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Why Visit Solana in Beijing

If you want to find some fun things to do while staying in downtown Beijing, then the Solana is a great place to do sightseeing and shopping. Easily reached from downtown Beijing, the Solana area has long been hailed as symbol of modern Beijing. There are diverse options for spending some fun time in here.

Beijing Solana

A Fascinating Colorful World
Located in Beijing Chaoyang District, covering an area of 130,000 square meters, SOLANA has implemented the commercial mode of Lifestyle Shopping Center. After merging the trend of consumer market with this mode, it has become the first shopping park in China, pulsing with the global trend. Providing the customers with unforgettable shopping experiences by blending the commercial buildings with the surrounding environment, here are scattered with buildings of European styles, and consists of a great number of districts and areas divided according to their functions. There are over 1000 name brands, 600 famous shops and stores, 30 catering centers, 20 bars and movie theatres and skiing rinks. SOLANA has created a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for the shopping lovers and integrated all kinds of functions. It is pioneering and leading the lifestyles and fashion trends. However, due to its advance and high-end, tourists are kind of permanent, but it is still running smoothly on the fast track and playing a key and unique role among the shopping malls in Beijing.

What to Explore in Solana
You can easily spend an entire day in Solana without running out of things to see, do and experience. The whole area is a fun place to explore and it is filled with plenty of fun spots and entertainments worth exploring. The area is a great place for shopping and having fun as well. If you do not like to come to the area in the day, then Solana also looks its best at night. At that time, the whole area looks as fantastic as it can be, when the surroundings are lit up. The bars, restaurants and clubs will offer you diverse options for fun at night. All you need to do is spend a few hours here and explore at your own pace.

While visiting Beijing, Solana is not to be missed if you want to get a good look at the liveliest side of Beijing!

Why Great Wall always Ranks First in Beijing

No matter when tourists come to Beijing, Great Wall is the must-visit place to enjoy and appreciate. For the unique history, culture and appearance, it is the most influential scenic spot. Why it attracts so loads of attention? Why it always rank the first among Beijing scenic spots?

Beijing Great Wall

Reason 1: Incomparable History
When relating to the history of Great Wall, it can be the most proud point. Excitement bounds regarding the vicissitude of Wall of the Qin, Han and Ming Dynasties. Originally built in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods as a defensive fortification by the three states, Yan, Zhao and Qin, Great Wall went through constant extensions and repairs in later dynasties. Beginning as independent walls for different states, Great Wall was built when it did not become the Great wall until the Qin Dynasty. Just during Qin Dynasty, Emperor Qin Shihuang succeeded in his effort to have the walls joined together to fend off the invasions from the Huns in the north. After that, the Wall has served as a monument of the Chinese nation throughout history.

Reason 2: Unexpected Construction
The big feature of Great Wall is relying on the unexpected construction. That is to say the mystery of the construction of the wall is amazing. The construction, which drew heavily on the local resource for construction materials, was carried out in-line with the local conditions under the management of contract and responsibility system. This great wall is built by a great army of manpower, soldiers, prisoners and local people. From the great construction, you can see the wisdom and tenacity of Chinese people.

Reason 3: Chinese Traditional Rooted Culture
In the culture aspect, Great Wall plays a very important role as a considerable part of Chinese culture. It has long been incorporated into Chinese mythology and symbolism. The most well-known legend is about the collapse of a section of the Wall caused by Mengjiangnv, who cried bitterly over the death of her husband after he died while building the wall. In the modern days, this legendary story is still spreading in the tourists, impressive, interesting and meaningful! In addition, there are many explanation TV programs about Great Wall to convey the ideas and themes. Among them, many stories and legends are still impressing people to record Chinese history.

Chinese Great Wall was born to be a success and a legend. We should inherit this kind of spirit to protect them!

Tips for Muslim Culture Tour in Beijing

Nowadays more and more tourists come to Beijing for researching the special Muslim culture. They always hold curiosity feeling and mysterious imagination to the Islamic. So, during your Muslim visit in Beijing, I would like to share you some useful tips.

Beijing Muslim Culture

Respect Their Behaviors
Perhaps, during your Beijing tour, just walking on the street, you can see the Muslim people dressing unique clothes with veil, even it is the hot days. For this kind of phenomenon, most of the tourists will be curious and gossip with their friends and families. In fact, you have created heavy hurt to them and their culture. The Muslim people dressed thick clothes and wear and veil, because they pay much attention on their privacy. Especially the Muslim women, they dressed like this for protecting their skin exposure. Even some people are curious about their language and their greeting styles. No matter which aspect, they have cultivated their own culture and life habits. We should respect them and keep the idea of we are the same!

Taste of Muslim Food
If you want to enjoy the Muslim food to understand Muslim culture, Beijing also can satisfy your desire. The most famous one restaurant is Hong Bin Lou. This restaurant has enjoyed a high fame for more than 150 years. With a large scale area, this restaurant has greeted many tourists from home and abroad. The recommended dishes here are Braised Shark Fin Sliced Chicken, Stewed Sheep Head with Sauce in Casserole and so on. On point you should get, for the Muslim dining, pork is taboo. So, during your Muslim food enjoy, you should respect their eating culture.

Deep Understand Islamic Knowledge
For researching the Islamic knowledge, the best place will be the Beijing Niujie Mosque. This mosque has a long history more than a thousand years. It has greeted Muslims all over the world to worship. The big feature of this place is there are no human or animal figures among these decorations as these are considered taboo in Islam. For visiting this mosque, there are 3 important tips. You should dress proper. If your dressing style is too short, then you are forbidden to enter into. For the Prayer Hall, only the Muslim people are admitted. Last one is you should check the information in advance for some palaces are not opened to the public!

Tips for Exploring Beijing Drum and Bell Tower

There are plenty of historic sights worth exploring in Beijing. Aside from the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, the Drum and Bell Tower is also worth a visit while in Beijing. Here are some details about the towers to give you a better understanding to these two landmarks in Beijing.

Beijing Drum Tower

Drum Tower in Beijing
In recent years, Beijing Drum Tower has stood out among the attractions in Beijing as a popular spot. Located in Dianmen Street, Beijing Drum Tower used to be sophisticated time-indication equipment. This tower was designed fully in line with the ancient timing systems. These systems have remained a myth for quite a long while. After they were unveiled, people were shocked by their advance and sophistication. It is said that the frequency of tolling indicates what time it is. If you ever come down to Beijing Drum Tower, you can try to tell time by looking at it and compares the result with your watch. It will be a lot of fun and much of a challenge. And after that, if you feel you are up for this challenge, then go ahead and give it your best shot. In history, Beijing Drum Tower had been burned down and rebuilt again by the emperors. In 1957, it was rated as Beijing Heritage Unit. In 1984, it was renovated and opened to the public in 1987. In 1996, it was appraised as National Key Heritage Unit. Now, Beijing Drum Tower has attracted millions of people.

Bell Tower in Beijing
Nowadays, Beijing Bell Tower has become a landmark in Beijing. Every year, millions of people flood into this old building. Located in Dongcheng District, Beijing Bell Tower was founded in 1420 and burned down later. In 1745, it was rebuilt and renovated in Qing dynasty. This renovation was recorded on the tablet within the middle gate. Beijing Bell Tower was rebuilt with stones in case of fire disaster. Standing on this old tower, you will get a hold of the panorama of Beijing city. Beijing Bell Tower has enjoyed a long history and witnessed a lot of historic events in China. It has become an important part of Beijing city. It has enriched and promoted Beijing tourism. A considerable amount of tourists have set their feet here and left their footprints. You will find something special here and even if you left, the memory of it will still linger in your mind. This trip will bring you an unforgettable experience.

With the above-mentioned info, you will make the most out of your trip to the Drum and Bell Tower while in Beijing.

Tips for Perfect Badaling Great Wall Hiking

When relating to Badaling Great Wall, everyone holds certain tone for this magnificent building. Do you really get this Great Wall section? Are you familiar with this word wonder? Have you enjoyed a perfect Badaling Great Wall hiking trip? Now, I will introduce some tips for you to get deep understanding about this section.

Badaling Great Wall

Tourist Service Center
Many tourists coming to Badaling Great Wall always just enjoy the climbing journey. But, when they met the trouble, they cannot solve naturally. This time, the Tourist Service Center can help you. Located 200 meters to the north of the pass, Tourist Service Center offers the panoramic guide maps, tourism route maps and electric tour guide service of this scenic spot. In addition, it also offers the electrically manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, walking sticks and baby strollers. Should you have any questions while visiting in this place, you can get the real and accurate information and warm service from the staff there. So, this service station can offer you much!

Shopping on Badaling Great Wall
When you enjoy the breathtaking sceneries, you may want to buy some souvenirs and paintings or the craftworks for your families or friends. This time, a couple of shops can serve you. You can buy souvenirs such as Badaling outlets, Tourism Handicrafts Shop in Badaling Hotel, Great Wall Shopping Center, etc. You can buy the various Great Wall-patterned T-shirts, calligraphies and paintings of celebrities. If you want to buy the Great Wall tourist souvenirs, you can come to the Tourism Handicraft Shop. In addition, this shop also offers the inkpads, pearls, jades, diamonds, writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper, picture postcards and painted fans, etc.

Elevators for the Disabled
What the most important point is that Badaling Great Wall offers humanized and whole-hearted service for all kinds of visitors. In order to offer more convenient service to the disabled, this area established barrier-free facilities including Barrier-free sightseeing stands, barrier-free parking facilities and barrier-free ramp ways, etc.

Accommodation near Badaling Great Wall
No matter wherever you went, accommodation is an important point. In Badaling Great Wall area, you also can enjoy the Badaling Great Wall night views. You can stay in Rose Valley Days Hotel or Commune by the Great Wall for the night. Staying here at night allows you to have an experience of diversified charms comprising red roofs, white walls and nearby charming surroundings.

Perfectly enjoying Badaling Great Wall, join us!

How to Enjoy Great Nightlife in Beijing

Nightlife is also one of the terrific and amazing attractions of Beijing. After the daytime tour, most tourists want to get fully relaxed through the nightlife arrangements. How to gain a great nightlife during Beijing? Now, let us walk into this nightlife world.

Night View of Beijing

Fully Entertaining to Sanlitun Bar Street
Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street is the most famous bar street in Beijing housing the major bars of this capital city. Together with your friends, just choosing one favorite place, start your nightlife. Various drinks will fulfill your night experience with different flavors. Speak out your inner heart to your best friends and sharing your thoughts, it is great lace. If you are lucky, you can encounter new friends or beautiful girls and handsome boys. In addition to the recreation, Sanlitun Bar Street also establishes the shopping area and eating area. After drinking, you can have a leisurely appreciating to the famous brands clothes sold here. Any of them can attract your long time admiring, especially the young girls.

Enjoy Night Shows
If you are very interested in Chinese arts and cultures, you can have a close visit to the night shows, including Opera Show, Kung Fu Show and Acrobatic Show. Any of them can conquer your feeling with unique features and appearances. As the quintessence of Chinese art, Beijing Opera show can take you into old Beijing culture telling you more about Chinese arts. In addition, if you are very interested in the marvelous performances, Kung Fu Show and Acrobatics can take you into a marvelous world where full of exciting and wonders.

Appreciate Modern Night Scenery
For enjoying impressive Beijing nightlife, appreciating the night sparkling scenery is really nice choice. Together with your friends, walk into the dazzling world to appreciate the marvelous CCTV Tower under the neon, shining Tiananmen Square and other highlight plazas to their appearance in the daytime. Standing at the CCTV Tower, you can have a deep recognize to the modern Beijing. Seeing the cars, bus passing away to experience the faster economy. Immense in this colorful night, all your thoughts will be mixed into the lights.

Beijing nightlife serves you real wonders, if you really choose the right place!

Why Sanlitun Bar Street Gets so Popular

In modern days, for entertaining and fully relaxed, Sanlitun Bar Street has become a very popular attraction among the young tourists in Beijing. Why it is so popular?

Beijing Sanlitun

Nightlife Center
Yes, Sanlitun Bar Street has been regarded as the symbol of Beijing nightlife and the city's first bar community. It leads the bar culture and fashion of Beijing. It is truly an amazing land for the nightlife. Once the night falls, this area will be full of young people. For getting rid of the noisy life enjoying fully relaxed, they all come to Sanlitun Bar Street. Measuring 260 meters long, the bar street covers a large scale area about 1648 square meters. More than 60 percent of Beijing's bars are located here. After the week's busy working, tourists always come here to speak out their inner heats. What is more, during the period, tourists can make new friends enriching life experience.

Shopping in Sanlitun Bar Street
Attracting so many tourists, in addition to the marvelous bar street, Sanlitun is also a dazzling shopping street. Shopping here is quite different and enjoyable. The stores are distributed along inter-connected paths in the southern area. The layout, without fixed route, makes shopping a discovery tour. Tourists will be amazed by the world famous brand flagship stores, such as Adidas, Uniqlo and Puma, etc. With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more luxury stores ranging from creative luxury shops to forefront designer brands opened here. Just roaming in this live world, there is always one kind suitable for you.

Food and Art
Last reason will be the food and art in Sanlitun Bar Street. There are many restaurants with different cuisines ranging from innovative Chinese to American and from traditional Vietnamese to authentic Spanish Tapas. The food is consistent with the high-end brand surroundings. Art here is integrated into the detail of life. These arts are not just hanging on the wall but also appearing in the streets. What the most impressive there are many sculptures of the famous artists located in the street. Wandering in this street, tourists can enjoy the performances such as magic and comedy. No matter which entertaining part, they can satisfy your desire of seeking happiness and fully relaxed!

If you want to find a world belonging you in Beijing, come to Sanlitun Bar Street!

Mistakes People Made about Lama Temple

Beijing has a diverse culture and a profound history. And the Buddhist culture is an important part of Chinese culture and there are plenty of Buddhist sights in Beijing. But there are some mistakes people make about the Lama Temple. The temple is not like any other Buddhist temples in Beijing. It is more related to the Tibetan Buddhism, very rare in Beijing.

Lama Temple

Mistake 1: Not a Palace Any More
Lama Temple used to be a prince palace in Qing dynasty. It is called Yonghegong in Chinese but it is not a palace any more. It has become the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Beijing. Lama Temple has long been the largest Tibetan Buddhism Temple in Beijing. Covering an area of 66,400 square meters, it has long enjoyed a high prestige and a long history in China. It is used to be the Mansion of Prince Yong and converted as A Tibetan Buddhism temple during the reign of Qianlong in Qing dynasty. It consists of a series of palaces and halls, as well as a group of statues. The most outstanding attraction is no other than those wooden carving groups which enjoy a high prestige in the world. They undoubtedly have added more charms and a fascinating hue to Lama Temple. Moreover, there are a large number of old locust trees in this place.

Mistake 2: Not Normal Buddhism inside the Compound
You should not be surprised to find that the temple is different from the other temples you see in Beijing. Do not take it as a normal temple while visiting the compound on a day trip. Every year, there will be hosting a series of Buddhism ceremonies and rites in Lama Temple. At that time, thousands of monks will get together to pray or hosting some traditional ceremonies concerning Buddhism. In the meanwhile, a wide variety of vegetarian food will be available for the tourists. And if you happen to come across these ceremonies, you definitely should try some of the vegetarian food on your Lama Temple tour. On this tour, not only can you get a glimpse of the most splendid temple structures but also enjoy a cultural journey. This trip will get you closer to Buddhism and how those monks live. In this temple, you do not have to be a monk to feel extremely peaceful and at ease.

Overall, the Lama Temple is a great place to understand Tibetan Buddhism while visiting Beijing.

Great Wall Legend about Flying Dragon

For the world wonders, Great Wall always show more fairy and legendary after decorating some legends. Also, the legend is also the important part in the Great Wall sections and the tourists are interested in. Now, I will tell you a story tales about Flying Dragon.

Great Wall

Site Choosing of Great Wall Pass
In the early Ming Dynasty, in order to strengthen the defense of northwest part of China, Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang ordered the general Fengsheng go to Hexi Corridor area to guard. In order to prevent the invasion of Mongolian, general decided to find the best place to establish the pass. So, once arriving at this region, general found the best place everywhere. Finally he decided to build strong pass on the tortoise mountain. Soon, he invited the skillful workers and prepared everything. However, to be surprised is that on the second day, he came to check and found the wood materials have been lost. On one hand, he ordered the soldiers to find everywhere, on the other hand, he called the soldier and asked the condition last night. The soldier on duty last night said he is always protecting everything here without closing eyes. But I the middle night, the strong wind suddenly appeared. After getting quiet, he found the wood materials and lines lost yet. At this time, the soldier who found in other places said that the lost materials were found in the Jiayu Mountains. To all of them surprised! After getting calm down, they observed the condition carefully: white snow covered on the Qilian Mountain in the south, sets of Mazong Mountains in the north, spacious sand area in the west and green land in the east. Under the foot, the earth is flat with vast area. If they build the pass here, near the mountain and water it will be perfect. After that, the general changed the original idea and established the site here immediately.

About Flying Dragon
There is another saying about the site is the effect of Guanyunchang. In order to commemorate the great people, local people built the Guandi Temple with the coverage area about 720 square meters. One day, the thunderstorm suddenly appeared. Everything is becoming crazy. Suddenly, two golden dragons appeared. On the second day, after everything is calm down. Inside the temple, there are two dragon sculptures. This is just the legend of Flying Dragon.

Until now the site of Great Wall pass is still a mystery.

How to Get Close to Nature in Beijing

Beijing has not only the world heritage sites and historic attractions to offer, it is also a great place to get close to nature. There are a whole bunch of destinations worth going to get away from the city noise and enjoy some quiet time. For those willing to explore Beijing off the beaten path, here are two destinations worth considering.

Best Nature Reserve in Beijing - Yanqi Lake
Beijing Yanqi Lake

Located in Huairou District, Yanqi Lake lies next to Yanshan Mount and the Great Wall. It is quite famous for its scenic views. It was named so because a large number of wild gooses inhabit here during spring and autumn. Since 1986, a couple of scenic spots have been built around this area. Now it has drawn a great number of people coming here for bird viewing and sightseeing and become one of the must see spot in Beijing. This area is covered with a great number of natural landscapes. The temperature here is quite pleasant all year round. After years of management and maintenance, this area has grown into maturity. It combines the natural attractions and cultural attractions. The wide variety of scenic views offers the tourists a great experience during their trip to Beijing. Whatever you are looking for can be found here. This trip is definitely worthwhile. Yanqi Lake is an ideal venue for you to spend a vacation or weekend in Beijing.

Marvelous Combination of Wall and Water - Huanghuacheng
Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Great Wall is 60 miles away from Beijing city. As one of the few Great Walls which lie next to the lakes and mountains, it got its name because all of the area is covered by the yellow flowers in summer. In Yuan Dynasty, it used to be a bustling village and traffic hub and in Ming Dynasty, it was turned into a military town. The defensive engineering technologies and the commanding systems implemented in Ming dynasty Great Wall surpassed all the dynasties in history. Huanghua Great Wall was built during 1404-1592. This Great Wall was built with solid stones, very strong, firm, steep, stately and spectacular. It is made up of a bunch of different parts, and forms a whole defensive system by connecting a bunch of towers. In addition, the Shibadeng is the prime part of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall due to its steep and danger. The different historical remains from all ages have been kept intact in many parts of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

Overall, you can easily fill a day with off-the-beaten-path sights outside Beijing!

Useful tips for Great Wall Hiking

No trip to Beijing would be complete without a walk on the Great Wall, but the wall is not for everyone, especially those isolated sections. So if you are planning a trip to the Great Wall, take your personal health into account while walking the wall. It is best to walk the wall at your own pace and not to overdo it if you want to save some energy for the rest of your trip in Beijing. Please note that if you want to visit those remote sections of the Great Wall, like Jinshanling and Simatai, then you better pay more attention to your safety.

Visit Badaling Great Wall & National Forest Park

If you are planning to see the fall foliage in China then the best way is no doubt head out of the big cities and into nature. For those who want to take in the autumn color in Beijing, only an hour outside the city is the Great Wall, a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors and adventure.

Badaling Autumn Walking
Marvelous Great Wall to Walk
In suburb area of the capital city of Beijing, there are many sections of the Great Wall, all of which stand in the mountains and overgrown on either side with lush trees. There are different sections to visit but the Badaling is the closest one and makes for a great destination to take in the fall foliage and autumn color with an outdoor hike down there. This section of the wall is arguably the most popular so there will be a large crowd out there. The best time for taking in the fall foliage and hike at Badaling section of the Great Wall is mid-October but it is okay to go there from late September through early November. The snaking wall weaving upon the overgrown mountains makes for fantastic photos and hike on the wall allows you to take in the colorful fall foliage and enjoy the fresh outdoors out there.

Badaling National Forest Park
Badaling National Forest Park
With a visit to Badaling in the fall in Beijing, the wall is not the only fun sight to explore. There is also a fantastic forest park out there, which is a great place for foliage viewing while visiting Beijing in the fall. The forest park has a rich collection of trees and other plants. You can easily spend some lovely time in the park, taking in the autumn color, bushwalking in the forest or snapping amazing photos. The forest park opens daily 8:00am - 6:30pm and sits right next to the Badaling Great Wall. The forest park makes for a perfect alternative to the Great Wall and also offers plenty opportunities to catch a glimpse of colorful fall foliage. The best time to visit the forest park is from late September through early November, the peak season for foliage viewing in Beijing.

Overall, the fall foliage viewing is a fantastic way to taste autumn Beijing!

Tips for Exploring Shichahai in Depth

At the mention of essential Beijing experience, Shichahai is second to none when it comes to sightseeing while visiting Beijing. You can easily spend an entire day exploring scenic Shichahai without running out of fun things to see, do and experience. For those who are planning on a visit to Shichahai, here are some useful tips for your reference.

Tip 1: Explore Scenic Shichahai on Rickshaw
Shi Cha Hai has long been viewed as the most famous historical and cultural tourist area. Consists of Qian Hai, Hou Hai and Xi Hai, structures are of antiquity and residence and customs. Covering an area of 146.7 hectares, it boasts as the best reserved in terms of flavors of old Beijing city. There are a couple of Mansions of Prince and gardens, like the best reserved Mansions of Princes Gong and Chun. The surrounding area used to be the main shopping district in old Beijing city. While you tour around this area, you are free to immerse yourself in the unique combination of classic and modern styles. This area is the most ideal venue for you to experience the old and new Beijing city. The best way to take in scenic Shichahai is no doubt by taking a rickshaw ride which takes you to weave through a maze of narrow lanes in the area.

Tip 2: Visit the Old Houses around Shichahai
The old houses of Qingling Song and Moruo Guo sit next to Shi Cha Hai. There used to live three commanders on Liuyin Street of Shi Cha Hai. Backed by the six lakes, it is quite famous for its willows on the lakeshore and the lotus blossoms in the lakes. Shi Cha Hai boasts as a watery area of north of China. It has long enjoyed a good reputation among the public. Nowadays, it has become the most ideal venue to spend some time with families and chase fashions. After hundred years of development, Shi Cha Hai has accumulated a diverse culture. Hutong and Sihe Courtyard have long housed the histories and cultures of old Beijing. Surrounding the river spreads an irregular net of Hutongs which were founded based on the landforms. To this day, Shi Cha Hai has still remained as a perfect combination of natural and cultural landscapes. Those structures of antiquity, like Drum Tower and Bell Tower, still stand like a series of pearls which have added more charms into Shi Cha Hai.

Overall, Shichahai is a fun place to explore while in Beijing.

Tip for Exploring Countryside in Beijing

Beijing has not only the Great Wall and the Forbidden City to offer. There are diverse options for exploring the historic city. For those who want to get away from the city noise and enjoy some noise-free time in Beijing, the ancient village of Cuandixia is well worth a visit. The ancient village is a great place to enjoy a weekend or vacation while visiting Beijing.

Cuandixia Village
Tip 1: Know more about Cuandixia Village
Cuandixia covers an area of 280 Mu, with 74 courtyards and 689 houses. Most of these houses came into being during the end of Qing dynasty in the form of Sihe Courtyards. This little town was founded beside the mountain and spread along the axis line. Cuandixia Village is enclosed and connected by several walls which are used to prevent flood and bandits. Located upon the slow side of the mountain, it is divided into two parts. The houses stretch down and are arranged on a little hill. These houses are mainly made up of Sihe Courtyards from Qing dynasty and enclosed by front house and side houses, as well as some small houses. These Sihe Courtyards in Cuandixia are divided into plenty of buildings featuring different styles. There are also a series of attached buildings, like screen walls, gate tower, horse poles, step stone and so on. The furnishings in Cuandixia include brick carvings, stone carvings, wooden carvings and drawings. The carving patterns are mostly symbolizing luck, like flowers, birds and animals. These carvings are usually furnished on the ridges, eaves, doors and windows, as well as screen walls and so on. These decorations are usually subject to the economical conditions and social status.

Cuandixia Village
Tip 2: More to Explore near Cuandixia Village
There are also several temple buildings available in Cuandixia, like Guandi Temple, Niangniang Temple and Wudao Temple. The most outstanding building is no other than Guangliang Courtyard which was erected during the beginning of Qing dynasty and renovated for a few times. This courtyard consists of three separate courtyards and 45 houses and is enclosed by walls. Some part of it has been damaged with a few parts remained well. During your Cuandixia Village tour, you will be marveled by this old little town and its breathtaking landscapes and views. As one of the most famous old towns in Beijing, Cuandixia has long enjoyed a good reputation among the tourists in Beijing.

Overall, Cuandixia Village is adding to your bucket list while visiting Beijing!

Mistakes People Make about Kungfu Show

Nowadays, Chinese Kong fu has gone world-wide and enjoyed a renowned fame among the tourists to China. It has also become one of the most trademarks in terms of Chinese experience. Every year, millions of people flood into China to enjoy the most amazing Chinese Kong fu show. However, there are still some misunderstandings or mistakes people make about the Kungfu show. Now take the red theater for example.

Kungfu Show

Mistake 1: Performance in Red Theater is not Authentic
At the mention of Chinese Kong fu show, Red Theater has enjoyed quite a good fame among the tourists in Beijing. It used to be called Cultural Palace Theater. This theater is dedicated to bring the old arts back to the public and revive the old traditions from the old Tianqiao area. It boasts a series of the most comfortable observing facilities and dedicated to provide the tourists with the most amazing environment. Launched a large number of Chinese Kong fu shows, the most outstanding one is no other than the legend of Chinese Kong fu. This show is said to be a typical Shaolin Kong fu show and performed all by the Shaolin monks.

Mistake 2: Too Much Martial Art not Very Artistic
After its debut, Kungfu show has earned a great deal of compliments from the audiences. For half year, the successful performances have made itself a new spotlight in terms of Beijing experience. This theater has long enjoyed a good fame among the foreign tourists in Beijing. Every night, it is filled with crowds of people. This show is exclusively made for the tourists and combined a wide variety of other arts. Since its debut, this show has also attracted a large amount of foreign leaders or key figures and complimented by them. They were all created based on the traditional Chinese Kong fu. This large-scale Chinese Kong fu show centers on the traditional Chinese martial arts and combined other arts, like dance, music and aerobatics and so on. It mainly vivifies the growth of Monk Chunyi. In this show, this little monk has gone through a lot of ups and downs in chasing his dream. This show has fully reflected all the amazing Chinese Kong fu skills. These skills were added into the plots and reflected the spirits of the monk.

Overall, the show cannot be fully enjoyed with these mistakes about the performances.

How to Better Enjoy Great Wall Scenery

Great Wall, no matter for which group, it is the must-see scenic spot in Beijing. What sent out from the Great Wall is not only the deep-rooted Chinese culture but also the magnificent appearance. How to better enjoy Great Wall scenery?

Great Wall Helicopter Tour

Just Climbing
For the Great Wall fans, if you are very interested in Great Wall background, including the history, culture and the building architectures, climbing is a best choice. Starting your journey from the beginning, touching each brick, passing through elegant watchtowers, appreciating different views presenting to you, it is really a successful experience. What the most treasure experience will be the climbing experience. You can taste the laborious climbing from the lower art to the higher park just by your foot. Also, all the sceneries on the journey can impress you deeply and clearly. In addition, finally, once stepped on the top, you can taste the proud feeling that you fight against this magnificent project. Miracle feeling and extremely happiness can impress you deeply.

Take a Cable Car
The most non-laborious way to enjoy Great Wall sightseeing is just taking the cable car. For the old, kids and disabled groups, cable car is the ideal method for travel on Great Wall. You can enjoy the cool feeling passing through long distance Great Wall buildings. For the Great Wall regular tourists, Cable Car is also a good method. On the journey a kind of exciting feeling can inspire all your enthusiastic. By the chance, you can get rid of the bustle city life and noisy atmosphere, finding a corner for your tired heart.

Experience the Helicopter Tour
The last method is also the most thrilling and the fantastic method to enjoy Great Wall appearance. Although it is the most expensive method to enjoy Great Wall sceneries, it is extremely deserved to see the magnificent Birds View of Great Wall. With safety environment and experienced driver, what you can do is just to appreciate the whole landscapes of Beijing suburb area. What poured into your vision is not only the layout of Great Wall but also the charming sceneries surrounded the local deep-rooted culture. Thrilling flying feeling can offer you the marvelous experience. The real impression that the Great Wall is just like the vigorous dragon will come true in your eyes and mind.

Have a successful appreciation about the Great Wall, it is really a nice challenge!

Famous Wife Tower Legend

It is said that Great Wall buildings are the miracle endowed by the heaven. During the magnificent project, there are many legends and stories happened. For recording this masterpiece of ancient people did, I would share you an interesting legend about the Wife Tower.

Great Wall Tower

About Xue Lan and Wu Sanhu
The famous Wife Tower rises near Shanhaiguan Pass. In order to get the origin of this name, we should trace back to the Ming Dynasty. At that time, there is a family housing three members, Old Man Wang, his daughter called Xue Lan and a young man called Wu Sanhu. Wu Sanhu was an orphan adopted by Wang. This family supported their live through performing in the street. They have excellent martial arts. Wang always taught the professional skills to his daughter and Wu Sanhu. Every day, they walk around the county earning money. As time goes by, Xue Lan and Wu Sanhu fell in love with each other. It is just on the day they sharing their ideas with each other, the famous strategist had given orders to recruit new members. Got the news, Wu Sanshui decided to join the army. But, the Wang was reluctant to leave him. At night, he ordered that if Xue Lan married Wu Sanhu, Wu would not leave. Wang did a delicious meal and ordered they got married.

About the Wife Tower
After getting married, Wu Sanshui still insisted on join the army. Arrived at the army, Wu Sanhu showed his excellent martial art talents and did great record. Later, he was ordered to guard the beacon tower of Dongjiakou. He did his best to protect the boundary day and night. Xue Lan and Wang missed Wu Sanhu very much. One day, Wang became seriously ill and he ordered Xue Lan to find the Wu Sanhu. After this, Wang passed away. Xue Lan got very sad and decided to find her husband. After long distance journey and painstaking, she arrived at the Dongjiakou and saw Wu Sanhu. At night, the enemies secretly entered. Wu Sanhu found them. In order to warn the army, he fired the beacon. Unfortunately, the rainy day struggled set off the fire on the beacon. Wu Sanhu was killed by the arrows of the enemies. When Xue Lan saw the scene, she fired her underclothes and warned the army. At last, Xue Lan did her best to conquer all the enemies with martial arts.

At last, Xue Lan deserved a prize but she refused. She ordered to finish the work that Wu Sanhu ever undertook. Gradually, she guarded the beacon tower day and night. Local people named it as the Wife Tower!

Why is Mutianyu Perfect for Great Wall Trek

While in Beijing, chances are you will be heading to the wall for a trek. For those first time visitors to Beijing, the Great Wall at Mutianyu section is highly recommended. It is well known for being less crowded and well restored and not too touristy. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding Mutianyu to your travel list for a wall experience!

Mutianyu Great Wall

Reason 1: One-of-a-kind Great Wall
Compared with other parts of Great Wall, Mutianyu scenic spot has long been highly spoken of by the tourists. While touring around this area, not only can the tourists enjoy the most amazing Great Wall but also experience a series of modern tourist facilities. Along this Great Wall, a large group of famous attractions is available for the tourists. As one of the sixteen attractions in Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall extends 2,250 meters of tourist line. This part features many crenels, especially three Watch Towers standing together, as well as other famous scenic spots, like Jiankou, Niujiaobian and Yingfeidaoyang and so on. In addition, Mutianyu Great Wall is surrounded by lots of mountains and boasts lush vegetation, with coverage of 90 percent. Mutianyu also provides top class cable car in China and other attractions, like Chinese stone city and Shibide slide track. This unique combination of Great Wall culture, stone culture and sports and body-building has been honored.

Reason 2: More experiences at Mutianyu
Moreover, touring around this area, the tourists can also enjoy a wide variety of fish dishes. They will make your wall experience even more worthwhile. The raising of the fish needs a series of conditions, like constant flowing spring water. Best of all, the perfect combination of fish soup and barbecue will make you want to try more of them. At Mutianyu, there are also many other delicious food available for you. These local delicacies are all very good for your health and very beneficial. In addition, there is a village courtyard lying beneath the Great Wall. During your trip to Mutianyu here, you can get a taste of its green food planted by those villagers themselves. And these people are also very hospital and warmhearted and they will offer you all the best they have. Best of all, you can also stay overnight at Mutianyu to experience the rural life down there.

Overall, spectacular scenery and blood-pumping trek is reason enough for you to pay a visit to Mutianyu!

Visiting Beijing Botanical Garden

Autumn Beijing is vigorous full of golden colors and harvests. If you find the right place to experience the typical autumn Beijing tour, it will be more interesting. As the most colorful world, Beijing Botanical Garden will surprise your autumn holiday.

Beijing Botanical Garden

Autumn Appearance of Beijing Botanical Garden
Located between Fragrant Hills Park and Jade Spring Hill, Beijing Botanical Garden is 23 kilometers far from downtown. With coverage area about 2,000,000 square meters, this garden is just like a fairy land full of mysterious atmosphere and charming sceneries. Autumn is really a nice season and autumn Beijing Botanical Garden is more perfect. When the autumn falls, the whole garden will be covered by golden colors, nice and beautiful. This time, you can still find the green filed full of luxuriant green trees. Water showed typical mild under the autumn sunlight. In addition, the white cloud and the blue sky presented clearer than other seasons. Breathing the fresh air these plants produced and enjoying the tranquil charming environment, you will be completely lured by the golden autumn.

Breathtaking Greenhouse
For your autumn tour here, it is ideal time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Greenhouse located inside. All the charming all focus on the perfect-designed greenhouse exhibition. Being established in the year of 1998, this typical exhibition is opened to the public in 2000. Covering an area of about 9,800 square meters, this garden enjoys a high reputation of the biggest display greenhouse in Asia. Being divided into four parts including Tropical Rain Forests Area, Desert Plants Area, Gardens of Seasons and the Theme Exhibition Rooms, each section has their own beauty and features. Plants of 3,100 varieties with population of 60,000 thrive in the greenhouse including Lithops, pencil bush and cymbidiums. They make greenhouse an important base for scientific education and research.

Historic Resorts
Autumn tour here, apart from appreciating the natural scenery inside, the historical scenic spots will also attract your special attention. Tomb of Liangqichao, Memorial of Cao Xueqin and the Site of Longjiao all established inside attracting tourists from all over the world. Autumn season is the best period to appreciate them. With autumn feeling, tourists can dig much about the connotation hidden side.

If you house enough interests and want to enjoy a typical autumn holiday, Beijing Botanical Garden will be a must-see spot!

Typical Jiumenkou Great Wall

In China, Great Wall is just like the guard protecting the people safety and life, especially in the ancient war period. In Chinese Liaoning Province, there is a typical Great Wall called Jiumenkou. It housed mysterious history and typical culture.

Origin of Jiumenkou Great Wall
Located about nine miles from Shanhaiguan Pass in Liaoning Province, typical Jiumenkou Great Wall is about 100-meter wide. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Jiumenkou Great Wall was first built in the northern Qi Dynasty. During that time, it plays a very important role as the military pass over a long period of time. Later, in the Ming Dynasty, it was rebuilt to the large scale area building. It is just like the magnificent dragon starting from the elegant mountains, connecting the Great Walls sections of Shanhaiguan Pass. It falls and down, zigzagging passing through the mountains and arrived at the banks of Jiujiang River. Although this river is strong and powerful, it does not stop the wall length and forward building.

Magnificent Part of Jiumenkou Great Wall
For Jiumenkou Great Wall, the most significant part is the section built on the river. It is marvelous that thousands hectares of stones are piled up on the bed of the Jiujiang River. Especially the stones, they are held down by iron chain creating very grand sight of the white stones. For the typical feature is that there are nine arches standing above the stones acting as the sluiceways. So, it gets the name of jiumenkou Great Wall. It is translated into Nine Gateway. In Chinese ancient times, it plays a very important role as the crucial role during the war period. The wall bridge is designed connecting the two banks of the Jiujiang River. On Jiumenkou Great Wall there are 12 watchtowers, two sentry posts and two beacon towers. Until now it is still gains the high fame as complete military defense work.

Tips for Visiting Jiumenkou Great Wall
For enjoying the grand atmosphere and the profound culture of Jiumenkou, the best time is from May to October. In the rest time of the year, this Great Wall shows extremely cold. Not far away, tourists can purchase special products and various souvenirs. What the most attractive is the local food called Old Lady Liu's Restaurant. In this place, you can satisfy your stomach.

Jiumenkou Great Wall is great not only in the building but in the history and culture!

Boating in Downtown Area in Beijing Summer Tour

Summer holiday is a fully relaxed period. With high temperature, tourists could research for some exciting activities with water or visit the suburb of Beijing. Leisure boating in downtown area of Beijing is extremely a terrific enjoyment.

Boat Tour in Beijing

Boating in Summer Palace
As the largest imperial garden, Summer Palace endows the brightest feature in the Kunming Lake. In summer, with the sceneries blossom to the utmost beauty, the water here also becomes soft and lovely. Boating here is the smartest idea. Together with friends and families, take the boat on the spacious water area to enjoy the breathtaking willow trees smiling on the bank and tranquil environment surrounded. Touching the water, soak in your imagination. What the most attractive is what the breeze brought to you, leisurely atmosphere and pure world. In addition, you can both enjoy the cool feeling and the Chinese ancient culture here. With profound history Summer Palace was originally built as summer resort for the imperial families. It is certainly an ideal place to enjoy the luxurious imperial atmosphere and marvelous summer holiday.

Boating along Beijing Zoo
Just located in the outer side of Beijing zoo, the river here is an ideal place to enjoy exciting boat tour. Especially for the tourists after enjoying the lovely animals inside, take one boat along the river, roaming in the waves and the luxuriant trees. Boating here can inspire your inner exciting feeing not same as that in the garden park. Various boat types are valuable for you, bigger, small with different materials. If you are very interested in the surf boat, there will be the professional staff driving the boat. He will show the most exciting driving skill to dig the shouting from the inner heart. If you are very interested in the tranquil boat, the big wooden boat will satisfy your desire.

Boating in Old Summer Palace
Apart from the suburb area lakes, there is one place you should not forget. Yes, it is just the historic record place - Old Summer Palace. Although, loads of treasures have been destroyed in the war time, the lake area is still keeping the best. Atmosphere is more tranquil and excellent than any other places for the few tourists appreciating. Of course, there are still many tourists here to enjoy the ruined beauty and history prints. You can boat on your own pace to enjoy your summer holiday, or take your mind into the ancient times. Getting a cup of drink when boating is ideal choice for terrifically enjoy the awe-inspiring sceneries.

Greeting typical summer holiday, just boating!

How to Enjoy Foot Massage in Beijing

Foot Massage has been regarded as one of the good way for the body recovery in our daily life. So after a busy travel day walking in the main attractions, have a food massage will be a happy ending of the day. How to enjoy Foot Massage in Beijing?

Foot Massage in Beijing

Add Foot Massage in Your Tour
Foot Massage will realize its function in the tour. For most of tourists after finishing the tour, you will want to enjoy the foot massage for relieving the body condition to get fully relaxed. Especially for those who are finishing the Great Wall hiking, long-time appreciating, booking the massage center is more important. Enjoying this kind of massage, you not only could have a better body condition but also have a better feeling to face the next day adventuring. It will be excellent idea to add the foot massage in your tour. If you are very interested in this kind of service and itineraries, connect us!

Choose Good Foot Massage Center
It is very easy to enjoy Foot Massage service. However, for the tourists, it will be better to find a good center, because all the skills, facilities and the environment are all high-class. Choosing a best center, tourists can enjoy the best service. Usually the facilities in some low-class centers are not advanced and the environment is not comfortable. So, choosing a nice center is very important. A high-quality center not only could guarantee the skill and facilities but also the tranquil enjoyment as well as the wonderful atmosphere.

Seize Foot Massage Skill
For the most popular massage service, it will be smarter to grasp it to enjoy at home or in your hotel. If you turn this kind of service into yours, you can take advantage of it in any places and any time. Just need, it will become your tool to relieve your body. The Foot Massage follows the simple ideas. All the nerves gathered in the foot. Different parts of the foot decided your body condition. So, it will be very easy to conduct at your places.

Hope these 3 tips will be helpful during your tour in Beijing.

How to Get Fully Relaxed after Busy Day Tour

Most of tourists in Beijing hold enough interests to admire each spot arranged for them. Usually you will spend much of the day time in the sightseeing. After a whole day busy tour, how to enjoy a fully relaxed? How to cultivate spiritual feeling to greet other attractions?

Choose a Nice Accommodation
Hotel in Beijing

In the large scale tourism industry, accommodation stands a very important part. Through the good time staying in the hotel, tourists could have a nice sleep. So choose a nice accommodation is extremely important. Distributed in Beijing city, the hotels could be divided into different classes, luxury, standard, budget, etc. Certainly, there are some no-star hotels with cheap price. For the tourists, who have enough money and want to enjoy luxurious service and environment, the high-star hotel is the ideal choice. By contrast, the lower price hotels are also satisfactory. No matter which kind of hotel you choose, one point needs your special attention. Please book your hotel in advance!

Enjoy Foot Massage
Foot Massage in Beijing

Apart from the fully relaxed in night, there is another method to relieve your body. It is just the foot massage. This kind of service has become the most popular enjoyment in the modern days. No matter which age - stage you are situated in, you could gain a lot from it. With traditional ideas and profound history, foot massage not only could keep your body in a very relaxed condition but also keep your body balanced and health. It stressed many ideas on the medical. All the nerves are gathered in the foot. The professional waiter could get you the fully relaxed according to massage different part. After the long-journey hiking and enjoying, Foot Massage will be must-do!

Enjoy Hot Spring
Hot Spring in Beijing

For the tourists after finishing the Great Wall hiking or the long journey appreciating, they will want to enjoy the whole body relaxed. In addition to the foot massage, most of them will tend to the hot spring. Get all the body in the medical water with considerate service and nice environment, no matter your soul or the physical body, you could get a fully rest.

After seizing these three points, your Beijing tour will be very easy to finish!

Roaming in Flower Ocean

When summer comes, all the people want to purify the mind and cultivate sentiment and mood. During Beijing summer tour, the best thing will be roaming in the flower ocean world for leisurely sightseeing. Now, I will introduce you the Beijing Botanical Garden.

Beijing Botanical Garden

Bright Layout of Beijing Botanical Garden
As a top scenic spot, Beijing Botanical Garden is an important base for science education, research and tourism. Just located between the Fragrant Hills Park and Jade Spring Hill, Botanical Garden is about 23 kilometers away from Beijing downtown area. Now, this garden has become a large scale open area of 2,000,000 square meters. Being composed by Plant Exhibition Area, Scenic Spot and the Historical Resort, Scientific Research Area and the Nature Reserve, Beijing Botanical Garden is a popular resort for experiencing typical summer holiday. Just walking along this tranquil road, tourists will be impressed by the flavor of these flowers first. Summer is an ideal season when all kinds of flowers are blossoming. 10,000 categories of plant with a population of 1.5 million plants are cultivated here, for which this one has been regarded as the biggest in north China so far.

Treasure of Beijing Botanical Garden
Combining water area and the planting area, this garden has received loads of tourists with fresh environment. The large scale Plant Exhibition Area has four clear divisions. The Theme Gardens have 11 sub-divisions including Lilac Garden, famous Chinese Rose Garden, Flowering Peach Garden, Peony Garden and more. However, the most remarkable part will be the greenhouse exhibition of plants. Formed in the year of 1998, this part was opened to the public in the year of 2000. Covering a large scale area of 9,800 square meters, this greenhouse enjoyed a high reputation of 'the biggest display greenhouse in Asia'. Being composed of 4 parts, it exhibited its typical beauty in the Tropical Rain Forests Area, Desert Plants Area, the Garden of Seasons and the Theme Exhibition Rooms.

Other Wonderful Lingering Spots
Apart from main scenic area, Beijing Botanical Garden is also a stage showing the Historical Spots including the Temple of Recumbent Buddha, Liangqichao Tomb, Memorial of Cao Xueqin and the Cheery Valley. Each of them could be regarded as the wonderful resort for summer holiday.

Appreciating, lingering or relaxing, Beijing Botanical Garden is always waiting for your summer holiday!

Tips for Beijing Great Wall Tour

As the symbol of Beijing and China, Great Wall has been regarded as the must-enjoy destination among the tourists from all over the world. For appreciating the world wonder, Great Wall could offer tourists the ancient history, deep traditional culture and the magnificent appearance. However, for exploring Great Wall, tourists also should grasp the important tips.

Beijing Great Wall

Which Section to Visit According to Interests
Distributed over Beijing, various Great Wall sections show off to greet the tourists from all over the world. Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall, etc, each of them stored their own features and appearance. Such as Badaling Great Wall, it is the most famous Great Wall section. It ever greeted many world famous leaders. With the best preserved appearance, it is the most familiar section in the world. Mutianyu Great Wall boasts of the most charming sceneries and best preserved appearance. It is the essence of Chinese Great Wall with less crowded. Jinshanling Great Wall boasts of the wild appearance and original features. Without man-made decoration, Jinshanling Great Wall is always regarded as the destination to enjoy Chinese ancient times. After getting these features, plan your favorite spot, it not only could save money but also much time during your tour.

Dealing with Preparations
For tourists decided to climb Great Wall, doing enough preparation is a must. First, climbing is a kind of sport. So the loosen clothes should be needed. Apart from these, food, drinks and other necessities should be taken. Someone will hold the ideas that purchasing the food or drinks from the Great Wall vendors. Anyone could not confirm that the food and drinks sold in the Great Wall are really safety and healthy. Also, these food and drinks are more expensive than the shops. So, preparing them in advance will be ideal idea. For the tourists who decided to take children or the old people climb the great wall, they should consider all. For the kids and the old people, taking the cable car will be good idea.

Although, Great Wall is all located in the Beijing suburb area, they are same like other scenic spots. Littering anywhere should be forbidden during the climbing journey. There are designed the toilets ion the Great Wall, so relieving anywhere should be forbidden. Last one is that taking too much cash should be forbidden in case of being stolen.

Warm prompts are important for your Great Wall tour, wish you have fun!

Summer Enjoyment in Yanqi Lake

During summer season, most of tourists want to have a tranquil enjoy, enjoy natural sceneries and get fully relaxed. For the metropolis city - Beijing, tourists should bravely research the fantastic spot. I will introduce you a leisurely holy land for summer tour - Yanqi Lake.

Beijing Yanqi Lake

Overview of Yanqi Lake
Located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, about 37 miles from the city center, Yanqi Lake gained the first feature, tranquility. Yanqi Lake was opened to the public in the year of 1978. First time coming here, tourists will be impressed by the wonderful natural waterscape and the colorful aquatic amusement facilities. Being composed by east and west lakes, this natural land is mainly covered by the water area with 275,000 square yards. It is regarded as the coolest land for being surrounded by three mountains, Jundu Mountain, Hongluo Mountain and Jindeng Mountain. Yanqi Lake is just like a pearl inlaid in the verdant valley. What the most impressive is that Hefangkou Great Wall winds up and down on the northern ridges adding ancient atmosphere to this fairy land. The adventurous location with large scale of vegetarian makes this area mild and moist climate. The blue lake with lush aquatic plants creates an ideal environment attracting flocks of birds.

Colorful Amusement Facilities
For the tourists who are interested in the mountain sceneries, the mountain sightseeing area will be a terrific area. Especially during summer season, luxuriant trees make this area become the ideal paradise. Also, tourists could choose to appreciate the Hefangkou Great Wall. There are two main entertainment areas to keep visitors busy and enjoy themselves. One is located to the west of the entrance. Water-theme activities, such as the speedboats, dragon boats could satisfy your desire of seeking happiness. The other is located to the northwest of the entrance. For the tourists who are interested in the adventurous and exciting amusements, water skiing, flume ride and bungee jumping, it will be extremely appropriate. The most important is that there established the venue for the APEC 2014 meeting on the western bank. Apart from this, there are excellent hotels established nearside. During the relaxing period, tourists also could enjoy various Chinese cuisines, such as the Hot Pot and barbecue.

If you have mixed into its typical beauty, join us without any hesitation!

Why You Should Stop by Liulichang

Beijing has long been hailed as a culture Mecca of China, full of ancient sights, great shopping destinations and gourmet Chinese food. For those who want to enjoy shopping in Beijing, Liulichang is not to be missed! Here are a few reasons why you should pay a visit to Liulichang.

Beijing Liulichang Street

Reason 1: Profound History of Liulichang
Time-honored Liulichang dates back to Liao Dynasty (907-1125) and used to be a village. Back in Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368), Liulichang was famous for making glazed tiles, once hailed as one of the official Five Kilns in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The tiles fired in Liulichang were once used to build the palaces. During the Jiajing reign of Ming Dynasty, the kiln factory was relocated outside the city yet the name Liulichang was preserved to this day. In Qing Dynasty (1636-1911), most of Han people lived in the west part of the city surrounding the area near Liulichang. Later, guilds of provinces were built nearby and candidates from the whole country came to Beijing for the final imperial exam. By and by, Liulichang became a gathering place for famous book shops of Beijing and ever since then, new bookstores and stationery shops have opened here one after another. Now Liulichang has become the largest book fair in Beijing and a favorite haunt for scholars, painters and calligraphers.

Reason 2: Countless Delights to Explore in Liulichang
Most of the shops were well restored in Liulichang, making it a great pedestrian street as well as an antique and book market looking like a Chinese village. Liulichang is home to a great variety of Chinese folk arts and cultural products, such as tri-colored glazed pottery of Tang Dynasty (618-907), carpets, vases, scrolls, chopsticks, silks, ancient shoes, Chinese kites, swords, walking sticks, door knockers, Buddhist statuaries, classical paintings, calligraphy, books, brushes, inks, etc. In this cultural street, there are a bunch of famous time-honored shops, one of the most famous is the Rongbaozhai, enjoying a history of over 200 years. It is well known for selling Chinese paintings that are made using the traditional technique of woodblock color printing. It is also a favorite haunt for famous modern writers in China. With a visit to Liulichang you can also find other interesting Chinese products, like paper, scroll-mounting, book binding, carving of stone tablets and name seals, and the like. There are also teahouses, wine shops, and many restaurants located in the Liulichang.

Overall, Liulichang is a great place to be for shopping in Beijing!

Tips for Beijing Group Tour

Nowadays, most of tourists explore Beijing with group tour. Sharing harmonious happy time with budget price and fresh people are the big feature. However, for some tourists, they still feel upset, why and how to deal with it?

Group Tour in Beijing

Keep Certain Order
For the large group of tourists from all over the world, tour guide lead to the certain destination, everyone will get curious about the spot. The hottest topic or communications will start. So, it is very easy to make some tourists not hear the attraction explanation clearly. So, this time, the disorder condition may happen. During the visit in the destination, tourists should keep quiet carefully listening to the explanation. If you have questions, you could ask during the free time. The second, during the journey, different people have different needs. Some people will go to buy the local specialties and some are taking pictures, some go to the toilets. The bad result is that delaying the tour time. So everyone should keep order under the leading in the group tour. If you have some trouble, free time or the relaxed time could help you.

Keep Harmonious Atmosphere
During the group tour, many fresh tourists are gathered together. For the life habits or personal conditions, we should help each other and understand each other. For example, during the climbing journey, although most of them are strangers, we should help each other climb and cultivate a harmonious atmosphere. If meeting the bad behaviors, please control the emotion. Quarrel should be forbidden in the whole journey. Creating a harmonious atmosphere is very important for the large group. Take care of the money or personal commodities. For taking one bus or other vehicle, we should take care of the luggage and each other. Keep a safe environment is good to a happy journey.

Keep Polite to the Attractions
For the attraction we visited, some tourists will carve on the wall or pick some local flowers, etc. These behaviors are all forbidden along the whole journey. For the group tour, every one of us should protect each attraction well. Not only this, we should warn other tourists to protect. Spitting everywhere or littering everywhere needs our special attention.

Beijing group is harmonious and exciting. Only we follow these rules, be a good traveler, family-like tour is just around the corner!

Why Beijing Cooking Tour More and More Popular

In modern days, more and more travelers in Beijing choose Beijing cooking tour. Beijing cooking tour has become the most important part to experience Chinese culture and history as well as the life style in the foreigners staying in Beijing. Why it becomes so popular?

Making Dumplings

Gain the Fresh Experience
As we all know, China is a delicate country experiencing profound history and deep traditional cultural. There are many discovered customs attracted loads of attention. They all hold the mysterious feeling or curious ideas to everything. So, learning tour could help them resolve their curious feeling. For example, Chinese representative food - Dumpling, everyone from other countries all feel curious to this kind of food, its shape, stuffing and flavor etc. They want to grasp deep knowledge about the cooking process.

Interests in Chinese Culture and History
Coming to Beijing, book a cooking tour for learning, tourists will not only gain the single dish but also roam into Chinese deep culture and history. Through the cooking class, they could learn more about the traditional history and the evolution of Chinese food. Such as Chinese noodles, it related to the flour history and the making process. In addition, noodle could be divided into various kinds, noodles with soybean paste, oil spilt noodle surfaces and so on. Old Beijing Noodles with Soybean Paste is the representative food in Beijing. For this kind of food, there are too many ideas and histories.

Successfully Getting Favorite Food
For the cooking learning tour, most of tourists are for their favorites. If they like eat dumping, they would learn to make dumpling. If they want to eat the dishes, they could learn them. After successfully get these, they could make for their friends or families. For them, on one hand, they gain the skill; on the other hand, they have grasped Chinese culture. It will be extremely enjoyment.

Creating Harmonious Holiday
For the last reason, why the cooking tour is so popular, it is that during the learning journey, tourists could enjoy a very harmonious atmosphere getting fully relaxed! Lively atmosphere could relieve the strong pressure of each tourist. They could find the real happiness. Besides, tourists could make new friends. Just roaming in the happy atmosphere without boring and any trouble, it will be great chance to inspire passion!

Beijing cooking tour is not happy and knowledgeable. If you hold enough interests, please join us!

Shopping Stops Included in Tours

There are plenty of tours available for you to enjoy visiting Beijing and exploring incredible sights. But there are also plenty of tours with some shopping stops included. If you happen to be in one of those tours, please pay attention to those shopping. The souvenirs or crafts you find in those places are usually overpriced. If you really like it, you could ask your tour guide to help you. Or if you are interested in shopping, do it on your own and at your own pace to pick your favorite curios for gifts or souvenirs!

How to Experience Beijing in Rainy Day

It will be unpleasant encountering the rainy days during the holiday. For most of the tourists, they regarded the rainy days as the wonderful time to sleep at home to relax. However, there are many methods to experience rainy holiday in Beijing. Now, I would like to share you some ideas to make your rainy holiday more terrific and inspiring.

Qianmen Street in the Rain

Leisurely Wandering
As we all know, Rain could bring unique tranquility and unique beauty and freshness to the environment and the scenic spots. The drizzling rain could make all the earth scenic spots more clear and natural. During this time, it will be ideal to walk out to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the leisurely walking. The best places in Beijing are multi-choice. If you are very interested in the charming sceneries, Shichahai, Beihai Park and Summer Palace will be the most favorable scenic spots. Standing in the pavilions, appreciating the fresh flowers sipping the rainy water, it will be extremely fantastic and marvelous feeing. In addition to this, you could roam along Beijing Hutong to taste the typical old Beijing culture and the tranquil atmosphere in the rainy days. This time, there are not better way to walk into these Sihe Courtyards for detail appreciating. Chatting with the local residences, listening to the Beijing story told by them, you will find rainy day is so beautiful.

Take the Bus for Beijing Overview
Without certain attention, taking the long-distance bus or sightseeing bus to appreciate the rainy sightseeing along the bus journey. It will be more safe, cheap and meaningful tour to appreciate Beijing in rainy days. Choose your favorites route, taking the bus to start your dreamful tour. Sitting at the back of the bus, leaning on the windows, appreciating the outdoor sceneries, busy workers and the plazas, you will find this world is full of mysteries and marvelous feelings. Everything seemed to be stopped for you. From Beijing downtown area to suburb area, you could not only appreciate the representative Beijing attractions, feel Beijing faster development but also taste the local Beijing lifestyle. Just mixing into your imagination, your journey will be more typical and cherish!

Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk with Friends
Apart from upper choices, choose one teahouse together with your friends to have a Heart-to-heart talk is also a nice choice. Starting your communication from your childhood to your future dreams or just to share your inner feelings, it will be another spiritual enjoyment during the rainy days.

If you have special attention, Beijing Rainy tour also could be made perfect!

Great Wall Terrain and Structure

As we all know, Great Walls are just like the elegant dragons zigzagging, falling and down hovering the mountains. The terrain the Great Wall traverses is complicated and varied. Long rivers, steep mountains and lofty cliffs as well as the vast grasslands all witnessed the magnificence of Great Wall.

Great Wall of China

Qin Dynasty Great Wall
Qin Great Wall started from the Liaodong and ends at Lintao in Gansu Province. The Great Wall building was built according to the local conditions. The materials are used the local materials. It is said that Qin Great Wall was made of large pieces of stones. In the dangerous locations, there will be many steep cliffs. They are always used as the Qin Great Wall after being chiseled a little. However, in some areas, Great Wall was built by mixing the grit with the local plants such as the red willows, reeds and poplars. In the even plains, the Great Wall was built from yellow soil. Ancient people made them into square shape, layer upon layer. Apart from connecting the scattered sections, Qin Great Wall also ordered to establish some other military facilities including the blockhouses, barriers and beacon towers!

Han Dynasty Great Wall
In the Han Dynasty, they basically imitated the features of Qin Great Wall. Just like, Great Wall materials are used in the local materials. However, the difference is lying in the construction types. The Ha great Wall mainly passed through the grasslands. In this area, the large sale stones are not available. For example, in Dunhuang, there are large amount of bulrush, poplar and red willows. The bulrush is measuring about 1.7 to 2.1 and the grit layer is measuring about 7.9 inches. The remnants of this kind of work remained till this day. Because the willow branch and the grit layer could bear strong tension, the Great Wall became more and more solid and strong.

Ming Dynasty Great Wall
The Great Wall in Ming Dynasty is the most solid and complete wall buildings compared with the walls built in other dynasties. During the building period, more and more lessons they got from other dynasties. Most important is that there are many fortifications were established in the Ming Dynasty. Watchtowers are the big construction with square shapes and high altitude. They still raised the smoke to warn of the dangers.

Different dynasties, Great Wall got different improvement. Under the poor condition, they are finished perfect inherited the great power of culture!

Why Better Visit Hutong by Bike or Rickshaw

Going out to relax has become a common enjoyment in the modern society, especially under the strong pressure. No matter when and where to relax, the car will be the main tools. However, in Beijing hutong tours, the bike and rickshaw have become the most popular tools, why?

Hutong Rickshaw

Common advanced Feature
No matter the bike or the rickshaw, they have one point in common is that they have the function of environment protection. Today, we lived together. Creating a harmonious family, the environment conducted a very important role. As the metropolis city, Beijing has many delicate spot to hunt by the small tools. On one aspect, they could have flexible feature to control and stop. Especially when meeting the bad traffic, tourists could pass through without any time delaying. It does not need any worry and care. Just finding a small corner, the tools could be arranged wonderfully.

By Bike
Beijing visiting by bike, you could not only witness the faster developing appearance within close distance but also appreciated the fresh sceneries fully enjoy the typical features. There are many ideal places for enjoying by bike, Beijing Hutong, Beijing Modern area and Beijing suburb area, etc. Just drive around wherever you want, relieving your inner heart, it will be extremely fantastic enjoyment. Driving by bike, you could start your journey from Beijing downtown area to suburb area, passing through Beijing landmark buildings to the suburb breathtaking pictures. You are just the leader, everything followed you. Mixed into the bike, your body will be flexible with this tour model.

By Rickshaw
For the pained golden and red color, it will be the common feature of Beijing Rickshaws. For the rickshaw, it history could be expressed long and short. In ancient Chinese history, rickshaw has become the most popular transportation tool. For the modern days, this kind of tools appeared frequently will be in Beijing Hutong area. It is said that if you visit the Beijing Hutong, Rickshaw will be the important part. Leisurely sited in the rickshaw, enjoying the ancient feeling it brought to appreciate the old Beijing culture in Beijing Hutong. Getting closer to the old Beijing people, lifestyle and culture, you could arouse the mixing feeling. Your visit to Beijing will be deserved! Besides, the rickshaws are often appeared in some communication centers.

No matter by bike or by the rickshaw, it will be the best choice for closer getting Beijing!

History Memory - Marco Polo Bridge

For the ancient history, we could have a good memory from Beijing imperial highlights, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven as well as Great Wall. However, for the tourists who are interested in Chinese revolutionary period, Beijing Marco Polo Bridge will be a right place.

Marco Polo Bridge

Feature of Marco Polo Bridge
It is always said that there are countless lions on Marco Polo Bridge, also called Lugou Bridge. Crossing the Yongding River, located about 15 kilometers southwest of Tiananmen Square, Lugou Bridge is experienced about 3 years to build. Measuring about 266.5 meters long and 9.3 meters wide, Lugou Bridge is supported by 281 pillars, strong and magnificent. Once walk on this building, what appeared to your vision will be the stone lions and profound memory to Beijing revolutionary history. According to the later data, it is aid that there are over 627 lions built here. Most interesting is that each lion holds typical posture and appearance, very lovely and lifelike.

Delicate Construction
Different lions are dated from different times. Some are from the Ming and Qing dynasties, some are from the earlier Yuan Dynasty and few of them are from as long as the Jin Dynasty. It is very rare carving in Chinese history. Four ornamental columns each 4.65 meters high and a white marble stele stand at the ends of the bridge. One stele records the reconstruction is the bridge by Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty. The other stele bears the calligraphy by Emperor Qianlong. It read the morning moon in the Lugou Bridge. Since that time, this fantastic bridge has become a very famous scenic spot. It is not only being famous for the aesthetic features but also considered to be an architectural masterpiece. Being built of solid granite, it housed a large central arch flanked by en smaller ones.

History Influence
Until today, Lugou Bridge aroused profound influence in Chinese history not only because its earliest building history but also it commemorate painful memories. It is a representative of the eight-year-long War of Resistance against the Imperial Japanese Army. It aroused a remarkable history memory and important history event.

If you are on your Beijing tour, spare your treasure time visiting Lugou Bridge. It will be a special chance to purity your mind!

Why Beijing Cuisine Become Indispensible for Visitors

With Beijing tourism becomes more and more popular, Beijing restaurants also become more and more busy every day. It seems that Beijing cuisine has become the most important part in Beijing tourism. Why appears such phenomenon?

Peking Roast Duck

For Deep Tasting Old Beijing
For such a popular phenomenon, Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing Snacks and Beijing folk food are listed in Beijing tour. They have been one of the important parts for visitors in Beijing. The influence reason is that they could taste Beijing culture from Beijing Roast Duck or Beijing Snacks. It is just as the Great Wall, the wonderful buildings could take them to the ancient times to feel the current history, construction and culture. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Roast Duck could not only offer you the delicious flavor, interesting eating methods but also deep background. Most of the important is that, tourists could get the old Beijing from Roast Duck enjoying.

For the Fresh Diversity
As the capital of China, all the delicious cuisine from everywhere all gathered in this dazzling metropolis city, including the Hui Cuisine, Yue Cuisine, Xiang Cuisine, etc. Apart from the domestic, visitors could also get the food of foreign countries. During the fully pleasant Beijing tour, tourists are always surrounded by the various cuisines and foods. Tourists from other countries are very curious for their freshness and diversity. They want to taste the fresh food to fulfill their sentiment and holiday. Different shapes, colors and different cooking method mix with different tastes, there will be always one kind of food could satisfy your stomach.

For the Truly Good Flavor
The upper two reasons could not conduct the key reason. The most important point is that the food, snacks and the cuisines are cooked truly with best flavor. No matter where you come from, you could find your favorite. With professional cook mixing with the authentic tastes, they have got the top praise among the tourists from home or the domestic. Imperial Cuisine, excellent western Cuisine or the Farmhouse Cuisine, etc. will conquer your stomach.

Seize the great chance exploring Beijing, giving the best treatment to your stomach, change your mind!

Top Restrictions for 72 Hours Visa Free Tour

Nowadays, with Visa Free Policy in the tourism field, more and more rules appeared. For the fresh Visa Free users, you should get the top restrictions to fully enjoy holiday.

Round Trip Flights are forbidden: the 72 hours visa free tour does not apply to passengers who travel on round trip flights just like Hong Kong - Beijing - Hong Kong. It means that the arrival point and the departure place cannot be the same.

Only applies to transit visa airport: the 72 hours free stay only applies to transit visa Airports. The tourists by train or any other vehicles should still apply for a transit G visa in advance.

Not allowed to leave the transit city to other cities during the limited time: During the 72 hours, the tourists are not allowed to leave the transit city to other cities. You can only depart from the same airport where you get their permit issued.

How to Be Smarter for Shopping in Beijing

In modern days, the main theme travel to Beijing is not just sightseeing the landmarks but also easting, shopping and entertaining. Each of them has certain features for different group of people. However, shopping has aroused big influence. When back home, taking some souvenirs brought in Beijing is almost the must-do thing. How to be smart for shopping?

Shopping in Beijing

What to Buy in Beijing
Everyone gets Beijing is a metropolis city in China housing various treasures and specialties. But, for the fresh travelers, they do not know clearly what to buy. Beijing has received many skillful craftsmen. These people passed down their excellent skills generation by generation. No matter where we wandered, we could find some traditional handicrafts with typical eastern features. As the four best traditional handicraft works of Beijing, Cloisonne, Ivory Carving, Jade and Lacquer have received high prestige. In addition to this, the Curios, Silk, Pearls with colorful pictures inside could make your mouth water. They are all the wonderful presents for friends and relatives when back home.

Where to Buy
Covering various souvenirs and commodities, different land has different theme. For the tourists, you should get know where to buy the high quality souvenirs with reliable price. First, there are many popular business streets. The top business centers are Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street, Xidan Commercial Street and Hongqiao Market. For the tourists who are very interested in the silk materials, you could choose the Silk Market. For the tourists who are interested in the traditional handicrafts with typical eastern or Beijing features, you could choose the Colored Glaze Factory or Panjiayuan Flea Market. Each of them will be the terrific place for enjoying traditional art works. For the fashionable girls or the boys, you could come to the Xidan Commercial Street for shopping. Maliandao is an ideal place for tasting the tea culture.

Tips for Customers in Beijing
For shopping, the most important point is the smart bargaining. According to the commodities and quality, speak out the most reasonable price. The opening hours for most Beijing shopping malls are between 08:30 to 21:30. Taking some cash is also necessary, because you could buy something from the street vendors. You could take the card and there will be the ATM established nearside the shopping malls.

Beijing Shopping stored much knowledge. Hope you enjoy a happy time!

Pay Attention to Local Traditions

While traveling in Beijing may be fun and eye-opening experience, there are still some things worth paying attention to. There are many places in the city which hold traditions and religions in a sacred position, so when you are planning on a visit to those destinations it is best to pay some respect to the local culture and traditions. In addition, do not do any graffiti on those historic relics. You would not want to offend any Chinese people while exploring their treasures, after all, China is still a conservative country.

How to Find a Nice Bicycle in Beijing

Beijing is the metropolis which has the largest number of bicycles. For those who want to bike through the city to explore Beijing on your own pace, here are some tips about how to find a nice bike while visiting Beijing.

Beijing BikeTour

Do some homework about bikes in Beijing
According to estimates, there are more than nine million bicycles in Beijing. The number of bicycles in Beijing may have decreased with the ever increasing number of automobiles which seem to run in every corner of the metropolis. However, the figures showing the numbers of bicycles in Beijing are not likely to fairly the exact number of bikes in Beijing. It is almost impossible to work out exactly how many bikes are in the city. There are a large number of second-used bikes sold by small retailers. There are also plenty of bikes rotting away in the Wudaokou bike graveyard - a cluster of rusty bikes abandoned by their Tsinghua and Beida student owners outside the subway. You can find the bikes that are repaired from scratch using parts of old bikes by the some men making a living by fixing bikes in Beijing.

Head to one of brand name bicycle stores
If you are looking forward to cycling and planning on venturing up into the off the beaten path destination outside Beijing, then you really need to find a decent bike. Beijing has a wide selection of international bike brands which are easy to find in the city. They offer not only high quality bikes, but also accessories and components that you may need if anything happens to the bike. Windspeed is one of the top bike brands in Beijing, with dozens of locations across Beijing where you can find decent helmets, shorts, tools, components and bicycle clothing. In the store you also can find trained repairmen ready to be at your service at any time. Alternatively, head to the Giant store on Jiaodaokou Dongdajie where you can find a wide range of the Taiwanese mountain bike brand, along with bike locks, helmets and other accessories. If you need a bike which you can ride to the subway and then carry on the train with you, then you can head into one of the many Dahon stores across town and find a decent folding bike.

Overall, investing in a bike is a great way to explore essence of Beijing at your own pace! Also, if you like, you could choose Beijing Bike Tour, a new theme tour in Beijing offered by the travel agency.

How to Sample Beijing Snacks

Hailed as a cultural Mecca, Beijing has not only a wide variety of historic sightseeing, but also countless gourmet snacks worth sampling while visiting Beijing. Here is some basic information about how to sample Beijing snacks.

Snacks worth sampling in Beijing
Beijing Snacks

Beijing snacks, commonly known as Pengtoushi and Caishi according to locals, featuring an integration of the Han, Mongolian, Manchu, Hui ethnic flavor snacks and Ming, Qing Imperial snacks and rich variety and unique flavor. Beijing snacks boast about two to three hundred varieties. They are the side dishes (such as white water lamb head, Baodu, Baikui roast lamb head, Jiemo Dunzi), and the banquet food (such as Wotou, Sesame Cake with Minced Pork, sheep eyes steamed stuffed bun, Wufu Peach-Shaped Mantou, Ma Rong bun) and snacks for breakfast and dinner (such as AI Wo Wo, Fried Chop Rice Cake etc.). The most flavorful snacks include Douzhi, Enema, Chaogan, Mapo Tofu, Noodles with Soy Bean Paste etc. Some of the old restaurants offer rich varieties, like Fangshan alveolus fossa, Sesame Cake with Minced Pork, pea, Kidney Bean Rolls, fengzeyuan restaurant Steamed Rolls, DongLaiShun Restaurant Butter fried cake, He Yi vegetarian restaurant Guanchang and more. Moreover, many more other snacks are sold in Beijing in the snack bar and night market food stalls.

Where to find snack restaurant
Beijing Snacks

Beijing has a large number of restaurants where you can find delicious Beijing snacks. If you want to enjoy more authentic Beijing snacks, you should head to those time-honored restaurants and stores. The list includes: Longfusi Snack Store: on the East Longfu Temple Street opposite the Longfu building. Bai Kui Laohao: the roast mutton and meat pie doornail is very famous. Xinghua Baodu Store: located opposite the Shatan Honglou, in addition to Baodu it also offers halal snacks. Halal Restaurant: Ruizhen Restaurant is located in southwest corner of Dongsi Road. The only food is takeout, and the Xingyue fried cake is out of the world. Nanlaishun Restaurant sits in the west of Daguanyuan, the first floor offers snacks. Xinhua Snack Shop offers Guotie and Bean milk. Enyuanju Restaurant enjoys a high prestige and offers a wide variety of traditional Beijing snacks.

Overall, with a visit to Beijing, you will enjoy an essential dining experience and get a chance to sample delicious snacks!

Explore Hongluo Temple in Beijing

Hailed as one of the most prestigious Buddhist temples in Beijing, Hongluo Temple is well worth a visit while traveling in Beijing. The temple makes for a perfect getaway for visitors to Beijing. It is a great way to take in the Buddhist culture and natural beauty outside Beijing.

Long-standing History of Hongluo Temple
Beijing Hongluo Temple

Fotu Cheng is believed to be the monk who built the temple. According to the biography of eminent monks records, he was a proficient monk who had deep understanding of Zen and insight into the Buddhism. Legend has it that he had great magic power. In the Jin Dynasty, he tied to find the right place as China Northern Buddhism birthplace, but he never found one. Later when he traveled to north section to Yuyang city (now Huairou), he suddenly found the upper wings dancing on Hongluo mountain seen as auspicious statue. So in the same year he supervised the construction of this temple, named Daming Temple, which is now the Hongluo Temple. In Yuan Dynasty, for the protection of Hongluo Temple, Gen Gi Khan ordered to put a sign board placed near the Temple Mountain Gate on the wall. It says Hongluo Temple is the royal temple, reserved for the royal family and a longevity blessing place, all kinds of people should not trespass the temple boundaries and no trees are to be cut. Because Hongluo Temple is the birthplace of Northern Buddhism, so the temple was used for wandering monks to learn knowledge of Buddhism.

Features of Scenic Area
Beijing Hongluo Temple

Hongluo Temple was built on the mountain, featuring rigorous layout. It is backed by the Hongluo Mountain, next to Hongluo Lake, surrounded by water and mountains, lush trees, towering old trees. The temple covers a vast area, housing 244 rooms. The compound consists of King Hall, Main Hall, Three Saints Hall, Buddism Godness Guanyin Hall, Jixing Zushi Hall, Yinguang Zushi Hall and chanting chambers. Eastern room is for reception. Hongluo Temple is also home to acres of lush ancient pines, forming a blue Tibetan temple beautiful picture. Hidden by the trees, there are more than 600 species of plants, as well as a wide variety of birds and wild animals. According to the forestry sector estimates, in Hongluo Temple area there are more than one million trees, the forest coverage rate of more than 90%. The East Pine forest garden grows 1000 acres of lush pine trees, more than a hundred years old trees are over 10000.

Overall, Hongluo Temple is not to be missed!

Magnificent Construction of Great Wall

Once stepped on the Great Wall, everyone will arouse the proud feeling for the magnificent appearance. Today, I will lead you to have the detail information about the construction of Great Wall in China.

Watch Tower of Great Wall

Layout of Great Wall in Different Dynasties
When related to the construction of Great Wall, everyone will thumb up for the typical grand appearance. The construction could be traced back to the Western Zhou Dynasty of ancient China. However, the Great Wall in that time is just only a line of fortress standing to defend against attacks from the Yanyun. When to the period of the Warring States came, the Great Wall was enlarged and stretched in the four directions. During that time, it varied from several hundred miles to one or two thousand miles. In the Qin Dynasty, the Qin Emperor ordered the laborers to connect these scattered walls and built some new sections. Until in the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall building was enlarged and the building construction reached its highest peak.

Beacon Towers of Great Wall
As the most important part of the Great Wall, Beacon Towers played a very important role during the war time. If the enemy approached, then the soldiers on the wall would create the smoke in the daytime and light the fire at night to warn their troops. In fact, the construction of Beacon Tower is earlier than the Great Wall. Especially during the Han Dynasty, the officials paid much attention on the Beacon Tower. In the mountain area, these beacon towers are always built by laying pieces of stones and bricks. If in the grassland and desert, they are of rammed-loam construction with different shape and appearance. There are mainly three types of Beacon Tower. The first type is built on the wall. The second type is the ones just located inside the wall connecting the passes or garrisons. The third type is built some distance away from the Great Wall to observe the enemy movements.

Tools of Great Wall Construction
Nearly all sections of Great Wall are built on the high mountains and deep valleys where the transportation condition is very poor. During the hard building journey, the large amounts of stones, earth and bricks were frequently carried by labors on their shoulders or backs. Sometimes, for the deep valleys, they used animals like goats or donkeys for carrying. Also, during the construction, the simple machinery is needed, like the rolling logs, crowbars and many other tools.

Chinese ancient builders used their wisdom and iron perseverance to finish the fabulous Great Wall construction. Magnificent construction fully shows the great spirit of Chinese people. We should protect them and inherited the world wonder!

Profound History of Great Wall

Let us go to climb the Great Wall. From this sentence, you could guess the main goal coming to Beijing is to conquer the elegant building. However, everyone gets that Great Wall housed profound history but did not know in the detail. Now, I will share you the detail history of Great Wall to you.

Qin Dynasty Great Wall

Great Wall in Qin Dynasty
It is said that the history of Great Wall start from the Spring and Autumn Periods. At that time, there are seven powerful states appeared. In order to get the leader position, each state started to fight against each other. During this period, the walls appeared reached 3,107 miles. Until the Qin Dynasty, Qin Emperor unified the six states and became the only emperor. From that time, the first kingdom of China formed. In order to strengthen his newly powerful authority and defend the Huns coming from the north, he ordered to build the Great Wall. So, from then on the famous Qin Great Wall formed starting from the Liaoning to Gansu province.

Formation of Great Wall in Other Dynasties
After the Qin built the Great Wall, the Western Han Dynasty also ordered to build wall for fighting against the Huns. They started to build large scale wall to consolidate the frontier. In the west, the wall buildings along the Hexi corridor, Yumenguan Pass and Yangguan Pass were built. More and more sections were extended. The Great Wall reached its peak in the Ming Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty, people suffered a lot from the minorities. In order to fight against these invasions, the Ming court from the first emperor to the last made much contribution to the Great Wall project. They added many sections of the Great Wall once built. In addition, they also built many new building into double line and multi line walls. For instance, in the outer of Yanmenguan Pass, tourists could see three big stone walls and 23 small ones. Adding some watchtowers and cannons, it truly made the area strongly fortified.

Because of the profound history and changes, some Great Wall sections have been destroyed. So, we should adopt the methods to protect these world heritages to keep Chinese traditional culture and the wisdom of Chinese ancient workers!

Hot to Navigate around Beijing by Subway

Generally, you only need to take the subway to get to some bus stations for your excursions outside Beijing, like hiking to the Great Wall. The subway system of Beijing, just like any other city subway system, is very complicated to navigate around for those first time visitors to Beijing. First of all, you better buy a transport card if you are planning on a long travel in Beijing and want to go on a budget travel. Most of the subways stops are equipped with signs written in English. And if you still cannot figure out which way to go, there is always some personnel around in the subway that you can ask for help.

Have Fun with Watermelon in Beijing

As it is well into the summer, the watermelon is the most popular fruit of the Chinese people. With a visit to Beijing during summer days, you will get a chance to enjoy the watermelon and have fun picking your favorite watermelon with your own hands. In doing so, you have to venture further outside Beijing to Daxing - hailed as the home of watermelon in Beijing. Moreover, you will not only enjoy the succulent watermelon but also get a chance to take in the lovely rural China.

Watermelon Festival in Beijing Daxing District

2014 Watermelon Festival in Daxing
Daxing Watermelon Festival has been held 25 times, in 2014 it will be extended from a few day to several months. The festival involves a series of fun activities, which lasts from May to July. It is the most popular rural China travel destination during the watermelon season. From the 26th Beijing Daxing Watermelon Festival press conference, in 2014 the watermelon festival will begin in May 28th, which contains various theme activities involving watermelon, to bring visitors a different travel experience. According to the Daxing District spokesperson in charge, in 2014, the watermelon festival will hold the sweet life creative Food Contest National Challenge Cup, watermelon carving contest and many other theme activities. The annual watermelon festival, Daxing will be the first to introduce international exchange activities, including the world Gourmet Food and wine book series, International New Media Forum, and there will be more than 50 countries and regions to participate in competition. The festival will be an essential summer experience in Beijing.

More Details about Daxing Watermelon
Reportedly, 2014, Daxing District has a planting area of 70000 mu, which includes 25000 acres of small sized watermelon, 45000 acres of middle sized watermelon, watermelon production in 2014 is expected to reach 220000000 kg. At present, small fruit watermelon is available in market. In 2014 the travelers or locals can not only have fun picking watermelons, but also book watermelon online delivered by the home delivery logistics company. Daxing District Commission relevant responsible person said that the new central wholesale market and Huatang supermarket will also have Daxing watermelon on shelf. Now the watermelon from Daxing has become an important part of travel in Beijing and very popular among the locals and tourists.

Overall, you can easily spend a few days having fun with watermelon in Beijing during summer days.

Where to Unwind at Night in Beijing

Most visitors may like to explore Beijing at daytime, but the night of Beijing is also worth exploring, especially during hot summer days. There are plenty of night-out options on offer while visiting Beijing. If you are a club-goer, head to one of the many bar streets Beijing has to offer. Highly recommended are Sanlitun and Houhai as well as Nanluoguxiang. If you want to enjoy a night show, stop in one of the many theaters in Beijing. There are dozens of up-scale theaters located downtown Beijing. Moreover, head to one of the teahouses for some quiet time while sipping Chinese tea. Overall, there are plenty of options on offer in Beijing to unwind at night.

Feel Modern Tastes in Beijing Olympic Park

As a prosperous capital city, Beijing housed numerous time-honored buildings and deep culture to show its profound history. With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more modern buildings are stood up. And the most representative will be the Olympic Park.

Buildings Ideas of National Stadium
In order to greet the important event of 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing contributed much in the project. From the appearance, inner structure, materials to the builders and designers, all experienced delicate building. Their appearance housed certain theme to encourage the athlete. Being divided into two stadiums, Bird's Nest and Water Cube, both of them stored typical function and ideas. Besides the stadium, the surroundings are also deserved enjoy and entertaining. Olympic Park and some plazas all lured the tourists praised for the new modern atmosphere.

Delicate Bird's Nest
Bird's Nest

Located in the Olympic Green Village, Bird's Nest was regarded as the main stadium during the 2008 Olympic Games. The Olympic events of track and field, football finals and the opening and closing ceremonies are all held here. The design of this stadium is made into a bird nest appearance which represented hope and dream to encourage the athlete to do their best. With a large scale area about 258,000 square meters, the stadium houses 80,000 fixed seats and 11,000 temporary seats. The inner structure also deserved to praise. The rows of the stands distribute scientifically. Sitting inside, no matter where you are, the whole game could be seen clearly. After finishing the Olympic Games, here becomes one of the popular modern tourist attractions among both domestic and foreign visitors. Some popular music concerts are always held here.

Dazzling Water Cube
Water Cube

In the opposite of Bird's Nest, it is just the dazzling Water Cube. Standing outside, you will feel it like a group of blue water flowing and dancing. It contained the official 2008 Olympic Swimming facility. With the coverage area of 62,960 square meters, this stadium is designed into four floors. Designed by Chinese and Australian, Water Cube is the first building in the world built upon the soap theory and spots a polyhedral steel-framed structure. Now, it has become a popular pace for water entertaining. There are many paradise places have been opened up. Especially during summer holiday, this water cube will full of tourists for entertaining and playing. Forget to say, the most charming view here is in the evening with all blue color.

Representing the developed metropolis city, they are truly a wonderful modern art!

How to Get Closer to Nature in Beijing

Beijing has more than just amazing cityscape to offer its visitors. There are also a wide variety of natural wonders that Beijing has to offer. For those nature lovers, here is a destination you really should put on your bucket list while visiting Beijing - Jingdong Grand Canyon.

Jingdong Grand Canyon

Overview of Jingdong Grand Canyon
Jingdong Grand Canyon Scenic Area sits 85km away from the urban area of Beijing, adjacent to the Pan Mountain in the south and next to the Great Wall at Huang Ya Guan section, Dule temple, Qing Leling, Wuling Mountain and other scenic areas. It has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Beijing for those nature lovers. It has long been hailed as a shining pearl embedded in Golden Triangle area of Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan. The best time to visit this scenic area is from August to September.

The mountains of Grand Canyon all look like the sword thrusting in the sky, with a large number of rivers and lakes scattered in the Grand Canyon. The water is crystal clear just like silver, flowing from the valley and pouring into the lake. Wuyan Pool is inlaid in the valley, hailed as essence of Jingdong Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon stands way up high overlooking the innumerable mountains and valleys. A visit to the canyon feels like stepping back in time, very mysterious and quiet. Entertainment area and thrilling stimulation lead a person to endless aftertastes. Grand Canyon has a Youjing Garden which is filled with pine trees, setting the cottages, prepare for tourism colored tents and hammocks, forest bath, rest for tourists.

Highlight to Explore in Jingdong Grand Canyon
Jingdong Grand Canyon has a cableway to offer, about 268 meters long, with a drop of 22 meters, at speeds of 48km/hour. Set up between five pools and 800 meters elevation, the cableway boasts a total length of 1000 meters, 441 meters gap, operating speed of 1.25 meters per second. Between Taishan and Longmen Lake, there is a slide 4108 meters long, with a drop of 378 meters, boasting the longest slide in the world. Entertainment area is very thrilling, leading a person to endless aftertastes. Take the longest Jingdong Grand Century slide, passing valleys and canyons, take in mountains scenery, sample local products in the valley - all will be fun.

Overall, Jingdong Grand Canyon is well worth a visit if you want to take in some nature while visiting Beijing.

Leisure in Beijing Suburb Area - Stone Flower Cave

For the coming of the summer holiday, there are many fantastic places wait for us. If you are a regular Beijing traveler, the suburb areas will be cozy place to cool your body. Follow me, let us have a mysterious discover!

Beijing Stone Flower Cave

Enjoy the Unique Charm of Stone Flower Cave
Just located in the Fangshan District, Stone Flower Cave is a national famous scenic spot and geological park being known for the typical karst cave sightseeing and valuable informational bank on geological research. In fact, in the earliest time, this scenic spot has another name called Qianzhen or Shifo Cave. This name is given by a monk during the Ming Dynasty. From that time, it started to be known in the local residence and the tourists. With a large scale area of 108 hectares, it shows a multilayer Karst cave with seven clearly distributed layers. For the tourists coming here, they are always fascinated by the breathtaking scenery. Gorgeous sceneries are distributed in the scenic area which is gathered in the first to the sixth layers. The seventh layer is distributed the underground river. Besides, there are twelve huge halls interconnecting with countless narrow passages, sixteen chambers and 71 branch caves in many sizes and shapes. For the natural sceneries house pearl water and wild plants, they could enough make your summer holiday reach the utmost comfortable.

Treasure Sections
A fairy land dropped here just like a dazzling star. Coming here, every tourist will be amazed at the natural creativity. All of the features are made of stone including the fantastic stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and flowers. No matter which section you stand, you will be lured by the soft water dripping sound. What the most important will be the Silver Fox Cave. Being composed by more than 40 scenic spots, this cave is an amazing gallery showing various sceneries and charms. Located here, there is a rare stone regarded as the national treasure. From the appearance, it is just like a charming silver fox, lifelike. Summer is an ideal season for visiting here. The cool and gentle breeze in it bring fresh air to you to cultivate your spirit and mind.

Beijing Stone Flower Cave is truly amazing spots for sightseeing and refreshing the mind and body.

No Need to Stress yourself Chisel out A Bargain

It goes without saying that shopping is one of the essential Chinese experiences you can get while visiting Beijing. However, there is no need to get toe-to-toe with a market full of hungry sales people and shopkeepers just to save a few bucks. It is okay to close a deal with a lower price if you do know how to bargain with Chinese stall owners or shopkeepers. If you try too hard to chisel out a bargain while picking up your favorite item, chances are you may end up in disappoint. Just buy what you set your eyes on with an attempt to lower the price or just leave it.

Why Prince Gong Mansion is Worth Exploring

There is truly no better way to learn more about Chinese architectural art than a visit to Prince Gong Mansion. Hailed as the essence of Qing prince mansion, Prince Gong Mansion offers a glimpse of the glorious past of the Qing Dynasty. Here are some reasons why you should put the prince mansion on your list of place to go while visiting Beijing.

Prince Gong's Mansion

Reason 1: Profound history of the Mansion
The mansion was built in the Qing Dynasty, as the private mansion of Heshen. In the early years of Tongzhi Reign, the third generation master Prince Gong Yi Xin was a very powerful politic figure in Qing Dynasty, serving a bunch of political duties, and he also carried out a series of repairs and alterations to the mansion. The construction scale and pattern we see today was formed at that time. Prince Gong Mansion is located in the south-west corner of Shichahai in Beijing, hidden in a quiet and long lane, and is the most complete preservation of the prince mansion from Qing dynasty. The mansion was formerly owned by Heshen and Yong Lin as prince mansion. Also it has been rated as the national key cultural relics protection unit. In 1851, prince Yixin became host of the mansion, hence the name of the mansion. Prince Gong Mansion came to decline after the Qing Dynasty came to an end, bearing witness to the historical and cultural information of Qing Dynasty.

Reason 2: Classic Architectural Art of the Mansion
Prince Gong Mansion consists of two parts, about 330 meters long from north to south, 180 meters wide from east to west, covering an area of about 61120 square meters, and the garden covering an area of 28860 square meters. The mansion is not only very huge, its construction was also the highest regulation at the time. The most recognizable features include its façade and number of houses. The prince mansion has five facades, seven main halls, five back halls, seven living quarters, side halls on both sides. Also houses three courtyards, serving as main tourist area for people to visit. The architecture of the mansion is strictly arranged along the axis of the mansion. The main buildings include Yinan Hall and Jiale Hall, featuring green glazed tile roof, to show the majesty of the majestic mansion, but also reflect the identity of the prince. West courtyard is small and exquisite, the main building including Baoguang Hall and Xijin Hall.

Overall, Prince Gong Mansion is well worth a visit while traveling to Beijing!

Why Car Rental Service is Important for Travelers

We exploring Beijing attractions to fulfill our experience and entertain our holiday life, it is extremely an exciting enjoyment. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and many other top attractions lured the tourists' interests. For such a large tourism circle, what tourists should do will booking the car rental service. Why it stands so high position in the Beijing travelers? Now, let us have a detail analysis!

Bus Stop in Beijing

Saving Much Time on Traffic
For the tourists visiting Beijing Great Wall, they are always facing the result of being late. Great Wall buildings are all distributed in the Beijing suburb area and far away from Beijing Center. No matter wherever you start your journey, they all need your time. As a large scale metropolis city, the traffic is the first bid problem, especially during the holidays and the weekends. Being late to Great Wall, you will face the chill for entertaining. But if the Great Wall culture and history lost from your holiday, it will be regret. During this period, time is very important. The car rental service will help you resolve all the problems. Picked you up from your downtown hotel or the airport and transfer you to the destination your ordered. Experienced driver will offer you the most efficient journey and smart getting rid of the heavy traffic. Your Great Wall tour will be finished more perfect.

Reducing Heavy Burden without Any Cares
If you started your journey from your downtown hotel, it would be more convenient. But, if you get off from the airport and train station, all the luggage and burden will be a problem. On the whole journey, you have to take your baggage to transfer and pass the custom, especially during the hot summer. So, car rental service will help you carry your heavy burden and create a cozy environment for you. On the whole journey, you do not need to worry about anything. Even during the custom, driver will help you. During summer, the air-conditioner in the car will cultivate a very cool environment for your laborious body. You could easily get a fluent journey from your airport to your downtown hotel or your destination. Efficient transfer will save your time. Getting rid of the crowded and bad weather, Car Rental Service deserved your attention.

After the detail explanation, Car Rental Service will become the must-choice for Beijing traveling!

Explore Long-standing History of Beijing

Beijing has long been hailed as a cultural Mecca in China, with a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions scattered around the city. Nothing beats a historical tour while exploring Beijing. History can be fun when it comes to Beijing.

Imperial History of Beijing
Forbidden City

There are so many destinations that you can pay a visit to learn more about Chinese imperial history. Hailed as a capital city of China, Beijing is filled with one of a kind historical relic sites which are scattered all over the city. For exploring imperial history in depth, you really should spend a couple of days visiting dozens of imperial remains left and well preserved to this day. At the mention of imperial remains in Beijing, the Forbidden City is second to none. For an imperial history experience, the Forbidden City is perfect. A visit to the imperial palace and court will give you a glimpse of the glorious past of the Chinese imperial family. You will get a chance to get an insight into the imperial history while walking around the courtyard and taking in everything related to imperialism of ancient China. The imperial palace aside, there are also a couple of imperial gardens available in Beijing for you to get to know better the imperial history and culture. Some of the imperial gardens have been turned into public parks, making it easy to get to. Must-visit is no doubt the Summer Palace which is as amazing as it can be!

For Folklore History of Beijing
Beijing Hutong

Other than the imperial history, if you want to get to know Beijing better, you really should head to some narrow alleyways and lanes in the city. Beijing Hutong refers to a crisscrossed lanes surrounded by residential houses. Hutong has long been regarded as a window into the folklore history of Beijing. With a wander and stroll down the lanes, you will get a chance to see the style of life up-close and personal. There is truly no better way to learn about folk history of Beijing than go down some Hutongs. Walking across some Hutongs will take you on a journey back in time to get a glimpse of the old Beijing as well as how the old residences lead their life every day.

Overall, Beijing is well worth exploring for those history buffs and has something for everyone!

Why Forbidden City is Landmark of Beijing

Every time when related to Beijing and China, what appeared to mind will be the Forbidden City. For first time visitors in Beijing no matter from which country, they must have a long linger in this imperial palace. Undergoing so many years, it has been regarded as the representative of Beijing, China. Why?

Forbidden City

Deep Cultural Connotation
In the ancient times, the common people regarded Forbidden City as a golden yellow castle located in Beijing center. It is a non-realized dream to enter into or it is just a tale existing in the common life. With best advantage of lying in the Beijing City center, it is also called Gugong in Chinese. It is a large scale dazzling imperial palace for twenty-four emperors during Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are many policy affairs happened inside. So, it educed many fairy historical stories. It is just illustrated as Purple City because ancient Chinese Astronomers believed the Purple Star was in the center of heaven and the Heavenly Emperor lived in the Purple Palace. So the emperor lived the palace should call Purple City. It is forbidden to enter without special permission of emperor.

Enormous Palaces in Forbidden City
Once entered into Forbidden City, your vision would be lured by numerous delicate palaces. Built rectangular in shape, it enjoyed high fame as the largest palace complex in the world covering 74 hectares. Being surrounded by a 52-meter-wide moat and a10-meter-high wall, it housed over 8,700 rooms. The wall has a gate on each side. On the roof of each palace, there are certain decorations. Each of them has certain representative. Luxurious decorations and traditional building style would be the most precious treasures. Various palaces housed certain function in the ancient times. Unique arrangement showed unique imperial atmosphere. Wandering in this large city, you would arouse typical feeling to Chinese history!

Great Construction of Forbidden City
Construction of Forbidden City started in the Yongle Reign of the third emperor of Ming Dynasty. It was completed fourteen years later in 1420. It is said building the great castle, there are a million workers driven into the long-term hard labor. The stones needed are carried from Fangshan District. It is said that a well was dug every fifty meters along the road in order to pour water onto the road in winter to slide huge stones on ice into the city. In addition to this, there are many precious freighted materials are carried from other provinces.

To the human beings, Forbidden City is truly an eternal wonder!

How to Easily Learn More about Beijing

For tourists travel in foreign countries, one of the drawbacks is the difficulty in finding a good bookstore to choose a book in the native language and so that, tourists could get more about the culture and customs about the city, country and the local people. It is just like a tour guide telling you all the information what you want to get! Now, let us walk into the famous Bookstores!

Bookstore in Beijing

Dazzling Layout of Beijing Bookstores
As faster-developing capital City of China, Beijing Bookstore is an excellent tour guide to lead you a good tour. No matter scenic spots, culture, history or the background of China, these stores could give you more detain information about what you want to get. Covering a large scale and plenty of bookstores in every field, Beijing Bookstores have been divided into sections according to different books for sale housing Literature, Arts, Academy, Business, Political, Tourism, Cuisine, Education, as well as References, etc. each of them could take you to another wonderful world to get in-depth understanding about this fairy city. In addition to this, Beijing Bookstores also could offer you the service to help the buyers conveniently locate the books they want. The convenient Book Sales Ranking could help the buyers make their choices more easily!

Delicate Famous Bookstores in Beijing
When relating to the most famous and high fame bookstore, Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore will be a terrific place to read Beijing and China. As the largest chain bookstore in China with thousands of branches, it is also getting the famous fame as the largest bookstore in China. Roaming here, you would feel you are just locating in the ocean of knowledge surrounded by a large scale collection books ranging from any fields and knowledge words. Apart from this, DVDs and VCDs could satisfy your desire of reading the digital materials. Second will be the China Bookstore which is not a very big one but also offered many traditional Chinese literature works. For the tourists who are very interested in Chinese literature, here will be a good class. If you want to cultivate fluent Chinese language, the Beijing Language and Culture University Press Bookstore will be a terrific destination. If you want to buy the Chinese language books, it would offer you a good stage!

Sitting in the cozy environment, following these invisible ''tour guide'', you have successfully got Beijing!

Getting Away from It All in Beijing to Huanghuacheng

With the frigging summer heat, city noises as well as suffocating crowds, travel in the sprawling metropolis is no fun at all. However, you can easily find some off-the-beaten-path destinations or resorts in Beijing to get away from it all. Huanghuacheng would be a dream destination for those backpackers longing to hike the Great Wall, take in fascinating countryside landscapes in Beijing.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Highlights of Huanghuacheng
Beijing Huanghuacheng Waterside Great Wall tourist area is located in Huairou District of Beijing City, within the territory of Jiudu River, 65 kilometers away from Beijing. Huanghuachneg Great Wall is well known for the odd and rare sight of the waterside Great Wall. In this scenic area, the mountains and rivers, lakes and pools, as well as the Great Wall are perfect blended with each other. There are plenty highlights in this area worth exploring, more attractive is the Three Unique Sights. One refers to the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty - the Great Wall snakes upon the ridgeline and skirts around the Haoming Lake, offering beautiful and spectacular views. The second sight involves that the lake cuts the Great Wall, with some parts of the wall submerged in water, forming the famous waterside Great Wall, hailed as signature landscape of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall. The last but not the least, there is a chestnut garden of Ming Dynasty, filled with old trees all in different sizes and shapes and growing to this day.

Rural Taste of Farmland Life in Huanghuachneg
Huanghuacheng farmyard Hongxiang Inn is located in Huairou district, at the foot of the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng. Huanghuacheng Hongxiang Inn offers beautiful scenery, surrounded on three sides by the Great Wall and the water. All you have to do in there is just take in fresh air, leaning by the window overlooking the Huanghuacheng wild Great Wall and a panoramic view of the surroundings. The Great Wall looks like a sparkling diamond inlaid in the countryside. Stay the night in this picturesque and quiet farmyard, it will bring you a new experience of a quiet holiday. Looking afar on the mountain, there are many cabins and wood structure villas on the hill, making you feel like traveling into a fairyland. In front of the lovely cabin a brook is murmuring, people staying here will be accompanied by this beautiful underwater, but it does not make you feel noisy, just like music. Hongxiang Inn is equipped with modern facilities and it is comparable with the mountain, the scenery here is definitely a bonus for you.

All in all, a kick-back in Huanghuacheng surely will knock your socks off!

How to Conduct Beijing Nightlife

More and more people waste much time of their night time during Beijing tour. In fact, in addition to the day time exploring, you also could make your Beijing nightlife more colorful and dazzling. But, how to conduct your Beijing nightlife will be the nest question.

Beijing Sanlitun Village

Sharing Your Inner Heart in Beijing Sanlitun Village
Perhaps, for the most of the tourists, Sanlitun is a fresh name. For the regular Beijing tourists, this place will be a must-enjoy place. Here is a stage where you could conduct your youth life. Located in the eastern Chaoyang District, Sanlitun is regarded as a fashion center housing shopping, food and arts. It enjoyed a high fame as a Bar Street. It has become the important representative of Beijing nightlife. As the first opened in Beijing as nightlife community, it leads bar culture and fashion essence of Beijing. It is said that more than 60 percent bars of Beijing gathered here, you could imagine how it is prosperous at night. Because of the best location adjacent to the embassies and other foreign offices, it is always attracted the foreigners. Under the dazzling neon and soft summer wind blowing, sitting in the delicate bars, chatting with your friends, speaking out your inner heart, you would feel this moment is the most happiest and exciting! In addition to the bars, there are many tea houses offered the cozy environment for the tea fans. With considerate service and dazzling decoration, each store could give you opportunity to conduct yourself.

Leisurely Shopping and Food in Sanlitun
By your enthusiasm, you could have a leisurely shopping in the south area of this street. Wandering in the bright summer night, you would find the shopping here is very different and very enjoyable. Especially the arranging layout, they have no fixed route. This time, you would find your summer tour is more adventurous. Ranking along world famous brands and famous stores, you would be completely amazed by the shopping area. If you are the fans of Beijing cuisine, here is also an ideal place to enjoy. There are many restaurants with different cuisines ranging from innovative Chinese to American and from traditional Vietnamese to authentic Spanish Tapas. Any of them could satisfy your stomach desire.

Do not waste your summer night time again. Colorful nightlife only needs your special attention!

Tips for Dig Deeper into Beijing

Never been to Beijing before? No worries! Here are some million-dollar worth tips from insiders for you to dig deeper into the profound history, diverse culture of Beijing!

In-depth Beijing Tour

Seek Art in Other Venues besides Museums
The large collection of museums and galleries aside, you can also soak up some art experiences without going out, the Opposite House Hotel in the Sanlitun area of Beijing offers guests some well elected exhibits. The permanent art collection is second to none even compared with those upscale museums. There is also a fantastic rotating exhibition venue set in the lobby, which offers a series of installations, hardly seen in any of the galleries. The Red Gate Gallery in Beijing offers open studio exhibitions. You can pay a visit to see up-close how resident international artists create art.

Have a Backstreet Breakfast
If you want to taste the authentic Beijing flavor on business trips or on vacation in Beijing, you really should head to the backstreets near your hotel for an early breakfast. There are dumplings or noodles available and you can see the area come alive while you enjoy your food – it will an essential dining experience! The street food is second to none compared with the set meals offered by the hotel.

Trespass with Confidence
While traveling in Beijing, some foreign travelers think of some Hutong area as private property, so they would rather go around than to stray into lanes and hutongs for fear of intruding. But here in Beijing, the Chinese see things in different way. You really should not be worried about trespass, if you do not step into a house without the permission of the owner. All of the Hutong areas are not private property and feel free and confident to wander through but do not get lost. Traversing through narrow lanes and alleys you will witness some of the most bustling scenes in this sprawling city of Beijing.

Save more Money with Accommodation
Chinese hotels do not care much about if the number of beds is in line with the number of people, especially if you are traveling with kids. For travelers with kids, you really can save more money on the trips with a lot of cash saved from the accommodation in the hotel. For example, you can book a twin room rather than two rooms if you are a family of four. Rest assured that you still can enjoy a cozy accommodation, as the beds are very large and can suit two people.

Overall, with these tips in mind, you can enjoy a fun trip to Beijing!

Why Peking Opera Show List as Traditional Art Culture

For tourists in Beijing, apart from appreciating the world wonders – Great Wall and the representative attractions like Forbidden City, Peking Opera Show also lure a large crowd. Why called it Beijing traditional art? Why appreciate Beijing culture from it?

Peking Opera

Prosperous History of Peking Opera
For local Beijing people, they always regarded the Peking Opera Show as the treasure of Beijing. It is said that it will be regret without sparing enough time to enjoy Peking Opera during Beijing tour. First, it has incomparable history about over 160 years. It created many fists in Chinese dramas including the abundance of repertoires, the number of artists, opera troupes and spectators. It is rented as the quintessence of China. When relating to its history, it would be tracing back to its origin. Earlier in the forming period, it developed from absorbing many other dramatic forms. However, most of them are from the local drama Huiban which is very popular in the south China area. At that time, it has housed certain performing style, soft music, lifelike performance, literature, aria and face-painting. From that time, it experienced developing and standard.

Specific Roles in Beijing Opera Performance
There will be no performance specified and colorful as Peking Opera. It is divided into three main roles and each of them has certain performing style and features. The role of Sheng referred to a common name of male character which is containing the Laosheng and Xiaosheng. However, the performers playing as the roles are not must be the male. Female is also available. Laosheng referred to the middle-aged man with a beard who is always acting as the decency figure. Dan referred to the general name for female. It housed the Zhengdan, Huadan, Laodan and Wudan. The most familiar Qingyi is just referring to the Zhengdan. In the performance, she always plays the part of the strong-minded middle-aged woman. Last main role will be the Jing. It pointed to the male characters with unique appearance.

Typical Facial Painting
In the Peking Opera Show, Lianpu is common style for calling their appearance. Different roles have certain facial-painting. Colors of Lianpu are varied with each representing a characteristic. Each of them is connecting closely.

After these elements, it is no doubt that Peking Opera is called as the treasure of Beijing traditional art!

How to Realize a Truly Modern City Tour

After sets of Beijing traditional appreciation, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven, etc, most of the tourists housed curiosities to Beijing modern appearance. It is very hard to research the modern tastes from the appearance. How to realize a truly modern Beijing tour? Now, I would like to lead you to walk closer to them.

Modern 798 Art Zone
798 Art Zone

Located I the northeast corner of this city, 798 Art Zone is the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art with the coverage area of about 0.6 square kilometers. At the same time, it is also regarded as the world famous and creative industries centralized area. For the tourists who are very interested in the modern tastes, especially the art and culture, 798 Art District will be a terrific place. Now, it has attracted a great deal of attention from the media of all over the world. Wandering here, various strange and interesting figure models will appear to you, galleries, design studios and art exhibition spaces, etc.

Modern National Stadium
Bird's Nest

In order to greet the colorful 2008 Olympic Games, the modern National Stadium was built. Famous Birds Nest and dazzling Water Cube these two centers become the modern mark of Beijing city. Each designing corner, building idea and appearance all exhibited the new hope and new dream. Covering a large scale area, Birds Nest is like a nest representing the hope and dream of each people. With the advanced architecture and building materials, it has become a must-enjoy place during the modern tour. Water cube conducted as the main stadium of swimming in the Olympic Games now has regarded as the large scale water-entertaining center. Advanced facilities established inside added more colors to this section.

CCTV Tower
CCTV Tower

Located in the west third ring, CCTV Tower covered a large scale of 12,143 square meters with many rehearsal halls are built below. As the representative of Beijing modern times, this tower is just like a dazzling star decorating Beijing. Most attractive will be the Revolving Restaurant located on the eighteenth floor which could admit 250 people. Ranging from Chinese and western style buffets, this restaurant would take 80 minutes to make a full rotation. When enjoying the delicious cuisine, tourists could enjoy the colorful sightseeing. Especially during the night, under the neon, everything showed unique gorgeous and attractive!

Under these three large modern buildings, modern Beijing tour will be enough!

Useful Tips for Tiananmen Square Visiting

To be regarded as the representative of Beijing, Tiananmen Square has marked tourists with distinctive characters and the surrounded scenic spots. Coming here, tourists always hold exciting feeling but poor visiting. Now, let us have a look what you do not care?

Neglecting the Buildings Surrounded
Tiananmen Square

What kind of scenic spots are there in and around Tiananmen Square? How long time they would spent on the scenic spots? These two questions are not familiar with the tourist coming to this serious holy land. They just pass by and entered into the Forbidden City. What they have neglected is not so much. For this large square, tourists could spend about twenty minutes to half an hour for a simple visit. The elegant Monument to the People Heroes is just located in the center. Here, you could have a closer to the words on it. The great Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao is just located in the south of this monument. If you want to have a closer to appreciate this place, it will take you much time, because you need queue up first and go into this hall to pay honor. Great Hall of the People is just located in the west side of this square. Apart from these, the National Museum of China is also located nearside.

Not Get the Detail Information of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall
Tiananmen Square

For the tourists, they always want to have a look at the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. However, they did not get much information leading to fail. One important point is that it is closed in Monday and opened from Tuesday to Sunday. Tourists are allowed to enter from 8:00am to 12:00. In addition to this, every day, there will be a large numbers gathering here for appreciating. Tourists should queue for a long time. The ideal idea is that you explored here in the early morning. Doing this, you could not only appreciate the Flag-raising Ceremony but also pay respect to the Chair Mao, saving time. But before your entering, you should pay attention on your clothes and dress. Because pray is a very serious action, everyone should need wear neat, delicate clothes and take off the hat to pay respect. Vets and slippers will be more restricted.

Tiananmen Square is also a very interesting place housing many treasures. It only depends on your special attention!

Sampling Best Food for Summer in Beijing

Are you ready for an ultimate food adventure while visiting Beijing during summer days? Here is some of the best food for summer to beat the heat or challenge your tasting buds:

Must-try Gourmet Food for Summer
Food in Beijing

Kulfi: Hailed as one of the most sought-after summer food for foodies in Beijing, the icy, creamy dessert is really out of the world and well worth digging in during summer days. The Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream which will melt slowly in the heat of the summer days. The Chinese version of kulfi tends to be creamier and denser than its Indian counterparts – it has many flavors such as rose and mango. It will be served to you in little clay pots to make it much tastier and yummier. Another highlight food is called the Korean fried chicken - a popular food in South Korea which now enjoys a tremendous popularity around the world. Korean fried chicken is hailed as one of the best crunchy finger food for hot summer among the Chinese foodies. The fried chicken tastes very crispy, with thin skin featuring some gooey fat underneath, as well as a strong spicy flavor and delicious tender texture. The fried chicken is best enjoyed together with cold beer or soju and a side of pickles.

Best Desert-like Food to Beat the Heat
Food in Beijing

For starters, the first summer food is called the Halo-halo, which is kind of like an ice cream, but it is actually a food. The Filipino dessert features a jumble of sweet and colorful ingredients mixed together and offers different flavors. Halo-halo can be quite a challenge for the intrepid eater as there are so many weird ingredients which can be mixed together. It can mix anything from sweetened beans and chickpeas to preserved fruit and ice cream flavored with mango, taro, coconut or other summery fruit. It will be your best summer food to beat the heat. Another worth trying desert is the milk-shake-like food, known as cotton ice in Chinese. The food was invented in Taiwan and has become popular across East Asia in the last few years. Instead of plain crushed ice, this food is mixed with frozen condensed milk made out of a shaving machine to put thin ice sheets of white milk on top of the food.

Overall, there are plenty more gourmet summer food worth sampling while visiting Beijing during summer days!

How to Pick Accommodation in Beijing

While traveling around the sprawling city of Beijing is fun, the choice of accommodation is very important if you want your trip to Beijing more fun and pleasant. Here are some useful tips for you concerning how to pick the best accommodation in Beijing. First of all, pick a downtown hotel depending on your budget - though located downtown, the star hotels range from luxury to budget. In this way, you will save more time for your trips while getting around the city! Secondly, if you are only interested in Beijing Hutong, you better pick a lovely inn for your accommodation - there are plenty of courtyard inns available in the city, very cozy and cheaper. Last but not the least, you should book the hotel in advance, especially during Chinese holidays!

Scale through Cityscapes of Beijing

There are two sides to everything and of course, the city of Beijing is no exception at all. Beijing has a rich history and diverse culture and in the mean time, it also runs on a fast track as economy of China is blooming. So with a visit to Beijing, you will get a chance to see both the ancient and modern sides of it! Here are two destinations highly recommended:

Lovely and Confusing Beijing Hutong

Hutongs in Beijing have thousands years of history, mainly formed in the Yuan Dynasty, inherited by the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Most of Hutong go from east to west, nine meters wide in general and the buildings on both sides of Beijing Hutong are mostly courtyard. The courtyard is uniformly designed with four houses, symmetrically enclosed together in one courtyard. With the courtyards next to each other all over the city, the passages between them form the famous Beijing Hutong. These alleyways may look similar, but its inherent characteristics are different. Hutong now is not only hailed as the pulse of the city, but also the very home of the ordinary people. The people of Beijing have a special attachment to the alley, they usually liken Beijing Hutong as a folk custom museum, featuring a lively social life. The alleys in general distance are very near, so it is not plagued by the noise of the heavy traffic. Hutong played an effective role in the neighborhood harmony.

Cutting-edge 798 Art Zone
798 Art Zone

At the mention of the most trendy destination in Beijing, the 798 Art Zone is a must-visit! Used to be a concentration area of military factories, after artists and cultural institutions moved in, this area was turned into a polymerization of Gallery, Art Center, artist studios, design companies, restaurants and bars and other various art space. 798 Art Zone now has been hailed as the SOHO Art Village featuring LOFT lifestyle, attracting considerable attention from all over the world. Through contemporary art, architecture, cultural and historical context and environment of organic combination, 798 has evolved into a cultural concept, with a strong appeal to all kinds of people. The 798 features a unique building style, very concise and simple. Cast-in-place framework huge and bright skylight is rare among other areas.

Overall, Beijing has plenty more to explore!

Top Universities of Beijing

After the long journey Great Wall climbing and charming sceneries appreciating, calm down to have a deep breath to the universities of Beijing, feeling the deep culture of education will be another exciting thing.

Peking University: Located adjacent to famous Summer Palace and Old Summer Palace, Peking University housed profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. Covering a large scale area, this university has got great achievements in knowledge developing, talent scouting, teachers recruiting and science researching.

Tsinghua University: Being found in the year of 1911, Tsinghua University is a multidisciplinary University, paying much attention on engineering and technical personnel training for the country. It has got another high fame, the cradle of engineer.

Renmin University of China: Established in 1937, Renmin University was built as an important teaching and research base in the areas of humanities, social sciences and management science of China. The charming environment will provide a cozy study condition to the students from all over the world.

How to Tailor a Wonderful Beijing Tour

Every year, every season and every day, Beijing will be full of millions of tourists discovering the highlights. As the capital city, Beijing is rich for the ancient treasures, modern constructions and natural sceneries. Any of them will enough make your tour wonderful. However, how to hold your Beijing tour? How to tailor a wonderful Beijing holiday? Now, let us have a detail explain.

Start From the Center to Suburb Area
Great Wall in Beijing

For the fresh Beijing visitors, Great Wall buildings will be a must enjoy lace for them, especially for the tourists from the foreign countries. One point we need to remember is that the closing time of the scenic spot. If you start your journey from the suburb area, then the center spots will be delayed. So, at this time, to be a smart traveler! It is an ideal idea start to explore from the center spots, such as Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. In the afternoon, after lunch, it will be appropriate to hike the Great Wall buildings. Like this traveling, on one hand you could save time and money, on the other hand, you could take full advantage of your holidays.

Ideal Season, Ideal Destinations, Ideal Objects 
Beijing Happy Valley

Arrange your destination according to the season and objects will be fun! For example, if you are very interested in the parks and charming sceneries, sprout spring season will be an ideal time. During this period, this park will reach the fully blossom, gorgeous and fragrant! If you take your children exploring holidays, the ideal place will be the exciting park equipped with the lovely animals and interesting activities. Among all the destinations, Beijing Zoo and Beijing Happy Valley will be terrific for the family tour. Lovely pandas will be the treasures in the children. Exciting activity facilities will make the children reach the utmost happy during their childhood. For the young couples, it is certainly having a romantic destination such as the Blues Manor.

Meaningful Visa Free Tour
Most of the tourists felt regret for without chance coming to Beijing having a terrific enjoyment when pass China from the first country to the second country! Do not forget, there is a terrific policy that tourists have right stay in the second country for 72 hours without visa. So, inspire your interests, booking an advanced visa free tour, you will be lucky have a superb holiday during busyness! 

After these points, I believe your terrific holiday is just around the corner!

Treasure Tips for Shopping in Beijing

After a long journey visiting and appreciating, it is time to conduct terrific shopping. Shopping in Beijing stored many ideas and treasure points. Learn to be a smart purchaser will be the most efficient. Today, I would like to give you some suggestions about shopping in Beijing.

Panjiayuan Flea Market
Panjiayuan Flea Market

For the tourists coming to any scenic spot of Beijing, loads of souvenirs and treasures will be displayed in the scenic spots. Especially for the hikers, Beijing Great Wall sections are always full of vendors for selling various souvenirs. I want to say for the fans who are very interested in the souvenirs and ancient arts, Beijing Panjiayuan Flea Market will be an ideal place. Here, you could not only appreciate the Porcelains and other craftworks, but also Jewels and Jades, as well as ancient Propaganda pictures. It is just like an art world where stored whatever you like and are interested.

However, during the purchasing process, to be a smart purchaser! First, bargaining is a very important process for all the tourists coming here. For the high price, you have right to bargain. Second, bring a magnifying glass so that you could have a careful look at the goods and curios. Third, the sellers will be also important elements. Selling the high quality goods, middle quality and lowers quality, you should select the seller carefully and compare the goods and the price. It is not need to believe the story about the goods told be the sellers. It is possible to be made up for attracting your purchase. So, here will be a examine place inspire your interests.

Xidan Commercial Street
Xidan Commercial Street

If you are very interested in the clothes and fashionable elements, Xidan Commercial Streets will be an ideal place. A series of markets, plazas and buildings will the main colors painting this area. It is a wonderful land for the young tourists. Covering entertaining, clothes, entertainment facilities and restaurants, Xidan has attracted loads of tourists with fresh and fashionable appearance. Shopping here is exciting, because there are many fashionable brands displayed here. All the famous brands all over the world will attract loads of tourists who are interested in shopping. Prices ranging from different clothes and different brands will satisfy your desire of consuming. Especially during the festivals, discount goods would be the most popular scenic spots in the tourists.

Under these tips, shopping in Beijing will not be a question for the fresh visitors!

How to Hold Great Wall Spring Tour for First Timers

Beijing Great Wall groups are the eternal mystery for the tourists coming here for appreciating, especially the first timers. Housed profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Beijing Great Wall has become a must spot for discovering and explore. Weather is becoming warm and dazzling, how to hold Great Wall tour will be the hot topic for every visitor.

Beijing Great Wall

Charming Great Wall Sections during Spring
Spring is a blossoming season when all the plants and creatures will reach the utmost beauty and fresh appearance. Located in Beijing suburb areas, Beijing Great Wall sections will also start to change their face greeting a new season. As the most famous Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall will be covered by a large scale green area, fresh grasses, dazzling flowers and luxuriant trees, etc. The nearby Badaling Wildlife Park will be full of lovely animals, running and singing. The alive atmosphere adds more colors to this section. Get away from the bustle city life, getting a fully relaxed here, you would enjoy the real tranquility here. Mutianyu Great Wall will be the most charming section with less crowded. Here, you could have a wonderful hiking journey along this best preserved section. Being far away from Beijing city center, Jinshanling Great Wall will attract more and more tourists with unique appearance and locations. In the west section, you could enjoy the most charming sunset scenery. During the night, you could enjoy a nice camp and the happy bonfire.

Tips for Exploring Beijing Great Wall Sections
If you want to have a terrific spring holiday exploring Great Wall sections, some tips you should hold. Getting away from Chinese festival and the weekends will be the first must, because during this period, each section will be full of tourists. It will make your hiking journey boring and more tired. Second, you should check the weather report in advance, because the spring weather varied constantly. Rainy and shower condition will happen at any time. If you want to explore very much, doing enough preparation will be a smart idea, taking umbrellas and food, etc. Third, you should book the hotel in advance. During the tourism season, all the hotels will become very busy.

In order to make your Great Wall tour more different and charming, join us! Terrific and charming spring moment will start from here!

Why Consider Launching your China Travel in Beijing

China is one of the most worthwhile countries to explore on the planet, with diverse culture, amazing historical sites and one-of-a-kind natural beauty all over the land. However, to pick the perfect spot to launch your travel in China is very important, and Beijing definitely tops the list for launching China travel. Here are some reasons for you:

One-of-a-kind tour-friendly city
Beijing Travel

As the capital city of China, Beijing not only enjoys an advantageous location in China but also has a well-developed transport system including many international airline routes, ensuring you will get to anywhere you want in China and it costs way less than you could imagine. In addition, Beijing is home to a large number of international tour agencies and travel companies available for you if you want to save more trouble and enjoy a pleasant trip to China. They offer well selected tour itineraries which will take you to see your favorite tourist sites or have your itinerary tailored according to your own interest and preference. Most importantly, there are a large number of accommodation options available in Beijing, including international chain hotels, star hotels as well as courtyard accommodations – all will give you a pleasant stay in Beijing! Lastly, Beijing is the safest city in the world, making it perfect to launch your travel plan in China!

One-of-a-kind treasure trove
Forbidden City

All things considered, Beijing itself is worth a place on the travel list of your China travel, hailed as a treasure trove of China, with a wide variety of historical sites, relics, natural beauties as well as lovely folk customs and diverse culture all over the city! Beijing is home to a couple of signature tourist sites which enjoy a far and wide reputation in the world, like the Great Wall and Forbidden City and many more! For those history buffs, there is truly no other place in China which can take you to get a full-on fill of Chinese history. As an international metropolis in the world, Beijing is very open-minded and hospital to its visitors. Anyway, Beijing definitely will give you a first taste of what China looks like and it will be an essential Chinese experience while touring around the historical city yourself!

To sum it up, you just cannot find another place more suitable for you to launch your China travel!

Dare to Challenge Your Survival Skills in Beijing

While traveling with kids is a big challenge for lots of travelers, the choice of destinations and other stuff can be quite a headache. However, with summer around the corner, to spend some quality time with kids with a visit to the Survival Island would be an excellent choice!

Survival Island

The survival island is a new concept of tourism combining lots of features including natural landscape, social skills and military training, located in Huairou County, Beijing City. The base is getting more and more popular among the travelers with kids. The base features a lovely and beautiful rural landscape, a well selected and sophisticated supporting facilities, in the most intensive Huairou Hongluo Mountain Tourism Development Zone. Survival island offers visitors new thinking and new perspective into the interpretation of the creativity, sports, aesthetic, vacations, training for the travelers. Survival island offers survival training, new concept tours, leisure group tours, students self-help training, cadres leisure vacation, real CS class and many more.

Survival Island

The survival of the island is divided into six regions: the process area, farming area, military training area, mountain camp, survival training, catering accommodation area. Workshop offers casting, tie dye, wood, paper, textile, silk screen printing, gypsum, clay, wax casting. Agricultural District provides cake-making, ice cream making, the traditional stone tofu, making specimen, rope art, flower arranging, soilless culture. Sports Area offers archery, axe, motor vehicle driving, climbing. The mountain camp has a total length of 1500 meters, offers a series of barrier facilities, including: BBK, Huang Qiao, wire walking, crawling, the highest point is the tower, standing above you can see the whole picture of survival island, Terminal Island mark with a stimulus of pine forest flying down the project, slide 300 meters, the vertical distance of 20 meters, the speed of ten meters per second by the peak flying to the foot of the mountain, the experience of modern flying feeling. Extension survival training include: back wrestling, grid, four rope bridge, cliffs, grasp the bar, air, bypass, empty mind polymerization matrix, collective sabot, air bridge, swamp, air force cross the bridge, Burma bridge ladder, and so on. Catering accommodation area has: courtyard, Sun Shine Apartments (A, B, C, D), Family Apartment (family of four type), Yu Zhe Building (star hotel), restaurants (fast food stalls) and BBQ area (barbecue).

You will have lots of fun with your kids while exploring the resort and it will be an essential experience for both of you!

Why Peking Opera is Worth Seeing while Visiting Beijing

Love it or not, as a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of Beijing, Peking Opera show is worth seeing while visiting Beijing. To enjoy a night out with a Peking opera show will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience for every traveler. Here are some reasons why the Peking Opera is worth putting on your bucket list while planning on a trip to Beijing.

Profound History of Peking Opera
Peking Opera

The art of Peking Opera, also called Beijing Opera, can be dated back to as early as the late 18th century, when it was one of the most popular art forms and recreation for the royal court of the Qing Dynasty. Peking Opera involves four forms of expression which can be seen during a performance: singing, dancing, martial arts and the spoken word. There are dozens of iconic roles played by the performers in a single performance, and for the Chinese audience they can easily tell between the different roles — the villain, the comedian, etc — merely through the color and style of their face paints aka the facial masks.

Where to See Such an Amazing Show in Beijing
Peking Opera

There are dozens of performing venues available in Beijing where you can drop by for an opera show or other shows, but if those foreigner-friendly theaters are highly recommended where some certain English subtitles are available. The Liyuan Theater, located inside the Qianmen Jianguo Hotel, is no doubt the most sought-after theater for an ultimate Peking Opera show, where English subtitles will be included in the 90- to 120-minute performance. While the Liyuan Theater may seem a little old-timer, so if you want to find a theater more modern, then the Changan Grand Theater is a good bet, where the English subtitles are also available to give you a clue of what is going on onstage. If you only got a limited time in Beijing and you just do not want to miss out on both Peking Opera and Chinese acrobatics show while you are in Beijing, you can have a chance to see them both at the Chaoyang Theater.

It is not difficult to find these theaters as they are all located downtown, but if you want to combine your opera experience with an authentic Peking duck dinner an organized tour is highly recommended. In this way, with both pickup and drop-off at your hotel you will enjoy a worry-free evening.

Firsthand Tips for In-depth Experience in Beijing

Beijing is an amazing city worth exploring with a few days or spending a vacation. However, for those first time visitors to Beijing, there are some useful tips which can help you to better explore the city!

Visit Beijing

Tip 1 – Learn about the visa-free policy
If you visit Beijing for only a short time, then you can opt for the visa-free tours. With the visa-free policy coming out, visitors to Beijing now can save more time to explore the city on their trips to the tourist sites. With this tourist-friendly policy, you can enjoy a more pleasant and convenient journey in the city while exploring the historical and cultural sights. It is highly recommended to learn more about the visa-free policy before you go on this trip to Beijing – you can find more info on the internet or read some travel magazines about China travel.

Visit Beijing

Tip 2 – Rent a car for exploring the remote tourist sites
For those enthusiastic travelers, they sure would want to enjoy adventurous trips to the off the beaten path Great Wall or other far-away tourist sites outside the city, so to rent a car before traveling to those areas is highly recommended! In this way, you can save more time and avoid competing with the crowds and get a chance to explore the tourist sites at your own leisurely pace. With a rental car, everything can be arranged depending on your personal interest, including the more time-flexible itinerary, well selected sights as well as pleasant journey.

Tip 3 – Safety should be the top priority
While traveling around the city and exploring the adventurous trips, you just would not want something bad happen to you, which might ruin your journey, so you should always put safety on top list of your priority before you go on an adventurous trip or navigate around the city. Beijing is hailed as one of the most secure cities on the planet to travelers, but it is not without its risks if you are careless while enjoying your trips in there! The loss of money is no big deal, but your personal health cannot be ignored or neglected while enjoying your travel in Beijing!

With these above-said tips in mind, you will enjoy a pleasant and safe trip to Beijing and have a lot of fun and good memories!

Bird-viewing in Beijing

Wondering where to go to see wild ducks up-close in Beijing, whether you are a bird lover or not? The Wild Duck Lake Scenic Area is a good bet for a feast of wild birds.

Overview of Wild Duck Lake
Wild Duck Lake

Wild duck lake wetland area is big, in the North China region for the first time, only the swamp of more than 5 acres of rich vegetation, tidal flat aspect, here has become the ideal winter birds moving transit habitat, according to observations here are one or two national protected birds, the golden eagles, crane, swan and other 16 orders, 42 families and 150 species. At present, there have been built to accommodate 300 people at the same time, monomer villa, accommodation, catering, leisure study, vacation, entertainment in one of the farm courtyard and have a style of one's own. Come here to study leisure scholars, tourists not only here can experience live farmhouse courtyard, eat farmhouse meal of fun, but at six or seven in the morning to observe, listen to the birds wetland humming and singing, but also gives people a feeling of being surrounded by nature. At the same time, the best place of teaching base here is large and medium-sized the natural biological primary school teaching ideal and national studies of rare, typical, rare birds.

Features of Wild Duck Lake
Wild Duck Lake

Early spring, a hundred flowers are contending in beauty, trees are green, full of vigour, Spring is in the air; in summer lotus stand gracefully erect, reed green dripping, and blue water is mixed with green; in autumn, golden yellow chrysanthemum, pale purple, white reed tripolium vulgare spike and brown cattail ear swaying in the sunset, imitating the Buddha Lake fairyland; midwinter, reed catkins drift, Dy Hua Arthur Arthur, like snow, definitely one of a kind scenery. Every winter and spring seasons, swans leisurely in the water around, crane head high pitched chirping, Great Bustard in serene feeding, the hawk soared into the sky, geese and ducks flied, constitute a harmonious and beautiful picture. To the summer season, herons and cranes cluster at the edge, foraging wild duck in the reed marshes, travel, gulls flying in the air, forming another sight. Bird has become one of the most popular tourist activities at present.

All in all, a visit to Wild Duck Lake is worth your time when you are traveling in Beijing if the outdoor hiking and bird-viewing is your thing!

Top Three Tips for Beijing Historical Sites Visit

More and more tourists start to explore Beijing historical buildings as their main goal in Beijing, China. As we all know, Beijing is a metropolis capital city covering profound history, rich historical buildings and deep cultural connotation. However, how to make your historical building tour more terrific and wonderful? What tips should you grasp? Now, let me have a smart explanation.

Getting the Basic Information about Beijing Historical Buildings
Forbidden City

Before exploring the Beijing historical buildings, you should get the basic information about them including the location, background. First, you should check out the detail location about them. As a large scale city, the routes how to get the destination is very important. With the development of Beijing is faster and faster, many routes have been created. For the Great Wall buildings, they are all located far away from Beijing center. You should spend much time finding. After getting the detail rotes, saving money and time will be smart! Second is you should grasp the background about them. Historical buildings express their values and meanings with their glorious background. Getting know the history to appreciate the elegant buildings, you would find tour is more terrific!

Having Enough Preparation will be Ideal
Badaling Great Wall

During the exploring holidays, different spot, you should have different preparations. During the appreciating period, water will be a must. Doing preparations in advance will be a smarter idea, because the food and water sold in the spot will be more expensive than your local stores. If you explore Beijing Great Wall buildings, the loosen clothes and shoes would be a must. For the long and tired journey, a lot of physical strength will be spent. However, cash you took should not be too much. For the strange atmosphere, it will be very easy to occur to the loosing case.

Choosing a Nice Weather is very important for Trip
Before starting your holiday tour, choosing a nice weather or ideal season will be smart. To be same, according to your interests and requirements, book your tour. For the Great Wall buildings, spring will be an ideal time, because during this period, all the plants will show their utmost blossoming appearance. All the historical gardens will become the most colorful fairy world housing tranquil environment and pearl water area, comfortable and cozy!

Under these tips, I believe your historical building tour will become more wonderful!

Interesting Details about Great Wall

The Great Wall is a masterpiece in the history of World Architecture, it is entrenched in the range upon range of mountains, winding in the desert, of great momentum, solidity, is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world.

China Great Wall

With reliable statistics, the construction of the Great Wall brick, if used in the construction of a thickness of 1 meters high, 5 meters long wall, the wall is enough to go around the earth; if used for paving width of 5 meters, 35 centimeters thick road, you can go around the earth for more than three weeks. But today the people in its vast stalwart and sigh, I do not know how many people can understand the bitterness behind. The construction of the Great Wall cost a lot of manpower and material resources, caused incalculable losses to the common people, more make me on the spot is, two thousand years before the construction of the Great Wall causes sound ridiculous. "The construction of the Great Wall because was all because of a lie.

China Great Wall

At the mention of the Great Wall, people first thought is the Qin Shihuang. Although Qin Shihuang is not the first builder in history of the construction of the Great Wall, nor the last, but in people's impression, the Great Wall and Qin Shihuang has puzzled, we cannot say that Qin Shihuang mentioned the Great Wall. Qin Shihuang is one who has a strong sense of crisis and anxiety about emperor. When ascended as the emperor, he was not intoxicated by ruling all the land of achievement, but has been care-laden. The Qin Empire was established in violence on the basis of the opposition, even a small outbreak, but never stopped. How to seek the Qin Empire's long period of stability, is his desire and his heart disease, this thing is not to bother him every hour and moment. Has been eager to rival Qin Shihuang finally found a target, his heart irritability and restlessness will quickly release. Lu Sheng a prevarication responsibility words sparked China an unprecedented strategic oscillation. Qin Shihuang immediately sent General Meng Tian led the three hundred thousand army north Xiongnu, Xiongnu from the Hetao to the north. Qin Shihuang is still not assured, to nip in the bud, and pay the high price, the expropriation of seven hundred thousand labour, for many years, Lintao (now Gansu Minxian) stop Liaodong, stretching thousands of miles of large-scale construction of the Great Wall.

Firsthand Tips to Better explore Beijing

Do you really want to have fun and enjoy an amazing sightseeing in Beijing? Then you really should put down the following tips before you go on the trip to Beijing. You can easily find a lot of fun things to see, do and experience in Beijing, but with these tips in mind, you will enjoy a pleasant trip to Beijing!

Tiananmen Square

Tip 1 – opt for a private tour rather than a group tour.
In doing so, you can explore your favorite tourist sites at your own will, with time schedule flexible, itinerary well organized and so on. Moreover, you will have the fantastic tour guide all to yourself, ensuring you will get a whole lot more than you expect on this trip to Beijing. Another upside of opting for a private tour would be you do not have to follow the tight itinerary, so you can explore the sights as long as you want, all depending on your personal interest.

Tip 2 – rent a car if you want to visit the Great Wall.
During your visit to Beijing, chances are you will be heading to the Great Wall, but the closest section of the Great Wall, namely Badaling Great Wall is always packed with crowds, so with a rental car, you can go further to the other amazing sections of the Great Wall like Jinshanling and Mustianyu sections and the like. With a rental car available, you can save more time to enjoy sightseeing and hiking on the wall without waiting for other travelers or nudging your way through crowds on the wall. Trust me it will be worth your money and time!

Tip 3 – better avoid visiting the tourist sites during Chinese holidays.
As we all know China is a populous nation, with most of the tourist sites always packed with Chinese crowds, especially during Chinese holidays. Aside from the Chinese holidays, the weekends are also not recommended to visit those tourist sites.

Tip 4 – get as much info about the tourist sites as possible before your visit.
You can google some detailed info about your favorite tourist sites online. In doing so, you will enjoy a smooth and pleasant journey navigating the sites on your own and better understand the value of the tourist site as well.

Keep these useful tips in mind, you will enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Beijing!

Favorite Beijing Hutongs among Tourists

Hutong can be said as a place where visitors could personally see the old buildings and traditional lifestyle of Beijing local people. Visit some famous Hutong areas absolutely will bring you back to the old times of Beijing.
Yandaixiejie: Dated back to Ming Dynasty when many tobacco stores opened at that time. Today, you still can many stores selling tobacco pouches, antiques and souvenirs as well cafes and bars with different styles on the street.
Nanluoguxiang: One of best preserved Hutong areas in downtown Beijing, filled with plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, souvenirs shop and designed in classical Chinese Hutong style.
Imperial College Street: Along the street, visitors will find some historical places such as Imperial College, Lama Temple and Confucius Temple. Besides enjoy Hutongs environment, visitors also could visit those remarkable sites.

Get Taxis in Beijing

Getting around in Beijing by taxi is not difficult. Assume your driver will not speak English so prepared it in advance. Keep the name of your hotel written down in Chinese characters, so driver can find it easily. Then make sure the taxis are metered and the driver starts the meter. You can ask for a receipt which will have the number of the taxi printed on it. Have this handy in case of complaint. Most drivers can't understand English, so write down your destination in Chinese beforehand.

Tipping during Beijing tour

You don't need to tip in restaurants or in taxis, many drivers insist on handing over your change, however small. However for your tour guide or driver in Beijing tour, they will like if you give them some tips. For appreciate their service for the whole day, tips for tour guide about 80RMB~100RMB per day; and the driver: 60RMB~80RMB per day.

Celebration of Lantern Festival in Beijing

Chinese Lantern Festival is celebrated on the first Full Moon of the Lunar Year. Lantern Festival marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations, on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year. This year (2014) will be on February 14 (same date with Valentine Day), Chinese people will celebrate together the lantern festival in all country. For Chinese, this is a special day for them to celebrate both festivals in the same time.

Celebration of Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival

The 2014 Lantern Festival will welcome the Chinese zodiac Year of the Horse. This day or rather night will be lit with hundreds of colorful lanterns which will adorn the markets, store fronts, restaurants and hotels and just about anywhere you go. So for you who travel Beijing during that period, you will see beautiful view especially in some temples, malls, or other important sites in Beijing.

Traditionally, Chinese will decorate the light lanterns around the house and children carry the candle paper lantern on the street at night. It might the safety concern, not too many follow this custom today. Instead, many people will attend different activities of the Lantern Festival.

Moreover, fireworks will be up at the last day of Chinese New Year celebration, because after the Lantern Festival, fireworks are not allowed in the city. Traditionally, Beijingers like to set off fireworks and firecrackers on Chinese New Year's eve and the Lantern Festival to celebrate the holiday season.

Other beside lantern decoration that can be seen all over city, Chinese people will also celebrate Lantern Festival by enjoying tangyuan or yuanxiao. Just like China's other traditional holidays, the Lantern Festival also has its own signature dish, called "Yuan Xiao", or sweet dumpling. Although the sweet dumplings vary in name and recipe across the country, they are always coated with glutinous rice flour.

The Sky Lantern

During the night of lantern festival, some people also will fly the sky lantern by writing their wishes on the paper lantern and pray their wishes come true. Release sky lanterns as a form of prayer for good luck and blessing. And they believe that the lantern will fly to heaven, God will receive their message and hear their wishes. While in the day visitors could see some performances such as a dragon lantern dance, a lion dance, etc then in the night people can enjoy fireworks and sky lantern in a bright sky.

Happy New Year 2014 from China!

Celebrations are taking place around the world to mark the start of 2014. It is now the time for everyone says goodbye to 2013 and celebrates the beginning of 2014. Lots of massive celebrations greet 2014 New Year attracts thousands of people watch New Year's Eve fireworks in their own cities important district. It is the time for people welcomes a new year and new spirit of life.

New Year has arrived in China, celebrate with celebrations of fireworks and light shows across the country. China saw in the New Year with light shows at two spectacular and historic locations including part of the Great Wall near Beijing and at the Bund waterfront in Shanghai.

Beijing New Year Countdown at Badaling Great Wall

As the capital city of China, what is Beijing offer? At the Badaling section of Great Wall in northern Beijing, thousands of people gathered for a massive New Year's Eve celebration. As one of the World Heritage Site in China, Badaling section of the Great Wall was lit up with lights and lasers to form a giant dragon greet New Year 2014.

With the theme of "Flying Your Dream and Blessing the World", the New Year countdown provided tourists and locals with light shows and various traditional Chinese performances. The activity was also broadcast live on television, showing the world an attractive and cosmopolitan Beijing.

People dressed in traditional costumes play drums during a performance to celebrate the New Year at the Great wall in Beijing on December 31, 2013. Chinese and foreign visitors watched various performances, danced to music and enjoyed a light show on the Great Wall.

In Shanghai, a light show and fireworks display have attracted 200 thousand people to the Bund waterfront. During the 10-minute light show, there were images of China's pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, Disney Land, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Colloseum in Rome taking viewers on a journey to landmarks around the world.

Climate and Clothing

Weather in Beijing, as in most of China, operates on a monsoon climate. Beijing weather during the winter (November to February) brings with it a cold, dry climate with occasional snowfall. During winter, tourists should wear long overcoat, dress in layers, scarf, hat, and gloves which are very helpful. During summer, from June till August, Beijing becomes hot, humid and wet, so lightweight slacks, shorts, and short-sleeve shirts are great options.

Other way, autumn is the best time for travel Beijing, since it offers plenty of sunshine and more comfortable level of heat. In autumn, jeans and a sweater are usually enough. Spring in Beijing almost the same with autumn weather. Throughout the season the city get warmer, receives a great level of sunshine.

Top Sections Wild Great Wall for Hiking

Jinshanling Great Wall: Jinshanling Great Wall known for its original features of Ming Dynasty Great Wall is regarded as one of the famous Wild Great Wall. It is one of the favorite hiking sections among foreign hikers. Admission: RMB 65 (March 16-Nov.15), RMB55 (Nov 15-March 15).
Simatai Great Wall: Known for its steepness, ruggedness and outstanding beauty. The walls and watchtowers of the Simatai section of the Great Wall exhibit a unique design along with varied architectural styles.
Jiankou Great Wall: Known as the most dangerous and ruined section of the Great Wall around Beijing. For visitors who want to experience wild and unrestored Great Wall then Jiankou Great Wall is an ideal section.

Tasting Authentic Peking Duck in Beijing

Beijing Duck is the city's most famous dish and one of the most popular foods in China. It has also received worldwide recognition for its tempting shining color, crispy skin and tender meat. While strolling down the streets of Beijing, you will find many Peking roast duck restaurants. But here, we give you some recommendation restaurants specialized with its Roast Peking Duck.
1. Quanjude Restaurant
Quanjude Qianmen Restaurant (Flagship Restaurant)        Telephone: +86-10-65112418
Quanjude Hepingmen Roast Duck Restaurant                      Telephone: +86-10-63023062
Quanjude Sanyuanqiao Roast Duck Restaurant                    Telephone: +86-10-84492760
2. Bianyifang Restaurant
Bianyifang Hademen Restaurant (Flagship Restaurant)      Telephone: +86-10-67112244
Bianyifang Roast Duck New World Center Branch                 Telephone: +86-10-67088680
3. Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant 
Da Dong Peking Duck Tuanjiehu Branch (Old Branch)         Telephone: +86-01-65822892/65824003
Da Dong Peking Duck Dong Sishitiao Branch                        Telephone: +86-10-51690329

Tips for Bargain in Beijing Markets

When buying items in markets or from street stalls, it is expected that you will haggle to get a good price. Vendors will often first suggest a price that is outrageously expensive in the hopes that you will pay without question.
First, you should find the item which you wants, asks the person how much its costs and think it first how much the item must worth before you bargain it. Never express the feeling that you are really wants the item so bad. If you are not getting the price that you want, show your dismay by saying thank you and walking away a little bit from the store.
Besides the trick walk away from the store, another trick is saying that your friends or family were already bought the same item at past, see their reactions.

Popular Night Shows in Beijing

Acrobatics Show: Performs at Tiandi Theater daily, audience will amazed by all the acrobatics performances till the end of the show. The performances will be performed such as, jumping through hoops, Hand feats, rope walking, etc.
Kungfu Show: Famous as the Legend of Kungfu, Kungfu show daily performs in Red Theater. The performers do not talk, all they do is all about kungfu skills, dance and acrobatics. The show has English story line shown above the stage to keep audiences informed.
Peking Opera Show: Foreigners favorite place is Liyuan Theater, Qianmen Hotel. Audiences sit atthe Chinese old-fashioned square table and enjoying Peking Opera. 

Best Places for Leisure

798 Art Zone: exhibition center of Chinese culture and art. Organize national and international exhibitions and communications of contemporary art.
Nanluoguxiang: an old street of Beijing where now houses plenty of characteristic shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, inns, around by Hutong with old Beijing residents. 
Worker's Stadium Bars: one of the popular nightlife spot in Beijing, boasts lots of cafes and bars with modern environment.
Shichahai: strolling around bar street in Shichahai, admire romantic atmosphere around perfect setting surroundings by lake.
Sanlitun: a modern bar street a fashion and leisure center in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Wangfujing: the largest and most famous pedestrian street in Beijing, popular for its snack night market.

Beijing Airport to Downtown by Express Train

The simplest way to get to downtown is via the Airport Express line. Beijing Airport Express Train Line is 28 kilometers in length, which links the Beijing Capital International Airport with the downtown of the city. The Airport Express trains stop at four stations including Dongzhimen (interchange with Line 2 and Line 13), Sanyuanqiao (interchange with Line 10), T2 and T3. It costs RMB 25 for single trip per person no matter you get off at any station.

What to Bring Along Train Travel in China

- Bring foods, snacks, etc if you want because mostly all of the things offers on train are expensive and not really good. Most long-distance trains have a restaurant car, with waiter service of drinks, snacks and meals.  The best trains on key routes such as Beijing-Shanghai have menus in both Chinese and English.
- Chinese trains generally have both western & squat toilets, but it's always a good idea to take your own supply of toilet paper. 
- Make your time on train fun. Bring some entertainment such as magazine, books, i-pod, etc. 

Must Visit Beijing Historical Sites

Great Wall:
One of the world's wonders and the world's largest military structure.
Forbidden City: Past imperial palace of Ming and Qing Dynasty of China.
Tiananmen Square: The largest public square, important historical place of China.
Summer Palace: The largest and most well-preserved Qing Dynasty royal park in China.
Temple of Heaven: The largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China.

Best Time to Visit Beijing

Spring and autumn are the best season for a visit to Beijing. Mostly foreigners also will visit Beijing in summer when Beijing climate are humid and hot. The winter time is not as bad as most people think, a good time to save money and avoiding tourist crowds. The high season for travelling Beijing is April, May, Sept and October. Please avoid Chinese national holidays for your travel plan to Beijing.