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Deep Breath in Jiudaowan Canyon

Autumn is an ideal season for hiking and body relaxed. During autumn period a breathtaking picture with golden harvest and charming scenery will catch your eyes everywhere in the suburb area of Beijing. If you want to have a deep breath, Jiudaowan Canyon in Beijing is second to none.

Beijing Jiudaowan Canyon

Layout of Jiudaowan Canyon
As the longest canyon in Miyun County, Jiudaowan Canyon is located to the west of Beishicheng Village. About 88 kilometers from Beijing, the location offers the unique tranquility to this area. With a large scale area about 1,800 hectares, the scenic area offers seventy-eight attractions containing a graceful lake, five grand waterfalls, eighteen deep pools and an extremely cool cave. The picturesque canyon is known as the Huangguoshu Waterfall of North China for it is as beautiful as the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall scenic spot. During autumn season, the whole area is covered by golden flowers and grasses. With the water singing, you can get close to the real nature.

Feature of Jiudaowan Canyon
Stunning with countless steep peaks and strange rocks, Jiudaowan Canyon impresses tourists with their infinite variety of forms. Some look like sleeping dragons and some resemble intimate couples. A vast stone stands firmly in the water, while two towering peaks are visitors' prompts for happiness. The fanciful canyon zigzags through the mountains, forming nine gulfs with each gulf offering exotic views. In the third gulf, there is a vast stone resembling an energetic frog. Appreciating from another direction, the stone looks like a toddling turtle. What the most attractive is the ninth gulf. Inside, there is a winding path in the woods leads to the extremely cool cave. This mysterious cave is famous as a natural air conditioner.

Treasures of Jiudaowan Canyon
The treasures of the Jiudaowan Canyon are the eighteen deep pools which scatter through the magnificent canyon, resembling shining pearls in an enchanting painting. The shining water waves are reflected on vast rock walls by the brilliant sunlight, presenting a dazzling sight. During autumn tour, you could have a try to catch some small fish swimming around in the clear water. It is wondrous that underneath a deep pool lie several unfathomable caves. In addition, autumn tour coming here, you can gain the chance to pick many fruits, Chinese gooseberries, wild grapes, Chinese date, hazel and walnut.

Want to enjoy a marvelous autumn holiday, just come to Jiudaowan Canyon!

Hutong is not Simply Old Beijing Culture

As the narrow lane lying around Beijing downtown area, Beijing Hutong has attracted loads of attention among tourists with unique tastes, culture and history. It almost has become a must-enjoy place for visitors from home and abroad. But, with time goes by, it is not simply the old Beijing culture again!

Calligraphy Learning in Hutong

Profound History
It is said that Hutong houses profound history originating during Yuan Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, Mongolians attached great importance to water, so almost every community in this city was designed around a well, which provide the daily water for the locals. Until now, tourists can still find dry wells in Hutong. In the past years, Beijing was composed of hundreds of courtyards around the Forbidden City and these lanes stretched out in all four directions, connecting different kinds of courtyards in the city. These lanes have their own layout and structure, and when viewed from the air the combination of the lanes and courtyards resemble a chessboard with delicate gardens. So, the Hutong formed appearing in present as the culture of old Beijing.

Colorful Activities Held in Hutong
Nowadays, in addition to enjoy the local lifestyle and culture, tourists here are mainly for the colorful activities. If you want to enjoy Chinese cuisine cooking, come to Hutong where you can experience the local cooking. Taught by the local famous cooker, you can not only learn the cooking skills but also learn more about Chinese traditional culture. The calligraphy learning is also established here. From this, you can get deep understanding about Chinese calligraphy and culture. Besides, the language learning and painting learning all established here. Just according to your interests, choose one to cultivate sentiment and mood.

Delicate Shops Hidden
There are many small, unique and well decorated shops hidden in these lanes, especially in Nanluoguxiang. There is also a famous restaurant called Pass by Bar in Nanluoguxiang. It is a gathering place for the local people and foreign backpackers. As a theme bar, Yizhan is built based on an old courtyard. In addition to these special modern-style shops, there are some more traditional shops scattered in the lanes.

There are so many treasures in Beijing Hutong, it is not simply boring culture appreciation again! Join us to experience these activities!

Where to Stay in Beijing

Wangfujing area
For those tourists who come to Beijing for the first time, they do not know about where to stay in Beijing. Most of people would like to look for the best place to stay in for sightseeing, shopping or nightlife with convenient transportation. Now, I will introduce you three areas.

Wangfujing Area: As one of the best place to stay for tourists in Beijing, Wangfujing area is certainly located and it is with walking distance to some of the landmark buildings in Beijing. It is an ideal area to come and stay in Beijing with sightseeing and shopping.

Houhai or Nanluoguxiang Area: Houhai and Nanluoguxiang are nearby places. Staying in the area, tourists would have a chance to see Beijing past, Beijing present appearances. With convenient transportation, this area is full of hotels, traditional courtyards and bars, restaurants and shops, etc.

Qianmen Area: It is also one of the greatest places to stay in Beijing. Regarded as a historical center with slow pace of life, it shows peaceful living atmosphere.

Experience Autumn Mountain Scenery

Nowadays Beijing has received loads of tourists for autumn view appreciating. Among the natural scenic spots, Yunfeng Mountain ranks the first.

Beijing Yunfeng Mountain

Feature of Yunfeng Mountain
Located in the north bank of Miyun Reservoir, Yunfeng Mountain is endowed to the unique charming and tranquility. It is within the embrace of two great landmarks - Simatai Great Wall and the Yunmengshan National Forest Park. The best feature is the pleasant climate all the year around. So, it becomes an ideal place for enjoying autumn holiday. Once entry into this area, you can feel unique golden colors and the sparkling sceneries, trees, grasses and wild flowers. Even though it is in the autumn, they are still showing the best blossoming. This mountain is a unique elevation containing a large variety of oddly-shaped stones. Covered by lush grass and trees virtually the entire year, the peak is steep and wondrous jutting upright into the sky. Climbing on the top, you can easily overlook Miyun Reservoir which likes a bright pearl.

Treasures of Yunfeng Mountain
In addition to appreciate the golden landscapes, there are many other compelling sights in the scenic area including Chaosheng Temple, Maya Stone Inscriptions and Chaoyang Cave, etc. Built during Sui and Tang Dynasties, this ancient temple echoes forests and forms a harmonious spot, a rarity in bustling Beijing. Behind the temple, it is the oldest and largest Moya Stone Inscriptions in Beijing which refer to the characters carved on the natural rocks. The imposing twelve groups of inscriptions are well preserved and every character is about one meter in size, reflecting great value of calligraphy art and cultural relic appreciation. Measuring about twelve meters deep, six meters wide and seven meters high, Chaoyang Cave is a natural granite cave attracting people's attention. The scenic mountain road from Chaosheng Temple to Chaoyang Cave ends with 110 steps leading up the cave. In the middle of this cave, there is the Kwan-yin statue, accompanied by two similar statues of fairies. What the most attractive is there is a natural giant formation on the grayish-white walls of the cave.

Enjoying the charming autumn scenery at the top of Yunfeng Mountain is a breathtaking experience! The toll of the temple bell in the morning and the drumbeats at dusk only serve to enhance the feeling. If you like, join us!

Enjoy Recovery Appearance of Old Summer Palace

Beijing is a flourishing city housing too many glorious scenic spots and wonders. As the most terrific royal garden, Old Summer Palace always attracts tourists for appreciating. Even though most of the treasures and scenic spots have been destroyed, tourists can find the history prints clearly!

Old Summer Palace

Layout of Old Summer Palace
Old Summer Palace is also called Ruins of Yuanmingyuan. Located in the northwest of Beijing, this large scale imperial garden was first built in the year of 1709 during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. Over the next 150 years of Qing Dynasty, this garden was expanded to be a large scale Chinese private pleasure garden for the emperors with a large scale area of 350 hectares. Being composed by three parts including Yuanmingyuan, Wanchunyuan and Changchunyuan, each part has its own features and theme. For the original appearance, there are hundreds of scenic spots established including halls, pavilions, chambers, kiosks, earth and rock hills, rivers and ponds and exotic flowers and grasses from different parts of the country.

Typical Architecture of Old Summer Palace
The Old Summer Palace's construction and horticulture of Yuanmingyuan is a harmonious blend of typical Chinese scenery and western architecture. For the most breathtaking scenic spots, it is indeed cannot count. For the brilliant construction and marvelous arrangements, Old Summer Palace is also called as the garden of gardens or Versailles of the East in Europe. What the most important is Old Summer Palace was also called imperial museum storing a large number of books, treasures and cultural artifacts.

Protection of Old Summer Palace
Even though most of the treasures and scenic spots are destroyed in 1860, under the protection of the relative officer, one park was established on the ruin site. Just for this, when tourists roaming in this area can imagine the former grandeur of Old Summer Palace from the crumbling walls and ruins. What the most important is that there is an opportunity for visitors to view the complete picture of Old Summer Palace in its heyday in the exhibition hall. The reconstruction picture of Yuanmingyuan and the translator will inspire all your ideas to Chinese ancient history and the past culture.

Deeply experience Chinese rooted culture, breathtaking sceneries and the marvelous architecture, join us to Old Summer Palace!

Stepping into Autumn Season

Perhaps, you have visited many natural and historical scenic spots during your Beijing tour. With autumn season is becoming, more and more golden sceneries appear to lure tourists. Among these sceneries, the landscapes in Lingshan will be the first. Now, let us walk into this mysterious land.

Beijing Lingshan Mountain

Layout of Lingshan Mountain
As the highest mountain in Beijing, Lingshan has the fame as the Beijing Mount Everest. About 120 kilometers from downtown Beijing, it conquered tourists with tranquil environment and charming natural sceneries. Just stepping in this area, you feel you have gone into the wild land without any disturbing. What you can do is just enjoying the peaceful world. The superb natural scenic area is famous for the magnificent mountain peaks, a vast area of alpine meadow and a rich resource of animals and plants.

Delicate Sceneries inside Lingshan Mountain
Once stepped into Lingshan Mountain, what waits you is the tempting scenery of plateau and grassland. The vast alpine meadows are just like a green carpet covering the mountain top. Large scale of woods and more than 80 varieties of plants will impress your first impression. As the autumn coming, they will become golden colors forming a sparkling world. Even it is the late autumn season, the wild flowers are still in the utmost blossom. Sometimes, they attract loads of butterflies for dancing here, extremely perfect and terrific! In addition to the natural sceneries, the animals are a must-see scenic spot. More than 700 kinds of animals harmoniously cohabit this natural environment. It is easy to find the spot foxes, flocks of berghaan, active squirrels, stirring hares and many other lovely animals. It is really a natural creature world.

Attractive Activity
This dreamy world offers heaven-made sceneries. What the most attractive is during the early autumn season, s special Tibetan folklore festival is held to display Tibetan life. During this period, tourists can enjoy the real Tibetan-style songs and dances deep understanding about their rooted culture and history. In addition, many interesting activities will be held here including the campfire, shooting, tug-and-wars and other spots. At the same time there are delicious food and snacks waiting for you, milk tea, barbecue and other delicious Tibetan food.

Too many wonders that Lingshan Mountain bring during autumn season, if you want to experience terrific autumn holiday, join us!

How the Great Wall Functions for Defense

Back in ancient times, the Great Wall played an important role in defending the capital city. Specifically, the function of the Great Wall mainly lies in: on one hand, the Great Wall served as efficient defense toward the attackers, one the other hand, it bluffed the attackers with its magnificence and grandeur.

Great Wall of China

The reason why the Great Wall could carry out efficient defense is because it was built mainly to stop the Mongolian rivalry. The Mongolian rivalry was very good at blitz attack, which means they are very quick while carrying out military operations, compared with the inland army mainly made of infantry. It would be extremely difficult to defend the Mongolian rivalry without the Great Wall as fortification. The fact had been seen as early as the Han Dynasty, when the famous official Chaocuo offered his advice in his letter to the emperor. The main idea of the letter says that the Mongolian army was very quick to attack and retreat from the border, and if no army sent over there to defend them, the border residences would be disappointed in the jurisdiction of Han government; if the army was sent over there, but the Mongolian army was nowhere to be seen. So he strongly suggested that the best way to defend the Mongolian attackers would be to build the Great Wall. About 1,000 years later, the famous general Qi Jiguang also commented that the most effective way to defend the Mongolian rivalry would be to build a defensive system made of the Great Wall, therefore the Mongolian rivalry would be blocked outside the wall and could not fully make the most use of their advantage.

The rivalry is very aggressive when engaged in battles. When the rivalry attacks, the infantry stands little chance of winning a battle, just the infantry of today facing the tanks. However, the construction of the Great Wall changed everything. According to records, back in West Han Dynasty, the Mongolian army had attempted to attack the Great Wall for many times, but ended up with failure. The main reason was because back then the Han Dynasty had built an advanced defensive system based on the Great Wall and there were plenty of defensive facilities built on the wall, like the beacon towers, watch towers and crenels as well as passes.

On the other hand, the magnificent Great Wall also caused some inferiority in the mind of the attackers. There are many records left to indicate the attack from the Mongolian tribes became less and less during some certain dynasties.

Famous Restaurants in Beijing

Quanjude Restaurant
Enjoying excellent Beijing tour, in addition to visit marvelous highlights, Beijing food is also an important attraction in the modern tourists. However, for the famous food, tourists should seize the famous restaurants.

Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant: As a synonym of roast duck, Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant established more than 130 years ago. With time flying, Quanjude has become one of the biggest restaurant chains in China.

Fangshan Restaurant: Fangshan Restaurant is also called Fangshan. It literally means to limit the cooking of imperial cuisine. Tables are set under large hand-painted palatial lanterns while all the table wares, ceramic or sliver, are duplicates of what the imperial courts used before.

Donglaishun Restaurant: as a long standing Muslim restaurant, Donglaishun Restaurant is famous for instant-boiled mutton. It is featured by the fine materials selecting, delicate processing, complete condiments and strong fire.

Visit Beijing Yingshan Forest Park

The air in autumn season is typically clean and the sky is typically higher and blue. So, autumn is the best time to go out enjoying the real nature. During Beijing autumn tour to enjoy natural sceneries and feel relaxed, Yingshan Forest Park is a nice choice.

Beijing Yingshan Forest Park

Overview about Yingshan Forest Park
Located in Fengtai District, Yingshan Forest Park is the nearest forest park from Beijing city proper. It gets the high fame among tourists for varied terrain with mountain areas, slopes, valleys and peaks. Especially in the autumn, most of the leaves turn into the golden colors mixing with the charming tastes, it is really a kind of enjoyment. With a large scale area, this enchanting park has thousands of plants, so that it has unique phenomenon and characters during the four seasons. If you want to appreciate the fascinating red leaves in autumn, Yingshan Forest Park does not pale in comparison with the famous Fragrant Hills Park and the pleasant Badachu Park.

Delicate Sceneries
Walking in the part, the golden and red leaves will arouse your attention at first sight. Some are dancing with the wind blowing; some are lying on the earth serving as the carpet; some are dropping on the mountains as the yellow clothes. In addition to the golden atmosphere, large quantities of macaques and many rare animals such as spotted deer, peacock and guinea-fowl are kept in the forest park. Additionally, there are small animals like squirrels, hares and pheasants, and tourists can feed them. In this park, tens of thousands of date trees were grated on wild jujube trees for tourists to pick the fruit in autumn deep experiencing the rich harvest.

Activity in Yingshan Forest Park
As the first orienteering area in Beijing, Yingshan Park has the most colorful activity. In the orienteering, the participant uses a compass and an accurate map. He chooses his own course, but must visit in order every control marked on the map. The one who finishes the task in the shortest time is the winner. It is a kind of sport full of interests, competition, cooperation and communication.

If you want to experience a colorful autumn holiday, follow us!

Visit Madame Tussauds Beijing

Perhaps, you have got the Madame of Shanghai in China. Have you ever visit Beijing Madame Tussauds? Now, I will lead you walk into the Madame Tussauds Beijing.

Madame Tussauds Beijing

General Information about Madame Tussauds Beijing
Opened on May 31, 2014, Madame Tussauds Beijing is the fourth Madame Tussauds in China after the Madame Tussauds Wax Museums set in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Wuhan. Located in the Qianmen Street, which has profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, this Madame Tussauds add western and modern elements to this street. It is the largest Madame Tussauds in Asia. After the establishment, this street becomes more diversified. The lifelike wax figures are made by artists from Madame Tussauds London. These figures are the actual sizes of their prototypes and they are all the elites from various sectors and played a very important role in China and the world.

Exhibition Halls of Madame Tussauds Beijing
The exhibition here is divided into several theme areas. A top-level Party where tourists can amble on the red carpet and pose for photographs before joining the party with Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt, etc. is the most impressive. If you want to take pictures with these famous stars, you can come to the Movie section where you can wear costumes, pick up props and pose in familiar scenes or take pictures with big movie stars, Bruce Lee, Bruce Wills and Marilyn Monroe. The most attractive part is the theme area of World Famous People where you can talk with Price William and Princess Kate Middleton, listen to the royal horns together with Queen Elizabeth, have a meeting with Barack Obama in his oval office, etc. Getting deep close to these stars to feel their lifetime contributions, you can be inspired by their spirits. What the most important, you can be inspired by the faster developing economy.

Tips Attention
The admission fee is different according to different groups. Adult is 170 CNY, Child between 2.6 feet (0.8 meter) and 4.2 feet (1.3 meters) is 110 CNY, Child under 2.6 feet is free. Senior (over 65 years old) is CNY 110. The opening hour is 10:00-21:00 with last admission at 20:00.

If you want to get close to your favorite star, join us!

Beijing Shihua Cave Adventure

With the golden autumn coming, more and more tourists go out to adventure the real nature. Autumn is great season for going out to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the rich harvest with mild temperature. Today, I will introduce one dazzling place for your Beijing autumn tour - Shihua Cave.

Shihua Cave

Gorgeous Layout of Shihua Cave
Located in Nancheying Village, Fangshan District, Shihua Cave gets the high fame as the underground pearl of Beijing. Far away from Beijing downtown center, this cave is endowed to the tranquil environment and charming sceneries. Once coming in autumn, you will be impressed by the unique stones flowers with variety of shapes and features. For these charming stone flowers, it gets the name of Shihua Cave. Relate to its history, it can be traced back to the year of 1446. In the north China, it is a representative landscape of karst caves. Walking inside, tourists always feel they are in the underground palace surrounded by a variety of stalagmites, stone waterfalls, stone curtains, stone towers and stone pearls.

Delicate Attractions
With the constant temperature of 13℃, Shihua Cave is rare seven-layer one. Until now, you can only appreciate the first four layers from the top. The most important is that more than 2,500 meters long route made up of sixteen halls offered for tourists to have a terrific visit. Among them, the most attractive will be the huge stalactite in the No. 1 Hall, moonmilks in the first and second layers, two stone shields, a stone curtain and a stone flag.

Treasure of Shihua Cave
It is a must to carefully appreciate the No.1 Hall during your autumn tour here. Measuring about 18 meters high, the huge stalactite is the biggest in China. As the national treasure, moonmilk was first found in the Shihua Cave with profound history. These moonmilks show the shape of lotus and become water slag when twisted. This cave is famous for the largest and the thinnest stone shields in China. Just at the entrance of this cave, there are hundreds of pictures showing the wonderful spectacles of world famous karst caves. Near this cave, there are stone sculptures of Buddha on the cliff and an exhibition hall displaying the rare stones. Each of them is full of mysterious background to discover.

Shihua Cave is very amazing. Every autumn, it will become the most popular lures in the tourists!

Delicious Beijing Local Snacks

With profound history, Beijing snacks have gained universal praise for wide varieties, superior materials and careful preparation. Today, I will introduce you the top flavored Beijing local snacks.

Dalian Huoshao
The Fried-pouch Roll:
in the local Beijing people, fried-pouch roll is also called Dalian huoshao. It is a pouch-shaped crispy-skinned roll filled with different fillings. With reasonable price, it has gained all the tourists' praise.

Cream Fried Cake: this kind of food is also called Naiyou Zhagao in Beijing local people. It is made of flour, egg, cream, white sugar and vanilla power. Cooking procedure is very careful. What the most important is that it a nutritious snack.

Fried Liver: it is called Chao Gan in Beijing local people. It ever enjoyed by Chairman Xijinping. Its long history can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. It is basically made of pork liver and intestine, with a blend of garlic, bamboo shoot, celery, carrot and potato starch solution. It is a good choice to eat for breakfast with the streamed stuffed buns.

Walk into Baiwangshan Forest Park

As well all know that Beijing Fragrant Hills Park is of great renown for the scarlet splendor of its trees during the fall. However, in addition to this golden place, Baiwangshan Forest Park is also a terrific place for you to enjoy autumn view.

Baiwangshan Forest Park

Autumn Appearance of Baiwangshan Forest Park
About 3 kilometers in the north of the famous Summer Palace, Baiwangshan Forest Park also offers an excellent view of enchanting red leaves in autumn. Located in Haidian District, this park covers a large scale area over 130 hectares housing about 95% of various plants and trees. Once entered into this area during autumn, you will arouse the feeling of entering into a fairy story world where here is no boring and trouble but the tranquil environment and charming sceneries. Once the autumn falls, this mountain will be beautifully covered by splendid red foliage. Of course, the common smoke tree is the main species, while the intoxicating red leaves on the torch trees resemble countless torches on the mountain.

Typical Inner Beauty
Getting rid of the bustle life and the big pressure of the city, Baiwangshan Forest Park can help you. For the typical charming of autumn scenery, there are several reasons. This park has a variety of trees including a large quantity of mature maples. In addition, this special location of this area provides a superb habitat for these trees. After the first frost in September, the red leaves will be even more charming. Sauntering through the enchanting park, you will feel as if you are wreathed in a red mist. Standing in the pavilion sightseeing around, the red leaves look like numerous unfolding umbrellas. If you choose come just at the sunset, these red leave make a fine contrast with glow of the setting sun. Walking along the slope of the mountain, vast forests come into view with stele pavilions, stele corridors and poetry walls. Tourists will be impressed by over 1,000 pieces of work by Chinese leaders. The memorial hall in this park tells you the story of over 200 revolutionary martyrs. In addition, there are other famous attractions waiting for your visit.

In order to meet tourists satisfactory, this park offers tourists various activities including rock-climbing, orienteering and music bar. So your happy Beijing autumn holiday is easy to get!

Taste of Chinese Ethnic Culture

As well known, China is a large country housing 56 nationalities with different cultures and lifestyles as well as different languages. After visiting the world famous attractions of Beijing, one place should be added in your tour - Chinese Ethnic Culture Park.

Chinese Ethinc Culture Park

Layout of Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
China's vibrant culture is composed by various ethnic groups, different customs and different kinds of living styles. Located in Beijing, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park has a large ethnic culture base combining an introduction to culture, singing and dancing performances, traditional housing and art and craft. At the same time, this park provides the opportunity to experience ethnic flavored cooking of 56 ethnic groups. Just roaming in one park, you can taste 56 ethnic cultures without going far journey. It is really a kind of enjoyment in the vision.

Inner Delicate Design
Once stepped into this park, you will be impressed by the delicate buildings of each ethnic group. More than 40 ethnic groups can stop your feet and attract your vision. In addition, a large number of ethnic culture relics and articles from daily use are exhibited in order to reflect authentic living conditions of each ethnic group. Just like the building of Han people. Han ethnic group is the largest ethnic group at home and abroad. The building of Han people is a cave-house composed of three courtyards. Roaming in these different-style houses, you not only can widen vision but also get deep understanding about these different style buildings and their cultures.

Attractive Scenic Spots
Last treasure of Chinese Ethnic Culture Park will endow to the attractive scenic spots inside. First, the big Banyan Tree must attract tourists' vision. In fact, this tree represents 56 ethnic groups banding together. Ethnic Bridge connecting the north and South Park adopted architectural styles of Bai, Dong and Tibetan. The charming waterfall impresses the tourists with typical design. Hundreds of young men from a range of ethnic groups gather together and proudly be the guide to introduce their own culture. This park also holds ethnic group festivals to invite tourists to join in. With the plants reaching the utmost blossoming, tourists wandered in this park can get a fully relaxed in mind and body.

Strolling in this park, it is easy to feel the strong flavor of Chinese ethnic groups.

Autumn Leisure in Beijing Happy Valley

With the autumn season falls, weather is not so hot as summer. It is the best time to go out for entertaining with families or friends. Among the highlights in Beijing, the most terrific place suitable for autumn exploring is Happy Valley.

Autumn Layout of Beijing Happy Valley
Beijing Happy Valley

As a famous eco-system theme park, Beijing Happy Valley shows the modern tourism form in China. It stressed on the fashionable, interaction, happiness and fantasy for visitors. As the autumn falls, the whole scenic spot will be covered by golden colors with mild temperature. With higher blue sky, masses of white clouds and the fascinating autumn sceneries, it is no doubt an ideal choice for autumn visiting and appreciating. With the coverage area over 75 acres, Beijing Happy Valley greets loads of tourists every day. Especially during the mild autumn season, it is more popular than the common days.

Theme Parks in Beijing Happy Valley
What the most impressive and interesting are the theme parks in this valley. If you are interested in the mysterious atmosphere, Wild Fjord is an ideal choice. It will start a wonderful Beijing Happy Valley trip from Fiord Forest. Here, you will be impressed by colorful glass air trails, sparkling joy square, stylish park gate, beautiful and innocent joy theater and green woods. It is truly a perfect combination of fashion and nature. In addition, there is Lost Maya established to help tourists to rediscover the ancient Maya Kingdom and explore the lost Maya civilization. During the exploration journey, local indigenous turned from the initial hostility to friendship.

Treasure in Beijing Happy Valley
Beijing Happy ValleyThe most treasured place in Beijing Happy Valley is called Ant Kingdom. It is the most fantastic area in Beijing Happy Valley. Built in an ant's view, everything here is mini even to children. From the lifestyle and the living environment of ants, children can learn more knowledge in creatures and species, etc. The knowledge is very hard to understand. Through the deep exploration, they can cultivate their interests improving the further study. In addition to this, there are mysterious caves opened for adventuring. They are the best choices to cultivate the braveness and wisdom.

Beijing autumn is golden period when you not only can search the golden sceneries but also the golden moment of your lifetime!

Get Your Mind Purified in Beijing East Church

If you have already appreciated the Great Wall, Forbidden City and other highlights, researching another kind of place to purify mind and spirit will be better idea. For this kind of place, Beijing East Church is a good attraction.

Beijing East Church

General Information of Beijing East Church
Just located at Wangfujing Street in Beijing, East Church is the most conspicuous cathedral in Beijing. It was the second Catholic Church which was built only after the South Church. In the early time, it was named as Joseph. After experiencing reconstruction and restoration, it has become not only an important venue of Catholics but also a cultural site with typical features in the Wangfujing Area. Just built in the year of 1655, East Church holds the history mystery and deep traditional cultural connotation. It is typical for Chinese people at that time. It is always regarded as representative of holiness. Nowadays, many lovers held their wedding ceremonies here. They want to stand here to let this church witness their sincere love.

Building Construction of Beijing East Church
The building architecture of Beijing East Church is Romanesque with Chinese architectural features. The whole building is of gray brick and wood structure adding more sacred feeling and atmosphere to the whole building. As a typical model of the fusion of Chinese and western architectural style, Beijing East Church is regarded as the best place to cob mind and soul. If you are under pressure or suffering from boring, coming to the churches will be more satisfactory.

Catholic Church
Facing the west, this church is sitting on a bluestone base. There are three crosses on the top. Among these crosses, the middle one is bigger than the side ones. The hall is supported by 18 round brick columns. The diameter of each column is measuring about 65cm and the base of each column is square. What the most attractive are the oil paintings of Crucifixion of Jesus or Passion of the Christ. In front of this church, there is a square covering a large area about 8,000 square meters. Surrounded by trees, this square houses tranquil environment.

Nowadays, the church in Beijing attracts more and more tourists from all over the world. They not only enjoy the special buildings, typical atmosphere but also the mysterious culture it houses!

Famous Beijing Events

In addition to explore Beijing top attractions, enjoy Beijing delicious snacks and taste Beijing local culture, tourists can have a leisure visit to the Beijing Festivals and Events.

Beijing Events
Beijing International Finance Expo:
its short name is BIFE. Being organized by Beijing Finexpo Investment Exhibition Company, Beijing International Finance Expo is composed by forums and exhibition. It aims to offer the most effective platform institutional and private investors to explore financial products, etc.

China International Clothing & Accessories Fair: it is expected to be a bridge into the Chinese consumer market. Covering over 100 thousand square meters, this fair will be clearly structured into different segments of menswear, women swear, kids swear and down jacket, etc.

China International Exhibition for Kitchen and Sanitary Ware: it plaid a very important as a platform for products, innovations and trends covering all aspects of Kitchen and Sanitary sector.

3 Tips for Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour

Nowadays, there appears a new theme tour of Badaling Great Wall - take a helicopter. Although it is a much expensive than the normal ways, it is really worth your money to enjoy the spectacular panorama view of this world wonder. However, for this kind of tour type, 3 tips need your attention.

Badaling Helicopter
Reservation Information
For the helicopter tour, it is special and unique. So, you should follow the departure time, don't be late and too early. First, you should consider your body condition, because some people can't be adapted to the high altitude. Different helicopter types, you should charge different fee. Please prepare the money in advance. Of course, you can ask your tour guide in advance about these questions. Doing preparation is very important, because the helicopter tour we offered is in short time. If you plan to enjoy the hiking journey, loosen clothes should be prepared. About the children taking the helicopter, the age range is between 3 years to 12 years. Because of the weather, we have to cancel the tour. Under the condition, you can ensure we could contact with you timely.

Badaling Helicopter
Boarding Information
For the boarding procedure, you should arrive at the designated place 40 minutes in advance. If you are delayed, you have no right to board. Boarding procedure on departure hall and fill in the necessary forms and get your boarding card. During the time, tour guide will help you. So, if you have something emergency, you could ask for them. What the most important is that you should follow the staff construction to get on the helicopter. Turn the important things to your tour guide, keep light to enjoy.

Flying Journey
It is forbidden to take the inflammable articles which are easy to explode on board. Taking weapons and other dangerous items are also prohibited. Before boarding, the camera and videos should be labeled anti-flash in case affecting the pilot's control. During the flight journey, it is forbidden to take off anti-glare film for photography. It is seriously forbidden to take pictures in front of the helicopter before boarding until the plane took off. It is must to fasten your seat belts. Sitting in the cabin, don't touch any power switch and the door handle in order to have a safe condition.

After grasping these tips, terrific flying on the Badaling Great Wall is easy!

Take in Old Trees in Lama Temple

In the eyes of those who have paid a visit to Lama Temple, the most incredible sight is no other than those old locust trees. Nowadays, these old trees in Lama Temple have become one of the most popular attractions in Beijing.

Old Tree
Time-honored Locust Trees Everywhere
As soon as you enter Lama Temple, you may easily see a couple of old locust trees scattered around the courtyard. Within the open wide courtyard, these old trees are no less than a bunch of sky scrapers. During blossom time, you may immerse yourself in the light scent given off by the flowers of these old trees. At that time, these old trees are all covered with light green blossoms. During your tour in Lama Temple, those impenetrable leaves offer you a huge canopy. In the meantime, you may take a rest under the tree, chitchatting or reading. This is quite an enjoyment. During summertime, these blossoms start to fall down from the trees and cover all over the place, with a few sparrows and magpies playing around. When autumn comes, the blowing wind and the dancing branches, the hopping squirrels and touring people combine to offer you an incredible painting. At the same time, as you tour around Lama Temple, you should take a walk on the flower-covered ground and enjoy the vibe of the fall. Maybe you may come across a pair of monks playing chess under the tree, which is another enjoyment for you.

Old Tree in Lama Temple
Best Time to See the Trees
The leaves fall down not until December comes. After a heavy snow, the bronze trunks are all dressed in white, which makes these old trees look even older. These superb views are too much for those photographers busying taking pictures.

These old locust trees and the buildings in Lama Temple are no less than a perfect combination. Looking closely, the thickest one stands beside Lama Gate, with an age of 300 years. This old tree was honored as the first-class old tree and still thrives to this day. Those scales in the trunk seem to tell a series of historic events and changes. Nowadays, this tree has become a must-see spot for the tourists in Lama Temple. The best time to see the locust trees in Lama Temple is during the autumn or winter months.

Overall, the old locust trees in Lama Temple are well worth a visit while in Beijing.

Why Prince Gong's Mansion is Worth a Visit

To explore the old Beijing culture and history, Beijing courtyards are ideal choices. However, as the representative Beijing courtyard buildings, Prince Gong's Mansion attracted loads of attention. Why it is so famous among the tourists?

Unbeatable Background
Being constructed in the year of 1777, Prince Gong's Mansion was ever the private residence of Heshen who was a member of the imperial guard with handsome appearance. Just during the Qing Dynasty, Heshen received much attention of Emperor Qianlong. Just in this courtyard, he experienced his glory lifetime. From flourishing time to the downfall, he received high treat and held the high authority. He was promoted one step by step acquire great wealth. It is always said that the property that Heshen housed could not carry by eight horses. Just during the Qianlong reign, he could not curb Heshen's corruption but his successor. Housing profound history and old Beijing rooted-culture, Prince Gong's Mansion is a must-see!

Prince Gong Mansion
Superb Building Construction
Regarded as the largest and best preserved Qing Dynasty princely mansion, Prince Gong's Mansion is taken as fine example of ancient Chinese architecture with cultural connotation. As traditional courtyard mansion of a style, it gets the popular fame in imperial Beijing. Being composed by two parts, living quarters and garden part, each part related complex building ideas. The living quarters stand with three sets of courtyards covering central, eastern and western situation. Pay special attention, you will find many design ideas keep same as that in the Forbidden City. There is a saying that Beijing houses two dragon veins. Forbidden City stood one vein and Prince Gong's Mansion stood the second. You can imagine how luxury building was constructed. In addition, the carvings in the pavilions also adopted certain ideas.

Prince Gong Mansion
Unique Garden
Surrounded by artificial mountains, this garden is named as Jincui Yuan. It always gets very popular for the breathtaking layout and distinct design. With the coverage area of about 28,000 square meters, this garden is composed by 20 scenic spots. Each of them is widely different from another. Roaming in the garden, you can not only taste the royal atmosphere but also the south China landscape feeling. The most impressive is the character 'fu' in the garden. This character carved in the stone of the garden was written by Emperor Qianlong. Tourists, no matter whoever coming here, they will touch for a while.

If you want to taste the royal atmosphere while enjoying traditional courtyard style, Prince Gong's Mansion can offer you much and more!

Autumn Activities in Beijing

Autumn is a golden season full of harvests. It is an ideal time to go out for leisure, take in beautiful natural scenery and tranquil environment. Here list some fun things to do in Beijing in autumn period. Hope you have a memorable autumn tour in Beijing.

Great Wall Hiking

Great Wall Hiking
As the world wonders, Great Wall shows different appearance in autumn. This time, doing enough preparation to have terrific Great Wall hiking is very perfect designing. Located in the suburb area, Great Wall buildings are endowed to the tranquil features. Especially during autumn, they will show more vigorous and charming. You can choose the most famous Badaling Great Wall, most beautiful Mutianyu Great Wall and the most original Jinshanling Great Wall. Each of them can bring unique tastes and appearance. Especially the scenery in Mutianyu Great Wall, all the leaves become golden colors. Hiking journey will be not so as laborious as the summer. Under the cool temperature, you can enjoy leisurely hiking.

Autumn Fruit Picking
In addition to Great Wall climbing, autumn is also an ideal season when the corns and peanuts are mature as well as some fruits and vegetables. This time, you can accompany with your families to deep enjoy the big harvest. The best place will be Beijing suburb districts, Changping District, Pinggu District and Daxing District, etc. It is special activity that only autumn endows to you. It is typical to enjoy Beijing local lifestyle and experience the fruits of harvest. After the happy picking, enjoying the local farm-made lunch, you will find it is more delicious than those dishes made in the high-class restaurants.

Autumn Scenery Appreciating
If you say spring is fresh, summer is vigorous I will say autumn is full of harmony. During the autumn season, each spot is decorated with harmoniously features. This time, you can enjoy terrific autumn landscapes. The best place is no doubt is Beijing suburb areas. Getting rid of the noisy city, experience the tranquil world is really terrific enjoyment. You can challenge the Phoenix Hill Nature to enjoy the typical mountains. You can choose Purple Bamboo Garden to enjoy the autumn bamboo world. Also, you can choose Ten Ferries to enjoy the autumn water scenery.

Autumn Beijing is full of colors and mysteries. It deserved your special attention.

Walk into Beijing Teahouses for Nightlife

When talking about Beijing nightlife, what appeared first among the tourists will be drinking, shopping and eating. Beijing is a large and commercial city housing multi-essences of life. Nowadays, under the pressure of the daily life, most of people choose to go to teahouse at night for leisure.

Laoshe Teahouse

Layout of Teahouses
China is a country with deep culture relating to tea. Chinese tea has got a high reputation in the world. Until now, there are over 170 teahouses in Beijing including traditional teahouses, modern teahouses and special teahouses. For the tourists who are very interested in the deep culture, the traditional teahouse is better choice. For the local people in Beijing, these traditional teahouses are not only the great places to taste tea but also for enjoying traditional performance - Peking Opera Show. Once entry into the teahouses, you will be influenced by a kind of traditional atmosphere deeply. Tranquil environment, delicate designing and graceful atmosphere, it is extremely fabulous to chat and communicate with intimates.

Laoshe Teahouse
Among these teahouses in Beijing, the most famous one is Laoshe Teahouse. Relating to its history, it also can be traced back to the 1988. About the name, it is named after a famous writer - Laoshe. Since establishment, it received high fame in Beijing. Decorated with and elegant and unspoiled style, it can take the customers back to the old Beijing of the 1930s. Every day, this teahouse not only offers the flavor tea but also colorful performances, Peking Opera Show, Acrobatic Show and Kunfu Performance. In addition, Tea Ceremony is also held here with delicious and sweet Beijing desserts.

Tips to Visit Laoshe Teahouse
The comprehensive performances offered by the Teahouse include Folk Music Play, Beijing Opera, Danxian, Hand Shadow Play, Folk Dance and Chinese Martial Art, etc. The Teahouse will be popular and crowded with customers every night. If you want to have a visit, you can have a reservation in advance. For the night performances, you should arrive at Laoshe Teahouse before 19:35 or the reservation will be cancelled.

Just enjoy a terrific nightlife, tranquil environment, tasting the traditional culture. Besides Laoshe Teahouse, you also can choose the modern teahouses to appreciate. Just relax you in Beijing!

Wandering in Beijing Olympic Forest Park

As the autumn wind blowing all the foliages, weather starts to become cool, sky higher and blue and cloud white and clearer. It is the best time to choose one tranquil land to enjoy the golden autumn scenery in Beijing. Now walk into Beijing Olympic Forest Park.

Beijing Olympic Forest Park

Layout of Olympic Forest Park
With the coverage area of about 680 hectares, Olympic Forest Park is 10 times the size of Beihai Park. With the green coverage rate of 95%, it enjoys high fame as the largest urban greening landscape in Asia. So, the autumn season is the best times to enjoy these plants and foliages. Under the slight autumn wind, together with your family or friends, chatting and enjoying in this golden world. Over 55 million trees and shrubs will impress you deeply. Being divided into two sections North Park and South Park, each part has the certain theme and sceneries. Covering an area of about 380 hectares, South Park has hills, river systems, artificial wetlands and other amazing sceneries. Covering an area about 300 hectares, North Park has rustic gardens, towers, trees and other small landscapes. Sometimes, you see the lovely birds flying by, listening to them singing and flowers dancing, it is hard to jump from the dreamful world. It is definitely more relax walking on the tranquil road for the golden harvest autumn tour.

Surrounded Treasures
Built as the back garden of 29th Olympic Games, Olympic Forest Park plays a very important role. During your tour here, it is great chance to enjoy the two treasures - Bird Nest and Water Cube. Discover the autumn appearance. With magnificent appearance and elegant architecture, Birds Nest will inspire your autumn holiday first. If you are very interested in the inner structure, you can go inside for close appreciation. Water Cube is just like a large scale box with water shining bringing you hope and dream.

Travel Tips
After the Olympic Game is finished, Olympic Park is opened to the public for free. For money-saving, your autumn tour can start here. Strolling in the forest trails, breathing the natural fresh air, mysterious autumn feeling just arouse in the park.

Beijing autumn tour is full of golden colors and mysteries. Just enjoy the colorful view in Beijing Olympic Forest Park and create a terrific autumn tour in Beijing.

Tips to Niujie Mosque

For the typical culture of Beijing, Muslim culture has attracted loads of tourists for enjoying and tasting. The symbol building of Muslim culture is the Niujie Mosque. However, for the typical culture, there are tips to follow.

1. Proper dress is required. If you dress too short, it will be forbidden to enter. Tourists should observe Muslim lifestyles and culture.
2. For the Prayer Hall established in the Niujie Mosque, only the Muslim people are permitted to enter.
3. Before your visit to Niujie Mosque, you should check the information in advance, because some areas and halls are not opened.

Why Beijing Hutong is a Must-see Spot for Tourists

In addition to appreciate the imperial buildings and Great Wall, one attraction attracts tourists for longtime visiting is Hutong. Nowadays, almost every tourist for Beijing tour will pay special visit to Beijing Hutong. Why?

Beijing Hutong

Enjoy Special History
It is said that it is the hardest thing to enter into old Beijing culture except visiting Beijing Hutong. According to the history book, Beijing Hutong is even older than Beijing city. So, one big reason that tourist must visit Hutong is just to enjoy special history.

The real culture of Beijing is the culture of Hutong and courtyard. Just wandering along this narrow lane, tourists not only can smell the profound Beijing history but also old Beijing culture clearly. Earlier in the Yuan Dynasty, Hutong was formed playing very important role in the people's daily life. So, to read Beijing culture and history better, Hutong is an ideal place. The best way enjoying the delicate buildings is to take the rickshaw. Leisurely wandering along each Hutong, reading their background history, their interesting names, you will find they are not just the buildings but the treasure of history experiences. What gathered in them are too much. Just listing the Hutong names, they can give you deep knowledge.

Enjoy Local Lifestyle
After carefully tasting the history and culture, it is better to walk into them to enjoy the local lifestyle and inner arrangements. Hutong varied from sizes and appearances but they have one common feature: inner Sihe Courtyard. Tourists visiting Hutong all like to walk into the courtyards for deep sightseeing. Surrounded by houses, the yard is spacious to be covered by flowers and daily usages. Just according to the host's interests, the yard is always designed very warm and home-feeling. Sometimes, you may see local residences doing housework, washing clothes and cooking, etc. This time, it is clearer to taste the local lifestyle. Walking along these small lanes, you will find the bathrooms and public toilets. In addition, there are shops selling all kinds of goods that satisfy the local people's daily needs. Yes, it is just like a community. Gossiping in these lanes is the common scene as it is the only thing to strengthen their relationship.

After reading this passage, you may understand why the tourists pay much attention on the old Hutongs. Yes, Beijing Hutong is truly unique building!

Huangyaguan Pass of Great Wall

Huangyaguan Great Wall is typical and terrific building in Tianjin. It enjoys a high fame as the miniature of Great Wall in China.

Huangyaguan Great Wall

Origin of Huangyaguan Great Wall
Located in the mountainous area of Tianjin, Huangyaguan Great Wall was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty. Later in the Ming Dynasty, it was enlarged and rebuilt with ancient bricks. During that time, chief commanding officer is Qi Jiguang who contributed too much on the Great Wall building. He added watchtowers and defensive works to the building making it to be the most important section. In the ancient war time, the pass played a very important role and in modern days, here is regarded as the ideal summer resort to experience summer heat. Being composed by the Great Wall and the Taiping Mountain Stronghold, it stores too many historical treasures.

Typical Huangyaguan Pass
In the year of 1984, Tianjin people spent about three years rebuilding the main wall stretching from Banlagang Mountain to Wangmaoding Mountain. This large scale project is equal to 3,308 yards. During the repairing, Tianjin people built 20 terraces, Huangya Water Gate and Bagua Castle. Most important is that the defensive system is complete. Along the wall, each corner was arranged orderly including the watchtowers, frontier cities, barracks and other important military facilities, etc. Besides, the stele forests of Great Wall, Beiji Temple, the exhibition hall of famous couplets and the Great Wall Museum as well as the Phoenix Fortress are all newly built along the wall. Autumn is the best time to climb the Huangyaguan Great Wall with the cool weather and natural scenery.

Huangyaguan Mountain Stronghold
Not far away from Huangyaguan Great Wall, Taiping Mountain Stronghold is located with magnificent layout, profound history and deep culture. It played a very important role in the ancient war times. There are impressive statue of Qi Jiguang and typical Widow Tower located inside. There are delicate accommodation and restaurants near. Tourists can enjoy delicious wild dishes. Appreciating the natural scenery and the vigorous buildings while enjoying the farm-made cuisine, it is very easy to make you mixing into the ancient history.

It is very hard to access Chinese ancient times and stories. Just seizing the chance to visit Huangyaguan Great Wall, it will offer you much more surprises!

Money and Bank during Beijing Tour

For the foreigners travelling to Beijing, money is very important point during the whole journey.

Bank of China: it is very important for the foreign travelers. Bank of China in Beijing houses branches including Wangfujing Branch, Qianmen Branch, Xidan Branch, Dongzhimen Branch and Xindongan Mall Branch.

Foreign Exchange: for the Great Britain Pound, Euro, U.S. Dollar, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, etc are all exchangeable. In addition, foreign currency and checks are also exchangeable at the Bank of China. Other authorized banks offer foreign exchange service, some hotels, restaurants and shops will also accept foreign exchange business in order to provide convenience for foreign tourists.

Credit Card: credit card is very convenient for tourists to use credit cards in star hotels and the large scale markets of Beijing. Until now, main credit cards accepted in China are Master Card, Visa, American Express, JCB and Diners.

Strolling around Snack Street in Beijing

For Beijing tour, apart from the mysterious building visiting, try the local snacks is a must. Gathering various tastes and flavors, they have received high praise in the tourists.

Beijing Snacks

Donghuamen Snack Street
Once night falls, wandering around Donghuamen area, you will be lured by the typical wafting aroma of cooking. No matter which corner you strolled, you will smell the flavors of old Beijing. This time, you just need to choose your favorite to enjoy the tranquil dim night. Located at the northern entrance of Wangfujing Street, Donghuamen Snack Street is the most popular snack street in Beijing. Here, you not only can find the local snacks with fresh and luring appearance but also snacks from other regions, such as Sichuan and Taiwan, etc. Different store is full of different tastes. Anyone can add more pleasures to your Beijing tour. Under the dim of the moon light, sitting around the small table with your friends, it is extremely a kind of enjoyment.

Ghost Street
Ghost Street is a terrific snack street full of flavors and night romances. Most of the restaurants established in the street are open around the clock. For the tourists who are night owl, Gui Street will be an ideal place to enjoy. You can spend the time until the wee hours of the morning. The busiest time on the street is usually in the late hours of the night. The specialty here is the Spicy Lobster. Choosing one old chair inside an ancient courtyard house, it is fully relaxed to enjoy the delicious snacks and enjoy the Beijing night life.

Typical Hao Yun Jie
It is translated into the Good Luck Entertainment Street. Located in the Chaoyang District, Hao Yun Jie is a special entertainment street full of exotic atmosphere. So, for the lovers and couples experiencing special festivals, it is a best place. Not only the snacks, you also can find fast food outlets and as well as restaurant-style delicacies, various bars and art everywhere. Just entertaining in the street, speak out your inner heart with your relatives or friends, Hao Yun Jie waits for you.

If you want to enjoy typical Beijing nightlife, snacks streets will be best place!

Why Beijing Imperial Buildings are the Must to Visit

Nowadays, no matter which Beijing tour, it will house loads of imperial attractions. It seemed that these tourists come to Beijing just for enjoying these marvelous imperial buildings, such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven, etc. Why?

Forbidden City

Appreciate Unique Building Construction
For the imperial buildings located in Beijing, many of them were equipped with unique building constructions very different from modern style. So, for the modern tourists, most of them hold interests and curiosities to enjoy and admire. Most of the important is that imperial buildings house many parts. Take the Forbidden City as the example. Once arrival in this large scale golden castle, what appeared in your vision will be the sets of pavilions and halls with grave atmosphere. Different pavilions house different decorations. From the Meridian Gate to the Gate of Divine Might, all the pavilions are lined order with magnificent atmosphere. In addition to Forbidden City, as the summer resort and entertaining places, Summer Palace is also a hot place. The sceneries arrangements, water area and buildings establishments all deserved careful appreciation and deep admirable!

Enjoy Imperial History
No matter which imperial building you choose, it can satisfy your desire of seeking the history prints. All these imperial building have common feature. It is that all of them can convey the history ideas and history stories. For the tourists who are very interested in Chinese history and culture, imperial building will be best places. Walking in the Forbidden City, the emperors in Qing Dynasty mark your mind. Soon, what appeared in your mind will be their contributions and the affairs happened during their reign period. If you want to know more about the Empress Dowager Cixi, Summer Palace can be a good place. Built for the great women, Summer Palace will tell all about her. If you want to be familiar with the great greedy official - Heshen, Prince Gong of Mansion take you to have a big deeper understanding.

Curiosity about the Imperial Atmosphere
Apart from appreciating the buildings and enjoying histories, most of the tourists hold much curiosity for the imperial atmosphere. This kind of atmosphere can be found anywhere, from the decoration, the inner arrangements and the layout of building. Just imagine you are the emperor, enjoying the luxurious treatment. It is a kind of great feeling just aroused in the imperial building appreciating.

If you want to have a deep understanding about China, join us!

Three Ideas to Access Old Beijing Culture

It is very hard to access old Beijing culture until to be the Beijing citizens. Now, we offered three methods leading you to depth understanding old Beijing culture.

Wandering along Beijing Hutong: as the landmark of Old Beijing, Hutong has housed profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. Beijing Hutong and the courtyards are the only domestic habitats of their kind in the world. Visiting Beijing Hutong is better chance to experience the life, history and culture first-hand in this city.

Savor Peking Roast Duck:  With glorious fame and long history, Peking Roast Duck is the best known dish in the tourists. From it, tourists not only could smell Beijing past but modern flavor. Complex cooking procedure and unique flavor, Peking Roast Duck always can bring fresh experience.

Enjoy Peking Opera: after savoring Hutong and Peking Roast Duck, it is best method to enjoy the Peking Opera. As the traditional Beijing art, Peking Opera reflected many tastes of Beijing original times. With unique combination of music, vocal performance, mime, etc, it is an ideal medium for interpretation and performance of traditional and historic myth and legend.

Historical Summer Resort - Old Summer Palace

For summer holiday in Beijing, visit a garden full of green coverage will be a nice choice. Among so many historical sites and imperial gardens, Old Summer Palace is always forgotten by tourists. To get rid of summer heat and learn more about Beijing, Old Summer Palace is also regarded as a right place.

Old Summer Palace

Incomparable History
Although, Old Summer Palace has been destroyed in the past wars, it also conquered with unique tranquility, fresh atmosphere and the historical relics. Most important thing is that it is the history witness. Being built in Kangxi reign of Qing Dynasty, Old Summer Palace experienced about 100 years' construction. It was enlarged and expanded to a largest-scale imperial garden for summer resort and pleasure. With the coverage area of about 350 hectares, it has attracted much attention no matter in the modern days or the past years. Wandering along this historical delicate garden, tourists could enjoy the ancient history appreciating these ruined wonders. Also, they could enjoy the tranquil environment sitting down. Especially during the summer holidays, all the surrounded residences and tourists will come here for summer relaxed. At this time, this palace will recover its lively atmosphere.

Marvelous Building Construction
Old Summer Palace both enjoy summer relaxed and history records. Basically, this large scale area is composed by three main parts, Yuanmingyuan, Wanchunyuan and Changchunyuan. Tourists here can just take in its unique beauty. More than hundreds of scenic spots gathered here making up exquisite halls, pavilions, lakes, rivers and ponds. Sitting on the ruined stones, you will find these stones or the ruined architecture showed western style building. It is right that this mysterious garden gathered the traditional building style. If you are very interested in the background history, you can choose the video room to appreciate the Old Summer Palace Recovery Scene to enjoy the unique beauty and grand atmosphere. All the ruined scenic spots are piled up forming a complete beautiful picture mixing western style charming, Chinese traditional carving skill and the terrific designing ideas. After that, then enjoy what you are interested, roaming in your imagination. This time, you will find the essence of your summer holiday here.

Boating in the water lakes to enjoy the surroundings, you will be completely impressed by the defective beauty of Old Summer Palace!

Tips for Visiting Beijing Imperial Gardens

For most of the tourists, they would like to enjoy Beijing imperial gardens. For these imperial gardens, tourists not only could enjoy the natural breathtaking sceneries but also get the deep understanding about the background and cultivating sentiment.

Summer Palace

Tip 1: Design Destination according to Interests
For the top imperial gardens in Beijing, most famous are Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace, Beihai Park and Jinshan Park. Each of them houses typical features and appearances. Before starting your imperial gardens visiting, you should consider which one you held many interests. Built with different themes, these imperial gardens stored various features. Such as the Old Summer Palace, if you want to enjoy the ruined imperial garden to deeply research the background and history, you can choose the Old Summer Palace. Now, it still preserved the original ruined appearance. If you are very interested in the breathtaking sceneries and long-time wandering, Summer Palace and Beihai Park are all available.

Tip 2: Design Destination According to the Season Feature
Get your favorite destination, you should consider when is the best time to visit. As well all know, each garden will show its utmost beautiful in different period. Such as the Summer Palace, it will turn luxurious breathtaking and beautiful in the late spring and late autumn. However, the best time to visit Fragrant Hills Park is in the autumn, because during this period, the mountain will be full of red leaves, extremely marvelous. One point attention is that no matter when you decide to adventure, getting rid of the public holidays and the week days are ideal, because tourists will become more crowded during this time.

Tip 3: Seize the Theme Spot of Destination
During the journey, it is very popular for taking pictures with these sceneries. However, have you got which part is the important spot in your attraction? It will be regret just wandering and taking pictures with the plants and trees as well as the water areas. If you get to Summer Palace, the key points are the Marble Boat, Kunming Lake and the Tower of Fragrant Buddha as well as the Suzhou Street. Especially the Suzhou Street, it tells tourists much about the garden style in the south China area. If you are in the fragrant, it will be certainly the Red Leaves.

Beijing Imperial Gardens are popular and flourishing. It will be easy to travel after grasping the features!

Cool Stay in Beijing Yunmeng Mountain

Searching for a nice scenic spot for summer tour in Beijing? Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park will be a good choice. Cool stay here in the scenic area, you will get a comfortable journey.

Beijing Yunmeng Mountain

Appearance of Yunmeng Mountain Forest Park
Lying between Miyun County and Huairou District of Beijing, Yunmeng Mountain is a part of Yanshan Mountains. For the tranquil environment and charming sceneries, this site has become one of the most famous tourism scenic spot, especially during summer holiday. Compared to other scenic spots, Yunmeng Mountain housed the big treasure. It offered national forest parks. Once arriving in this wonderful land, tourists will be impressed by the lofty peaks, deep valleys, peculiar rocks, luxuriant trees and blossoming flowers. For these natural-formed wonders, Yunmeng Mountain gains the high fame as the Small Yellow Mountain in Beijing. It is truly a nice resort for enjoying a typical summer holiday.

Best Time, Best Treasure
For the summer season during the July and August, it is best time to admire the sea of the clouds. This time, you could regard yourself as a fairy flying to the heaven world. Especially in the morning or on the rainy days, one could get to the mountainside to admire the clouds and mist filling in the air. It is extremely charming to see the mist in the forest gathering and rising slowly. They are enveloping the lower mountaintops and the valleys. Appreciated from the far distance, the green hills are partly hidden and partly visible in the thick mist. This phenomenon is really enjoyable - like the tourists immersed in fairyland.

Other Focus in Yunmeng Mountain
In addition to the breathtaking sceneries and sea of clouds, there is another focus - Waterscape. The delicate Tiger Bath Pool is surrounded by clumps of reeds. It is just like the wild nature without any man-made decoration. During summer holiday, this pool will conduct its full function, not only bringing the coolness but also the interesting activities. This pool gets the name from a legend that a tiger had bathed there. Moreover, there are Tiger Sleeping Pool, Jingshen Pool and the Habitat Eagle Fall. Among them, the most famous one is the Four Fog Pools. It housed four pools formed different waterfalls. Each of them housed typical feature and appearance.

Welcome your summer holiday! Yunmeng Mountain will show the utmost beauty!

Top Bakeries in Beijing

For many of tourists, during the Beijing tour, they would like to explore the bakeries for enjoy the various fresh and delicious bread. Among these bakeries, I will introduce you the top three.

Kempi Deli: In Chinese, this bakery called Kai Bin Miao Bao Fang. Located in the Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, this bakery gained high fame for the delicious Baked Cheese Cake, Black Forest Cake and Strawberry Cheese Cake, etc. The average cost is CNY 54 per Person.

The Pastisserie: In Chinese, it called Su Yuan. Located in the East Changan Street, Dongcheng Dustrict, Su Yuan Bakery is very famous for the Tiramisu, Chocolate, Brandy Chocolate and Cheese Cake. The average price per Person is CNY 60.

Justine's Pastissrie: In Chinese, this bakery called Jian Guo Xi Dian. It is located in the Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District. The recommended dishes here are Cheese Cake, Mousse Cake, Chocolate and Matcha Cake. The average price is CNY 35.

Strange Yangguan Great Wall

Housing profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Chinese Great Wall has attracted loads of attention among tourists. Among different Great Wall sections, the most mysterious one will be the Yangguan Pass. Now, let us walk into it.

Yangguan Great Wall

Mysterious Origin of Yangguan Great Wall
Just located in the Nanhu Village, Gansu Province, Yangguan Great Wall was endowed to the typical folk culture. In Chinese history, this section plays a very important role as one of the two important western passes of Great Wall in Western Han Dynasty. In order to consolidate the frontier defense as well as developing the remote western region, this Great Walls section was built up by the Emperor Wu.

Story of Yangguan Great Wall
About the name of this mysterious Great Wall, Yangguan Pass has its own meaning. In Chinese, Yang has the meaning of south. Because it is located in the south of famous Yumenguan Pass, local people gave it another name of Yumenguan Pass. Getting together with the Yumenguan Pass, Yangguan Pass also witnessed the typical prosperity of ancient Silk Road. About in the Tang Dynasty, this section welcomed the glorious return of Xuan Zang who was a great monk pilgrimage to the west in search of Buddhist scriptures. For most of Chinese people, they must get the important pass mainly from the poem Farewell to Yuaner to Take Office in Anxi. It is written by Wang Wei who was a famous poet in Tang Dynasty. From the last two sentences, 'Oh, my friend, I sincerely entreat you to have another cup of wine; you will see no more friends west out of the Yangguan Pass'. In the Song and Ming Dynasties, because the Silk Road declined, this Great Wall section was gradually forgotten by the people.

Appearance of Yangguan Pass
Experience so many years, the flowing dunes have eroded this pass into a broken beacon tower, standing alone in the boundless desert. Measuring about 15.4 feet high and 8.7 yards wide, Yangguan Pass has lost the walls for the wind and the buried under earth. Located in the south to the pass, there is a Curio Beach. As a small valley, it has been regarded as the most valuable treasure. From this small valley, tourists could find loads of tiles from different dynasties, including the coins, weapons and decorations, etc.

In modern days, Yangguan Pass is not only a historical place of recalling the remote past but also a hometown of tasty grapes.

Why Beijing Night Tour is More and More Popular

As the metropolis of China, Beijing really could be regarded as the holy land of diversity sightseeing, natural beauties, imperial buildings and the glorious modern appearance. For the flourishing sightseeing, Beijing night tour is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Why?

Night View of Bird's Nest

Typical Night Charming
For the Beijing Attractions, many of them could realize their real value only at night, such as the CCTV Tower, Beijing Hutong and some modern plazas. Only at night, for tourists who are interested in the modern Beijing appearance, they could research the real faster developing country tastes. Standing at the foot of CCTV Tower, under the highest neon lighting, you could easily smell the fashionable Beijing. However, for the tourists who are interested in the Beijing old Hutong culture, night will also be the ideal time. Once the night fell, everything in the narrow lane will be recovered to the peaceful appearance. During this time, walking along the small lanes, listening to the local residences' gossiping, deep old Beijing will immediately poured into your mind and heart. Apart from these, many colorful shows are also exhibited in the night adding more miracle feelings to the Beijing travelers.

Leisurely Night Environment
If you say the Beijing night sightseeing is colorful, then the big feature of Beijing night will be the tranquility and peaceful environment. Typical tranquility is the first element forming the wonderful Beijing night. For the tourists tired of the noisy of Beijing, night will be the ideal moment to experience Beijing other appearances. Just choose what you want and what you liked, sitting down, listening to the voice Beijing night sent out, you will find you have researched the real Beijing.

Money-saving Treasure
For the Beijing night tourists, they will gain the big harvest. Apart from the typical charming night sceneries, peaceful night environment, tourists could explore money-saving spots. For the night tour, tourists just only need to appreciate the typical night appearance of Beijing without spending the sightseeing tickets and any forced shopping processes. Just leisurely wandering around the area what they like, fully mixed into the wonders!

Beijing night tour will be getting more and more popular in the future days. It is really a best idea for large group of tourists who are interested in typical free pace enjoying!

Leisure in Fragrant Hills Park

Autumn is becoming, more and more tourists started to plan for the leisurely autumn holiday. Having a special enjoy for the coming autumn season will be a terrific thing. Today, things to do in Beijing will take you to enjoy the typical charming sceneries in Beijing Fragrant Hills Park.

Fragrant Hills Park

Unbeatable Glorious History
Just located in the east of western hills, the Fragrant Hills Park is a very large garden with large scale and luxuriant hills. It not only boasts of the natural sceneries but also the cultural relics. For the building history of this park, it underwent painstaking years. First built in the Jin Dynasty, it was extended to a large scale area in the Yuan and Ming dynasties. Until, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, he ordered to the addition of many new hills, pavilions and gardens. That time, it got the name called Jingyi Garden. Unfortunately, after the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace were set on fire, loads of relics in this park were heavily damaged. Since the year of 1949, with long-time restoration and reconstruction, this park got a high fame as one of the ten most famous parks in Beijing.

Special Scenery in Fragrant Hills Park
For the brightest spot of this park, it will endow to the red leaves over the mountains. When the autumn comes, fiery red leaves blankets the entire mountain. Each year, there will be thousands of tourists coming for enjoying the special atmosphere. During the appreciation journey, the cable car will be an ideal choice. For the tourists, there are two routes for appreciating the red leaves. The first one is to go along the north rout. Here, tourists could see Spectacles Lake, Study of Reading Heart, Bright Temple, etc. Spectacles Lake is a charming lake divided half by a bridge. Study of Reading Heart was built in the Ming Dynasty. The other route leads to the south area of it. Main attractions along the route include Tranquility Green Lake, Shuangqing Villa and Fragrant Temple, etc. On the route, one place needs special attention - Shuangqing Villa. It is not only famous for the natural landscapes inside but also for its place in Chinese history. It was once the residence of Chairman Mao Zedong and an early sight for the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

If you are enjoying Beijing tour, added Fragrant Hills Park into your order!

Significance of the Great Wall

Great Wall has been rented as the landmark of China. It has influenced Chinese history and development. In other words, Great Wall is the witness of Chinese culture and history. Today, let us walk into the significance that Great Wall brought!

Great Wall in China

Influence on Chinese History
Since the Great Wall started to be built, they had become the symbol and the representative of great China. For the two thousand years, any one could not divide the Great Wall, so they could not divide China. As the military defense system, Great Wall, in some degree more symbolized Chinese military industry, national safety and national consolidation. Earlier in the South Song Dynasty, Great Wall has the same meaning as the national defense. During the Ming Dynasty, the symbolic significance of Great Wall spread abroad. In the Anti-Japanese War, Great Wall also conducted a very key function. It wakens all the Chinese people to fight against with strong heart. Later, in the national anthem, Great Wall also appeared to inspire the soul of Chinese people. Some people always said that you will do not know China without appreciating the Great Wall. It is equal that tourists never leave China without climbing the Great Wall. For the strong influence that Great Wall aroused always promote Chinese civilization.

Influence on the World
About the strong and long-distance wall buildings, Great Wall not only arouses deep influence on China but also in the world. In the earlier time, all the foreigners have no chance to enjoy this wonder. It is certainly there were no certain concepts in their mind. Until standing at the foot of Great Wall, their ideas to China have been changed. It is said that in the year of 1793, the famous ambassador of England came to China, they passed through the Gubeikou Great Wall and got close to the legendary world wonder. After that, they designed the famous China Landscapes. This picture of China landscapes vividly described the Great Wall shape and appearance zigzagging, falling and down stretching to the far distance. Later, there were celebrities recorded for this picture: if the Great Wall is just the appearance the picture said and illustrated, it is no doubt that the most magnificent building that built by the hands in the world.

Great Wall is truly all the signs that the world people. If you want to really mixed to this elegant atmosphere, join us!

Why Real Art Laid in 798 Art Zone

To appreciate the real art, widen vision, Beijing 798 Art Zone will be an ideal choice. For the travelers who are on Beijing tour, 798 Art Zone is a must-explore place. Why?

798 Arit Zone

Incomparable Background
Earlier named as 798 Factory, 798 Art Zone was built in the year of 1950. With the coverage area of 0.6 square kilometers, this art zone has been highly praised by the modern art. It has been rented as the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art. Also it is the world famous cultural and creative industries centralized area. About its history, it is mysterious. In the earlier time, this art zone was ever the North China Wireless Joint Equipment factory. After that, the corporation moved out of the Dashanzi District and leased those plants. The typical architectural style, simple and varied composition all followed the Bauhaus way. Attracted by the delicate design, convenient traffic, unique style of Bauhaus architecture, many art organizations and artists came to rent the vacant plants and transformed theme. Gradually, it formed a district gathering various galleries, art studios, cultural companies and fashionable shops, etc.

Amazing Modern Appearance
After experiencing the redecoration and new ideas, 798 Art Zone has attracted loads of attention from the media of the world. It has been regarded as the fashionable mark building of modern Beijing. Various modern shops, restaurants, studios and galleries all established here adding many atmosphere to this place. Until the end of 2008, there are more than 400 cultural organizations, from Japan, France, Italy and the Hong Kong, many countries and regions have established here. What the most attractive is that it always held important international art exhibitions and art activities as well as the fashion shows. In order to expand the reputation of 798 Art Zone, there are certain festivals always held here attracting more and more art fans.

Interesting Places
Apart from the real art, the art zone also opened many interesting places to entertaining tourists. The most famous is the 798 Photo to Gallery. Most of the pictures or photos developed by the owner Chen Guanjun himself. They are all rare in other places. There are high-class cafe shops where the tourists said that the coffee here is much better than the Starbucks. For the families, there is the ideal family-style restaurant. Typical sweet and savory pancakes could be tasted here.

There are many shocking wonders established in 798 Art Zone. Maybe you love here!

Top Beijing Courtyards to Visit

As mention of Beijing Hutong, we should not forget to talk about Beijing courtyards. For enjoying the authentic old Beijing culture and history, the best way is to enjoy the top Beijing courtyards.

Former Residences of Luxun: Located in the west of Fucheng Gate, Former Residence of Luxun told much about Luxun lifetime. It is an ideal place to tell you the real appearance of Beijing courtyard. It is a simple one house housing blossoming flowers making this house elegant and colorful.

Former Residence of Soong Chingling: Regarded as one of the greatest ladies of twentieth century, Soong Chingling just lived in this courtyard. Located near the bank of north Houhai Park, the courtyard greeted all the tourists with quiet and beautiful appearance. Lying in tasteful surroundings, it is an ideal place to recall its master and the old Beijing courtyard history.

Former Residence of Guo Moruo: Famed as an excellent writer and scholar, Guo Moruo spent his last 15 years in this courtyard. Located in the Qian Hai West Street, this big courtyard has recorded long history and deep traditional Hutong culture. The most important is that it recorded the great masterpiece Guo Moruo made in his lifetime.

Summer Stay in Gubei Water Town

Yes, it is indeed that Gubeikou Great Wall is very familiar to everyone in Beijing. However, have you heard of Gubei Water Town? What the relationship between Gubeikou Great Wall and Gubei Water Town? Do you want to enjoy a leisurely summer holiday here? Today, I would like to lead you walk into this tranquil water town to experience its typical and treasures inside.

Gubei Water Town

Overview of Gubei Water Town
Located in Miyun County, Gubei Water Town is surrounded by the beautiful Mandarin Duck Lake Reservoir and leans against Simatai Great Wall. It enjoyed a high fame as Wuzhen in Beijing. So, you could imagine its tranquil beauty and charm. Featured as the northern architectural style and profound history of late Qing Dynasty, Gubei Water Town is endowed to the deep culture. First time stepped into this town, you will find this place retained many courtyard style buildings. Because of the five ancient villages and water resource, this town has developed into a large scale sightseeing destination. Especially during summer, tourists will come here for getting rid of the summer heat. Covering a large scale area of 3.5 square miles, this holiday resort is composed by two scenic districts, Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall.

Landscapes in Gubei Water Town
With long history, Gubei Water Town embraced an old fashioned simplicity and elegance. It is old for the rows of houses, old streets and long hutongs. There are delicate rivers located alongside adding the feeling of south China. The most attractive moment will be the night falling when the town shows tranquil and cozy atmosphere. There are many scenic spots here including the Blocks of the Republic of China, Old Camp Site and the Water Streets Region, etc. Apart from the natural sightseeing, the local custom is another attractive item. For the tourists who are very interested in the Chinese Wine, Sima Liquor distillery is a very nice place. Also, you could spend your treasure time in the Yinghua Academy where you could experience many Confucian classics, historical records and philosophical writings. If you have enough time, you could have special attention on the different-themed hotels here. Any of the special-built hotels could fulfill any visitor taste.

Leisurely staying in Gubei Water Town, tasting local snacks and the breathtaking sceneries as well as the tranquil cozy environment, just connect us!

Walking into Time-honored Dashilan Street

For most of the tourists, they always miss this treasure commercial street of Beijing - Dashilan. It is a mysterious street selling the most famous old Beijing commodities. Now, let us walk into it!

Beijing Dashilan

Profound History of Dashilan
In Beijing, Dashilan gains high fame as the most ancient, famous and distinctive commercial street in Beijing Hutong. For the best location surrounded by landmarks of Beijing, Dashilan receives thousands of tourists from home and abroad. For the history of Dashilan, it could be traced back to Yuan Dynasty. During the long time, it was burned down twice. Although it has been destroyed too much, most of the architectures were preserved.

Time-honored Brands in Dashilan
There is always widespread saying among the folk that if you want to appreciate the sideshow, go to the Tianqiao; if you want to enjoy shopping, go to Dashilan. For wearing the hats, Majuyuan is the ideal choice; to buy shoes, go to Neiliansheng; purchasing the silk fabric, go to Ruifuxiang. These shops have been popular in the ancient times. For the hat shop, Majuyuan also experienced a long history. For the wealth people, they always choose wear the hat of Majuyuan to show off their dignity. For the shoes shop, Neiliansheng will be the perfect choice. In China, this shop has the meaning of promote. So, it attracted loads of businessmen to swim into. Now, this shop has enlarged housing various shoes in different age steps. Ruifuxiang is a silk store. Tourists who are very interested in the silk materials, this shop will be the must-enjoy place. In China, the name of shop also has special meaning. Rui and Fu and Xiang referred to good luck.

Tips in Dashilan
If you come to Dashilan for sightseeing, please notice that the motor vehicles and bicycles are not allowed stop here. You could take the bus and walk some minutes. Another point is that there was no public toilet in Dashilan. If you want to relieve, there are free toilets provided at the west end and outside the Xiaoqijia Hutong nearby.

In addition to the time-honored shops in Dashilan, it is also the center of entertainment. If you are interested in this area, enjoy typical Beijing holiday here!

Enjoy Deep Breath in Taoranting Park

For the summer holiday, most of people want to stay at home for fully relaxed getting rid of the summer heat. However, for the smart travelers, they will go out to research the freshest atmosphere of summer season. For summer tour in Beijing, it will be ideal paradise land to enjoy deep breath in Taoranting Park.

Beijing Taoranting Park

Picturesque Appearance of Taoranting Park
Among local citizens, Taoranting Park has another name called Joyful Park. It is truly a paradise land for the tourist to experience typical summer holiday. Located in Xuanwu District, this park is endowed to the ideal feature - tranquil. With the coverage area of 59 hectares, this park housed large scale of water area. It is not only a cultural park but also a historical park housing ancient construction styles and modern design. No matter in the domestic or the foreign tourists, this park has received a high fame. Once arriving at this park, tourists will be first fascinated by the natural sceneries and the cozy environment.

Inner Treasure Buildings
Wandering in this park, tourists will be first impressed by the treasure pavilion - Taoran Pavilion, the symbol of the park. Together with Aiwan Pavilion in Changsha, Zuiweng Pavilion in Chuzhou and the Huxin Pavilion in Hangzhou, it is regarded as the one of Chinese four famous historical pavilions. Built in the Qing Dynasty, Taoran Pavilion is always enjoying high fame. During that time, every day there will be many scholars coming here reciting and composing poetry and essay or just enjoying fully relaxed. Admiring the breathtaking sceneries will be the main process. The Taoran Pavilion is part of Cibei Temple. This Cibei Temple is not only a scenic spot but a museum housing loads of cultural relics. If you are very interested in this temple, the history records could fascinate you. In addition, the stele inscriptions exhibited will lure you with more amazing features.

Other Miracle Spots
Having gained the natural scenic spots, tourists could get the essence of the park. The famous Mini Golf Center provides a large scale area for tourists entertaining and playing. For the tourists who are interested in the water, the Water Land will satisfy your desire of seeking happiness. To see the Peacock, China Rose will be more interesting.

Season Features of Beijing

For the tourists exploring Beijing, getting understanding about the four season feature will be a very important thing. Beijing weather is characterized by the clear distinction of four seasons.

Spring: for the spring Beijing, tourists should wear the lightweight clothing. Spring is warm, windy and dry but the temperature varied sharply between the day and night. So, dressing warmly when night going will be more important!

Summer: Summer in Beijing is very hot with abundant rainfall. So, light clothes are needed during this period. Eve in the sunlight day, there may be appearing the heavy rainstorm. So, when you are going out, umbrella and the raincoat are important.

Autumn: Autumn season is ideal period for going out for travelling and appreciating. Beijing will enjoy mild temperature and plenty of sunshine. The ideal attractions for exploring in Beijing autumn will be climbing Great Wall and appreciating the Fragrant Hill.

Winter: Winter in Beijing is cold, dry and long period. Wearing wool sweaters and thick down coasts for winter will be smart. During this period, winter sports are the most popular attraction.

Special Visit to Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Beijing has become the must-explore city in China among tourists from all over the world. Among Beijing scenic spots, the most attractive will be the Great Wall. Long distance, dragon style equipped with tranquility and unique charming made the Great Wall list as world wonder. Today, I would like to lead you enjoy the typical Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Typical Feature of Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Maybe for the tourists, Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall are the most famous. However, Huanghuacheng is the most famous summer resort among locals. Also equipped with profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Huanghuacheng Great Wall was built in the Ming Dynasty. Located in the Huairou District, the Great Wall has been surrounded by typical charming landscapes. Measuring about 10,800 meters long, Huanghuacheng Great Wall is a resort with mountains, lakes and the ancient wall. For the fans of photographers, it is the ideal place. For the beautiful name, because during the summer, the entire village under the foot of the wall will be full of yellow wild flowers, so this village got the name of Huanghuacheng and the Great Wall is endowed the name of Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

Legend about the Characters of Jin Tang
Once arrival in Huanghuacheng Great Wall, tourists wills see the two big characters on the cliff by the wall. These two words have the meaning of the firm and strong. Most interesting is that there is a legend about the origin of these characters. It is said that in the Ming Dynasty, the emperor ordered a man called Cai Kai to build this Great Wall. For building this Great all attraction, it took about many years, so the emperor got very angry while many ministers scolded that Cai Kai had spent too much money. At last, Cai Kai was beheaded. Later, when the emperor checked this Great Wall, he found it was built very strong and firm. He found he had treated Cai Kai unjustly. Then he ordered the craftsmen to crave these two characters. After that, this wall is also called Jintang Great Wall.

Things to Do on Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Visit this section of the Great Wall, it is said there are four things to do. The most important one is taking photos here with the typical charming sceneries. Since the lake breaks this section into these segments naturally, the uniqueness will surprise you!

If you want to take pictures with the ideal Great Wall environment, Huanghuacheng Great Wall is right!

Visit Chinese Military Museum

For most of the tourists in Beijing, landmark buildings like Great Wall, Forbidden City as well as other imperial buildings are the must-enjoy places. However, in addition to these dazzling attractions, there is another place will lure your interests. Roaming in this place, you will get more about Chinese military developing condition. Things to do in Beijing is just to roam in the Military Museum.

Chinese Military Museum

Grand Layout of Military Museum
Built in the year of 1959, Chinese Military Museum was established to celebrate the foundation of People's Republic of China. It is the only military museum in China with large scale area of 93,700 square meters. Upon entry into this museum, you will be impressed by the history and culture of China army first. Solemn atmosphere and grand building will add more interests to your visit here. Measuring about 94.7 meters tall, the main building of this museum is divided into 7 floors. The design is typical with the main building equipped four-storey two wings. It is very clear to see the gild Badge of Chinese Army. What the most important is that the name for this one is give by the great Chinese leader - Chairman Mao Zedong.

Delicate Inner Arrangements
To fully feel the ancient war and various aircrafts, enter into for detail appreciation is must. The how museum is composed by 22 halls and 2 squares. There are 9 basic halls and each of them has their own function and typical feature. For the tourists who are very interested in the revolution war, the first floor will satisfy your sentiment. The Hall of the Agrarian Revolutionary War is on the left side. From this hall, you will receive deep influence about the history of revolutionary wars against feudal land system. The feeling to the past year will be stronger. If you are very keen on the weapons, the Hall of the Weapons in the center will arouse your strong interests. For most of the tourists coming here, they always come to the third floor, because in this floor, tourists could get closer to Chinese war history from the early Qin Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. The splendid Chinese military culture of more than five thousand years is well-displayed in the line of history.

Admission to this military museum is free only by your identification card or the passport. It is really a nice place to get more about Chinese military industry!

Fully Relaxed in Beijing Olympic Water Park

Get rid of the summer heat, going out to research the dazzling cool resort will be an ideal choice. All-inclusive water areas in Beijing are all popular in the tourists. However, the awe-inspiring one will be the famous Beijing Olympic Water Park.

Beijing Olympic Water Park

Fabulous Layout of Beijing Olympic Water Park
Just located in Shunyi District, Beijing City, the Olympic Water Park gained the first advanced location, tranquil Beijing suburb area. It is built for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and experienced 7 month' construction. With the coverage area of about 302 square meters, it is the main site for holding all the rowing games. Being surrounded by charming environment, it has been regarded as the most ideal tourism resort. What the most features are it always combined the Slalom Site and the Hydrostatic field; graceful environment, natural, green and soft. After the Olympic Game is over, this water park has become a very famous water area for inspiring summer season. Upon arrival in this area, a kind of fresh feeling will pour into your mind and vision. Being surrounded by charming environment, it has been regarded as the most ideal tourism resort. What the most features are it always combined the Slalom Site and the Hydrostatic field; graceful environment, natural, green and soft.

Entertainment in Beijing Olympic Water Park
Coming to this park, the first feature will influence your mind. Water is different and typical here. It seemed that the water here has life, vigorous and alive. Mixed into the surrounded environments, it showed more fabulous and wonderful. Every summer, this park will be full of children and young people. They came here just to enjoy the soft water and exciting feeling that the water brought to them. It is particular that the water here could create a kind of harmonious atmosphere. If you have enough time, you would find it will be more interesting about the water and the water activities. Advanced water facilities offered great chance to the tourists to fully explore this holy land feeling the Olympic spirits. Besides, this park also established the five theme lyrical scenic spots. When you are boating with your lover, you will be slowly lost in the breathtaking picture.

Beijing Olympic Water Park is an ideal place for both of the summer relaxed and wonderful water picture! If you are still hesitating, join us!

Destinations for Beijing Nightlife

Apart from Beijing top highlights, Great Wall, Forbidden City and some other modern buildings, Beijing nightlife is also regarded as the most dazzling scenic spot in the tourists. However, for terrific Beijing nightlife, there are also many destinations to enjoy.

Beijing Night Show: If you are very interested in the art performance, at night you could choose to appreciate some night performances, Peking Opera, Acrobatic Show and Kung Fu performance. Each of them stored their own features and characters. As the quintessence of Chinese culture, Beijing Opera show is the most attractive.

Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street: With modern theme and glorious location, Sanlitun Bar Street is the most attractive spot in the tourists. Nowadays, it has been regarded as the landmark of Beijing nightlife. For the young tourists who are keen on the pop music, Sanlitun will be an ideal choice.

Leisurely Wandering: For some tourists, they are very interested in the tranquility and leisurely wandering. If you are very interested in old Beijing culture, you could walk along the Beijing Hutong. If you are very interested in the modern atmosphere, you could come to the CCTV Tower for closer appreciation!

Great Wall Fortification Design

For the Great Wall of China, tourists not only appreciate the magnificent appearance but also very interested in the background, wall buildings, watch towers and some wooden designs, etc. Each of them in the ancient times has certain ideas. Now, I would like to lead you to walk into the ancient Great Wall Fortification Design.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall Passes
From the original time, Great Wall was built for fighting against the enemies. It passed through the hills and dales with typical architecture. During the magnificent project, there are many different kinds of designs for the fortification. First is the typical design of Great Wall Passes. During the Great Wall building, passes were regarded as the most massive defense beachheads on the wall. The main components were always the square walls, gates, gate towers and moats. The most famous period was the Ming Dynasty when there were over one thousand passes. Among these passes, notable ones are Shanhaiguan, Huangyaguan and Juyongguan. Not far away from these big passes, there is small passes established.

Great Wall Beacon Towers
During the ancient times, Great Wall beacon towers were always used to pass military message. It is common that these Great Wall beacon towers were always built on the mountains or high locations to watching the enemies' movements. Because of the unique function, they are rented as the oldest effective telegraph system in Chinese history. Because in the daytime, it is very hard to see the fire, the soldiers took advantage of smoke to pass the message. When night falls, they set fire for sending the message. In the Ming Dynasty, the method was developed. Giving off smoke one time together with a gun shooting suggests that there were about one hundred enemies approaching. In the Ming Dynasty, they also paid much attention on the Great Wall beacon towers. They were always built on the dangerous peaks or wandering paths.

Walls of Great Wall
In the Great Wall construction, walls are the main part. In the magnificent construction, walls play a very important role connecting the passes, beacon towers watch towers and other military structures together. Especially in the vital sections, the walls are built very firm and strong. In some important sections, walls were built layer after layer to block off the enemies who have already reached the walls.

The Great Wall of China gather numerous painstaking and wisdom. It is the treasure deserved to appreciate.

Take a Deep Breath in Western Hills National Forests Park

For Beijing summer holiday, there are many places to enjoy and explore. However, if you want to have a deep breath getting rid of the bustle city life, Western Hills National Forests Park will be an ideal choice.

Natural Resources in Western Hills National Forests Park
Beijing Western Hills National Forests Park

Just located in the suburb area of Beijing City, Western Hills National Forests Park is endowed to the advanced feature - tranquility. Every tourist here is very willing to enjoy the natural decorations and typical tranquil environment. In the year of 1984, this park was built and it has undergone long years developed into five scenic spots. With the coverage area of about 60 square kilometers, it becomes a must-enjoy place among locals in Beijing. Only the forests area, it reached about 52 square kilometers. Due to the advanced location in the temperate zone, it becomes the home of some wildlife. Once enter into this park, what impressed will be the various rare plants, species of birds and lovely creatures. Here not only housed the animals and the plants, but also many historical relics. It is said that in the Ming Dynasty, the hillside near is the royal burial site. Besides this, many famous temples are located here, too.

Charming Scenery in Western Hills National Forests Park
Beijing Western Hills National Forests Park

Compared to other parks, Western Hills National Forests Park housed many various fruits. During summer holiday, you would smell the typical flavor of the peaches. A large scale of apricot trees planted on the mountain adding more typical color and fresh tastes to this area. Most of the tourists are willing to have camp here. Sitting in the forests, listening to the birds singing and charming surroundings, fully feel the colorful nature, cultivate sentiment and mood. In the early summer, the fruit flowers are blossoming. In the middle of summer, little fruits will appear their lovely appearance. In the late summer, all the fresh leaves will form a big screen. If you come to this park, one spot you should not miss is the Baiwangshan Forest Park. It is truly a beautiful tourist destination combining unique cultural sight. Walking inside, you will find many amazing scenic spots. It is a terrific pace to have a summer education about environment protection and patriotism.

There are many luring attractions under construction. For Summer Holiday destination, just choose Western Hills National Forests Park!

Enjoy Beijing Night Performance

As the capital city of China, Beijing is also a cultural center. After exploring the representative attractions, watch colorful night performance is a nice treatment. Housing variety of performing arts and folk arts, each of them could satisfy your desire of night feeling.

Dazzling Paradise for Vocal Concert and Music
National Grand Theater

Just adjacent to Tiananmen Square and the Great Hall of the People, National Grand Theater will be an ideal choice to taste Beijing nightlife and deep cultural art. With the coverage area more than 118,900 square meters, this theater will receive loads of tourists every day. Under the help of Tsinghua University, National Grand Theater experienced over 10 years' construction. The north entrance is just beside the subway entrance of Tiananmen West Stop by Subway Line 1. There is a ticket selling hall there for offering service to the tourists. On the journey to pass through the dreamlike corridor under the water, tourists could gain a lot appreciating the drama hall, opera hall. Every day, there will be top-class performance put on. For the art fan, National Grand Theater is truly a nice place.

Typical Land for Folk Show
Kungfu Show in Red Theater

If you hold mysterious interests in the Folk Show, Beijing Red Theater will be an ideal place. In this theater, you will get the growth of Chinese Martial Art Show, culture and background. For the famous Kung Fu Show put on the Red Theater, it is composed by six scenes. The main actors are a group of marvelous Kung Fu practitioners from all over the world. Although the ages of them are all between 17 years old, they have been major in Chinese Kung Fu for years. For the facilities of this theater, sitting in it, tourists could get the unique impression. The two-storey theater takes a series of innovations on stage scenery, acoustics and lights. What the most important is that there established the electronic screen displaying the show subtitles in English. If you are very interested in the actors, after the show, you could take pictures with them. Besides, there is Puppet Art Theater for tourists to enjoy the typical Puppet Art. This time, taking your children here will be more meaningful!

If you like, these art paradises are always waiting for you!

Beijing Silver Fox Cave Summer Tour

Looking for the destination where tourists could not only enjoy breathtaking sceneries, getting fully summer relaxed but also trying some adventurous exploration? Beijing Silver Cave will be a terrific choice.

Beiing Silver Fox Cave

Unexpected Fresh Layout of Silver Fox Cave
Silver Fox Cave is called Yinhu Dong in China. From the name, you may guess some ideas. It gets the most famous reputation for amazing fox-like stalactite. Located in Fangshan District, this cave will leave the fresh visitors mysterious feelings. It is featured by karst landscape wonders and clean underground rivers. It is truly a heaven-wonder in north of China. Once enter into this cave, you will be attracted by its freshness, typical coolness and extremely beauty. It is truly a wonderful spectacle with excellent multilayer karst cave. Measuring about 5,000 meters long, 3,000 meters long areas is open to the tourists. During summer tour, you will be impressed by over 90 distinctive sights with dazzling appearance.

Delicate Scenic Spots
Because of the location of suburb area, Silver Fox Cave stood the advanced condition, cozy and cool environment. So, it is an ideal place for enjoying summer relaxed with friends and families. In the cave, there are various stalactites, grand stone pillars and stone waterfalls, etc. What the most important is that there are some precious stone grapes, brilliant stone pearls could be seen here. By contrast, you many feel as if you were dropping into the south China land. For the tourists who are interested in the stone flowers, you could get satisfied here. For the name of this cave, the surprising stalactite is just like the head of this cat. It is regarded as the treasure of China. Measuring about 2 meters long, this white stalactite is just like a splendid jade carving.

Boating on the Rivers
If you think the breathtaking scenery and mysterious cave have been enough, then you are wrong. For the main paradise enjoyment is boating here. Meandering underground rivers penetrate as deep as more than 100 meters. Tourists here during summer tour could have a leisurely boating experience. It is said the winding waters here stored high quality with many beneficial microelements. Appreciate breathtaking scenery, enjoy leisurely boating, you will find you have stepped on the fairy land. Just boat to the place where you want. Besides, there are waterway adventurous games waiting for you. It will make your summer tour more interesting.

If you are hesitating about your summer tour, join us! Silver Fox Cave will change your Beijing Summer holiday!

Top Beijing Water Areas for Summer Tour

For the coming of summer tour, Beijing will hug all the tourists with fantastic scenic spots. During this time, I would share you some popular water paradise for entertaining your summer holiday.

Water Cube Paradise: built for the 2008 Olympic Games, Water Cube Paradise was established for entertaining and enjoying. Cozy environment, cool temperature and high advanced facilities will offer you great chance for the families.

Beijing Joy Water Magic Cube Water Park: It is a large scale outdoor water paradise offering cozy environment, advanced playing facilities and high-tech water programs. Combining Chinese traditional building style and western theme ideas, it will be an ideal place for enjoying summer tour.

Beijing Xiedao Water Park: as the largest artificial bathing beach, this water park always offered tropical seaside amorous feelings to the tourists exploring Beijing summer tour. Various water activities will offer the children best childhood. It is a terrific place for friends or families gathering!

Walking into Prince Gong's Mansion

If you have climbed Great Wall, visited Forbidden City and enjoyed Beijing natural sceneries, it is time to walk into Prince Gong's Mansion to enjoy the lifestyle, construction style and flourishing background. Today, I will lead you walk into this famous mansion.

Prince Gong's Mansion

Background of Prince Gong's Mansion
Located near to Shichahai, Prince Gong's Mansion is the largest and best preserved princely mansion in Qing Dynasty. From this mansion, you could not only feel the Chinese traditional lifestyle and tastes as well as the aesthetic value deeply but also perfect study the lifestyle of the privileged classes in the feudal society of a bygone era. As the private residence of Heshen, this mansion was built around the year of 1777. In Chinese history, Heshen was regarded as the most experienced officials. He acquired great wealth during the Qing Dynasty. During the reign of Jiaqing, the emperor Jiaqing executed Heshen and his property. At that time, the wealth of Heshen impressed the emperor with more than 800 million ounces of silver.

Delicate Design of Prince Gong's Mansion
The mansion is a traditional courtyard mansion of a style gaining much prestige in imperial Beijing. The magnificent building covered a large scale area of about 60, 000 square meters. Once entered into this mansion, what impressed you will be the numerous residential portions. The remainder is regarded as the garden decoration. The whole building is divided into two parts including the residence courtyard and the garden. The construction and the materials of Mansion used are similar to those of the Ningshougong in Forbidden City. Each hall established was experience delicate design and decoration. Heshen paid much attention on the residence according to Chinese ancient Fengshui Theory. The garden, surrounded by artificial mountains, is called Jincui Yuan. Covering the area of about 28, 000 square meters, the garden houses over twenty scenic spots. What the most attractive spots are Western-Style Gate, Grand Theater House and Fu Steles. They are rented as the Three Uniqueness in this mansion.

Apart from this, the western-style gate is also the hottest topic. If you want to be mixed into the ancient imperial tastes, Prince Gong's Mansion will help you!

Construction Material of Great Wall

Great Wall is always regarded as the treasure of China. No matter in the distance, construction and sightseeing, it always gets high prestige in the world. Great Wall buildings will receive loads of tourist every day, let alone during the holidays. However, for the Great Wall construction, in different periods, the materials are also different. Today, I will lead you to explore the deep mystery.

Bricks of Great Wall

Before Usage of Bricks
Now, what we saw in the Badaling Great Wall or Mutianyu Great Wall, the main material is bricks. Before using bricks, the Great Wall buildings are mainly built from earth, stones and wood. During that time, because of the large scale construction and the heavy labor, the main materials of the construction are using the local resource. The mountain stones are used during building the mountain ranges. While in plains, earth was rammed into solid blocks to be used in the large scale construction. In the desert area, even the sanded reeds and juniper tamarisks were used.

Appearance and Usage of Bricks
With the construction time is longer and longer, the local resource received limitation. During this time, large bricks appeared. During Ming Dynasty, bricks were used in large scale area as well as materials such as tiles and lime. Attempts were always made to produce the materials locally, so kiln workshops were established to burn the crude materials. For the Great Wall buildings, there formed the certain Material Supply Department. Such as the Juyongguan Pass construction, the stone ponds and material supply department were recorded.

Advantage of Bricks and Stones during Great Wall Construction
During the large construction, bricks are easier and more convenient to carry than the earth and stones for small size and light weight. At the same time, bricks are also the ideal material to bear the weight. According to the historical data, the compressive strength, resistance to freezing and absorbency of the bricks of time are similar to the modern common bricks. For the stone materials, they also housed their own advantages. Cut in rectangular shapes, stone materials were always used to build the foundation, inner and outer brims as well as the gateways of the wall buildings. The stone material was found to better resist efflorescence than bricks.

Great Wall materials are also experiencing complex changes which also gathered the wisdom of ancient people.

What to Buy for Beijing Craftworks

It is always saying that if you came to Beijing without enjoying and purchasing the Beijing craftworks, it is equal that you have not come to Beijing. As the cultural city housing profound history, Beijing housed loads of treasures. Among these treasures, Beijing craftworks received high fame in the tourists.
Jade: In Chinese, jade was read into Yu. It is considered to be the king of the precious stones by Chinese for more than 5, 00 years. In some degree, it was thought to be the auspicious thing standing for goodliness, heavenliness and preciousness.
Cloisonne: In China, it is called Jingtailan. It got famous and popular in the people for charming appearance and delicate working. With profound history and deep culture, it expressed perfect combination of copper and porcelain.
Artificial Flower: it is called Juanhua. Since the traditional times, it is regarded as the handicraft. It is used as the hair decoration in the earlier time. With the economy developing, there are over 2,000 kinds of artificial flowers appeared.

How to Get a Typical Beijing Morning Tour

For most of the tourists who want to have an in-depth tour of Beijing, apart from the daytime sightseeing, your morning in Beijing could also be beautiful and colorful. Now, I will share you some places for lighting your Beijing morning feeling.

National Flag Rising Ceremony on Tiananmen Square

Watching National Flag Rising Ceremony on Tiananmen Square
Located in Beijing city center, Tiananmen Square is just like a cradle breeding all the vigorous lives. Apart from the famous buildings located on, there is a very important ceremony held every morning - National Flag Rising Ceremony. This is a very solemn and serious ceremony for the Chinese people. If you are in your Beijing holiday, getting up earlier and arrived at the Square before sunrise. Only by doing this can you appreciate the ceremony clearly as there are crowds of tourists and local people attending every day. Five Star Red Flag - the Chinese National flag flies high in the sky above the Square seemed to conveying the success of China every morning.

Experience the Morning Exercises in Temple of Heaven
If you want to experience the vitality of Beijing morning, you could choose Temple of Heaven for a deep visit. There are varieties of trees located in this park. Among them, there is a magnificent tree called Nine Dragon Cypress which offered an ideal resort for the local Beijing people. In the early morning, you will see the locals running, cycling, singing and dancing, as well as playing chess. You could join them to feel the harmonious morning atmosphere. Most attractive will be the Taiji which is the most healthy morning exercise in the old people. Housed profound history and deep cultural connotation, you will learn more about Chinese culture from it.

Strolling around Beijing Hutong
For the Beijing morning, to experience the local life style, Hutong is an ideal choice. Local people always got up early in the morning and went out for purchasing breakfast, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, you could have a taste about the local authentic breakfast to experience their life in the stomach.

Beijing morning is full of vigorous and colorful. If you have special attention, your morning tour in Beijing also could be the most memorable experience.

Fully Relaxed in Phoenix Hill Natural Park in Summer

For the coming of Beijing summer, everyone is doing their best to create a terrific summer holiday. In addition to the imperial building sightseeing and great wall climbing, there are many natural sceneries waiting for your discover. As the most famous natural park, Phoenix Hill Nature Park is a nice destination.

Beijing Phoenix Hill Natural Park

Picturesque Scenery in Phoenix Hill Natural Park
Located in Beijing suburb area, the heaven endowed the typical tranquility to this park. With a large scale area of about 16 square kilometers, Phoenix Hill Park has become a must-enjoy place for the tourists during summer period. As a perfect-preserved ecological area, here not only has the charming natural scenery but numerous historical relics. Covering the green hills, limpid water, fresh air and terrific air humidity, Phoenix Hill Natural Park is regarded as the lung of Beijing City. In addition to appreciate the colorful cultural relics, during your Beijing tour here, you could enjoy the sites of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. These cultural sites are very compatible with the natural sceneries sounded.

Delicate Scenic Spots in the Park
Over 40 scenic spots designed this park which could be appreciated from three tour routes. First, the north route is famous for the natural scenic spots. Wandering here, you will be impressed by the main sights along this route including Physiognomy of Sea Cliff, the Geyi Nunnery and Shangfang Temple, etc. Among these spots, the most popular will be the Yijing Pond which could add more coolness to summer. In addition to this, the famous Tianti could be seen from this route. Coming to the middle route, you will find it started as the Longquan Temple which is built in the Liao Dynasty. Walking along this mountain, tourists could appreciate the scenic spots including the Immortal Cave, Three Buddha Cave and Xuanyuan Cave, etc. Last route is the south route which is a natural line with few man-made scenic spots housing Huangpu Yard, Guandi Temple and Lvzu Cave etc. Each of them stored rich religious cultures. What the most impressive is there are many mysterious scenic spots which are ongoing. After walking tired, tourists could choose the Cherry Village for enjoying fully relaxed.

For your Beijing summer tour, Phoenix Hill Natural Park is truly a good place for leisure and pleasure.

Roaming in Muslim Culture

Beijing is not only a traditional city housing profound history and deep cultural connotation but also a flourishing stage covering different cultures and appearances. Today, I will like to lead you walk into the Niujie Mosque to have a deep taste to authentic Muslim culture.

Niujie Mosque

Typical Layout of Niujie Mosque
Having been regarded as the representative of Muslim culture, Niujie Mosque receives loads of tourists. Located in Xuanwu District, this mosque is the historical and majestic mosque. Its profound history could be traced back to thousands years ago. After numerous restoration and changes, it greeted Muslims from all over the world to worship. With a large scale area, the whole structure is based on Chinese traditional wooden palaces. At the same time, it also adopted a typical Arabic-style of decoration. Once enter the mosque, you will find there are no human or animal figures among these decorations. It is said these are the taboo in the Islam. Wherever you went, a kind of typical holy atmosphere will pour into your mind.

Inner Arrangement
The entrance gate will greet to you first. Fronted by a large wall with a white marble pedestal, this wall undertook a series of relief of sculptures. From each of them, you could guess the typical happiness and fortune. Walking on passing through the entrance gate, you will see the Watching Moon Tower. For the name, it is so called because it is used by the imam to observe the position of the moon to determine times for fasting. Walking on, you will miss the important building called Prayer Hall. What to mention is that this hall is the only one building opened to the Muslim people. Covering an area of 600 square meters, it could accommodate about a few thousand Muslims for worshiping.

Tips for Niujie Mosque Visiting
Before your entry, you should get familiar with the visiting notice. Slippers and short clothes are forbidden to enter. Many palaces are only opened for the Muslim worshipers. You should visit according to the information.

Niujie Mosque is a holy land from where you could not only have the chance to admire the truly building, but also the chance to broaden knowledge about Islam and its place in Chinese cultural history.

Cuisine and Restaurants in Beijing

In order to enjoy a terrific Beijing tour, apart from the charming natural scenic spots, having awesome cuisine is also the key point. As a prosperous capital City, there distributed many top restaurants for entertaining. From where, tourists could not only enjoy the traditional cuisine but also have the chance to enjoy the top cuisine of other countries.

Chinese Cuisine and Restaurants: for the tourists who are interested in the Chinese cuisine, these restaurants will be ideal choice for enjoy and entertaining. Covering various food from all over China, just like Hui Cuisine, Yue Cuisine and Chaozhou Cuisine, etc, each of them could satisfy your desire of stomach.

Western Restaurants: Besides of the thousands of Chinese restaurants, these well-designed western restaurants also could arouse your deep interests with serving the food from all over the world. Tourists coming to Beijing could basically get what they want in these restaurants, American, Brazilian and French, etc.

Muslim Restaurants: Feature food from Chinese ethnic minorities contributes a lot to Beijing colorful dining culture. Muslim Restaurants are the popular cuisine land for the Muslim tourists and the Muslim fans. If you came to Beijing, don not forget to enjoy the most popular Muslim food – Whole Sheep Banquet.

Tips for Multi-Day Tours in Beijing

Housing world treasures and wonders, Beijing has become a must-enjoy place for word wide travelers. In order to enjoy a terrific holiday, most of the tourists always choose the multi-day tours in Beijing for sightseeing. However, there still existed some problems. Now, I will give some useful tips for the travelers who want to join multi-day tours in Beijing.

Rent a Car for Transfer

Book a Tour from Trustworthy Travel Agency
For multi-day Beijing tours, booking a tour in advance from a trustworthy travel agency is a smart choice, especially for those who are fresh Beijing visitors. As a metropolis city, there are too much waiting for your sightseeing. You could classify the attractions into different groups, modern attractions, imperial buildings, gardens and children paradise, etc. Even there are many cultural buildings established in Beijing, you should pay much attention on them. If you just explore your favorite, routes, itineraries and key information will become the main problem. At last, it could lead to the condition of wasting time and money. So, be a smart traveler. According to your request, decide your favorite, it will be an ideal idea. The travel agency will arrange terrific itineraries for your every stay in Beijing. You need not to worry about the vacant time. Fulfill and meaningful holiday is very easy to get.

Book a Hotel in Advance
If you decide staying in Beijing over one day, booking hotel in advance is very important, especially during the hot season. For the travelers, a good relaxed in night decides your exploration in daytime. In Beijing, there are many hotels available. According to your personally request, decide your hotel. If the travel agency contained the hotel booking, it could save much time. By contrast, booking a hotel in advance is the important for tour.

Rent a Car for Transfer
If you come from the far distance, you may carry heavy luggage. Heavy and tired condition may bring you some trouble. Especially getting off from the flight or train, facing the heavy traffic and strange route, as well as the crowded tourists, it will be unexpected problem. This time, car rental service will be the emergency helper. It could solve all the problems with you. During the summer, it could offer you cozy air-conditioned environment. During winter, it could create the warm surroundings. Taking you to your downtown hotel, just the car rental service!

Useful tips for fresh visitors in Beijing, just enjoying your Beijing multi-day holiday!

Fantastic Drifting in Beijing Outskirts

To be a smart Beijing summer traveler, not only just research for the cool scenic spots for relaxed, but also join in some stimulate summer activities. Water drifting will be the most popular activity in summer since it could not only offer a coolness environment but also inspire the youth heart!


Guihe River Drifting
Among most of the tourists for Beijing summer tour, they always choose Guihe River as the ideal place to enjoy summer period. Located in the Yanqing County, this area was endowed to the first feature - tranquility. Getting rid of the bustle city life, just explore the colorful drifting activity, it will be the heaven enjoyment. Here, you will enjoy the 15 kilometers long drifting course housing the depth of 15 meters. This river is very famous for the east Rhine retaining the most original natural appearance so that it one of the most favored attractions for ecological tours. During the drifting journey, you will pass through over 100 turnings, small and big. Each corner will give you the biggest surprises. The most impressive thing is that the scenic spots long the drifting journey including the Lovers Islands, charming Reed Flower Beach and blossoming Magpie Forest.

Tanghe River Drifting
Located in Huairou District, Tanghe River is the most popular place for summer leisure. Compared with the Guihe River, Tanghe River retained much original and wild natural appearance with sincere location. It is a unique scenic spot always attracting numerous kinds of birds and various kinds of plants. The river flow is 138 meters per second meaning that one boat could drift freely without any other motivation. So, summer tour here, you could fully enjoy the stimulating drifting without any cares. The widest section of the river is 200 meters while the narrowest part is 50 meters. The most exciting moment will be at the four or five major turnings where the rapid currents may give you the thrilling excitement.

Tips for Drifting
First of all, during the drifting, it is better not to dress the light-color clothes in case of getting wet. Some awkward things will happen to you, especially for the female. Second, please pay much attention on the route signs in case of the dangerous condition. Last but not the least, you should take your life jacket on with you the whole drifting journey.

Summer drifting is a best idea, have you prepared for your summer tour!

How to be a Smarter Traveler in Beihai Park

Beijing is a treasure for tourism housing so many dazzling scenic spots and among them, Beihai Park has received a big applause for breathtaking scenery and well-designed arrangements as well as deep traditional history. How to explore this dazzling park will be the hottest topic for the tourists, especially the fresh travelers in Beijing.

Beihai Park

Seize the History of Beihai Park
Because of the best location surrounded by famous imperial sections, Beihai Park has become the must-explore spot. Located in the center of Beijing, Beihai Park is rented as one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved ancient imperial gardens. Same as other imperial buildings, the park also housed profound history. It is said that in Chinese ancient times, there were three magic mountains. The god lived in the mountains and has the herb which could help the humans gain immortality. So the emperors at that time seek the mountains but failed. So, after that, around their palaces, they will dig one large pool and piled up three earth hills. It was believed that different mountain-water area will arouse different effect. From then on, every emperor during the succeeding dynasties built a royal garden with one pool with three hills. So, the Beihai was formed under the idea. In fact, this park was built in the Liao Dynasty and experienced renovation in the succeeding dynasties.

Seize the Main Scenic Spots
With the coverage area of about 0.71 square kilometers, over half of the area in Beihai Park was covered by the lake. For such breathtaking scenery, you should carefully seize the dazzling scenic spots. The first spot will be the White Dagoba which was located on the top of the Jade Flowery Islet. It was built in the year of 1651. Under the suggestion of famous Tibetan lama, Emperor Shunzhi built such a Tibetan dagoba to show his belief in Buddhism. Another spot will be the Hao Pu Creek Garden. Built in the year of 1757, the Hao Pu Creek Garden is one of the best gardens-within-gardens of the existing imperial gardens in China. The most impressive part is the Nine Dragon Screen. The special feature is that it is the only screen having nine huge dragons on both sides among the most famous three Nine Dragon Screens in China.

After getting the basic information about Beihai Park, I believe your Beijing tour here will become colorful and amazing!

Roaming in Beijing World Park for Summer Tour

If you are searching the wonderful destination for Beijing summer tour, tranquil park with breathtaking sceneries will be ideal choice. Traditional activities may let you feel boring due to the hot weather in summer. However, Beijing World Park, this theme park in Beijing will be the most terrific land for summer visiting.

Beijing World Park

Dazzling Overview of World Park
Once summer falls every year, World Park will be full of tourists from home and abroad for relaxing. With the large scale area of about 46.7 hectares, this park housed over 100 natural and cultural attractions from 50 countries. So, it is a wonderful place for enjoying the foreign styles attractions. Without go on a world tour, just come here just as if you were travel around the whole world. It is a feast for charm with all the attractions in full size. Wandering in World Park, you could not only appreciate the top highlights in the world but also taste the customs and practices from various countries. Various folk paradises will offer you rare opportunity to taste the exotic delicacies. Dream of exploring all over the world will be come true from here.

Delicate Tourists Highlights
For the wonderful sceneries, they could be divided into 17 sections on different themes. Each of them is connected by the water area. For the lovers of the world famous buildings, Eiffel Towers, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Dunhuang Mogao Caves, etc are all exhibited here. During summer tour here, you could choose the London Tower Bridge. Just walking through this bridge, you will enter into the America, enjoy the full scenery feast including the America Space Center, Lincoln Memorial and White House, amazing experience. If you want to explore the Africa sceneries and attractions, you could choose the Great Sphinx, Pyramids of Giza and Abu Simbel Temples, etc. Each of them could satisfy your desire of seeking summer happiness.

Colorful Activities and Performance
If you want to enjoy the lively atmosphere, you could participate in the dance show in the open-air theater. Besides, the global folk-custom parade will take you to another world with fresh atmosphere. You could not only enjoy the happy activities but also make friends with each other. Listening to the music, expressing the happiest face to the holiday, all of the surroundings are prepared for you.

World Park is a wonder park for the fans who want to enjoy world tour. It is a more terrific place for tourists to experience a wonderful summer tour!

Top Beijing Opera Theaters for Beijing Nightlife

As the must-explore attraction for Beijing nightlife, Beijing Opera has marked every one with wonderful performance, profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. However, where should we enjoy the typical art performance?

Liyuan Theater: to be regarded as the most famous and popular theater for enjoying the Beijing Opera, Liyuan Theater puts on Beijing Opera Performance every day. For enjoying a leisurely relaxed to enjoy opera, tourists could sit around the Baxianzhuo for a cup of tea, very cozy!

Chang'an Grand Theater: being built in the year of 1937, Chang'an Grand Theater is an ideal place for enjoying the genuine Beijing Opera. As a terrific gathering place for Beijing Opera fans, it is a perfect combination of classical and modern architecture.

Mei Lanfang Theater: being named by the great Beijing Opera master – Meilanfang, this theater mixed the traditional opera theater and modern construction style perfectly. The audience seats are distributed in the four floors. No matter which floor you sited, you could see and hear clearly.

Mind-purity in Beijing Badachu Park

For regular Beijing visitors, apart from the top highlights, there are many tranquil scenic spots deserved your visit. Today, I will lead you to purity mind by roaming in the Beijing Badachu Park.

Beijing Badachu Park

Overview of Badachu Park
From the name of this park, you could get it means Badachu housing eight Buddhist temples and monasteries scattering a large scale area. Located in the suburb area of Beijing, Badachu Park underwent changes. The most dazzling feature of this park is the eight former Buddhist temples and monasteries. Each of them housed certain features and appearance. From them, tourists always get information about history and culture. Once stepped into these temples, tourists will full the unique tranquility, sacred and fresh feeling.

Tasting Marvelous Inner Arrangements
As an attractive place to visit all year round, Badachu Park housed pleasant temperature showing cool in summer and warm in winter. Tourists come here roam from one temple to another. During the sightseeing, tourists could not only enjoy the marvelous sceneries, ancient trees and solemn tastes but also cultivate sentiment and mood. The most attractive part is that some of the trees here have reached over 6 centuries. Although they have undergone numerous painstaking, their roots and branches are still strong with good shape. The most colorful season is the autumn when the leaves turned red, group of tourist will flood here to climb the mountains. Another interesting challenge is that tourists could take the cable car to the top of the hill having a bird view. Marvelous layout of the whole park will pour into your vision.

Treasure Attractions in Badachu Park
In this charming park, there are three sites deserved special visit including the Lingguang Temple, Dabei Temple and the Xiangjie Temple. The Lingguang Temple is very famous for the stupa which represented majestically. Here, there is the golden fish pond where tourists could appreciate the colorful fishes swimming freely. The Dabei Temple is famous for the lifelike eighteen arhats. Xiangjie Temple is famous for typical pure atmosphere.

If you want to feel the mysterious tranquility and typical Buddhist culture, Badachu Park will be an ideal choice.

Top Chinese Souvenirs

As a dazzling country, China housed profound history and deep traditional culture. Nowadays, it has becomes the must-explore place for experiencing holidays. However, in addition to the top highlights, Chinese souvenirs are also the touring destination.

Chinese Silk: With deep cultural connotation, Chinese Silk experienced long history. Its mystery and typical value deserved all the tourists for appreciating. Famous Silk Road appeared as the treasure of history. Typical texture, smooth, bright features make silk become the most suitable materials for clothes.

Chinese Jade: As the most valuable decoration in the silver and gold, jade has influenced long times in people's daily life. Typical texture and special color gave it another meaning storing the soul. Nowadays, it has become a very popular decoration in the people.

Chinese Painting: Being divided three genres, Chinese Painting is also the production of history. From the simple to the complex, Chinese Painting is improving day and day. With the economy developing faster, tools and the colors as well as the styles of Chinese Painting all changed!

Tips for Shopping in Beijing

For tourists in Beijing, especially fresh Beijing travelers, after finished the visit in famous attractions, they did not know what to buy for their relatives or friends. As a metropolis city of China, Beijing housed too much. Today, I would like to give you some golden tips for your Beijing shopping.

Shopping in Beijing

What to Buy in Beijing
Experiencing so many years, Beijing is regarded as the most prosperous city of China. In the ancient times, it has become a business center. At that time, many skillful craftsmen have settled the area and passed their excellent skills generation by generation. Nowadays, we still could find the traditional handcrafts with typical eastern features in many business streets and markets. No matter where we went, the colorful cloisonné, Ivory Carving, Jade and Lacquer are all known as dazzling appearance. So, if you wanted to buy some gifts for your friends or relatives, you could buy some for them. Apart from this, some Beijing local specialties, Candied Fruits is also good choice.

Where to Buy in Beijing
There are many different-themed and different-classes markets and shops established for tourists and local residences. For some tourists who are willing to buy some gifts, where to go? The most famous places are Wangfujing Street and Qianmen Street. Some other markets special for the pearls or silk like Hongqiao Pearl Market and Silk Street. For the tourists who are very interested in the antiques, the Colored Glaze Factory and Panjiayuan Flea Market are the right place. Different needs have different markets for choosing. For the young tourists who are like to pursue the fashion trend, Xidan Commercial Street will satisfy your desire.

Matters for Shopping
Every market in Beijing has their opening time and closing time. During summer holidays, most of Beijing shopping malls are from 8:30 to 21:00. During winter season, these markets are closed half or one hour earlier than in summer. Bargain in some markets are available. In order to have a meaningful shopping, you could have a bargain according to your favorite. What should attention is that most of the hotels and large scale restaurants, etc are equipped with foreign exchange counters and ATM, Credit Cards.

Beijing shopping is very easy and it only depends on your special attention!

Why Beijing Happy Valley List As Family Theme Park

For modern family tours, they always choose Beijing Happy Valley as the main scenic spot to get fully relaxed with family members. Especially during the holidays, Beijing Happy Valley will be full of tourists entertaining and enjoying. Why it is listed as the family theme park?

Beijing Happy Valley

Thematic Landscapes for Enjoying
No matter which age stage you are in, the thematic landscapes are the ideal enjoyment for you. Being composed by six theme parks, each of them could satisfy your desire of seeking happiness. Besides, there are more than 50 scenic spots relating culture, ecology scattering in all direction offer the opportunity to experience the charm of various civilizations regardless of the space and time. Wandering in this large scale park, you will find it is just like a charming picture full of various houses, ponds, mountains and towers. Aged tourists could choose the tranquil land for walking and appreciating. These lovely man-made wild forests fully cultivate your sentiment and mood. For the Greek buildings, the romantic atmosphere will pour you. With your lovers to fully enjoy the real western romantic story, it will be another kind of spirit enjoyment.

Thematic Leisure Activities for Young
It is not only a tranquil world for the aged, but also a moving world for young groups. Well-designed Popo Musical Festival offered a grand music ceremony for the fashioned tourists. Follow the step of those deafening rhythms, marvelous sounds and hot dances to show all of your verves. Another crazy festival is the Maximal Exercises Festival where your eyes will be feasted on all sorts of performance. It is most exciting and healthy festival of praising youth.

Wonderful Place for Children
The Ant-kingdom is an ideal place for cultivating children. As a dreamful paradise designed for children, the little ants designed will tell their friends about where and how they live. What the miracle is under their vivid instruction, children will become very interested in the nature, mysterious ecology and biology. In order to build a lifelike dreamful world, the builders connected with the wild world with human life. This Ant-kingdom World is truly a wonderful spot where every child could gain an opportunity to experience life as ant.

Happy Valley is truly a happy world for different aged groups for seeking unique happiness!

Why Beijing Zoo is a Must-visit Place for Kids

No matter for regular Beijing tourists or fresh travelers, all the families will take their children to Beijing Zoo for a fabulous appreciation. As the largest animal home area, Beijing Zoo has greeted loads of tourists from home and abroad. Why it is a must-visit place for the kids?

Large Animal Collection
Panda in Beijing Zoo

Located in the Xicheng District, Beijing Zoo contains a diverse collection of animals, a number of exhibition halls and some sites of historical interest. Taking children here, they could get closer to the animals understanding their life habitats to get known better understanding the real nature. As a large scale home to about 450 different species, Beijing Zoo housed about a large population of 5,000 animals. Some are the rare animals and some endangered animals. Divided into several sections and halls, each of them arouses loads of tourists. Besides, the harming environment here is also amazing decorated with animals' figures, lovely and harmoniously. Even the garbage boxes are all decorated with various patterns. All the arrangements made this zoo into a large scale paradise land. Under the willow trees, choosing a nice bench for sightseeing will be another enjoyment.

National Treasure - Pandas
Among all the animals in the zoo, the most popular is the panda. To be regarded as the national treasure animal, Pandas are always the popular animals to be enjoyed. With adorable behaviors and lovely appearance, they always attract the children's attention. The bamboo is the favorite food of the pandas. They always hold the bamboo and play with others, or climb up the trees. Carefully appreciated, you will find they also are like the babies without boring just eating and entertaining. Under the considerate protection and cultivation, they are growing up day after day!

Colorful Beijing Aquarium
Beijing Aquarium

If you have come to Beijing Zoo, it will be upset without visiting Beijing Aquarium. As the ocean world collecting various ocean animals, children could get a closer distance to the real ocean world. Apart from this, there is wonderful animal performance for entertaining. Dolphins and sea-lions are all showing their perfect actions to entertain the children!

Housing so many wonderful sections and lovely animals, take your children here for leisure!

Sincere Visit to Confucius Temple

It is amazing to have a visit of Beijing traditional buildings to get better Beijing history and deep traditional cultural connotation. For the tourists who are very interested in Beijing traditional education, Confucius Temple will be the ideal place. There, tourists could not only get the better understanding about Chinese traditional education celebrity but also Chinese education history and traditional building architecture.

Beijing Confucius Temple

Solemn Layout of Confucius Temple
Just located on Guozijian Street, Confucius Temple was built for the person to pay homage to the great educationalist - Confucius. Being adjacent to the famous Imperial Academy, the temple receives loads of tourists every day. First built in the year of 1302, this temple underwent numerous changing and expanding. Covering a large scale area of 22,000 square meters, it is ranking the second largest temple built for Confucius. Walking into this temple, unique tranquility and deep history tastes will pour into your mind. First impressed your vision will be the sculpture of Confucius from which you could feel deep Chinese education atmosphere. Especially during the ceremony, having a sincere pray will be the most meaningful action.

Roaming in Delicate Inner Structure
Housed four courtyards, Confucius Temple looked more elegant and solemn. The main structures established inside are Xianshi Gate, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall and the Chongshengci. As the main building in this temple, Dacheng Hall is always holding the memorial ceremony for Confucius. Walking into this hall, tourists can see 198 stone tablets positioned on either side of the front courtyard. Besides, there are about 14 stone stele pavilions of Ming and Qing dynasties holding the precious historical information of ancient China. One important point deserving attention is the Chujian Bai which has been 700 years history. About the name, it is related to ancient legend. It is said that the tree could understand who is the good person or the evil. When the people coming here for paying, it could give certain hint. Roaming in this temple, you also could find remarkable pictures like two flying vigorous dragons. It is said this kind of scene only could be used in the imperial palace because the dragon stands for emperor in ancient China.

Confucius Temple is another meaningful temple for commemorating traditional education field. It will supersize Chinese education for a big step in the future!

Top Beijing Supermarkets

In the modern days, supermarkets are very popular around the country. In the metropolis city, Beijing houses many big supermarkets. Entering them, tourists are always dazzled by the great variety of goods in different brands. Many choices are just here!

Metro: In Chinese, Metro is translated into Mai De Long which is a German supermarket known by great quantity and cheap price. This supermarket accepted the VIP customers with membership card only.

Watsons: In Chinese, Watsons is translated into Qu Chen Shi which is mainly for the cosmetics and personal products. Around Beijing, there are many branches established offering various choices.

Carrefour: Translated in Jia Le Fu, the supermarket is one of the largest chain brands in China. Scattering all over Beijing city, this supermarket offered the Free Carrefour Shuttle Bus to convenient the customers.

Mistakes for Discover Old Beijing Lifestyle

Staying in Beijing so many years, I got the Beijing modern appearance and fast developing condition. Dazzling neon and luxurious plazas become the common features decorating the metropolis city. So, I aroused the idea having a deep research to old Beijing. I wanted to get some appearance or some tastes about original Beijing.

Without Fully Visit to Beijing Hutong
Beijing Hutong

Someone said that if you want to know the real old Beijing life, Beijing Hutong is an ideal place. However, I came to Beijing Hutong, walking along the narrow street, masses and unlevel road becomes the obstacle of my vision. I could not get real essence of old Beijing. Only under the suggestion of my friend, I took the rickshaw. The driver is local Beijing people. He grew up in this land getting much about this familiar place. On the whole journey, he gave us much information about each Hutong. What is the most interesting is each Hutong has certain name. Some of them are named after the people's name. Some are for commemorating some affairs. We enjoyed the stories the driver telling and appreciate the tranquil street. Sihe Courtyards arranged neatly lured us every minute. We got off and entered into. Wow, so many flowers planting around the yard, very warm and cozy. Local residence gave us the warmest greeting with authentic old Beijing dialect. Listen to them talking, I felt I have gone back home. There is always the cordial feeling around me. Yes, it is just the old Beijing lifestyle.

Without Appreciating Beijing Opera
Peking Opera

Another method is just appreciating the old Beijing art - Peking Opera. I liked Peking Opera very much though I do not understand the real meaning. To be honest, I am very interested in the performing style and their face painting. Sitting in the theater, sipping a cup of tea with the old Beijing people to enjoy the quintessence of China, it is truly an enjoyment. With decorated with the traditional style, the theater is full of old Beijing tastes. Appreciating the performers dressing the unique style clothes, I felt I have become a member of them. The environment is kept tranquil without disturbing. After seeing the performance, on the way back to my hotel, I passed through the narrow street. Faint light under the moon make all the houses become the delicate treasure.

I thought they will be kept forever not the best preserved appearance but the inner atmosphere and traditional tastes. I will never forget the old Beijing visiting experience!

How to Better Explore Beijing Imperial Buildings

With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Beijing is a must-explore city during China tour. It housed mysterious buildings with profound cultural connotation, especially the imperial buildings. However, how to better explore these imperial buildings? How to seize the main idea?

Beijing Imperial Buildings

Seizing the Background
In China, there is familiar sentence: if you want to conquer it, you should get understand it well. Located in Beijing city centers, there gathered a large part of best imperial palaces, Summer Palace, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven as well as many other imperial gardens. Facing these fascinating attractions, tourists always housed exciting feeling to unveil them and get close to them, but failed. So, seizing some detail information about their background is a must-do process. For the soul of these imperial palaces, it is just the profound history and their culture. Such as the Forbidden City, located in the center of Beijing, it is ever the palace the ancient emperor lived. Relating its elegant building structure, material and building idea, there housed many mysteries to research. To be same as the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven, each of them housed certain prosperous dynasty. Why built them and the function are all deserved to discover.

Seize the Main Features and Main Sections of Imperial Palaces
It will be regret that you do not seize the main feature or without appreciating the representative sections. Having a meaningful holiday, you should seize the main feature, because all the imperial palaces are built based on the central theme. After getting this, you would have got much about them. Such as the Temple of Heaven, it is built as a sacrificial for the imperial families. As the imperial buildings, all the structures and decorations are followed the ancient Fengshui Theory. Summer Palace was built for the Princess Dowager Cixi to get rid of the summer heat. Each of them housed important sections. So, seize these important sections, you would get them all.  The representative palaces located in Beijing should attract careful attention, such as the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserved Harmony. However, about Summer Palace, different area stored different representative sections. The most amazing will be the water area.

After seize the upper points, you Beijing imperial palaces visiting will be easier!

Summer Fruits Picking in Beijing

As we all know, autumn season is a golden period when all the harvests dropped. However, for the coming summer holiday, there are also many precious places housing luxuriant fruits for tasting and picking. Fruits picking could satisfy your desire of getting rid of the hot summer and fulfill your farm experience! Taking your stomach and hottest interests, let us walk into the harvest area of Beijing.

Grapes Picking in Daxing District
Grapes Picking

When the summer comes, we could see all kinds of grapes ranking in the markets, shopping centers and street peddler. We always regarded the grapes as the eyeball of people, because of its clear and crystal features. When summer comes, Daxing District will be full of thousands of tourists roaming in the grape garden. Once entry into the grape garden, various, all kinds of big purple dazzling grapes appeared into your vision and conquered your stomach. You could not help to pick one and foist into your mouth. Typical sweetness and fragrance flavor flow into your body and eliminate your summer heat. Picking together with your friends and families will be more exciting. Experience the unique happiness of farm land, your summer holiday will be perfect! These grapes are not the common. In the world, they enjoyed high fame and divided into different classes. So, coming here, you have the right to choose which one would fulfill your stomach.

Watermelon Picking
Watermelon Picking

Watermelon plays a very important role in the summer. Now, the most famous place for watermelon picking will be the Panggezhuang in Daxing County. Covering a large scale area, various watermelons are reaching their utmost fruits, big shape and clear texture. Mixing into the leisurely watermelon garden, picking one watermelon, it will be another spirit of enjoyment. They not only seize the first in the shape but also enjoy high fame in the tastes with unique fragrance. Before your picking, you should get some information how to understand their quality. Local farmer will tell you about their features and colors and texture. Finally, you successfully picked one and shared it with your friends. Taking your kids to experience the farm life is very meaningful experience for their summer holiday.

If you are still boring about your summer holiday, follow us and have a terrific fruits picking holiday!

To Be Smart Beijing Nightlife Traveler

Every day, Beijing receives loads of tourists with profound history and mysterious culture, as well as amazing attractions. Besides Beijing daytime tour, Beijing nightlife also becomes very vigorous and meaningful. It only depends on your special attention.

Peking Opera Show

Roaming in Bar Street
For the night owls, the most popular destination is the bar street where you could make bosom friends, sharing your inner heart and appreciating the modern Beijing night scene. The attractive bar street in Beijing will be the Sanlitun Bar Street. It is regarded as the fashion center for shopping, food and arts. From this street, you could sprinkle your youth. Yes, it is a stage full of energy and enjoyment. Choosing one tranquil desk, listening to a soft song, opening the red wine, a kind of mysterious romantic feeling would pour into your mind. If you like live atmosphere, you could choose one big place gathering with your friends, having a big party. It is just easy to get.

Appreciating the National Quintessence
Coming to Beijing, it has become a must-enjoy part for nightlife to appreciate authentic Peking Opera. Having about 160 years' long history, Peking Opera has housed its certain connotation and art spirit. Sitting in the large scale Opera Theater, around the ancient table, enjoying the national quietness, you would find you have been mixed into the unique art. Their face-painting, dressing, roles and gestures all housed much mysteries waiting for your discover. Sipping a cup of tea, suddenly you would feel the old tastes, purity and natural.

Hanging-out in Hutong
After all the activities ended, on the road going back to your hotel, it will be a precious period to enjoy old Beijing nightlife. Yes, hanging-out in Hutong. Walking along the shady path under the bright moonlight, all the houses showed unique delicate and warm. This time, you would hear the local residence talking, laughing and gossiping with their families and neighborhood. Sometimes, you would be impressed by the happy children hanging out. Childhood would suddenly lure your mind and all the veins. Zigzag road conveyed unique warm feeling to your isolate night.

After experiencing this, your Beijing nightlife has been fulfilled perfect! To be a smart Beijing Nightlife traveler!

Top Beijing Local Products

Exploring Beijing, tourists are easily lured by various local products in most of Beijing supermarkets. Relating these delicate products, they could absolutely conquer your Beijing tour.

Candied Fruit: As the most favorite products in the kids or the tourists who are interested in the sweetness, Candied Fruit would be the ideal choice. Being made of fresh fruit by traditional secret recipes, they tasted typical sweet and sour and are treasured by locals and tourists.

Beijing Crisp Candy: Getting the high fame as one of the best three candies in China, Beijing Crisp Candy has become a must-product in the celebrations, wedding ceremonies and other important festivals. Being made of high quality sugar and sesame paste, it tasted crisp, fragrant and sweet.

Lv Da Gun: As one of the oldest snacks in Beijing, Lv Da Gun gets another named called Bean Flour Cake. This kind of food shows yellow with dense soybean flavor with featuring of fragrant, sweet and glutinous.

Walking into Classical Garden during Beijing Summer

Getting rid of the bustle life to search one tranquil place to enjoy classic history and beautiful memory will be another enjoyment for summer holiday. Lingering in Beijing garden, apart from Beijing natural scenic spots and the imperial gardens, there is another classic pace waiting for your summer holiday - Grand View Garden.

Mysterious Layout of Grand View Garden
Grand View Garden

For the tourists who are very interested in Chinese Four Major Classic Works, they would be very familiar with the Dream of the Red Chamber. After getting this novel, you would be first impressed by the luxuriant grandeur of the scenery. With a large scale area of about 13 hectares housing over 40 scenic spots, this garden experienced skillfully designed and arranged. Inside this garden, there are various buildings, pavilions, courtyards, water areas and rockeries, delicate and fun. Your exciting holiday would start from here by the fragrant flowers, peculiar stones and delicate hills, as well as the mysterious atmosphere. Especially during summer, temperature here is not so high because of the cool environment. You may appreciate many lovely birds singing and dancing here. However, the most attractive part will be the courtyard from which tourists could find the footprints of Dream of Red Mansion.

Breathtaking Sceneries of Dream of Red Mansion
Grand View Garden

When relating the landscapes inside, tourists would thumb up for their unique arrangement. There are many unexpected plants and trees planted inside. Each courtyard reflected the character of the ancient family member ranging from magnificent to the small, elegant to simple and green to the white. Charming sceneries adding the unique affairs happening here, you would feel you have mixed into a mysterious story. Sitting on the pavilion, appreciating the charming sceneries located inside, you would find your summer holiday would be so happy and unforgettable. This time, the best enjoyment will be sharing your feeling to others. At last, this garden is not only perfection to the eyes, but also provides a feast for your appetite. The Grand View Garden Restaurant is an elegant setting for meals where you could enjoy a delicious meal in breathtaking sceneries.

For this real treasure of Chinese culture, Grand View Garden is truly deserved your attention!

Tasting Beijing Life in Teahouse

Housing so many treasures to show off, Beijing has been regarded as a large scale stage where the tourists could research whatever they want. However, in order to enrich tourists' experience, many teahouses opened to greet all the Beijing-life fans. To be inner heart, tasting Beijing life is truly an amusing enjoyment.

Dazzling Layout of Beijing Teahouses
Beijing Teahouse

Covering not a large scale area but decorated with traditional building style, Beijing Teahouses conveyed typical culture and tastes to the tourists sitting there. Some of them offer you tranquil environment to lead you release your boring. Some of them are full of multi-culture to lead you soak in the old Beijing life. In the modern days, Beijing Teahouses have become a very important place for the businessmen, young couples and the tourists. Once the dusk falls, these teahouses would full of drinkers. Sipping a cup of tea, appreciating the busy Beijing bustle life, enjoying cozy environment, it will be extremely great enjoyment.

Delicate Teahouses in Beijing
Laoshe Teahouse

When relating the most popular teahouse, it will be the Lao She Teahouse which has underwent a long time serving genuine Chinese tea. Decorated with old Beijing building style, Laoshe Tea house always reflected the old Beijing appearance to tourists. Sitting here, apart from tasting Beijing life, people could also taste Beijing flavor dishes. Most attractive is the performance arranged inside. The people who could taste life must enjoy the performance here. Another Teahouse will be the Minghui Teahouse. Located in the Temple of Great Awakening, this teahouse not only offered all kinds of tea but also various vegetarian foods. After taking leisurely walking in the temple, enjoying your favorite tea here, your mind and body would be purified quickly! If you want to mix into the ancient times, the Three Kingdom Teahouse is an ideal choice. Being newly opened in the year of 2010, this teahouse is decorated with the ancient building style of Three Kingdoms Period. Customers coming here could enjoy classical and quiet environment. Each single decoration reflected profound culture and stories of the Three Kingdoms period. You could not only enjoy the aroma of the tea but also play games with your friends. Most interesting is the free WIFI. Designed with many rooms, it could offer you enough private time and space to accompany your friends.

Beijing Teahouse is terrific and fantastic where you could sip the historical culture leisurely!

Cool Your Mind in Beijing Ten Ferries Scenic Spot

Summer holiday is the period of going-out. Most of tourists want to fresh mind and body to get rid of the bustle life and busy daily life. During this time, Beijing suburb area will be the most popular and attractive places. Located at Fangshan District, Ten Ferries will be an ideal destination to offer you typical relax.

Beijing Ten Ferries Scenic Spot

Gorgeous Layout of Ten Ferries
Located at the Beijing suburb area, with the coverage area of about 300 square kilometers, Ten Ferries is the valley of the Juma River. Earlier in the ancient times, when the Juma River fast-flowing water, the bridges could not be built over this river, the local people built ferries. It is so named as Ten Ferries, because there are ten ferries built. Even though the modern bridge has replaced these ten ferries, this natural named still remained. In addition to the pearl water, green mountains and charming sceneries, this scenic spots is also housed large scale karst landform in north China. It is also regarded as the largest natural scenic spot in Beijing. Especially during summer holiday, the tourists coming to Beijing must have a terrific visit here. No matter mountains, waters or the landscapes, tourists could find the certain happiness.

Attractive Ferries Sceneries
Yes, it is certainly all the beauties endowing to the ten ferries. For the natural sceneries, the most attractive of the first ferry is the high towering cliff. It looks like a huge stone gate connecting heaven and earth showing unique elegance to the tourists. In comfortable temperature and fresh atmosphere, tourists could have leisurely lying or communicating together with partners and relatives. If you say the most magnificent landscapes here, it would be the second ferry. Wandering here, you would find it housed many treasures. Across the bridge located here, tourists could get a clear view of the Five Finger Mountain. Not only this, the Fairy Habitat Cave is also deserved your visit which is honored as the Fairyland. In the local tourists, it is also described as the art heaven. If you want to appreciate the huge erect and pointed stone pinnacles, the third ferry will be an ideal destination. Walking on, your vision would be lured by any small point full of natural sceneries.

Ten Ferries is a terrific destination and it is always waiting for your summer holiday!

Roaming in the Ocean of Knowledge - Beijing Bookstore

For the tourists travelling abroad, one of the drawbacks is the difficulty in finding a good bookstore from which they could grasp the native language and culture to learn more about the country. It is the same as China, there are many cultures and customs to learn and study. W should get some bookstores.

Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore: As the largest chain bookstore in China with thousands of branches, Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore offers a large collection of books involving politics, economy, history, education and culture, etc, as well as the VCD, DVD to fulfill all the requirements!

China Bookstore: Although China Bookstore is not the big one but it offered many traditional Chinese literature works. In addition to them, this bookstore also housed many second hand books with cheaper prices and high quality. It is an ideal place for the tourists who are interested in the purchasing!

Beijing Language and Culture University Press Bookstore: For the tourists who are very keen on Chinese language, this bookstore is an ideal choice. There is a large number of language leaning books of all levels to be offered. Dictionaries, linguistic books and reading materials all could be found here.

Why Peking Man Site is Worth a Visit

We are surrounded by the modern tastes and the deep traditional cultures. There are many mysteries are waiting for unveiling. For the tourists who are holding man curiosities all wanted to explore the primitive life of human ancestors. Then the first-rank place will be the Beijing Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian.

Peking Man Site

Deep Origin of Peking Man Site
Located in the suburb area of Beijing, Zhoukoudian is a natural habitat of human ancestors tracing back to over 700,000 years ago. In this area, multiplied descendents, from year to year formed the famous and spectacular Paleolithic Age. We are all familiar with this period and it indicated the origin of human beings. So, in the tourists, it is regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Just in this charming and the mysterious land, Peking ma left their footprints and lifestyles waiting for the appreciation and research. Now, wandering here for appreciating, you would feel more mysterious about the remains and the sites which gave you a rare opportunity to explore the primitive life of human ancestors. So, Zhoukoudian has become a must-explore place for the tourists.

Wonderful Findings in Zhoukoudian
Just located in a hill, there are eight sites of ancient human remains are discovered. In addition to this, over 26 localities found have been excavated. Most attractive is that over 118 kinds of animal fossils and 100,000 stone wares are unearthed. From these fossils and remains, you could guess the existence of humanoid species 500,000 years ago in Beijing area. Coming to this area, what you should you pay much attention will be the three representatives remains: Peking Man Site, Upper Cave Man Site and the New Cave Man Site. That most attractive will be the Upper Cave Man Site. Here, in addition to the bone needles and animal teeth there also the necklaces used as decorations all attract large crowds. Every time the find would arouse a process of Human civilization. No matter in the study of the origins or the evolution of the human species, these cultural relics are very evaluable. In order to inhabit this process, there is a museum was founded. In this museum, there are more than 3,000 cultural relics exhibited mainly including fossils and other animal bones from apes to human.

With storing so many civilization treasures and footprints, Zhoukoudian will receive more success in the future!

Roaming in Beijing Panjiayuan Flea Market

Housed so many treasures, Beijing plays a very important role in the tourism, cuisine and art, etc. If you are a regular Beijing visitor, leisurely roaming in the art world will be another kind of enjoyment. As the landmark of Beijing markets, Panjiayuan Flea Market will rank the first.

Panjiayuan Flea Market

Spectacular of Panjiayuan Flea Market
Located in the south corner of Beijing, with the coverage area of about 48,500 square meters, Panjiayuan Flea Market is regarded as the largest, most complete, cheapest and most popular market mainly selling the second-hand goods and curios in China. Wandering this street, you would be impressed by various types of goods. It is just like a large scale museum you could see what you want. It is truly a spirit enjoyment for buying and appreciating antiques, crafts, collectibles and decorations. It not only housed calligraphy, Chinese painting, brushes, ivory carving but also traditional Chinese musical instruments, porcelain and ancient furniture. Most attractive you could find many peddlers from ethnic minorities selling their national handicrafts. So, for this fairy land, it has been regarded as one of the must-explore place in the tourists from home and abroad.

Delicate Treasures Displayed in Panjiayuan Flea Market
When relating the porcelains and the craftworks, tourists would run to this market for appreciation. As the most typical of Chinese craftworks, Porcelain shows eastern cultural features. For the foreign tourists, Porcelain wares are receiving highly prized for the typical design and special styles. In addition to this, the jewels and jades also draw large crowds. Here, you would find there are many shops selling jewels and jades with different kinds and characters. No matter which kind, your vision would be attracted for a long time. Last, what make you unexpected will be the carved furniture here. Carved with lifelike butterflies, flowers and animals, etc, each kind of furniture could arouse your interests to take them home.

Tips for Shopping in Panjiayuan
Before coming to this market, if you are the professional customer, taking magnifying glasses would be a must. So that, you could have a careful look at their authenticity and at last the bargaining is a must. According to your need and the products, say out your price!

Leisure in Beijing Purple Bamboo Garden

In order to greet the summer holiday, most of the tourists have done enough preparation. Going out to enjoy nature is the main theme. Holding exciting feeling exploring Beijing, searching a natural charming place and enjoy leisurely fishing could be regarded as the most perfect enjoyment for delight. Now, I would lie to walk into the Purple Bamboo Garden.

Beijing Purple Bamboo Garden

Breathtaking Overview of Purple Bamboo Garden
With the coverage area of about 473,500 square meters, Purple Bamboo Garden housed three lakes and two small islands. So, it naturally cultivated a very cozy environment for summer relaxing. Standing about one third of this area, the three lakes during summer will be full of blossoming lotus. Most wonderful is that the two islands are surrounded by the lakes and connected with each other by an arch bridge. Amazing pavilions and corridors established in this park created a natural shading area for the old people. The three lakes here are just the right place to have fishing activity to cultivate sentiment and mood.

Most Dazzling Bayixuan Pavilion
For the tourists coming into for relaxing, the most charming Bayixuan Pavilion is always the most popular attraction. Standing a large scale area about 2,500 square meters, Bayixuan Pavilion presented unique ingenuity in conception and design housing a charming lotus pond and ten thousands of green bamboo behind. What the most impressive is interdependent of Zhuyunshi Garden and Blue Lotus Platform. Being engraved with colorful paintings and poems showing breathtaking cloud, wind, rain, frost and snow, Zhuyunshi Garden is always receiving thousands of tourists every day. In addition to this garden, the Lotus Ferry is another beautiful landscapes. During your summer holiday, tourists could boat on the lake to create the most idyllic beauty.

Attractive Bamboo Scenery
Yes, appreciating the bamboo scenery, your summer feeling could be disappeared. Once entered into the Bamboo Garden, you would find yourself roaming into the bamboo world. With displaying about 50 kinds of bamboo including the mottled bamboos, purple bamboos and fishpole bamboos, each of them could clear your mind. Lingering here, you would feel it is the most meaningful to get more about Chinese Bamboo knowledge through these delicate bamboo buildings. There are also many bamboo dances showed to lure your culture interests.

Beijing Purple Bamboo Garden is an ideal place for experiencing your summer holiday. From the spirit to your body, it could contribute much!

Top Temple Attractions in Beijing

When related the imperial power, religion always ranked the first. So, in ancient imperial lives, temples play a very important role as the focus of religious life. Now, let us walk into the top temples in Beijing.

Temple of Heaven: It is the largest, most representative and the best preserved worshipping place for the imperial families. With traditional history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Temple of Heaven offered an insight for the tourists to see the practices of ancient Eastern civilization.

Temple of Confucius: Located in the Guozijian Street, Temple of Confucius is the place where the people paid homage to Confucius in the ancient times.

Lama Temple: Located at the northeast corner of Beijing city, Lama Temple was regarded as the largest and most perfectly preserved lamasery in the modern China.

Leisurely Relaxed in Beihai Park

Summer is around the corner, now more and more tourists want to appreciate charming lake scenery. Today, I would lead you to enjoy your leisurely relaxed in the famous Beihai Park.

Beihai Park

Highest Prestige of Beihai Park
Situated in the advanced location with the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park adjacent, Beihai Park has become the representative of Beijing. Among all the tourists, it has become a must enjoy place, especially for the foreigners. Located in the center of Beijing City, Beihi Park is regarded as one of the oldest, largest and best preserved ancient imperial gardens. With profound history and deep traditional Chinese cultures, Beihai Park is not only a classic combination of the grandiosity of the northern gardens and the refinement of the southern gardens in China, but also a perfect integration of magnificent imperial places and solemn religious constructions. With a large scale of water area, it is an ideal place for appreciating the modern Beijing appearance and the recalling Chinese past years.

Representative Building - White Dagoba
Wandering in Beijing city center, what appeared in your eyes are not only the elegant Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, the Tibetan-style White Dagoba will be a terrific building marked in your eyes. Located on the top of the Jade Flowery Islet, the White Dagoba was built according to the famous Tibetan Lama. The emperor Shunzhi ordered to build this pagoda to show his belief in Buddhism and desire for the unification among various Chinese ethnic groups. Because of the earthquake, this White Dagoba was rebuilt for two times. Waking inside, you would be impressed by the Buddhist Scriptures. Because of its highest point, it offered as a vantage point with a beautiful view of the whole scenic spot.

Enjoying Other Scenic Spots
Apart from this white building, other scenic spots would enough make you have a terrific enjoyment. Charming Hao Pu Creek Garden enjoyed a high fame as one of the best gardens-within-gardens of the existing imperial gardens in China. Located in the northwest, the most famous Nine-dragon Screen also enjoyed a high fame. Sitting on the Five-dragon Pavilions, deep traditional culture would impress you deeply. Besides these places of interest, there are plenty of exhibitions to see.

Seize the opportunity to enjoy and an ancient but modern park is waiting for you!

Tips for Exploring Summer Palace without Tour Guide

For the highlights of Beijing, if you want to better exploring, tour guide will be a must. However, for the imperial garden - summer palace, if you want to have a leisurely appreciation, I would like to share you some tips.

Summer Palace

Entrance and Best Travel Routes
Once arrived at Summer Palace, there are three entrances for you, East Place Gate, North Palace Gate and the Newly-built Palace Gate. If you entered from the East Palace Gate, you could start from the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity. This is the near famous building. On the whole journey, all the highlight sections will impress you, Wenchang Hall, Hall of Jade Ripples, Hall of Joyful Longevity. About the half journey, you could enjoy a full relaxed in the Long Gallery. This route, you could spend about 2.5 hours. If you entered from the North Palace Gate, you could start from appreciating the Suzhou Market Street and then Four Great Regions. Along the journey, you could be first impressed by the natural landscapes and breathtaking sceneries. By this route, you could spend about 3 hours. During the traveling journey, taking a cart when travelling by land will be a terrific idea. Housing about 5 main sections, you could explore the highlights freely!

Dining and Other Enjoyments
After travelling tired, there are 3 fast food restaurants waiting for your entertaining. Located in the Zhichun Pavilion, this restaurant could offer you the most delicious Chinese food to you. For the tourists who are very interested in the imperial food, the restaurant located near the Marble Boat will be a terrific choice. For the convenience of visitors, the free-hand-power wheelchairs are available. So, this imperial area is a terrific place for the old, children and young tourist. No matter which age stage you are situated in, you could find your happiness here.

Hiring a Boat
Holding a terrific holiday, hiring a boat is an ideal choice to visit the lake area. Different from sizes, shapes and close time, you could choose your favorite according to your interests and time. The most attractive one will be the large boat from Beijing Exhibition Center to Summer Palace via Beijing Zoo. By this boat, holiday experience will be fulfilled!

After these simple introductions, meaningful and smart Summer Palace travelling will be easily to get!

Deep Breath in Chinese Ethnic Culture Park

Are you interested in Chinese ethnic culture? Are you interested in Chinese ethnic groups? Do you want to have a fully relaxed? Things to do in Beijing housed a lot of terrific enjoyment. However, the most meaningful thing will search the Chinese ethnic culture without going far away. Chinese Ethnic Culture Park is just the right place.

Chinese Ethnic Culture Park

Amazing Layout of Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
As we all know, China housed about 56 ethnic groups and each of them has unique life style, dressing style, language and typical local culture. Their colorful custom and living styles contributed Chinese vibrant culture. Located near Beichen Road, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park is established for spreading ethnic culture, singing and dancing performances, traditional housing and art, as well as their traditional art and craft. At the same time, tourists could get a chance to experience ethnic flavored cooking and some other interesting things. Now, this park has been regarded as a culture lesson where different ethnic groups could study more culture and history about other ethnic groups.

Prosperous Modern Appearance
Nowadays, coming to this park, you would find this park has already finished the exhibition of over 40 ethnic groups. In order to reflect their authentic living conditions, this park displayed a large number of ethnic cultural relics and articles from their daily use. For instance, the Han people which is the largest ethnic group in all over the world, showed a cave-house with three courtyards. This typical Han house is found in the Qing Dynasty. There are also some other ethnic houses exhibited here. For the tourists who are very interested in Tibetan performance and dancing, here will be an ideal place.

Attractive Spots in Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
Apart from the ethnic traditional relics, the attractive scenic spots here would also enough lead you a perfect holiday. Lingering in this park, the big banyan tree will impress you. It represented 56 ethnic groups banding together. Another interesting attraction will be the Ethnic Bridge connecting the north and south park. It adopted the architectural styles of Bai, Dong and Zang people. If you are lucky, you may meet the ethnic festivals held here, very interesting!

Chinese Ethnic Culture Park will surprise you with typical culture!

Summer Leisure in Jingdong Grand Canyon

Have you prepared for your summer holiday? Although summer will make the people full of sweat, terrific summer holiday could be realized if you pay special attention! Today, I would like to lead you to walk close to the water and mountain world – Jingdong Grand Canyon.

Jingdong Grand Canyon

Spectacular Appearance of Jingdong Grand Canyon
Located in the suburb area of Beijing, Jingdong Grand Canyon is equipped with the first feature getting away from the bustle life. Among local people, it has another name called Wulongtan Grand Canyon with the coverage area of about 6 square kilometers. Housing the Grand Canyon and the Jingtan Mountain Scenic Area, this natural scenic spot has become the most popular choice during summer holiday. First coming here, what impressed the tourists will be the steep mountains and deep valleys. It offered a wide range of beautiful landscapes to the tourists here. Especially during summer holiday, unique cool feeling and breeze could fully purity your summer boring. Entering inside, the green hills, pearl waters, spectacular Karst caves, deep ponds, wide valleys and plunging waterfalls will give you a shock. Apart from this, hundreds of pine trees growing in it would also shock you.

Dazzling Main Scenic Spots
If you came here what the must-enjoy scenic spots will be the Wulong Pond, Tongtian Gorge, Plank Roads, Longmen lake and the Holiday Village. Each of them houses unique features and typical characters. First, the Wulong Pond is truly an amazing pearl with five ponds. Most interesting is that each of them has unique shape with lifelike name. From the far distance, the lovely Tongtian Gorge looks like a long slit with a heaven-reaching peak splitting by an earthquake. If you want to challenge the thrilling and the terrifying, you could walk on these plank roads which are held up by shaky steel cables.

Entertaining Items
If you think these natural landscapes having been enough, then the entertainment items could lead you reaching the utmost happy. Measuring about 1,000 meters long, the Scenery Aerial Tramway could lead you get the whole scenery of this scenic area. Choosing drifting here will be the most popular sport, especially during summer.

Jingdong Grand Canyon is waiting for your summer holiday!

Golden Natural Beauties in Beijing

Fragrant Hills Park: Located not far away from Beijing city, Fragrant Hills Park is a very large boasting for the natural sceneries and cultural relics. With profound history and deep traditional culture, Fragrant Hills Park got the high fame for the most spectacular natural scenery – Red Smoke Tree Leaves.

Jinshan Park: To be as the famous royal landscapes garden, Jinshan Park housed abundant of charming natural scenery with a planted area. In addition to this, it is also the biggest peony rose garden in Beijing.

Jingdong Grand Canyon: As a top-class natural scenic spot, Jingdong Grand Canyon boasts for its steep mountains and deep valleys. Providing tourists with a wide range of beautiful landscapes, Jingdong Grand Canyon would offer you green hills, clear waters, karst caves and deep ponds, etc.

Walking into Mysterious Imperial Tomb Groups

Most of tourists during the holidays would be willing to research the mysteries of imperial families, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven, etc. Among these imperial buildings, the Ming Tombs attracted large crowds. Every year, there will be millions of tourists come to this tomb area to appreciate the profound history and palatial architecture.

Overview of Ming Tombs
Ming Tombs

Located northwest of Beijing city, Ming Tombs is built at the foot of Tianshou Mountain. There are 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty buried inside, so it is also called Thirteen Tombs. With the coverage area of 120 square kilometers, Ming Tomb group is the best preserved tomb area with most emperors buried. The arrangements, building architecture and the background all housed deep influence. Walking into this scenic area, you would find each tomb site stored its own features and independent unit. The layout and arrangement of each tomb unit are very similar. What the different is that they varied from the size and the inner structures. Someone said the scenic area is just like a history book storing too much knowledge and history. Someone said that it is just like a mystery waiting for researching and exploring.

Wandering in Sacred Road
Ming Tombs

For the tourists coming here, the Scared Road has become a must-visit place for them. In the traditional meaning, the Sacred Road stored a deep meaning that a road leading to heaven. In the ancient times, the emperors are regarded as the son of the heaven. So, when they came from Heaven, they would pass through this road. Certainly, after they died, they would return to Heaven through this road. Most attractive is that this road is lined with stone status. These statues are important decorations of the whole tomb area. What you appreciated will be 12 human figures and 24 animals including lion, camel, elephant and dragons, etc. Each of them represented different features and characters. They were established like this to protect the imperial emperors. Walking along this road, what impress you will be unique solemn and deep memory. Sets of tomb sections will carve different memories and appearance to your holiday. Ranging from different shapes and unique architectures, each of them would give you a shock!

Yes, Ming Tombs is truly a wonder deserved your reading and visiting.

Why Choose 798 Art District for Modern Tasting

Beijing is regarded as the representative of Chinese profound history and deep traditional culture. Housing loads of traditional palaces and buildings, it is become a land where the modern tourists searching the fast tastes. However, among tourists, 798 Art District has become a must-enjoy place in the tourists for modern visiting. Why?

798 Art District

Dazzling Layout of 798 Art District
Located in the northeast corner of this city, 798 Art District covered an area of about 0.6 square kilometers. It is very famous in the tourists with the modern designing idea and the terrific art works. Featured by the fashionable tastes, it has become the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art and also the world-famous cultural and creative industries centralized area. In fact, its original appearance is a factory. However, after experiencing many years changing and restoration, it is designed as the modern appearance full of vigorous atmosphere and typical features. With the western style and convenient traffic, it also housed loads of vacant places and many other decorations. For the youth, it is a paradise land for widening vision and extending idea.

Vigorous Modern Function
Modern days, it has attracted a great deal of attention from media of all over the world. At the same time, it has been regarded as the new regional mark of Beijing city distributing galleries, designing studios, art exhibition spaces and fashionable shops. Until now, wandering here, you could appreciate over 400 cultural organizations from other countries settle down in this area. Apart from these dazzling spots, it also becomes an important international art exhibitions and art activities as well as fashionable shows. In order to make it more typical and expend its influence, this art zone always holds the famous art festivals. On the festivals all the arts and artists could have a harmonious communication creating a more vigorous art world.

Interesting Places in 798 Art District
If you say the dazzling art is the main reason you come here for appreciating modern tastes, then the interesting places will another season. Wandering here, you could appreciate various photos which are hard to see in other places. After getting tired, you could choose the terrific VINCENT CAFÉ for enjoying a cup of coffee to search the exotic tastes of French.

All in all, only appreciating 798 Art District, you have the right to witness the modern Beijing!

Purity Mind in Beijing Churches

For every one, apart from exploring the scenic spots and cultivate sentiment and mood, exploring some holy lands also offer an ideal chance to inspire. If you are a regular Beijing visitor, if you want to have a tranquil relaxed, if you want to have a completely purity for your mind and body, Beijing churches could satisfy your desire. Now, let us walk closer to them!

Dazzling South Church
South Church

Coming to Beijing, what appeared in the mind will be the Beijing Great Wall, Forbidden City and many other imperial buildings. However in this metropolis city, it housed many dazzling churches. The most famous one will be the South Church – Xuanwumen Catholic Church. Located at the Xuanwumen Avenue, this church faced to the north. It is also called Cathedral Immaculate Conception, because behind the pulpit, there is a huge painting of the Immaculate Conception hanging on the wall. For Beijing dioceses and Patriotic Catholic Association, it is the main seat. If you are very interested in this church, you could choose the weekdays. The opening time is between 6:00am to 9:00am. Seating in the quiet environment, listening to the purity words, your mind and body all could get a fully relaxed.

Typical East Church - Wangfujing Catholic Church
Wangfujing Catholic Church

When relating to the most conspicuous cathedral in Beijing, it will endow to the Eastern Church. Located in the prosperous Wangfujing Street and facing to the west, it sent out typical tastes and conduct different influence. It is originally named after Joseph. Walking into this mysterious land, you will find there are many precious religious paintings drawn by Giuseppe Castiglione are best preserved. After several restorations in recent years, it has become a cultural site with unique features in Wangfujing Area. Most interesting is that this church open every morning. Because located in the prosperous Wangfujing Street, it will send out some modern and fashionable tastes.

Other Churches
Apart from these two large churches, there are many other churches to be visited, Zhuishikou Church, Dongjiaominxiang Church, Kuanjie Church and the North Church - Xishiku Church, etc. Each church stored their unique features and tastes. There are some village churches where you could find the village features and the holy atmosphere in the church.

I believe no matter whichever you choose, it would satisfy your desire seeking the tranquility and purity!

Top Modern Scenic Spots in Beijing

National Stadium: Built as the main stadium for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, National Stadium was equipped with the most advanced facilities and unexpected designing ideas. Famous Birds Nest and Water Cube are still the main hottest topic spots in the tourists. Special designing appearance and typical designing theme has gained much attention in the world.

798 Art Zone: Located in the northeast corner of Beijing, 798 Art Zone has become a must-visit place in the tourists, especially for that who are very interested in the art. Featured by modern art, it has become the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art, and also the world-famous cultural and creative industries centralized area.

CCTV Tower: Combing all the modern essence and the fashionable tastes, CCTV Tower has been regarded as the representative of Beijing modern. No matter in the daytime or the night, it always could send out typical light to the tourists.

Golden Tips for Great Wall Hiking

As the wonders of China, Great Wall sections receive loads of tourists every day. Searching Chinese profound history, feeling Chinese ancient culture and getting close to Chinese ancient heritages, hiking Great Wall will be the best idea. However, for the fresh Great Wall hikers, how to hold an excellent holiday?

Doing Enough Preparations for Hiking
Great Wall of China

Compared to other historical relics, Great Wall buildings showed different. Firs will be the typical location. All the sections are located in the suburb area and situating in the elegant mountains. Adding the long hiking journey, tourists should take enough preparation. The food and water will rank the first. For such a long journey, we need to spend much laborious strength. So, we should eat the drink to supplement the strength we lose. Taking the water in advance is good idea, because the local vendors sold are very expensive. The quality is also deserved considering. After taking these, you should dress the loosen clothes or the sport suit, because there are many high stages need you to pass and climb. The tight suit would stop your journey or seriously hurt you. For the older people, taking cable will be an ideal choice. If you are very interested in hiking, taking the hand-stick will be perfect choice. If you encounter some ruined or steep sections, the hand-stick will help you get a soft journey.

Different Section, Different Features, Different Interests
Cable Car on Great Wall

Housing so many sections, different tourists groups liked different great wall sections. As we all know, Badaling Great Wall is the busiest section in all the sections. For the fresh visitors who coming to China, they will first explore Badaling Great Wall. However, during the holidays, it is better not choose it. If you are very interested in the charming sceneries and the best-preserved appearance, as well as less crowded tourists, Mutianyu Great Wall will be an excellent section. Not far away from Beijing center, Mutianyu Great Wall covering a large scale trees showing to the tourists. However, for the tourists who are very interested in the camp or the wild appearance, Jinshnaling Great Wall will be terrific. Housing profound history, Jinshnaling Great Wall remained the original features and wild appearance. Most interested is that it is the only one section where tourists cold have camp life.

After getting these basic tips, I believe wonderful Great Wall hiking tour is just around the corner!

Deep Breath in Beijing Hutong during Summer

Summer is a nice season when we should have a deep cultivation about our mind and mood. Terrific summer holiday needs unique tranquility and harmony. In the metropolis city of China, Beijing, it is very easy for us to have our own paradise land to experience a typical summer holiday. Now, I would lead you to walk into Beijing Hutong to discover the typical tranquility and perfect harmonious atmosphere.

Wandering in Beijing Hutong
Beijing Hutong - Sihe Courtyard

It is always said the culture of old Beijing all gathered in Beijing Hutong. It is a large scale stage where displayed the history and deep culture of Beijing. Nowadays, Beijing Hutong area has attracted loads of tourists from home and abroad. Summer holidays here, a set of courtyards would impress you first, narrow streets and lowers houses adding some dense trees planting along side. You would find the feeling of going back to Beijing suburb area, unique tranquil and cool. Especially during summer, all the residences would come out for selling some food, snack. Here, the old Beijing frozen sucker will be the most attracted. It is a hot season when you could see the local Beijing people sitting together under one tree, talking and gossiping. This time, it will be the warmest atmosphere. Walking into the tranquil Sihe Courtyard, large scale ground surrounded by houses in four directions will be the most typical building. Have a typical lunch in the local residence house and listen to the hostess talking about the affairs happened in Beijing, it will be extremely a spirit enjoyment in summer holiday.

Riding Bike around Beijing Hutong
Beijing Hutong

After the closer visit to Beijing Hutong, it is a nice time to have a cool bike around these lovely streets. There are many famous scenic spots distributed, Shichahhai, Dashilan, Nanluoguxiang and Yandaixiejie, etc. Any of them could lure your typical interests. During the bike journey, you could not only the charming scenery but also the development of Beijing and some reserved area of ancient history. You would be impressed by the charming atmosphere in Shichahai. You would be shocked by the local tastes of Yandaixiejie. You would be interested in the little stores in Nanluoguxiang, etc. If you say the most featured will be taking the rickshaw to have a pleasure, because doing like this, you could arouse the real feeling of being a Beijing native.

Hutong is a representative of Beijing history. It is more appropriate for your special Beijing summer tour!

How to Lead Your Children an Excellent Childhood

Tourism for children is an ideal education. There is an old saying that a healthy life needs a nature mind. For the outer world, children always hold curiosity and many interests. During this period, if we stopped their interests and some curiosities, their life will be disturbed. Leading them into lovely animal world will be another enjoyment. So, in order to decorate their childhood more colorful and meaningful, I would like to give you some suggestions.

First Getting Close to Nature
Beijing Aquarium

As the most famous and paradise land, Beijing Zoo has gained high fame among tourists, especially in the families. Charming environment, lovely animals and knowledgeable marks would add some colors to their lovely age period. Walking into Beijing Zoo, what impressed you first will be the picturesque sceneries, willow trees looking like slim girls dancing; flowers are reaching utmost blossoming appearance; little birds singing and sending you warmest greeting. After that will be the lovely decorations. No matter wherever you went, there will be lovely marks decorating the trees, benches and some visiting areas. Most interesting is that even the garbage boxes are all decorated with lovely animal appearance. After enjoying these, it is time to appreciate the lovely animals – Pandas. Taking your children to get close to them, ideas will appear on their mind. On one hand their vision will be widened; on the other hand, visiting could rich their experience. Apart from this, aquarium world would also bring much exciting to them. Wandering in the ocean world, conducting their cute imagination will be a perfect idea.

Second Simulating Realistic Life
Be You World

As a must explore place during the childhood, Beijing Be You World has received abroad attention in the parents. Covering a large scale area, this world is not only an imaginary place but a truly fantastic social environment where the kids could learn more about the social knowledge and relations. If you say it is just a playground, it will be more right as an interactive education platform. Equipped with the most advanced education facilities and technology, it plaid a very important role as a largest indoor profession-experience entertaining center. According to the characters and habits, there will be certain policies to be made. Extending individuality and developed their proficiency, Be You World will be a wonderful platform!

Join us, all Beijing treasure will be listed in your itineraries!

Imperial Gardens for Beijing Summer Holiday

Usually tourists coming to Beijing China want to have a broad view to Chinese profound history and the deep traditional cultural connotation. As the representative of Beijing history, imperial palaces will be a must to enjoy. During your summer holiday, either make you have a cool and relaxed vacation or widen your eye vision, Summer Palace and Old Summer Palace will be two ideal places.

Gorgeous Summer Palace
Summer Palace

If you say Old Summer Palace is a set of film, Summer Palace will be a real scene where you could get close to the truly sceneries, pavilions, rocks and profound histories. In China, Summer Palace is the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China. At the same time, it greatly influenced Chinese horticulture and landscapes with natural views and cultural interests. So, it got a high prestige as a Museum of Royal Gardens. Here, you could imagine its beauty. During your summer holiday here, it will be no doubt the Kunming Lake is the most attractive part. Covering three quarters area of this whole garden, it played a very important role as a summer resort in the ancient times. On the water, there is a bridge. Standing on the bridge, tourists could have a closer to the views of all over the garden.

Tranquil Old Summer Palace
Old Summer Palace

For the gorgeous women having lost the origin beauty, Old Summer Palace is still regarded as a treasure in the tourists, because the history and sceneries it housed could not be described by any words. With profound history and deep culture, Old Summer Palace was first built as a summer resort for the emperors. Just because of the cool location, it conducted the advanced effect. However, now, what left tourists are the large scale tranquil environment and the water areas. Most important is the ruined bricks which are the witness of its prosperous. Sitting on the rock, a shower of cold breeze flow your face taking some water tastes refresh your mind. You would be indicted into this poetic history. Being divided into three parts, each part could give you the feeling of summer happiness. Trees here are still blossoming forming a set of umbrellas to your summer holiday. Pearl water is seemed to be doing their best to protect this ruined soldier to memorize different past history.

Join us, these two imperial gardens could enough make your summer holiday special and memorable!

Walking into Ancient Beijing Village – Cuandixia Village

Housing truly amazing ancient buildings and modern plazas, tour Beijing could bring you unexpected happiness. What you want to do, this capital city will satisfy your desire of seeking happiness. Today, I will lead you to walk into one old village to unveil its typical appearance and life style – Cuandixia Village.

Delicate Appearance of Cuandixia Village
Cuandixia Village

After visiting this village, every tourist would send out signs about the old arrangements and ancient tastes. Located in the suburb area – Mentougou District, this village has housed a long history about 400 years old. It is just like an old man telling all the past stories happened here. Containing about 70 courtyards with about 500 rooms, this village was built during Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Covering an area about 10,000 square meters, it is the best preserved village in China. It is a mountain village gaining the high fame as a Potala Palace in Beijing area. First entering into this village, you would arouse the feeling back to Chinese ancient times, grey bricks, ruined soil walls, etc. It is surrounded by elegant mountains, so the traffic here is not so convenient. Standing on the north gentle slope of the hills, it is built in the harmony with the terrain of the mountains. From the far distance or having a bird view, it is just like an old castle decorating the mountains. A winding and rugged lane built from many oddly-shaped stones, winds its way from east to west and divides the village into two groups.

Perfect Arrangement in Cuandixia Village
Cuandixia Village

Wandering in this village, typical tranquility and cozy will pour into your mind and body. Only lived by the Han Family, this village presented more unique and harmonious! Relating the name of this village, Cuan has the meaning of stove. All the corners and the decorations are showed perfect same as the ancient times, corns hanging outside, ancient cooking range and adobe kang, etc. If you are very interested in the life style, you could stay here for a night getting closer to feel the tastes. For the well-arrangements, some famous films often conducted here, just because of the advanced background. The farmers of Cuandixia Village keep in step with the times and they exploit the idea of folk-custom tourism to welcome tourists from all over the world.

Inspiring your Beijing tour, Cuandixia Village will hold your exciting feeling!

Modern Beijing Transportation Condition

With the society developing faster and faster, more and more people and tourists run into Beijing forming a large sale society. In this capital city, the modern transportation Beijing housed has got recognition.

Air: In this metropolis city, Beijing settled two passenger airports: Capital International Airport in the northeast side of Beijing and the Nanyuan Airport in the south of Beijing. Equipped with modern facilities and professional services, they are receiving more and more passengers every day. Now, the third airport is building in Daxing District.

Trains: As the center of Chinese railway net, Beijing housed trains to most of the cities of the country. With the economy developing faster, more and more high-speed trains are developing and settled. No matter in the tourism filed, business filed or the people daily life, Beijing train conducted a very important role.

Beijing Subway: Covering a large scale area and the most advanced transportation in the Beijing daily life, Beijing Subway system attracted more and more passengers and relieve traffic pressure. However, in the price aspect, it is cheapest only costs CNY2 per person.

Treasure Highlight for Beijing Summer Vacation

As a must-explore city, Beijing endow all the treasure highlights to the tourists from all over the world. With the summer holiday is coming, finding a nice place for fully enjoyment will be satisfactory. Located far distance of Beijing center, famous Yunmengshan National Forest Park will be an ideal place. Getting away from the bustle city life, enjoy the unique tranquility.

Delicate Arrangement of Yunmengshan National Forest Park
Yunmengshan Forest Park

As a treasure of Beijing suburb area, Yunmengshan Forests Park has gained much recognition in the tourists with fresh air and cool atmosphere. Located at the border of Miyun District and Huairou District, this dazzling natural area covered an area of about 2,200 hectares. Because most of the peak rising over 1,400 meters above the sea level, it gained ideal temperature and superb landscapes. As a wonderful summer resort, this spectacular area was equipped with soaring mountains, sheer precipitous cliffs, gorgeous rocks, soft waterfalls and running springs. Apart from this, the dense forests, the chirping birds and the changeable clouds add the allure to this natural park. During the summer holiday, walking inside, you would feel you were situating in the fairy land without boring and any caring. At the same time, this mountain is always veiled in mist. What the most dazzling moment will be in the sunny morning when the sun pierces through the mist and the clouds rising up into the sky slowly, magnificent and gorgeous!

Dazzling Features of Yunmengshan Forest Park
Yunmengshan Forest Park

Coming to this terrific land your vision will be impressed by a large scale trees area. Yes, this park is characterized by luxuriant forests. From the foot to the hill top, there will be large scale of vegetation covered forming unique scene. Sometimes, the soft singing sent out from the little birds will add some interests to your summer holiday. It will be more ideal to have camp here. The birches sending out dazzling white lights, straight and charming! Some pines looking like guests, some are looking like sleeping dragons, vigorous and lifelike. These graceful trees formed a charming natural picture with some wild animals running and waters flowing. In the late summer, you will be lucky lured by the fulfilled fruits here, chestnuts, wild appeals and kiwi fruits.

Yunmengshan Forests Park is a better place for the people who are very interests in the wild life and tranquil summer holiday!

Why Fully Relaxed on Jinshanling Great Wall

How to get a fully relaxed holiday has become a very hot topic among the tourists. After heavy work, busy business and loads of study, reaching a spectacular place for enjoying and comb will be an ideal enjoyment. In metropolis city, Jinshanling Great Wall is the first choice for getting away the bustle city life searching cozy and tranquil life. Why choose Jinshanling Great Wall?

Storing Wild Tastes
Jinshanling Great Wall

Located far away from Beijing city center, the tranquility will first endow to Jinshanling Great Wall. So, for the tourists who are interested in the unique comfort and cozy, it will be a holy land. Being relied on the giant Jinshan Mountain, Jinshanling Great Wall enjoyed a high fame with wild appearance and original features. Coming to this section, you would be first impressed by the wild tastes of profound ancient history. Less crowds, tranquil environment will be the second treasure. It is very easy to climb and conquer. Long distance ruined wall building, grey bricks and watch towers will tell you a series of history stories. Fully relaxed enjoyment will be conducted here. Through the old watch towers, appreciating the charming sceneries far distance, it will be distinct a spirit of enjoyment.

Having a Comfortable Camp
Jinshanling Great Wall

Among the great wall buildings in Beijing, Jinshanling Great Wall is the only section to enjoy camp life here. Especially during the summer season, tourists coming here for enjoying the sunrise and sunset scenery close feel the terrific nature. When the duck falls, sprigging a camp, living inside. This time, you could have an impressive night staying in Great Wall. Night view in Great Wall will tell you what the most wonderful scenic spot is. Counting the dazzling stars, enjoying the birds singing and touching the closer sky, this unique enjoyment will impress your spirit and body deeply. Summer is an ideal season enjoying special holiday.

Spectacular Jinshan Hotel
Jinshanling Great Wall

Not far away from Jinshanling Great Wall, Jinshan Hotel is a very popular hotel in the tourists coming here. Being built in the early years, it has become a historical hotel storing much ancient tastes and customs. Equipped with advanced facilities and cozy environment, it is a terrific location to enjoy great wall life. For the business man, the large scale committee hall will be a wonderful place to conduct your work.

Leading a unique holiday, enjoying unique happiness, Jinshanling Great Wall will be the first choice!

Top Popular Business Centers of Beijing

As a metropolis capital city, Beijing housed loads of cultures and heritages. After the highlights appreciating, having a tranquil enjoyment for wandering the Beijing popular business centers will be another kind of enjoyment.

Wangfujing Street: With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Wangfujing Street is the most well-known and prosperous business street with modern and fashion trends. Nowadays, there have been many plazas and buildings built into use.

Qianmen Street: Located at the center of Beijing city, Qianmen Street has been regarded a must-visit place for the tourists. With many famous market and buildings sitting alongside, Qianmen Street plays a very important role in Beijing economy developing.

Xiadan Commercial Street: With a large scale area, Xidan Street has become a representative of fashion and modern, especially in the young tourists. Housing various entertainment activities and fashionable essences, it has become a must-go place during the weekends and holidays.

Charming Beijing Suburb Summer Excursion

As we all know, Beijing top highlights attracted loads of tourists from home and abroad, Great Wall, Forbidden City and Beijing Summer Palace, etc. For summer holiday, Beijing suburb attractions will make your holiday different and typical. Today, I would like to lead you to walk close to the mysterious Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area.

Overview of Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area
Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area

Located at the foot of charming Yunmengshan National Forest Park, being adjacent to the delicate Duanshuling Village, Yougushentan Area is about 75 kilometers from downtown Beijing. First coming to this area, you would be shocked by the verdant hills and pearl waters. However, the dazzling features of this scenic area are its mystery, uniqueness, quaintness and beauty. So, in the tourists and local people, it enjoyed a high fame as a Natural Oxygen Bar. You could imagine how natural it is. If you are tired of the busy work, boring study and the hot weather, here will be an ideal place for refresh your mind and cool your body. Because it housed unique beauty, unusual mountains, rich springs, this wonderful land will attract thousands of tourists every day. This natural picturesque area, you could appreciate the green hills decorate with unique peeks, oddly-shaped rocks and steep cliffs.

Breathtaking Spots in Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area
Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area

It will be regret without appreciating the two amazing spots – Fly Waterfall and the God Pond. Located at the top of this mountain, the natural pond measured about 8 meters deep. When the crystal and glittering water of this pond flowing down and crashes onto the steep cliffs, it will produce loud sounds echoing in this valley, clear and dazzling. The water sprays fall several meters and gradually formed a spectacular waterfall, grand and grave. The fall rushes down the mountains and run to another pond creating stunning splash. Apart from these, the fresh trees and grasses, adorable streams and the natural ponds will be the most attractive points. Getting away from the bustle city life, visitors coming here not only enjoy the extremely natural beauty, but also the seal cuttings and pictures engraved in the cliffs.

Apart from the natural scenery, local snacks and summer activities also could be rented as the top amazing. All kinds of entertainment activities will attract the tourists coming from different places get together, sharing happiness. Terrific summer holiday will start from here!

Delicious Beijing Specialties

As a metropolis city, Beijing housed loads of treasures to entertain all the tourists from the world. Cuisines from many different cultures permeate the Beijing dining scene. With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more Beijing specialties appeared. Among them, three cuisines will attract your stomach fully!

Beijing Roast Duck: With profound profound history and deep traditional culture, Beijing Roast Duck has attracted a lot of visitors with unique cooking style and special flavor. It has gained the same high fame with Beijing Great Wall and Forbidden City, being a must-take present to the relatives, friends and colleagues.

Imperial Court Food: Having been evolved over time enjoyed by the local people, Imperial Court Food is featured by complex preparation, fresh ingredients and elaborate presentation. Colorful vegetables, skillful art carving and typical tastes will be showed in it. It will be an ideal cuisine for business and party!

Local Snack: Being rented as a must for tasting authentic Beijing flavor, Beijing Local Snack housed many cuisines inherited many cooking ideas. There are over 200 varieties of snacks for enjoying. Different tastes, appearance and cooking styles mane these food become a must during Beijing tour!

Why List Peking Roast Duck as Stomach Enjoyment

Besides the world treasures, during Beijing tour, Beijing Roast Duck has become a must-enjoy cuisine. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Beijing Roast Duck has been rented as the representative of Beijing.

Glorious History of Beijing Roast Duck

It is said that if you came to Beijing without tasting the Beijing Roast Duck, it is equal that you have not came to Beijing. To be same as Beijing Great Wall and Beijing Hutong, Beijing Roast Duck is has created a heavy influence in the tourists. As a famous and delicious food with profound history, Beijing Roast Duck is an excellent choice if you want to capture more about Chinese traditional cuisine, culture and customs. Earlier in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, this kind of food has appeared. Originally roasted in a traditional way until Qing Dynasty, it was added into the menu of imperial cuisine and received high praise. In order to entertain the imperial families, the chef did their best to search new methods to cook best. Gradually, cooking process was divided into two species.

Leisurely Enjoy Beijing Roast Duck

Different cooking result leads to different eating. After the duck was prepared, it will show a shining date-red color and unique in flavor. Apart from the traditional cooking, many restaurants offered all duck banquet. Some are juiced and some are offal. It will truly give you satisfaction and enjoyment when enjoying. Apart from these, there are many points you should pay attention while enjoying Roast Duck. Some people would ask what the best season to enjoy Beijing Roast Duck is. Then Spring, Autumn and Winter will be ideal choices. The hot roast duck will be brought to the dining table by the chef and he would put various ingredients to each piece ensure the flavor. How to enjoy is also an important point. First, you should take one of the small and thin pancakes. Adding the onion and some pieces of duck meat, finally roll up and take a bit. This time, you would surprise by the wonderful taste! With most famous high fame and profound history, Quanjude Roast Duck Store will be the best choice to enjoy! With considerable service and professional chef, it will fully entertain your holiday!

Coming to Beijing, do not miss Roast Duck!

Why to Buy Silk Products in Beijing

Silk is regarded as one of the treasures of handcrafts in China. Are you interested in the silk material clothes? Today, I would like to introduce you a wonderful place – Beijing Silk Street.

Glorious Silk Street
Silk Street

As a prosperous shopping market in Beijing, the famous Silk Street is located in the Choyang District. Being started in the year of 1980, it has housed over 1,000 retailers until now. Recent years, it has gained much recognition in the tourists with high quality and considerable service. As it becomes more famous and popularity, it has been regarded as the representative of Beijing, same as Beijing Great Wall, Summer Palace and the Roast Duck. What the most exciting is that there ever many famous foreign celebrities came here for enjoying, shopping and having their clothes tailor-made. Now, the Silk Street was rebuilt into a shopping mall enlarging the business, adding traditional Chinese handicrafts, antiques, calligraphy and so on. It is said to be a heaven of art. Also, it was rented as a fashionable world!

Floor Treasures in Silk Street
Silk Street

Different treasures have been arranged in different floors. Whatever you like, this street will satisfy your desire. There are totally eight stories equipped in this plaza. Each floor conducted different function. If you are very interested in the Peking Duck and the delicious restaurants, the 6F will be an ideal choice. On the fifth floor, various jewelries will attract your vision with dazzling colors. However, these precious treasures are not the theme goods here. The silk will stand the first. On the third floor, there have been established a silk museum. In this museum, there are about 18 retailers offering high quality silk over many years. Some time-honored Chinese brands just like the Ruifuxiang and Neiliansheng, etc. 

Bargaining in Silk Street
If you are very interested in the shopping in the ultimate Chinese style, you should pay attention on the first floor and the second floor. On these two floors you could bargain freely. You need not to worry about the bargaining, do not be shy. It has become a part of daily life in China. It is an ideal choice to have some shops for appreciating. It will be better to plan where you should have bargain.

Beijing Silk Street is a wonder for the tourists who like the Chinese style shopping!

Three Famous Places for Appreciating Beijing Opera

Nowadays, with the culture consciousness becoming deeper and complete, Beijing Opera gets higher fame in the tourists. For the metropolis city, there are several places listing as ideal places for appreciating Opera.

Liyuan Theater: Located in the Jianguo Hotel, Qianmen, Liyuan Theater is the most famous theater putting on the Beijing Opera. Sitting around the Ba xian Zhuo, sipping a cup of tea, appreciating the profound art performance, it will be extremely an enjoyment! Apart from the opera, there are Crossroads, Autumn River, etc entertaining you!

Changan Grand Theater: Being built in 1937, Changan Grand Theater was an ideal place to appreciate the Genuine Beijing Opera. Located in the prosperous Xian Street, it is always gathered numerous opera fans every day. As a perfect combination of classic and modern architecture, this theater will comfort you with elegant tables, soft seats and wonderful performance.

Mei Lanfang Theater: Being named after the most famous opera master – Mei Lanfang, this theater perfectly mixed the traditional opera theater and modern construction style. The audience seats are distributed so wonderful that everyone could clearly appreciate the performance.

Why List Forbidden City as First Destination for Beijing Tour

In the mind of every tourist, with mysterious imperial atmosphere, grand building and rich history, Forbidden City has naturally become a must-enjoy destination for Beijing Tour. Why arousing such an effect?

Incomparable History of Beijing Forbidden City
Forbidden City

As a profound historical city, Beijing housed loads of imperial places and gardens, small and large, elegant and delicate. However, the most representative imperial palace will be the Forbidden City. Built in the early of Ming Dynasty, Forbidden City was a large scale imperial palace for twenty-four emperors passing two dynasties. It building history reached about 14 years spending much labors and numerous painstaking of the ancient workers. Its name has expressed its typical essence and feature – Purple Forbidden City. It is said that the palace for the emperor on the earth is forbidden to enter without special permission of the emperors. It was regarded as the most holy place in the ancient times. Until now, it was still regarded as the historical luxurious buildings sending out ancient tastes!

Incomparable Construction in Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Entering into this royal building, what appeared in your eyes will be a series of palaces with certain colors and luxurious decorations, as well as delicate designs. It got such a high fame not only because it stored incomparable history but also the incomparable constructions built inside. Until now, the architectures have influenced Chinese building field. Having an overview, it presented axially symmetrical layout. All the palaces and sceneries are all built according to the Book of Changes. Wood will be the main frames of all the buildings. Ancient people are very smart designing all the windows with flexible appearance for different needs. The colors painted also expressed another meaning. They were designed not only for single decorating but also protecting the wooden structure.

Dazzling Surroundings of Forbidden City
Located in the center of Beijing, Forbidden City was surrounded by dazzling scenic spot. However, the most famous will be the largest square – Tiananmen Square. Many Chinese country celebrations area always held here. There are many memorial buildings located on, such as Great Hall of the People, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and Monument to the People Heroes.

Forbidden City is a wonder decorating China. It will be a valuable treasure decorating your Beijing holiday!

Leisure Beijing Parks for Family Tour

When the holidays fall, most of the families would want to go out for family pleasure. Appreciating the charming scenery, getting a fully relax is a terrific enjoyment. The follow parks introduced are the most popular choices!
Beihai Park: As one of the largest and oldest, as well as the best preserved imperial gardens, Beihai Park has become a must-enjoy place for the families. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Beihai Park is not only a classical combination of the grandiosity of the northern gardens but also a magnificent integration of imperial gardens and the religious gardens.
Chaoyang Park: As a tranquil land for pleasure, with the coverage area of about 289 hectares, Chaoyang Park has received high fame in the residences nearby. Each season, the 20 scenic spots located inside will satisfy your desire of seeking happiness. Various activities will be more wonderful for your children.
World Park: With a large scale area, Beijing World Park also becomes a theme park in the families with full size or small scale copies of the original. Various foreign countries scenic spot model could be found here!

Ancient Imperial Memory – Explore Forbidden City

Related to Beijing, first appeared in the mind will be the Forbidden City, right? How much do you get about it? Wandering inside, appreciating the best preserved ancient building construction, tasting the deep traditional cultural connotation enjoying a fully dreamful relaxed!

Incomparable Appearance of Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Everyone got Forbidden City is located in the Beijing center and it is a large scale imperial palace. In the ancient times, all the imperial families lived inside. However, you do not know, its location stored a mystery. It is said that in Beijing, there are two dragon veins. So, Forbidden City is built in one of the dragon vein. Another is Prince Gong Mansion. You could imagine how much attention the ancient people paid on this palace. Having a bird view, the whole palace showed a square shape with numerous small palaces built inside, grave and grand atmosphere. Being regarded as the representative of Beijing, Forbidden City has stored profound history. Delicate carving, luxurious decoration, skillful construction, everyone would be impressed deeply. For the wonderful building project, ancient Chinese people displayed their very considerable skills in building it.

Inner Architectural Characteristics of Forbidden City
Forbidden City

As grand imperial palace in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, Forbidden City got the high fame not because of the palaces themselves but also its architectural style. The mysterious building architecture stands for the combination of the development of classical Chinese and East Asian architecture. It influenced the development of Chinese architecture. Being composed four gates, it showed more grave and grand. Wandering in this palace, you would find all the major buildings are wooden structures roofed with yellow glazed tiles and supported by white marble terrace. What the most attractive idea is that each of the palaces was constructed based on the Book of Changes and Chinese traditional Confucian culture. The main theme of the Book of Changes is that the perfect combination of human being and the nature. All the palace gates are built based on the Chinese Eight Diagrams in hope of the harmony with the nature.

For the fans who are very interested in Chinese ancient imperial families and history, Forbidden City is an ideal place. Here, you will find the ancient emperor pictures, their living palaces and all the recorded buildings marking Chinese development. It is truly an amazing wonder in the Chinese history!

Must-enjoy Food during Beijing Tour

After exciting Beijing highlights appreciation, it will be more wonderful have an enjoyment about the famous Beijing food. Spread every corner of Beijing, these food wonders have attracted loads of attention in the world wide.
Beijing Roast Duck: To be same as Beijing Great Wall buildings, Beijing Roast Duck has been regarded as the representative of Beijing. Enjoying a high fame with profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Roast Duck experienced complex cuisine process.
Imperial Court Food: Being featured as complex preparation techniques, fresh ingredients and elaborate presentation, Imperial Court Food has been received by all the county people and the foreign tourists.
Fast Food: For such a developing metropolis city, Beijing housed many fast-food stores offering to the business people and the tourists passing by. With simple preparation and typical cooking tastes they have become the main food in the tourists.

Must-experience Place for Beijing Summer Tour

During summer period, search a nice land for entertaining and amusing will be an ideal idea. As the largest, luxurious and most famous garden, Summer Palace will be the most qualified section to undertake the responsibility satisfying your sentiment and mood. Cooler than the city center, nowadays, among the tourists, Beijing Summer Palace has become a very popular destination to seek happiness in summer.

Grand Appearance of Summer Palace
Summer Palace

Being surrounded by large scale water area and green trees, Summer Palace keeps a low temperature. Adding the profound history, sitting inside, apart from avoiding the heat and playing, tourists could appreciate the well-designed landscapes and taste its unique cultural connotation. As the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, Summer Palace greatly influenced Chinese horticulture and landscape with the famous natural views and cultural interests. Rebuilt for entertaining and leisure, it conveyed numerous meanings and connotations to the public. It radiates fully the natural beauty and the grandeur of royal gardens. Being composed by numerous small sections and charming sceneries, it is very hard for tourists to finish all the sceneries in one day.

Dazzling Lake Area in Summer Palace
Summer Palace

If you ask what the most wonderful area is for your summer holiday, then the Lake area located inside will be the first. All the year around, the water here will show off the most vigorous life to the tourists. Covering a large scale area, being surrounded by buildings and trees, it is certainly an ideal place for entertaining and get fully relaxed. When the summer is coming, all the flowers will reach their utmost blossom, colorful and fresh. Famous attractions amongst this area are so numerous that your vision will be disturbed, such as the Seventeen-Arch Bridge, Bronze Ox, Nanhu Island, Marble Boat, etc. Each section will conduct its function leading you reach the utmost happy. What the most impressive part is sitting inside the marble boat for appreciating and relaxing. Relating to this boat, it has undergone same years with the age of the Summer Palace. With western-style appearance, inlaid with colorful glass windows and wheels, as well as paved with colored bricks, the boat would plaid as a stage for you for viewing.

Summer Palace is a miracle for your summer tour!

Top Water Area Places for Summer Amusing

With the Beijing summer is getting closer and closer, more and more tourist would like to enjoy the cool places for entertaining and relaxing. In such a large metropolis city, to waters area places would be the first choice.
Water Cube: Used as the designated venues during the 2008 Olympic Games as the main stadium for swimming, now, it has been changed into a large scale tourism spot and water amusement center. It housed the most advanced entertainment facility and professional service group, having been the most popular summer theme center.
Summer Palace: As the largest and most beautiful imperial garden, Summer Palace could be rented as the horticulture combining all the charming and graceful points. With large scale pearl water area, it has been received by the tourists from all over the world. Boating, appreciating and memorizing will be the most attractive interests coming here.
Jingdong Grand Canyon: Located far from Beijing center, Jingdong Grand Canyon has become the firt choice for those who like the tranquil and charming environment. Enjoying a fully relaxed, appreciating the breathtaking scenery will be realized here.

What should be taken for Badaling Great Wall Hiking

As the world elegant wonder, Badaling Great Wall is just like a challenge. During the hiking journey, loosen sport clothes could create a comfortable hiking journey. Water will be a must to supplement body after tired labor. However, water sold on the Badaling Great Wall is more expensive. It is an ideal choice for preparing in advance. For the older tourists, hand-stick is a must for them, because there will be some ruined bricks leading to dangerous condition. If you take your children, taking the cable car will be ideal. For their little body, hiking is truly a painstaking labor!

Wonderful Great Wall Buildings to Visit

As the world wonders and the representative of Beijing, Great Wall buildings have become the must-visit destinations in the tourists. No matter relating history, culture, they would be the most qualified undertaking the high fame.
Badaling Great Wall: it is the most famous, closest from Beijing and the earliest section of Great Wall open to the public. Many famous leaders and celebrities ever explored here.
Mutianyu Great Wall: it is one of the best sections for hiking, less crowded and popular for its beautiful scenery all the year round.
- Jinshanling Great Wall: One of the favorite sections for hiking offers its original features of Ming Dynasty Great Wall with less renovation. It is the only one section to have camp holiday.

Fairy Places for Appreciating Autumn Leaves

When the dazzling autumn falls, in addition to the full harvest, the golden leaves also attracted loads of attentions in the tourists with their beautiful appearance and tranquil atmosphere.
Hongluo Temple: As the origin of Buddhism in Beijing, it is actually a massive site which covers natural landscape and man-made architecture. Among the temple itself and other Buddhist areas, it has two scenic spots. The two scenic spots are Hongluo Hill at the back of the Temple and Qinglong Hill to the east. Hongluo Hill has two peaks about 800 meters high. In autumn, red leaves are all over the hill.
Huanghuacheng Great Wall: As one of the wild great wall sections, Huanghuacheng Great Wall is famous for the autumn leaves. When the autumn falls, the golden leaves will scatter all over forming a kind of impressive phenomenon.
Badaling Forests Park: Located near Badaling Great Wall, covering a large scale area, this forests park is famous for autumn red leaves. Various colorful leaves will fly in the sky waiting for the harvest!

Beijing Muslim Exploration

For a large luxury capital city, Beijing housed loads of cultures and mysterious. For the modern tourists, they stored many interests about the Muslim people. Exploring this kind of religion and culture has become the top thing to do in Beijing. For the mysterious religion, I would share some information with the Muslim fans.

Muslim Representative Mosque – Niujie Mosque
Niujie Mosque

It has become a must-explore place for the Muslim people and the modern tourists who want to get knowledge about Muslim culture. Located on the Ox Street, Niujie Mosque is the most historical and majestic mosque with profound history and deep traditional history. Standing in the outer side, you would find it showed delicate building construction coming Chinese traditional wooden palaces and typical Arabic-style of decoration. Most impressed is that there is no human or animal figures among these decorations as they are rented as taboo in Islam. Because you entering and your appreciation, you should pay attention your dressing style and behavior, as well as the notice. If you wear short or a skirt, you would be forbidden to enter. The Prayer Hall is limited to Muslim people. This mosque paid a very important role to the public broadening their knowledge about Islam and Chinese cultural places.

Typical Muslim Cuisine
Typical Muslim Food

After exploring the Muslim representative, it is time to have a taste about typical Muslim cuisine. Muslim people have many religious taboos in eating. They never eat pork, dog, donkey, horse and beasts, naturally dead animals are also forbidden for them. The most popular food will be the stretched noodles and mutton hot-pot. Every day there will be thousands of tourists choosing them as enjoyment appreciating Muslim. With different cooking tastes and ingredients, Muslim food has plaid a very important role in the Beijing cuisine filed.

Popular Muslim Restaurants
If you want to enjoy the most representative Muslim cuisine, Beijing Hong Bin Lou will be an ideal choice. To be same as Muslim culture, Hong Bin Lou Restaurant also enjoyed a high fame and profound history. It is rented as the best Muslim restaurant with an area of 200 square meters. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists coming here including many famous celebrities. The recommend dishes here are Braised Shark Fin with Sliced Chicken.

If you could not hold the temptation, come here to have a taste!

Amazing Beijing Highlights Greeting Spring

Summer Palace: As the well-preserved royal garden, Summer Palace would endow the large scale pearl water area, blossoming peach, as well as other breathtaking sceneries to your spring Beijing tour holiday!

Beihai Park: As the oldest, largest and best preserved royal garden in China, Beihai Park will realize the utmost fresh beauty in spring. Getting avoid the bustling noisy, tired work come here to comb your feeling and mind!

Shichahai: Containing three large lakes, Shichahai is extremely a wonderful place to taste Chinese ancient culture and enjoy the modern tranquil atmosphere. Most of all, local recreational activity held here will satisfy your desire of seeking happiness!

Beijing World Park: Adopting the unique western building style, World Park is a holy land in spring with all the gorgeous flowers blossoming and waterfalls running alive. Together with your family to research the unique mystery here!

Places of Sweet Fruits Picking

Tianyi Strawberry Farm: is a demonstration farm that grows the fruit in cooperation with agro-scientists from the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

Cherry orchard at Fragrance Hill: is the nearest cherries picking place from downtown Beijing. To its east, is the famous Summer Palace while in the north is Beijing Botanical Garden.

Miyun's fresh apricots picking: being well-defined color and they are sweet and fragrant. Freely Apricots Picking would entertain your sentiment and mood with sweet tastes.

Paradise Land for Children in Beijing

After finishing hard work, take your family choosing a nice place to entertain your holiday life will be an amazing choice. For such a metropolis city, Beijing stored loads of paradise lands for the children. For children, things to do in Beijing will endow to the famous Beijing Zoo, leading them to the animal world.

Beijing Zoo

As we all know, animals are the most important toys for their childhood. With the large scale area, terrific Beijing zoo contained a diverse collection of animals, a number of exhibition halls and some sites of historical interest. Entering this world, you would be first impressed by the charming environment. All he roads are decorated with colorful belts, flying. It seemed that they are greeting to you. The garbage boxes are decorated with lovely animal appearance, unique and fresh. This land housed about 450 different species and has a population of some 5,000 animals. Some of the most popular attractions among the tourists are the wild and rare animals of China itself, such as the Giant Pandas, lovely Golden Monkey and Milu Deer, as well as the northeast tigers.

Beijing Zoo

For the Beijing tourists, the first time visiting Beijing Zoo, there will be large crowds swam into the Panda House, especially the children. As the China National Treasure, Pandas has attracted important protection. With black and white coat, this kind of adorable fluffy animal is one of the most precious animals in the world. It has the same high fame as Beijing Great Wall and Beijing Forbidden City. Under the special protection, children always visited here for taking pictures. However, feeding them casually is forbidden here.

Beijing Zoo

For the children who loved the ocean world, Beijing Aquarium will be an ideal destination. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists taken here. There are various fishes and ocean creatures flying here. Once entering inside, you would arouse the feeling that you have stuck into the water world with lovely ocean animals surrounded. What the most impressive applause will be the Dolphin Performance, jumping with the trainer conducting. Tourists could enjoy shows performed by the Sea Lions and Whales in the Aquarium Ocean Theater. Also, there are many other places of interests waiting for your appreciating and exploring!

Seize the chance to perfect your things to do in Beijing!

Stomach Enjoyment – Delicious Beijing Cuisine

Storing various treasures and gorgeous landscapes, Beijing has gained much recognition. In order to have a terrific holiday trip, apart from these terrific Beijing spots, one of the wonderful things to do in Beijing, Beijing cuisine also could be rented as the top spot. Today, I would like to give you detail information about delicious Beijing Cuisine.

Beijing Roast Duck

First, cuisines from many different cultures permeate the Beijing dining scene. As the first taste treasure of Beijing, Beijing Roast Duck will be the most qualified to undertake this high fame. There is always a saying that there are two important things to do in Beijing. On is to hike Beijing Great Wall groups and another is to enjoy famous Beijing Roast Duck. To be same as Beijing history, Beijing Roast Duck also has become the landmark of Beijing. Stored profound history and deep traditional culture, Beijing Roast Duck was cooked with fresh tastes and difficult cooking process. In the original time, it served as Beijing imperial food. It is very hard to enjoy for the common people. Later, it gradually popularized in the tourists.

Beijing Food

Imperial Court Food will rank the second. Having evolved over time beyond by all of the country's people, Beijing Imperial Court Food has been characterized by complex preparation techniques including the considerable choosing freshest ingredients and elaborate presentation and colorful and skillful vegetable carvings. As the basis of Beijing cuisine, the most delicious Beijing cuisine will be the Tan Jia cuisine served at the Beijing Hotel.

As the most important part of Beijing cuisine, Beijing local snacks will be a must explore in your holiday tour itineraries. During your exploring, you would meet many various snack streets ranking along, even some famous Beijing restaurants also served many delicious snacks. The Fried-pouch Roll, Cream Fried Cake, Glutinous Rice Roll with Sweet Bean Flour, etc and there are many other delicacies. Various tastes and different flavors would be the most attractive for your stomach.

Beijing is a holy land where there is nothing without your imagination. If you could help to control your feeling, come here enjoying a cool experience!

Shopping During the Tour

Besides visit plenty of famous tourist attractions in Beijing, tour guide will also bring visitor for a short shopping experience. In Beijing, you will have a great chance to know about culture and art by visit the Jade Factory, Pearl Market, Ceramic Shop and Silk Market. If you see the details itinerary of each tour, you will realize this shopping trip included inside.

Places to Buy Antiques in Beijing

Liulichang Antique Street: is a place home for lots of stores selling various China traditional folk arts. It is a commercial street selling various craftwork, artistry, and antiques.
Panjiayuan Flea Market: is a super shopping market for all Chinese arts and crafts, the largest antiques market of its kind both in China and Asia.
 Beijing Curio City: is the first second-hand market (curio distribution center), the largest antique art exchanging center in Asia, mainly managing in old porcelain, paintings, jade carvings, carpet, furniture, clocks, jewelry, etc.
Baoguosi Cultural Market: is the most centralized and professional market for the age-old money, focused on ancient coins, old paper money, ancient currencies, traditional Chinese paintings and old books.
If you interest to purchase some antiques and visit those markets then you can join our Beijing antiques tour.

Dates to Avoid When Planning Beijing Tour

Three major holidays must be avoided to beat the crowds. First which is the longest is Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). Being a lunar holiday, the exact dates are different every year, but if you avoid travel from mid-January to mid-February, you'll miss the crowds.

The other two holidays fall on the first week of May (Labor Day) and the first week of October (Chinese National Holiday). Summer break can also draw some crowds, but most people prefer to avoid Beijing's July and August heat. In summer, avoid the weekend since it is the best time for locals go out and travel Beijing's famous attractions. During those dates, visit Beijing you will see the crowds at attractions causes high travel costs, long waiting times, and busy transportation may make your tour not too comfortable.

Wild Great Wall Sections Near Beijing

Jinshanling Great Wall, located near the town of Gubeikou, has 24 watchtowers and remains relatively undeveloped. It offers steep hiking trail and parts of the wall have collapsed and are in a state of ruin.
Simatai Great Wall, famous for its Wild Great Wall hiking from Jinshanling to Simatai with few tourists and less reconstruction.
Jiankou Great Wall, popular for its beautiful scenery, a photographic hotspot due to its unique style, steep mountains as well as interesting shape like an arrow with the collapsed ridge opening as its arrow nock.
Gubeikou Great Wall, Gubeikou has kept its original appearance, one of the popular Wild Great Wall sections with stunning scenery.

Prince Gong's Mansion – the Place Never Miss in Beijing

If you are very interested in Beijing tour, if you are very interested in Beijing elegant historical sightseeing, if you are a fresh Beijing visitor, Beijing Prince Gong' Mansion will bring you some exciting feelings and happiness. It gathered all the essence of Chinese history including the building construction, building Fengshui and many other imperial art masterpieces. Today, I would give you some detail about this unique residence.

Highest Fame about Prince Gong's Mansion

With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more people start to pursue the spirit of enjoyment. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists swam into Beijing Prince Gong's Mansion to research and explore. Recent years, this mansion has got much recognition. It is the largest and best preserved Qing Dynasty princely. This mansion is a fine example of ancient Chinese architecture with its cultural connotation and profound history. It is very important for the developing China not only for its aesthetic value but as asset to those who wish to study the lifestyle of the Chinese ancient times. It is really an interesting story.

Layout of Beijing Prince Gong's Mansion
Located near Shichahai Lake, this mansion is a residence of one favorite court official. Entering into this mansion, you would find this elegant residence was composed by two dazzling parts including the residence area and the garden area. With the coverage area, this residence area covers 3.2 hectares with magnificent buildings. Each building has certain building style with certain Fengshui idea. In the center of this residence area is the main hall, rear hall and a two storey verandah building. This building was composed by 40 rooms. You could imagine how luxurious this mansion is.

Charming Garden of Prince Gong's Mansion

If you are very interested in the natural landscapes, the garden will present you more. This garden in this mansion has a meaningful name called Cuijin which has the meaning of concentrating cream of the most beautiful flowers. With the coverage area of 28,000 square meters, this garden is surrounded by man-made hills on four sides. If you are lingering in this garden, one place you should not miss is the arched stone gate which is built with typical western architectural style. Apart from this gate, the Grand Theater and the Fu are the hottest points. Everyone coming here will pay much attention on the Fu which is the symbol of Chinese history and deep culture.

Top 3 Historical Sites in Beijing

Beijing, a dazzling city, gathered political, culture and intellectual center of China. Whether you enjoy Chinese history, entertainment, art or nightlife, Beijing is a must-see destination for your China tour.

Appreciate Beijing Great Wall
Beijing Great Wall Hiking Tour

As we all know, Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Just like a gigantic dragon, this great building winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus, stretching far distance. With profound building history and deep culture connotation, some sections of Great Wall are now in ruins or have disappeared. However, Great Wall of Beijing is still one of the most appealing attractions all around the world owing to its architectural grandeur and historical significance. Especially Jinshanling Great Wall, it remains the original feature of Chinese ancient times with less renovation. Best view for hiking and walking.

Explore Temple of Heaven
The Place for Emperors to Worship the Heaven

Set in the middle park of 270 hectares. Temple of Heaven is an outstanding example of Confucian architecture, dating from the Ming Dynasty. The park grounds are square, although the northern edge follows a curve, a symbolic expression of the fact that the emperor, in offering his sacrifices, had to leave the square-shaped earth for the round-roofed heaven. An exquisite example of Chinese wooden architecture and constructed without the use of a single nail, the round, 40-meter high Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest has three levels covered with deep blue tiles that symbolize the color of heaven. Wonderful building construction created an eternal mark making the success of China.

Enjoy Garden View of Summer Palace
Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake in Summer Palace

With the highest prestige and luxury beauty decoration, Summer Palace, being the largest and best preserved royal park, greatly influences Chinese horticulture and landscape with its famous natural views and cultural interests. It has long since been recognized as 'The Museum of Royal Gardens'. The beautiful holy land radiates the fully natural beauty and the grandeur of royal gardens. Composed mainly of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake, Summer Palace occupies an area of 300.59 hectares. Divided into the Court Area, Front Hill Area, Rear Hill Are and Lake Are, Summer Palace will step a new world to show off.

Top 3 Must-visit Places in Beijing

As we all know, Beijing, as the capital of China has profound history and deep culture connotation. Most of all, Beijing has great deal of landscapes to offer. If you are exploring this holy city, then things to do in Beijing will fulfill your holiday.

Hiking on Mutianyu Great Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking

As one of most famous Great Wall parts, Mutianyu Great Wall is the essence of Ming Great Wall with less crowded and thick forests. This section winds 1.4 miles through lofty mountains and high ridges, many sections of which are made of granite. The unique structure makes the wall almost indestructible. It measures 23 to 26 feet high and four to five yards wide. Both of the wall’s inner and outer sides have parapets to defend against enemies coming from the two sides. Some parapets are saw-tooth shaped instead of the regular rectangular form. Below the parapets, there are square embrasures the top of which are designed in an arc structure, different from the traditional round embrasures.

Visit Forbidden City, Symbol of Ancient China
Forbidden City, Symbol of Beijing

Different than any other building of China, the Forbidden City is inspiring respect and marvel to its visitors who have the opportunity to feel the impressive historical events that occurred there hundreds of years ago. Some particularities of the City are the typical yellow roofs that symbolizes in China the Royal Family hence its predominance all over the site except for one building that displays a black colored roof. By visiting the Forbidden City, no one can deny the considerable skills that artisans and workers had already during ancient times in building outstanding and large-scale places. Indeed, as grandiose as it stands, the Forbidden City is today listed as one of the five most important palaces in the world.

Explore Beijing Hutong by Bike
Explore Traditional Beijing Lifestyle

Hop on a bike and explore Beijing like a local. Discover the history and charm of Beijing's ancient alleys and laneways known as Hutongs. You'll cycle around the winding hutongs behind the Forbidden City and through a local market before stopping for traditional Chinese lunch and a game of mahjong, a favorite Chinese pass time. Cycle your way through the winding streets of Beijing for a glimpse into the ancient heart of the city and a simpler way of life. You'll bike through the Hutongs, unchanged over time, but rapidly being squeezed out of the city through development, Experience centuries of daily life as you bike through ancient laneways.