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My Great Wall Hiking in Winter - (2)

Got up in early morning, I found the air and environment are all very good in suburbs of Beijing. I cannot stop to breathe the fresh even sweat air, just like a people need oxygen badly. How long time I have no chance to get up in such quiet morning.

Broad View at Jinshanling Great Wall

After breakfast in hotel, I continued to enjoy the Great Wall at Jinshanling and Simatai. It is said that the Jinshanling Great Wall is connected with Simatai Great Wall, so the guide told me we would start from Jinshanling and end at Simatai. It was an arduous work. In fact, I have used to long distance hiking, but to my surprise, the guide have full energy to climb it with me and explained me the history and culture of this section of the Great Wall. Without cable car or other facilities, I just experienced it by foot and hands. Not as well as the Great Wall at Mutianyu, the Jinshanling part is incomplete in some parts during the hundreds of years, but it is the real appearance of the Great Wall. Standing on it, I seemed to feel the wars it had experienced, shining spears and armoured horses, which can describe its real scene. Using its strong and powerful body, the Great Wall withstood the attack again and protected the safety of Beijing and people in Beijing city.

From Jinshanling to Simatai, almost 12 kilometers, we hiked it for about 5 hours. Even tired enough, I like this Great Wall tour very much and recorded in my mind. Totally 30 towers, I really recognized the strength of Chinese people. We just hike it, but the people built it hand by hand. It is hard to image what they experienced in that time. Maybe the word of tire is not enough to describe the situation of them. It is a shock tour I thought.

My Great Wall Hiking in Winter - (1)

Beijing Great Wall tour must be the wish for everyone in Beijing as well as me, and which section to visit is the problem. Divided into several sections, the Great Wall at different sections has different characteristics and features. In order to avoid this problem, I booked a Great Wall tour package to visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai.

Bird's Eye View on Watchtower

Picked up and transferred to Mutianyu Great Wall in first day, I arrived at the Great Wall quickly. Located at Huairou District, Mutianyu Great Wall is far from Beijing downtown, but worth it when I saw it in first sight. It is said that the Great Wall here is the section of the Great Wall opened to public secondly, and is the most beautiful section with various plants. And the tour guide explained that the Mutianyu Great Wall is the essence of Ming Great Wall and built on original address of North Qi Great Wall, and it is the only one AAAAA scenic spot in Huairou District. Owing to the long distance from Beijing city and not as famous as the Great Wall at Badaling, the Mutianyu Great Wall is less crowded and as the first choice for foreign tourists who want to visit the Great Wall in Beijing. Really as the guide said, who I came across on the Great Wall are foreigners like me. Following the guide, I hiked to the last part of the allowed section, and it is the best place to view the beautiful scenery of the Great Wall at Mutianyu. Having breathed deeply, I almost forgot all unhappy things even if it is frozen in such cold day.

Ended of this Great Wall, I was transferred to Ming Tomb to view the cluster of cemeteries of emperors in Ming Dynasty and moved to Jinshanling Great Wall to overnight there.

2 Days Great Wall Hiking Tour - Impressive

I have visited the most attractions of Beijing in past time and the Great Wall tour attracted me a lot. Taking the advantage of business trip, I explored the Great Wall deeply in three sections of the Great Wall in Beijing. Because I have deep love for the Great Wall, I booked this 2 days Great Wall tour to Badaling, Juyongguan and Mutianyu with tour guide so that I could know about the history and stories of different sections.
Great Wall Hiking

Last time to Badaling section, I took the cable car for saving time. This time, I must hike it personally and enjoy its magnificence. First day, I was picked up to Badaling Great Wall after breakfast in hotel. After 2 hours, I hiked the east section of the Badaling Great Wall. It is well-maintained for tourists to hike easily. Standing in the beautiful scenery, I lost all my troubles, just addicted into its grand views and the feeling of conquest. After lunch, I was transferred to Juyongguan Great Wall, which is one of the greatest three passes of the Great Wall in China. A little tired about the hiking of the Badaling section, but I must persist to hike the Juyongguan section without cable car. Not as Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall has few people, maybe it is a little difficult to hike. The Great Wall at Juyongguan, was the gate of ancient Beijing, showed me the real original appearance of the Great Wall. Living in the hotel at Juyongguan Great Wall, I enjoyed the closet atmosphere of the Great Wall.

Great Wall Hiking Tour

Last day to Mutianyu Great Wall, I found the difference among these sections. The Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful section built in Northern Qi Dynasty. It is said that it is the essence of ancient Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall is more difficult to hike than Badaling Great Wall because of the strategically located and difficult of access. It is the ideal choice for lovers of the Great Wall. Just appreciate the beautiful views, Mutianyu section is the best choice with less crowded.

2 days professional Great Wall tour is the forever memory in my mind. Experienced the hiking tour, I love the world wonder in Beijing. Forget your trouble and release your energy!

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