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Half Day Mutianyu Great Wall Tour with Airport Transfer

Just because of the long distance, I always missed the Great Wall tour before in Beijing. This business free time, I joined a half day Mutianyu Great Wall tour with airport transfer. Since limit time in Beijing, so I must visit the Mutianyu Great Wall when I deplane directly.

Arrived at Beijing in the early morning, I met the people who picked me up and transferred to Mutianyu Great Wall. May be you will ask me why I choose this section of the Great Wall rather than the famous Badaling Great Wall. Tours in Beijing before, the tour guide had told me that the Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful section, especially from spring to autumn, so I decided to visit the summer view of Mutianyu Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall covers with Green

When we saw the Great Wall, I was addicted into its grand scenery. The whole mountain is dressed in green clothes. Under the green leaves, the mountain seemed like a Chinese girl get married. It is said that the Mutianyu section is steeper than Badaling section, and climb it is more difficult. So I took cable car to enjoy the beautiful girl. Lies as a dragon, the Great Wall is so long that I cannot see its head. The guide said the most beautiful scenery at NO. 20 watch tower, of course, I must see it. It is said that Mutianyu is the best section that combines the hiking level with beautiful mountain scenery. From it, I was right there luckily. Boundless green leaves let me want to stay there and forget the meeting time.

After all, I have visited the Great Wall. It was the most important thing in my life journey. Finally, I must say thanks to the tour operator which offers me best airport transfer service and well English speaking tour guide.

Fabulous 2 Days Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

I would like to give you my personal experience to the Great Wall. I am one of the adventure fans, so I choose the dangerous section of the Great Wall to hike and feel nature. If you are same with me, choose the Jinshanling Great Wall.

Bird's Eye View of Jinshanling Great Wall

Choosing the Jinshanling Great Wall, I considered it is not maintained as well as Badaling Great Wall, and it keeps the original characteristic. Looking at it, I have strong feelings dating back to the ancient times. It gathers various traces of ancient wars. In order to have satisfied tour, I booked the 2 days Jinshanling Great Wall tour package online to feel it atmosphere in-depth. The tour guide and driver picked me up at hotel, then drove to Jinshanling Great Wall in 2 hours. On the way, I always was excited about it, just because I would like to enjoy its majestic magnificence and intensive watch towers. Connected with Simatai Great Wall, Jinshanling section was the important place for wars.

Wall in Jinshanling

Arriving at Jinshanling Great Wall, I was agog to start my Jinshanling hiking tour. It is little difficult to hike because of the less maintained. Its environment is better than Beijing downtown, even the sky is more clear. Less people made it quieter, just like a soldier protecting the Beijing city silently. In short distance, we have visited several watch towers in different shapes. At same time, the facilities of wars are very complete such as battery, barrier wall, horse house, etc. Standing on the highest watch tower – Wangjing Tower, I saw the Beijing city and Miyun Reservoir. I found it has best sight on Jinshanling section, even the air is fresh. On the way, the tour guide told me many stories about this section and its influence in history.

The night we slept in the Jinshaning Great Wall hotel. Next day, we continued to hike the east section of the Jinshanling Great Wall. After 2 days, I have more interests about the Jinshanling section. Last, I must thank the beijinglandscapes.com, it offered me best help and service.

Personal Review of 1 Day Tour in Beijing

As I visited Beijing with my husband last month, I still clearly remembered about how I spent one day visited the incredible Mutianyu Great Wall. Firstly, I did not know really well which section of the Wall I should go, but fortunately the travel agency suggested us about Mutianyu. We got the reservation of this one day trip and yes we began our journey.

Steps on Mutianyu Great Wall

The guide picked us at the time we promised and just go the first destination, Mutianyu Great Wall. We had a long way to the Wall but we were not felt bored about the journey. The guide kept making us excited and told us a lot about the city and history about China in past. She communicate in a good English and very friendly.

Arrived at the Wall, we were very impressed with the architecture and design. A long Wall was built surround by mountains and cliffs. Such a great and fabulous subject! It was like my imagination. This section was not so crowded by visitors, so we could took many photos around the journey. Tour guide give us about 2 hours time to enjoy this unimaginable creature. Could not believe how the people move the big blocks of rock in to the higher place. After two hours explore the Wall, we back to the place where we could meet up with the guide.

After that, we were transferred to the Chinese restaurant to have rest and lunch. The lunch was okay and clean, after finish our lunch then continue to visit Ming Tombs. Arrived at Ming Tombs, the guide explained all about the area and we just entered to the main area. It was the tombs of 13 emperors of Ming dynasties. They were buried there for over hundreds years ago. It looks so mysterious, sacred with quite, calm atmosphere. The area surround by some hills and mountains. After explore a small area of the tombs, we head back to the town and visited Bird Nest Stadium. It was used as an opening and closing ceremony for Beijing 2008 Olympic. The design was so unique and amazing! It is a huge stadium which located in a huge area. After the whole 1 day tour, we head back to the hotel and the tour end! Overall the tour was nice and I am very satisfied. Worth money and time! Thank you!

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