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My First Experience at Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs

My friends and I, we have studied Chinese in Beijing for about one year. For that long time, we have not been visit Great Wall once. And because of that, we arranged a plan to visit Great Wall last weekend. We got the reservation on the website. It was really easy and not long time after filled the enquiry form, one person from the tour agency sent us email for the details. And that was a beginning for my journey to the Wall.

We got the reservation of the cheapest bus tour. It was a short trip but all was worth it. Yes, at least I have already climbed the Great Wall once, right? At the morning, tour guide picked us at the university near my house. We ride on a comfortable bus and saw many other tour guests who already waiting for us.

Changling in Ming Tombs

The first destination that I had visit called Ming Tombs. Before the trip, I did not really know what the Ming Tombs it is? Since my main destination is Great Wall, so I did not really care about the tombs so much. Arrive at the tombs, tour guide explain all of the history while we could also see the landscape around. The cemeteries complex was really huge! I did not exactly know how big whole complex it is. After explored the Ming Tombs, we had some Chinese lunch in the restaurants, the food was good and clean. Everyone started to eat and having some conversation during lunch.

Bricks and Wall on Badaling

After lunch, finally we were going to Badaling Great Wall. Same as my expectation, Badaling always crowds with locals. I could saw many locals on the foot of the Wall. Tour guide left us about two hours to explore the Wall. My friends and I save more time and directly climbed up the Wall. It was nice and the challenging one! While climbing the Wall, we also could capture pictures as many as we want. Feel satisfied with our pictures that we already had taken, and since we already got tired to continue climb the Wall, we walk down to the gathering place where tour guide had said before. After that, back to the town, we drive by the Olympic Stadium where located not far from my hotel. Overall, I felt really glad and satisfied with all the experience that I got that day!