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Best Places to Visit with Kids in Beijing

Beijing Aquarium: Participate in various activities and learn so many things about aquatic creatures and oceanic tales, as well as conservation and protection of environment. Moreover, adult and kids even can get closer and personal with the marine animals during performances which commonly perform at Marine Mammal Pavilion.
Beijing Zoo: Travelling with children to Beijing Zoo where you can see the Giant Panda and a whole range of animals from monkeys to polar bears to kangaroos. The Zoo is open from 7.30am until 6pm and is best visited earlier in the morning, before the larger tourist crowds hit.
Be You World: Play the role on anything your kids want to be such as doctor, chef, pilot, dentist, fireman, etc. It is not only the imagination but surely bring a real social environment, an interactive educational platform.
Happy Valley Theme Park: Huge theme park with more than 40 rides, 10 of which are extreme ride, an IMAX theater with seven screens as well as a shopping complex.

Tips for Beijing First Timers

- Make your plan tour in advance. Prepare everything in details and focus on your itinerary especially for you who want travel China independently without Beijing local travel agency help.
- Bring dictionary with you (small conversation) for some urgent.
- Make your travel budget and prepare everything essential you must bring.
- Check the weather, ensure your first travel in Beijing not become a nightmare. Generally speaking spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons, and please avoid China national holidays.

Great Taste of Ancient Beijing

I am very happy this time I could have a ten days holiday to China with my family. The capital city Beijing is our first destination. As the city with long and glorious history, there are so many historical sites and natural scenery worth visiting. Have a deep understanding about Beijing only in about one week is impossible. Finally we decided to choose 6 days Beijing package tour to enjoy the representative attractions.

How time flies, the trip in Beijing is ended today. During the 6 days, we visited the famous Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Ming Tombs, Temple of heaven, Hutong, Panda Zoo, Summer Palace, etc. They are the symbols of Beijing including both historical sightseeing and modern architectures.

Kunming Lake in Summer Palace

Among the attractions we visited during the trip, my wife like the Summer Palace best. The Summer Palace was the Imperial Garden during ancient times in China and enjoys very beautiful scenery. She said that while entering the garden she was indulging in it. The lake covers almost three quarters of the garden with green trees around the bank. The main scenic spots in Summer Palace are located on the Longevity Hill and the tour guide led us to them with detailed explanation.

Panda House

There is no doubt that my two children like the Panda Zoo very much. Before we only see the pandas on TV and in my opinion, they look very clumsy. However I was completely wrong. The younger ones are really active. Some of them are busy eating; some of them are climbing up the tree; some of them even sleeping on the tree. Haha, so funny! How lovely are they! My children spent a lot of time taking photos with them.

Watchtower on Badaling Great Wall

My favorite attraction is the Badaling Great Wall. It is huge, magnificent and incomparable. I cannot describe about the feeling when I got to the top and overlooking the mountains in distance. I have ever done. It was a lot harder than I had ever expected and have a new found admiration for anyone who climbs the wall. It provided an overwhelming sense of achievement and is something I will never forget.

Our next destination is another old capital of ancient China – Xian. And I hope we will have another wonderful experience!