of damage. It was crowded. Surprise, surprise! The Temple of Heaven is not an active temple instead it is a museum now. A huge museum that is larger than the Forbidden City if include the gardens. The actual buildings are not quite as impressive though, but it is well worth visiting. The gardens are beautiful and so is the architecture.

One of my favorite things about seeing the Temple of Heaven was getting a peek at the inside of the buildings. The exterior architect already amazes me but the interior offers so much more. They have intricately painted ceilings, exposed beams, intricately painted exposed beams. They're beautiful!

During the half day tour, although the time is very short, our tour guide told us a lot about this old architecture most of which is the history. Finishing the half day tour, we decided to experience the famous Beijing Nightlife. Sanlitun is very famous and I heard it many times. Now I got the chance to visit there. We four guys sitting in the bar hearing the beautiful songs. How cool, I like it!