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Wonderful Family Tour in Beijing

I had a wonderful trip in Beijing with my family. Since this is our first visit to Beijing and we were traveling with a tight time, so we chose 2 days Beijing bus tour to the representative attractions. The good services by the travel agency and the excellent experience are beyond my imagination. I am really pleased with our short trip in Beijing.
During the first full travel day, we visited the famous section of the great wall and Ming Tombs in the suburb of Beijing. The Great Wall was incredible! I am still in awe over it. The steps are all different sizes. Some were tiny baby steps, whereas others were big steps that went most of the way up to my knee.

Every section we climbed had a different, breathtaking view. Once decided to take the cable car to the top however the heavy wind shut it down. The tour guide stuck with us during the trip explaining to us all sorts of things from the structure of the wall to the smoke signals made from wolf feces the men would let off from the surrounding watch towers when the enemy was spotted. Standing on the top, breathing the fresh air, is as if you were in another world.

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

In the second day we visited the symbols of Beijing in the city downtown. And the Temple of Heaven did impressive. It wasn't really a temple instead like a huge park! It was smaller than I thought. I once thought that it would be a tall temple closer to heaven. Inside the temple we saw a throne. Emperors would go there once a year and give thanks for a good harvest.

After visiting the main hall, we walked to what the Chinese call 'The Center of The Earth'. There were 9 steps and 9 rings going around the top of the stairs. 9 was a lucky number in China. After the 9 rings around the Chinese Center of the Earth, there was a small flat round rock. We all stood on the rock and we all got to be in the Chinese Center of the Earth. There was not really a different feeling was just cool.

How time flies, see you next time, beautiful Beijing!